Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 237

Chapter 237

morning that day.

Hermes was doing business as usual.

‘There is nothing special about the European side.’

Keyboards and hologram monitors all around.

Everything was state of the art, but only one. Only the keyboard was old-fashioned analog.

Did you say that the holographic keyboard keeps making typos because it doesn’t feel like pressing?


‘next. Asian side.’

The sound of pressing the keyboard filled the studio.

The sound of tapping the keyboard at a speed close to hundreds, if not dozens, per second.

‘There are no special issues in China and Japan.’

For a normal person, tapping a keyboard hundreds of times per second would be impossible.

However, Hermes is not an ordinary person, but an executive of the Black Mage Tower.

‘Finally Korea.’

Her abilities are specialized in handling computers.

You can also accelerate the movement of your fingers handling the keyboard.

It can also strengthen your eyesight when looking at the monitor.

In addition, when dealing with a computer, the ability to think is also improved.

It is no exaggeration to say that he was literally born to be a hacker.

The speed at which one of her can handle the work is faster than that of 300 skilled hackers.

She was recognized for this ability and became an executive.

‘There is no special movement in Korea. Shin Ha-yul and Charles are all as usual.’

how comfortable

It’s a power that can intrude into anything that’s computer-generated, anywhere in the world.

‘It’s nice to be quiet. Even if it’s quiet, it’s too quiet.’

The Black Mage King bought this power highly and placed an ordinary person who had almost no fighting ability in the position of an executive.

It was the first time in the history of the Black Mage Tower that an ordinary person who could not use corrupted mana was placed in an executive position.

‘It’s natural if it’s obvious, but Shadow doesn’t react much differently.’

Hermes removed his hand from the keyboard and drank the water he had placed beside him.

“Whoa… … .”

Then he closed his eyes and slumped on the back of the chair.

‘My abilities are all good, but I’m really tired.’

My head is tingling due to the aftereffects of accident acceleration, my eyes are sore due to the aftereffects of visual reinforcement, and my fingers are tingling due to the aftereffects of strengthening my fingers.

Because of this aftereffect, I can’t keep working for more than 10 minutes.

If you overdo it, you can work for more than 20 minutes, but then you will have to pass out for a day or so due to the aftereffects.

It’s a very big loss in work efficiency.

‘Oh, my eyes are sore.’

Hermes caressed his numb eyes over his eyelids.

Today, the pain is especially severe.

Hermes moved his hand to the place where he usually puts his eye drops.

But there was no eye drops there.

‘Have you finished writing it already?’

Maybe it’s because I’ve been overdoing it lately, and I’ve run out of eye drops.

Hermes sighed heavily.

“… … Nothing really happens.”

It was a time when I was enduring the aftereffects like that.

[A new message has arrived from the Doctor.]

I heard the AI’s characteristic hard voice.

The assistant AI created by Hermes reported a new mission.

“Read me.”

Hermes responded appropriately as he did.

[yes. All right.]

The AI ​​quickly started briefing. In the first place, this auxiliary AI is a system created in case Hermes has difficulty opening his eyes like today.

It was natural to see such performance.

[The transporter, Mael Nadal, died in an unexpected accident.]

The name of a familiar figure came out of the AI’s mouth.

Mael Nadal.

It was the name of the black magician Shin Ha-yul had recently dealt with.

[Please prepare a separate transportation station.]

Hermes’ expression frowned.

“This guy knows what kind of errand boy I am. Find a transportation station on your own.”

Seriously annoying.

What do you think of the executive?

“It’s not like we should respect the same executives as we respect each other.”

Even if it wasn’t a real executive, it would have been overturned a long time ago.

Hermes gritted his teeth.

[Additionally, the research itself is going very well.]

I don’t know if I have a conscience though, but I always report research results well.

[If this momentum continues, commercialization of Ignis is likely to be possible within two months.]

Commercialization of Ignis.

It was a story that would make Shin Ha-yul’s eyes widen when he heard it.

‘I hate to admit it, but the Doctor is good. The research is already in the completion stage.’

If I didn’t have the ability, I would have ignored it a long time ago.

In fact, many of the personal requests of executives with one-dimensional tendencies such as parades were rejected because there was no time for that.

[Second success with this. Even if the first is a coincidence, they say the second is inevitable.]

[If this project succeeds, it means that all the remnants of mythology that will be obtained in the future can also be commercialized.]

[There aren’t many days left to give a good report to the Dark Mage King.]


and remnants of mythology.

These were all words that would surprise Shin Ha-yul.

[When you post a report, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to tell you that it would have been difficult if it wasn’t for your perfect backup.]

“… … I’m just talking about it.”

In order to look good to the Dark Mage King and to accumulate points, I risked my troubles and backed up.

You’re showing respect for reporting this.

[The report is ideal. I will contact you if I have another request.]

Hermes’ brow furrowed slightly at the words ‘if there’s anything I’d like to ask of you’.

Don’t contact me only when you have something to ask for, but if you look at it regularly, what will happen?

‘I’m afraid I’ll just turn it upside down… … .’

* * *

lunch the next day.

I headed to the National Knights School in time for my appointment.

Since it was just before lunch break, there were not many people.

“Lady Luan.”

When I arrived at the school gate, Stella greeted me.

“You worked hard to come.”

There was almost no active feeling until yesterday.

Should I say something cold and mature?

It was the perfect atmosphere for her nickname, the ‘Ice Queen’.

I glanced around and saw a group of people who looked like instructors, including two guards.

“Lady Luan Palatia. welcome. I heard the news.”

An instructor with a handsome beard welcomed me.

I wondered if they were just pretending to be welcoming, but it doesn’t seem like that.

He was genuinely welcoming to me.

“Dalian yesterday. I saw you.”


Why did you welcome it so sincerely? It turns out that you were the one who intuited the battle between Sein-sama and me yesterday.

Then why not react like that.

“I was truly amazed. If you’re not rude, can I ask you a favor next time?”

It’s just a sparring request.

Are all knights like this?

I glanced at Stella, who stood discreetly next to me.

hmm. It seems that everything is like this.

“Oh, sorry. It must have been rude.”

As if taking my silence as a sign of trouble, the instructor lowered his head.

“no. It’s not difficult. But for as long as I am an instructor for two months, I want to prioritize students.”

“Students… … prioritize… … .”

The instructor widened his eyes.

“I will save time to sparring with myself and teach other students a little more. Does this mean?”

The eyes are sharp.

Are you angry that you put the students before yourself?

If so, that’s a little disappointing.

“yes. Even if it’s temporary, it’s an instructor. I think we should do our best for our students.”

I think instructors should always put students first.

You can’t be called an instructor if you get angry at the word that you put students first.

“How… … .”

The instructor looked at me with more intense eyes.

“It can’t be this great… … .”

The instructor’s eyes were very slightly moist.

“It’s a short time, but I want to devote that time to my students. What a great educational center. that khan. I was deeply moved.”

… … It seems that he was a hot-blooded instructor.

That gaze earlier was not angry, but moved.

“All right. Then I will pass it on to the other instructors. I told them not to ask for sparring separately.”

“… … .”

The other instructors were also trying to challenge me.

I didn’t know that.

“Now then, first go to the main building and greet the other instructors… … .”

The excited instructor grabbed my hand.

And when trying to drag it to the main building.


Stella grabbed the instructor’s hand.

cold. Something chilled around her.

“Guiding is my role.”

“Yeah, it was.”

The instructor removed his hand from my wrist. And then coughing in succession.

‘… … this gentleman. I’m a little scared right now?’

He seems to have shrunk just a little bit from Stella’s gaze and momentum.

“Instructor, you should go back and prepare for the next class. The other instructors must be busy too. Wouldn’t it be better to formally say hello tomorrow?”

Stella laughed lightly.

But the eyes weren’t smiling.

It was a very scary smile.

“… … that’s right Great.”

The instructor cleared his throat again and looked at me.

“Instructor Luan. Then see you later.”

“yes. see you tommorow.”

So, with the greeting, the instructor turned around and started walking toward the largest building that looked like the main building.

“Could you give me a temporary pass?”

Stella reached out to the guards who were watching.

“yes. Here you are.”

“thank you.”

After Stella was handed over the temporary pass, she approached me.

Then, I immediately hung the pass around my neck.

“Then let’s go. I will guide you from the outskirts.”

Seeing the pass hanging around my neck, he gave me a small smile, then grabbed my wrist and started dragging me somewhere.

* * *

After that, I wandered around the site with Stella’s guidance.

From the outer garden to the playground, and the auditorium and club room, etc.

Maybe it was class time, so I didn’t meet anyone.

Judging from the fact that there were no people in the playground and auditorium, it seems that today is an indoor class day.

This is similar to Obelisk Academy.

“next. This is an annex. It’s a teacher used by first graders, and I can’t go in because I’m in class right now.”

Stella introduced the building with an excited expression.

It is a very happy expression.

Didn’t I just laugh coldly at the school gate?

It’s like a completely different person.

“… … ? Would you like to go in?”

It seems to have taken my gaze as the meaning of wanting to see it.

“It’s not that I’m not interested, but I’m done now.”


Stella tilted her head slightly. Then why are you looking at me like that? It’s the look I want.

“Then, to the next place… … .”

Just like that, it was time for Stella to guide them to the next place.

“oh. Miss Stella.”

Two female students appeared from behind Stella.

Seeing him holding something in both hands, it seems that he is running errands.

“It’s class time… … . What are you doing here?”

At that moment, Stella’s expression changed.

The smile that seemed like a single flower disappeared and became an expression like a stormy Siberian winter.

“We were providing information about the facilities to our guests.”

“A guest?”

The two female students just pulled their necks out to the side and looked at my face.

It was a cute look with only her face sticking out over Stella’s shoulders.

“yes. You are the one who will be the instructor for two months from tomorrow.”


The two female students ran out and bowed their heads to me.


“okay. nice to meet.”

Two people look at me with bright eyes.

It’s the expression that you’re curious about something.

“excuse me… … . Is that the right person?”

“That person? What do you mean?”

It was a question that left out too many things.

“you idiot. How do you know if you ask me like that?”

Another female student nudged her side with her elbow.

Like I’ll tell you, you stay quiet. seemed to say

“There are rumors that the person who fought Sein-nim on equal footing yesterday will be coming as a temporary instructor starting tomorrow. He meant that he was.”

“… … .”

Rumors about yesterday’s Dalian seem to be circulating not only among the instructors, but also among the students.

How did it unfold so quickly?

“I was just lucky. Sein-nim also looked after me a lot.”

Two eyes widened at my answer.

“That you don’t deny… … Are you saying it’s not just a rumor?”


The two made a fuss.

“Awesome, awesome.”

“Stella-nim isn’t even denying it. Guess you’re right!”

“You teach first grade, right? Aren’t you only teaching 2nd and 3rd graders?”

Two of them pressed their faces at me.

at that time.

“Two juniors. Aren’t you running errands?”

Stella smiled and separated the two of them.

“Oh right.”

At that, as if realizing that they were running errands, they removed their faces from me.

“I-I’m sorry. I will go first.”

“I’ll get scolded if I’m late… … .”

The two of them bowed their heads again, and the dodo also walked away.

Guess who isn’t a freshman, he’s very energetic.

This is also similar to Obelisk Academy.

“To think that rumors had already spread to first graders… … .”

Stella, who returned with a friendly expression like before, twisted her hair with a troubled expression.

“You don’t have to worry. It was something that would spread anyway.”

Anyway, from the moment I sparred with Sein-sama, it was no different from what had been decided.

Certainly, it seems that the spread of rumors is rather fast.

It’s nothing to worry about.

“How can you not pay attention… … . This would hinder my plan to monopolize in the beginning when no one is paying attention… … .”

“… … monopoly?”


Stella covered her mouth with her right hand.

“Oh, nothing. ha ha ha.”

Then he turned around with a suspicious look on his face.

“Then, to the next place… … .”

Just like that, Stella was about to turn around.


Something caught on my foot.

An object that appeared to be a brooch had fallen on the floor.

“Training brooch… … . The kids must have dropped it.”

Stella picked up the brooch as it was.

“It’s a penalty if you lose. Be careful. Whew. I’ll bring it to you soon. Please wait a moment.”

Stella sighed heavily and walked out to the annex.

No, I was going to walk.


“for a moment.”


It would have been if I hadn’t held her hand to stop it.

“This brooch. Can I check it out?”

“It’s a normal training brooch… … ?”

Stella tilted her head.

“It will take a while.”

“… … yes.”

Stella handed me the brooch as it was.

I received the brooch and immediately activated the divine eye.

And with all my attention, I searched for the brooch.

‘… … also.’

It wasn’t my mood.

‘It’s the energy of Ignis.’

Ignis’ aura was emanating from the brooch.

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