Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 239

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Chapter 239

After receiving the temporary instructor’s card, 5 days had passed.

My routine for the past five days has been very regular.

From morning to evening, when I was at school, I devoted all my energy to teaching students.

After work, I spent all my time practicing magic in Mimir’s Book until I went to work the next day.

Then, five days had already passed.

Looking back, it was a very enjoyable five days.

who did it

Everyone has a desire to teach someone.

That’s what I said before. Now I can fully sympathize with that statement.

Certainly teaching someone is fun.

It was a great pleasure to see the people under my teaching get better and better.

Not to mention, all the students were burning with a passion for learning, so I couldn’t help but be excited about teaching.

I realized that this is why I am becoming a teacher or instructor.

It is very rewarding.

This is not the only reason for joy.

who else did

Teaching someone is like teaching myself.

I can sympathize deeply with these words.

Teaching someone was not a one-sided favor.

I learned a lot myself while teaching students.

It is not just the realization of using the body.

I also gained quite a lot of magically helpful realizations.

It might sound a little strange that he gained magical enlightenment while teaching the knights.

However, the end of all studies in the world is connected.

Whether it’s a knight or a wizard, it’s the same as using mana.

As much as the existence of mana is special, the way to handle it to some extent is bound to be the same.

However, only the instructions are the same. The method is quite different.

So I was able to gain a new realization.

Should I say enlightenment that can be gained by looking at things in a different direction?

It was very helpful to point out the mistakes the students made in how they handled mana.

‘Ah, I think I was making a mistake like this too?’ I thought about it three times, so I said it all.

Thanks to those three realizations, over the past five days, controlling Moebius patterns has also made a leap forward.

The first gateway to becoming a 6th circle master.

They succeeded in forming the Möbius pattern in a minimal size.

Now there are two gates left.

The only thing is to expand the pattern to its maximum size and create multiple at the same time.

‘Even if I can’t do it, I thought it would take a month.’

Progress more than three times faster.

How could I not be happy about this?

Can I learn something by teaching someone else?

What could be better than this?

“Heir. Why are you so excited?”

Did my joy show on my face?

Mimir asked with a puzzled expression.

“just. Being an instructor is also fun. It’s good that the training is going well these days.”

I stroked Miho, who was sitting on my lap, with both hands rather violently and smiled broadly.

“Our Miho is also slowly starting to get used to the sixth tail!”

Miho was startled and raised his tail. I must have been asleep.

“You were sleeping?”

Miho has finished adjusting to the sixth tail.

You no longer need to sleep 20 hours a day.

“Our Miho. Didn’t I tell you not to take a nap anymore?”

immediately after adaptation.

So 3 days ago from today.

Miho sat on my lap with a lively expression and cried loudly with an expression as if to trust me from now on.

That kind of Miho is cute, so I jokingly said, ‘Then you won’t be taking much naps anymore?’ I asked.

At that question, Miho raised her head with a more confident expression.

It’s like, ‘Naps are for kids!’ With a look as if to say.

“But our Miho. I slept yesterday, and I think I slept the day before.”

But only words were liquidated.

Miho is napping on my lap the whole time.

They say that when I’m not there, they wander around the springs of Mimir with bright eyes.

When I come, I just get off and go to sleep.

I’ve never seen Miho move briskly.

“… … .”

Miho slightly turned her head.

The look of I don’t know.


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Or it is an expression that will exercise the right to remain silent.

Even so, he secretly observes my expression and notices it.

The look was pretty cute.

“I’m kidding. how about taking a nap sleep well Don’t notice.”

I stroked Miho again.

Unlike before, very kind. She cried as if Miho was in a good mood.

After stroking it for about two minutes, I heard the sound of the goalpost again.

will fall asleep soon

“… … Mimir. Isn’t there something wrong with Miho’s body?”

I asked as little as possible so as not to wake Miho.

“It’s not like that, so don’t worry. I just do it because I feel comfortable in the arms of the heir.”

“Are you comfortable in my arms?”

“uh. why are you Young animals sleep peacefully only in the arms of their mothers. You can think of it as such a feeling. When I’m near you, the tension and everything melts away, so I just sleep.”


I stroked Miho’s hair again. Miho cried in a good mood.

“It means that you like the successor that much, so you just have to do it.”

Mimir, who had not taken his eyes off the book, glanced at Miho.

Miho’s expression is very nasty.

“You sleep very cute. It would look cuter if you allowed me to do just one haircut.”

Having said that, he added, ‘This foxy thing.’

“You’re actually a fox.”

“So. You didn’t say anything wrong. Very foxy.”

Mimir looked back at the book he was reading.

These days, Mimir is more immersed in his research.

Previously, when I started talking, I would close the book and make eye contact with me while talking.

Now, no matter what I ask, I don’t take my eyes off the book.

I’m just immersed in research all the time.

“Didn’t I say that Ignis and Umbra’s research was finished?”

“Last week it was perfect. You handed over the research results.”

“Then what are you researching now?”

If not studying Ignis and Umbra, what the hell are you studying so hard for?

“It’s a secret now.”


“I want to surprise you later. If you tell me now, the impact is not enough.”

“… … How the hell do you want to study something amazing?”

I slightly lifted my head and turned my attention to the book Mimir was reading.

“Write! Thum!”

Mimir immediately closed the book and held it in his arms.

“Because it’s not yet. I will show you this after it is finished.”

Eyes that show the will to never back down.

His eyes showed a strong will to defend this research journal no matter what.

“You say you can’t do that, so you want to see more?”

“… … You will hate it when you see it.”

Mimir pursed his lips and glared at me with a serious expression.

An expression that tells you to look wherever you are going to look.

At the same time, it was an expression that conveyed the will to handle the aftermath on its own after seeing it.

“okay. I won’t see you. You can’t see it.”

I don’t want to look like that, but it’s a bit like forcing me to see it. I raised both hands and gave the surrender sign.

“Wouldn’t it be better if we did it from the beginning?”

Mimir grumbled and put the book back on the table.

Then he waved his hand at me.

I won’t show you, so it was a gesture to go to the side again.

I just moved sideways.

Only then did Mimir smile with a satisfied expression.

Then I opened the book again and started immersed in research.

‘I’m very curious.’

Seeing Mimir like that, I desperately suppressed my curiosity.

‘From what I saw earlier, it seems to be an AI-related research… … .’

Earlier, when I slipped my neck.

I did see the large letters at the top of the note.

It was clearly written [The limits of AI and how to overcome them].

‘What are you trying to do by studying AI?’

The curiosity that had been suppressed at best raised its head again.

* * *

next morning.

As usual, I finished my magic training all night and headed to school.

Passing through the now familiar school gate, I walked out to the main building.

“Instructor Luan. hello!”


“okay. Good morning.”

On the way to the main building.

All the students I met greeted me one by one.

There was no real exception.

How good everyone is in greeting, I’m having a hard time answering greetings.

‘Come early, damn it. If it’s late… … .’

Fortunately, it was early in the morning, so there were not many people on the way to school.

Even if he arrived 30 minutes late, the number of greetings would have increased fivefold.

“Instructor Luan. If you have time this afternoon, could you come to our club room? I changed my posture as instructed by the instructor, but something didn’t work out.”

In the meantime, a male student approached me. It’s a troubled look on the world.

Apparently, he was a student who recently decided to take up a sword with my advice.

I also remember the club.

A new club formed by 4 people who decided to raise swords on my advice.

The name of the club is… … I don’t want to say anything.

“hmm. It seems to be a little difficult in the evening. I mean, I have a prior arrangement.”

I want to help like a chimney, but I have a prior appointment this afternoon.

It is also a very important precedent that cannot be omitted.

Today at 7 o’clock, I decided to meet separately with Lilian-nim, Sein-nim, Adela, and Stella.

Did you say that Sein-nim created this seat? It seems like you have a lot of questions, as I am making a lot of progress in school.

Since it is an event that must be attended, there is no time to spare in the afternoon.

And even if it wasn’t Sein-sama’s call right away, it was an appointment he had to attend.

‘Because I have to transfer the mana freezing flask from Adela there.’

Yesterday was the day of regular contact with Adela.

There, the note handed to Adela had these words written on it.

[Lunch tomorrow. I got a chance to go into the basement of the Palace of Versailles once again.]

[I think the mana freeze flask you mentioned will be ready tomorrow.]

If you do not attend the meeting tonight, the mana freezing flask will only be available for transfer on the regular rendezvous day, 3 days later.

You must participate unconditionally in today’s promise.

“ah… … There’s nothing you can do about it if you have an advance. next time… … .”

“I can look after you at lunch instead.”


The male student widened his eyes with a moved expression.

“Of course, if you guys can find the time… … .”

“Yes, it will. It becomes unconditional. I will eat my lunch at the speed of light and wait.”

“Eat lunch later. Moving right after eating is not good for the body.”

“Ah yes! All right.”

“okay. Then see you at lunch.”

“yes! thank you!”

The male student lowered his upper body.

A 100 degree greeting beyond 90 degrees.

It was such a generous greeting that I felt burdened by all who received it.

I greeted the male student with my hand and continued walking.

About 5 more minutes like that, say hello to the students coming and going.

Soon we arrived at the main building.

There was no sense of popularity in the main building.

It was natural that the 3rd graders who use the main building were not going to school today for practice, so it was quiet.

‘I’m going to live now.’

It’s good to be respected, but it’s uncomfortable because all the students’ reactions are so hospitable.

It was when I was smiling bitterly at that thought.

“You almost became a star instructor in 5 days.”

Stella sneaked up from behind.

“Forget about your promise to fight with me. Sobbing. very sad.”

She pretends to cry in front of the shoe rack with an exaggerated expression.

It was a playful performance.

“You forgot. Our schedules didn’t match, so we just postponed it to a later date.”



Five days ago, when I was appointed, I couldn’t afford to pay attention to anything else.

When I had free time, the 3rd graders, including Stella, went out to practice for 2 nights and 3 days, so I didn’t have time.

“Then, fight tonight.”

“Tonight. At the tea party?”


“I wonder if that would be rude to others… … .”

“are you okay. First of all, your mother will like it. Maybe she likes Lillian too. Miss Adela… … I don’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter if everyone else agrees.”

“Really? all right. Then I’ll accept your permission. I should also contact Miss Adela.”

Stella smiled and took out her phone. It’s probably going to be a call to three people.

“What more than that? Today’s third year will be a day off after practice.”

For the 3rd grade, the practical training of 2 nights and 3 days ended yesterday and today is assigned as a Sabbath.

The other 3rd graders must be sleeping soundly by now.

Considering the intensity of this practice, I would probably be asleep until noon.

“hmm. just came out The opportunity to monopolize the 3rd grade training ground is rare.”

“… … Aren’t you tired?”

“yes. It’s brisk.”

In fact, Stella’s condition looked very good.

The skin also glows, and there are no dark circles.

“I heard that this practice was quite intense.”

“Ugh. Will you?”

“You talk like it’s someone else’s business.”

“It’s like training for me. I’ve never thought of it being difficult in the school curriculum.”

“Right. Geniuses are different.”

“It feels strange to hear such words from a real genius. Some are good, some are bad.”

Stella made a subtle expression like a horse.

“Even so, it seems like a compliment. I will be grateful.”

Then, with his hands behind his back, he smiled broadly.

“First of all, it wasn’t a compliment, it was an open compliment.”

“Oh, is that so? Then I will be more grateful.”

He smiled even more brightly with his tongue slightly sticking out.

It is a very happy expression.

“Then I’ll go to the instructor’s office. You also struggle with self-training… … .”

“wait a minute.”

Stella stopped me from leaving.

“We’re not done talking yet.”

Stella took something out of her inner pocket.

It was a card the size of an instructor’s certificate.

“Here you go.”

“What is this?”

I was handed the card as is.

“Instructor Luan always said he wanted it.”

“If it was what I wanted… … .”

And immediately checked the front of the card.

[Training supplies storage warehouse access permit]

[Publisher: Luan Palatia]

It was the pass to the storage warehouse.

“Originally, it wasn’t supposed to, but after looking at Instructor Luan’s achievements over the past five days, he issued it as a special case.”

Stella laughed, with a very slightly evil expression.

“My mother also gave me a little bit of strength.”

“Right. I have to say thank you for today.”

“You’re so happy, I feel like I’m happy too.”

Stella covered her mouth and laughed like she was having fun.

It seemed that my joy was evident on my face.

“The period is from today to tomorrow. Do you know where it is?”


Of course I know.

It’s a place I’ve always wanted to enter, but I don’t know.

“I should go right away.”

I put the card in my pocket and walked straight to the storage room.

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