Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 238

Chapter 238

The brooches dropped by the first graders are said to have been stored in the storage room for training supplies in the basement.

‘Underground again.’

The basement of the Palace of Versailles.

A secret passage leading from the back alley of the shopping complex to the basement.

and a storage shed in the basement of the school.

All three places where Ignis’ energy was detected are underground.

‘This means that there is a high probability that all three locations are passageways and that there is only one laboratory.’

A laboratory does not necessarily have to be built underground to be highly secure.

In a school site with a lot of complicated things like here, it might be safer to build it on the ground.

‘Of course, it could have been built in the basement because the conditions weren’t good… … .’

As long as all three have one thing in common, it is correct to assume that there is only one laboratory.

You should keep in mind the possibility that it won’t, but it’s more efficient to plan in that direction for now.

‘Whatever it is, you’re lucky. To catch such a big fish from the first day.’

A training brooch dropped by first year students.

It was a type of artifact with the property of ‘absorbing’ the mana around it.

It must have been absorbing the energy of Ignis flowing from within the warehouse with that power.

It could have been absorbed from somewhere other than the storage warehouse, but Stella said that the brooch had no use other than special training, so it was only used at most a couple of times a year.

Since the last use was at the beginning of this year, there is no chance that it was absorbed elsewhere.

‘Now the key is how to sneak into the storage warehouse.’

It’s good that I was lucky enough to sense Ignis’ aura.

That’s great, but the problem is there’s no way to get into the underground training supply storage shed.

No one can enter the storage warehouse for training supplies in these special education institutions.

As it is a place full of valuables that have been specially treated, security is bound to be thorough.

By the way, the first-year girls didn’t go directly to the warehouse and retrieved them, they just received them from the warehouse manager and moved them there.

I wondered if the storage warehouse at the knight academy was not very secure, so I sneakily asked.

It was also.

‘What should I do to get into the warehouse?’

It’ll be hard once you’re asleep.

I heard that a manager is stationed in front of the warehouse 24 hours a day.

There shouldn’t be a big problem in breaking through the security itself, but it’s close to impossible to break through the security while avoiding the administrator’s eyes.

‘That’s why I can’t knock out the manager and go in.’

What I’m trying to do now is a preliminary investigation.

In a situation where nothing has been decided yet, do not overdo it.

I don’t know if it’s a situation where I have to do it, but I need to refrain from such coercive actions now.

‘Then you have to enter the warehouse the right way…’ … .’

You don’t even have to go in that long.


It was enough time to sense Ignis’ aura in the warehouse.

‘It’ll take about 10 minutes. How should I earn those 10 minutes?’

If the area of ​​the warehouse is small, 5 minutes would be enough, but considering that the manager is always there, it doesn’t seem like a small warehouse.

So, 10 minutes is enough.

That much time is needed.

“The natural way to enter… … .”

How can I, as a temporary instructor, confidently enter the storage room for training supplies?

How I, an outsider, can stay in the warehouse for about 10 minutes without getting suspicious.

‘Such a poor way… … .’

can there be

It was when I was frowning at that thought.


In an instant, something flashed.

‘I have one. How to properly enter the warehouse.’

I thought of a way to enter the storage shed with great pride.

* * *

next morning.

As a temporary instructor, I proudly entered the school.

I arrived at the instructor’s office 40 minutes before class started, greeted the instructors, and had a light conversation with the principal who arrived late.

I thought there were still a few people who disapproved of my existence.

There was no one like that.

Everyone warmly welcomed me.

I was genuinely surprised.

I guess it’s because rumors spread that I fought on equal footing with a tycoon named Sein Binoche.

Even so, there is no one who disapproves of me.

It was shocking.

This is unheard of in the world of magic.

Even if the instructor rumored to be on par with Sophia comes, 2 out of 10 would be displeased.

It was clear that he was territorial, snoring at it as nonsense.

‘This side is really different.’

If the magic school is calculating and cold, the knight school is humane and warm.

It felt like that.

Of course, only the French National Knights School could do something like this.

All in all, I felt warm.

‘Students want to do this too.’

Looking at the two students we met by chance yesterday, it seems that the students are no different from the instructors.

It’s hard to say with only two people. I guess I’ll have to meet other students to find out.

‘Well, I’ll find out soon.’

Now I’m heading to class.

purpose of class.

Should I say thank you for this, or should I say it’s burdensome?

On the first day, from the first class, he assigned me a class.

Even the contents of the class are all left to me.

How heavy is this trust?

‘I must do well.’

I’m a human too, so I want to respond with kindness to those who show me kindness.

I want to live up to expectations.

I originally intended to work hard, but I think I need to work harder.

‘Not just to live up to expectations, but also for the warehouse entry plan.’

As I thought about this and that and moved my steps, I arrived at my destination before I knew it.

Class 1-B.

The first class I will be teaching.

I stood in front of him for a moment.

‘It’s strangely trembling.’

18-year-old me entering the classroom as an instructor.

I feel strange.

also tense


I stood in front of the classroom door and took a deep breath.

three times in total.

After removing all the tension with the last breath.


Just like that, I opened the door to the classroom.

Students in groups of threes and fives chatting.

In Nara, everyone is raising question marks in their heads at the appearance of an unidentified person.

“Sit down. It is class time.”

I said that and slowly headed to the front of the lecture hall.

Then, looking at the students standing in front of the podium and still staring blankly at me, I opened my mouth.

“Suddenly, I am in charge of three subjects this morning.”

Students standing in a daze with an expression that they don’t know what the situation is.

As I watched the bewildered figures, even the remaining tension seemed to disappear.

“Then, everyone change into training clothes and come to the second auditorium.”

“The second auditorium?”


As this is my first class, I need to properly show my value.

And there’s nothing like real combat training to prove my worth.

“I heard that everyone prefers moving their bodies. If you don’t like it, I’ll proceed with the indoor class.”


“no! I’m out!”

When they said that they would hold an indoor class, the students immediately took action.

Everyone gathers in twos and threes and runs to somewhere.

Probably running to the locker room.

“There will be a special gift for the first person to come, so remember it.”


“I don’t know what it is, but I’ll take it for now!”

At my words, the movements that were already fast became even faster.

Soon, as if a storm had raged, the classroom became quiet.

Standing in front of the classroom, I smiled.

Over the next two months, I had a hunch that things were going to get interesting.

* * *

6 p.m. that day.

All regular classes are over.

Students gathered in twos and threes and talked about what happened today.

“This new instructor. It’s absolutely amazing.”

A pair of male and female.

At first glance, the two seemed to be close friends.

“A new instructor? Was your name Luan Palatia?”

The male student responded appropriately to the female student’s words.

“Write. Won’t you give me an honorific?”

“What is this all of a sudden?”

“I don’t speak twice.”

“… … Mr. Luan Palatia. Are you okay?”

“joy. It will be soon.”

The female student smiled contentedly.

The male student squinted his eyes with an expression of seeing something strange.

“Are you a believer? why? Is that Luan Palatia… … .”


The female student glared at the male student.

It was a look to say it again.

“… … Are Instructor Luan Palatia’s classes so good?”

The male student slightly averted his gaze and corrected his title.

I was scared at first too. It’s more scary today.

“Is it good? don’t talk It’s not that good.”

Starlight poured from the girl’s eyes. It was so bright that it was said to be far away from the Milky Way.

I’ve been friends for 10 years, but I’ve never seen eyes like that.

I’m not a kid who expresses emotions that intensely. Was today’s class good enough?

“How was it?”

The male student’s listening attitude has changed.

Seeing them make a fuss like that, it means there was something really going on.

“first. Instructor Luan. be strong It is also very strong.”

“Strong? how much?”

“I don’t know exactly. But, I think he is much stronger than the head instructor of our school.”

“More than Chief Instructor… … ?”


“How do you know that? Did you even fight with the instructors?”

“no. That’s not it.”

The female student recalled what had happened in the morning with her distant eyes.

“You said that you check each student’s style first, and they sparred briefly. I could tell just by looking at it. Really very strong.”

“How do you know just by looking at it?”

“Usually I don’t know. however. Professor Luan is different. Can you tell that you are strong just by looking at them?”

“… … ?”

The boy squinted his eyes, not understanding what he was saying.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Really. Do you just feel that your existence itself is strong?”

“… … .”

I heard more explanation, but I don’t know more.

“It’s true. You’ll know just by looking at it, right?”

“okay. Well, since we said we have class tomorrow. You will know when you see it.”

“uh. You know what I mean. You have better eyes than me.”

“huh. Not only my eyes, but my sword skills are better than yours.”

“huh. It is not.”

“huh. that’s right.”

The two opened their eyes and glared at each other.

“It’s done. Keep talking.”

The female student smiled bashfully with the expression ‘I won.’

“Anyway, he is a very strong person. It’s not like you’re just being strong.”


“Your eyes are very good. Should I say smart? Should I call it insight?”

“What is it? Originally, all excellent swordsmen have good eyes.”

“No hey. Isn’t that enough?”

“What else is not like that… … .”

The male student let out a big sigh with an expression of ‘Again’.

None of it is explained.

I don’t know why you’re so excited

“Didn’t you say you sparred with each of the students earlier?”


“I thought that sparring was some kind of brawl?”

“ah. Don’t ignore me as a temporary instructor?”

“Geez. It was also a situation where there were rumors that I had a fight with Sein-nim on equal footing. From the beginning, the baseline is overpowered! Come with this feeling.”

“It makes sense.”

It was a plausible guess.

“But it wasn’t like that.”

“… … no?”

“uh. Not at all!”

The female student became like a faithful believer.

“He wasn’t sparring for trivial reasons like a fight of nerves.”

“… … .”

The male student looked at the female student with an expression of ‘Is he really crazy?’

“Dalian was for us, right?”

“… … Did you get shot in the head or something? Try to make some sense.”

The male student eventually uttered a single sound at the increasingly incomprehensible words.

“no. Why can’t you understand this?”

“Would you understand?”

“It’s frustrating.”

“I am more frustrated.”

The two gave each other a frustrated expression.

“Tell me in detail. What do you mean the sparring was for you? You mean it was a sparring to check your skills?”

“It’s not that much… … .”

The female student thought for a moment.

What can I say that he will understand Luan-sama’s splendor?

‘Oh yeah.’

It came to mind.

A way to make Instructor Luan’s awesomeness understand at once.

“I have a bad habit of sometimes going off track, right? That’s solved.”

“suddenly? It’s a good thing… … .”

The topic is so out of the blue.

“And you know my friend Shelly. He also solved the sword skill dissonance.”

“No, so what is it all of a sudden?”

“Sally’s boyfriend Tommy’s slash power has increased by 1.2 times.”

“… … uh?”

“That Tommy’s friend, Vera, changed her sword from a heavy sword to a fine sword. As a result, I won a round from Tommy.”

“Did Vera beat Tommy?”

If it was a match between the two, it would be a structure where Vera would have to fight 10 times and lose all 10 times.

You beat Tommy with your first sword?

“… … What happened to your class?”

“You still don’t know?”

The female student smiled brightly.

It’s the look of ‘I can’t understand even though I’ve said this much?’

“no way… … .”

The boy’s eyes widened.

“The trigger for all those changes was Instructor Luan’s advice… … Is it because of it?”

“bingo! That’s right!”

The female students trembled and clapped.

“It’s not just us. All of my classmates overcame their fatal weaknesses one by one. There are children like Aye Vera who have a new future unfolding.”

“… … .”

“how is it? Aren’t you a really great person?”

“If that is true… … .”

The male student blurted out his words with a serious expression on his face.

“You’re not someone who can be described in words as great… … .”

An instructor who can identify each student’s weaknesses with just one short match and give them perfect feedback accordingly.

It’s not something that can be described with clichéd words.

“right? So, can I do it without trying to get excited?”

“I understand.”

The male student nodded slightly.

That’s an acknowledgment.

“Then tomorrow too… … .”

“Look forward. Because you will see more than what you really imagined. Will you correct all the bad habits you don’t know about?”

“That’s a bit… … I look forward to it.”

The female student made a fuss again, and the male student’s eyes were already shining with an expression of anticipation for tomorrow.

“Hey, Instructor Luan Palatia who came today… … .”

“Today I finally… … !”

“Thanks to Instructor Luan… … .”

This kind of story was heard from time to time on the way to school.

Everyone was laughing brightly as they preached the greatness of the new instructor named Luan Palatia.

“… … haha.”

The instructors burst into laughter as they heard such stories.

“I knew from Sein that he was a great person, but… … So far in one day… … .”

Luan Palatia became a star instructor in just one day.

He deserved to have even a little bit of envy towards him, but I couldn’t find any such feelings in the eyes of the instructors.

“This is always good. I want to try sparring at least once.”

“yes. Neither do I.”

There was nothing but passion in their eyes.

“I asked, but they asked me to focus on the students for two months.”

I want to gain new enlightenment from a new teaching material called Luan Palatia.

That kind of passion.

“Oh, by the way, talking about it. Instructor Luan asked me to find out something.”

“What is it?”

“He asked if I could go into the storage room for training supplies.”

“Is it a storage warehouse?”

“yes. After figuring out the condition of all the students, you said that you need to check what kind of training materials are in order to do customized training accordingly. Was a pass issued to the temporary instructor?”

“hmm. well. Normally, it would be impossible, but if it is necessary for students’ customized education… … A permit may be issued. I will find out more separately.”

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