Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 236

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Chapter 236

After that, about 20 minutes additionally flowed.

After Sein Binoche said he had work and left first.

Stella Binoche saw off Shin Ha-yul.

“Sudden change of schedule and sparring with my mother. Was it too sudden? sorry.”

“It was definitely a little embarrassing, but not bad.”

Shin Ha-yul laughed as if it was very fun.

“I learned something new from this sparring.”

Stella was amazed.

For a prosecutor, enlightenment is something that happens when you become aware of your own deficiencies.

The fact that he gained enlightenment in this Dalian means that Shin Ha-yul thought he was lacking.

‘Even though I reached that level at the young age of 27, that humility… … .’

It was a glimpse of his enterprising desire and good character.


Was humility without feeling servile or deceitful so wonderful?

I thought so.

“Rather than that, when will the temporary instructor’s certificate be issued?”

“Ah, if it’s an instructor’s ID, it will be issued tomorrow.”

“hmm. So, does that mean I can go to school the day after tomorrow?”

“Access itself is possible from tomorrow. Of course, since I don’t have an instructor’s ID to guarantee my identity, there will be a condition that I have to accompany them.”

Shin Ha-yul pondered for a moment.

“If possible, I’d like to check the facility first tomorrow, but… … .”

Shin Ha-yul’s purpose is to detect Ignis in the school.

It is advantageous to start the investigation as soon as possible.

‘Since it’s the first day, it’s better to have someone to guide you.’

If possible, I would like to walk around the school tomorrow with Stella’s guidance.


‘I want to avoid causing more trouble than this.’

Starting with the temporary instructor’s card, I was already very indebted.

I’ve bothered enough already, but it’s a bit more annoying here.

Giving someone a tour of the facility is a job that consumes a lot of nerves and time.

“hmm. no. Get your instructor’s card tomorrow, and let’s officially enter the day after tomorrow.”

Let’s just let go of greed.

It’s a day difference anyway.

It’s not even that big of a difference.

Shin Ha-yul made up his mind.

“Well, if you’re saying that because you’re considerate of me, you don’t have to worry about it!”

As if having read Shin Ha-yul’s thoughts, Stella cautiously spoke out.

“Guiding the facility is not that difficult. Regardless of whether you come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you need someone to guide you through the facility in the first place.”

“I guess I need some guidance. There is no need for you to guide them.”

The day after tomorrow, when you officially enter, a guide will be attached to you.

Then Stella wouldn’t have to work hard.

“You must have your own schedule, too. You don’t have to adapt to me.”

It was a word mixed with a lot of consideration.

Although it has become quite dry and blunt because he is playing Luan Palatia.

“That means… … .”

Sure enough, Stella’s expression hardened. Should I say something with an angry expression?

“I don’t really want to receive guidance from me. Is that what you mean?”

“Why does that mean that?”

“You do what you do. It just doesn’t sound like that.”

Slightly sullen expression.

Her lips, protruding very slightly, seemed to insist, ‘I’m pouting right now.’

“I didn’t mean it in that sense. You should have your training, so why waste important time on me?”

“Oh, that’s fine. Tomorrow is a day with more indoor classes than actual training. Whether you hear it or not, it makes no difference.”

“Indoor classes are also important classes.”

“are you okay. Even if you listen anyway, it’s because it’s a perfect score.”

Stella grinned.

I don’t know why, but behind him, Shin Ha-yul’s appearance overlapped.

If Ji Sun-chan were here right now, ‘Shin Ha-yul’s doppelganger…’ … . Twice the unlucky… … .’ I wouldn’t have muttered.

“So you don’t have to worry.”

Stella stuck out her tongue and smiled cutely.

“Honestly, I prefer taking a walk while guiding Ruan-nim over one more time hearing what I already know. Please allow me to guide you.”

“… … Right.”

Having said that, it is not polite to be more modest.

“Then the favor. I will be grateful.”

Shin Ha-yul smiled and thanked him.

“It was nothing.”

Stella also smiled.


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It was a very relaxed smile.


Of course, the only thing that is relaxed is the facial expression.

Inside, I was cheering loudly.

I almost missed a good opportunity for some absurd reason. how did you solve it

‘My wits. Very commendable.’

Stella praised herself and Betsy laughed.

Already looking forward to tomorrow.

“I’m sorry in the middle of a good atmosphere.”

Just then, two women appeared from behind.


“Somehow, it seemed like I was playing in Sein’s palm, so I thought about just leaving, but no matter how much I thought about it, it didn’t seem polite to leave without saying hello.”

Lillian Stewart stood in front of Shin Ha-yul with a friendly voice and expression.

“nice to meet you. My name is Lillian Stewart.”

He even held out his right hand.

“Oh, you don’t know about the Stewarts, do you?”

playful voice and eyes.

It seemed that the intention was to soften the atmosphere that could be somewhat hard.

“Is there anyone in France who doesn’t know the Stewarts?”

Shin Ha-yul grabbed his right hand as if riding on the soft air current created by Lillian.

“It is an honor to meet you. I am Luan Palatia. It’s a no-nonsense wandering knight.”

“oh. A wandering knight with nothing special. So, Sein had a hard time with an insignificant wandering knight.”

“Sain-nim took care of me a lot.”


Lillian made a fuss and opened her eyes wide.

“oh my god. Are you saying that the examiner, who has to check the quality of the subject, was relaxed and sluggish? That’s a big problem. I need to do something.”

“No, I don’t mean that… … .”

Shin Ha-yul was genuinely perplexed.

It’s an expression that he never imagined that he would be caught like this.

Seeing Shin Ha-yul’s expression like that, Lillian laughed as if she was having fun.

“Oh really. It’s a joke, but take it seriously. Are you the same person as the prosecutor who pressured Se-in earlier?”

“… … Contrary to appearances, you have a mischievous side.”

I knew it, but I pretended not to know. Lillian Stewart is usually cold as ice, but the fact that she shows a mischievous side to her close friends is information that Luan shouldn’t know.

“sorry. stop without knowing I apologize if I offended you.”

“I didn’t feel bad.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Lillian smiled again.

If Adela gets a little older, wouldn’t that smile come out just like that?

“Oh, and this is my daughter. This is Adela.”

Lillian pushed Adela forward, who had taken a step back.

“Adela. I should say hello.”

“… … This is Adela Stewart.”

“This is Luan Palatia.”

Adela bowed her head, and Shin Ha-yul bowed her head as well.

“I heard a lot of rumors. He is a rare genius.”

“… … no.”

Adela’s expression wavered very slightly.

To hear that a real genius is a rare genius. Something felt strange.

It sounds like something sarcastic.

‘Of course, that’s not what I meant, but… … .’

It wasn’t a very good feeling anyway.

‘This is not the time to think like this. Facial expression management. We are seeing each other for the first time. We are first-timers… … .’

Adela started acting through autosuggestion.

“sure. I’m not saying this because it’s my daughter. Our Adela is a genius among geniuses.”

“Uh, Mom… … !”

Adela shouted in a low voice with an expression of embarrassment.

To hear such words in front of a true genius is more than twice as embarrassing.

“Ah, of course it’s not as good as you, who has enough skills to be recognized by the world at the young age of 27.”

“that… … . no.”

Shin Ha-yul replied with an expression that he did not know what to say.

As if Shin Ha-yul’s expression was cute, Lillian grinned.

“Oh really. If you keep showing that kind of reaction, I have no choice but to play a joke.”

Both eyes are full of goodwill.

‘Just being a rare genius prosecutor was worth getting close to. Needless to say, this kind of personality and personality.’

He’s the type that’s typically friendly and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Adela. how is it? Since you look like your mother, your tastes in men must be similar.”

“… … What do you mean?”

“What? How about being a husband?”


Surprisingly, it was Stella, not Adela, who responded to Lillian’s words.

Stella, who had been watching the situation quietly from beginning to end, was startled by the world and shouted, ‘Yes?’

“oh? Why is Miss Stella surprised? Did I say something I shouldn’t have said?”

Lillian’s smile grew wider.

The expression that this situation is so funny.

“no. It’s not… … .”

“Isn’t it?”

“So… … .”

“What is it. When Sein said something earlier, he just shouted that it wasn’t like that. Was it a smoke screen?”

“That’s it. As for… … .”

Stella looked around with a puzzled expression.

As if Stella’s reaction was cute, Lillian laughed out loud again.

“Oh really. Aren’t they both so cute? Should I say something fresh? Should I be pure? It’s so innocent that I’m sorry for playing around with it.”

Lillian gave Stella a couple of pats on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry. Because it was a joke.”

“… … Are you kidding?”

“yes. Our Adela has already decided who to give it to. Don’t you know?”

“ah! God of Obelisk Academy… … .”


Even before the words of Shin Ha-yul came out, Adela shouted loudly.

“It’s a surprise. Why are you yelling all of a sudden? If she sang that she would marry Ha-yul when she was young… … .”


Adela covered Lillian’s mouth with a blushing expression.

“He is. What’s wrong. who is listening I’m ashamed from here, so what can I do later… … . town.”

Adela desperately covered Lillian’s mouth.

“okay. I won’t. I won’t do it, so get your hands off it.”

Lillian smiled with a look of joy in the world.

* * *

After that, Lillian-sama left with a satisfied expression.

‘Then I have something to say to Se-in, so I’ll go first.’

Same with Sein-nim and Lillian-nim. You work hard until past 11pm.

Successful people are successful for a reason.

Anyway, I left Lillian-sama like that. The three of us each started preparing for our return home.

“Then, both of you, go inside carefully.”

No, not three, but two, should I say that they are preparing to return home?

This test was held at Stella’s home.

Stella just goes up and that’s her way home.

Therefore, the only ones preparing to return are me and Adela.

“okay. I’ll be there by 1:00 tomorrow. See you then.”

“yes. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Stella smiled at me, then turned her gaze to Adela, who was riding next to me.

“Please take good care of the lodging.”


Stella looked quite dissatisfied.

It seems that the customer, Adela, is dissatisfied with taking me there herself.

leave the guest to the guest

Even if I was in the position of the invitee, I think I would feel uncomfortable.

“I’m asking one last time, is it really okay not to serve tea separately?”

“yes. It’s really okay. It’s the way back anyway. Moving two cars is a waste.”

Adela replied with her usual expressionless expression.

“Well, you don’t have any other purpose, do you?”

“Any other purpose?”

“You know what? that.”

“… … ?”

Adela tilted her head.

A look that doesn’t know what to say.

It’s an expression that doesn’t catch on at all.

“Or it’s fine.”

At Adela’s reaction, Stella gave a small smile as if she was relieved.

“Anyway, I’ll really go.”

Adela is ‘a person who can’t understand.’ I greeted him appropriately with a thoughtful expression.

“yes. Please go in carefully.”

After the real last greeting, the window closed and the car started.

About two minutes passed like that.

By the time the car starts running in earnest.

“The security of this car is perfect. It’s the car my mother uses to talk privately.”

Adela let out a big sigh as if exhausted.

He touched both cheeks with both hands.

It was like a facial muscle massage.

It seems that it was quite difficult to act expressionless all the time.

“Even the butler, who is driving, can’t hear me. You can speak comfortably.”

Adela, who had a much more relaxed expression, turned her gaze to me.

It’s the same feeling as usual, but it’s strangely coercive.

It’s like, ‘Don’t you have something to say to me? There must be many?’ It was the eyes that seemed to say.

Rather than answering such Adela, I first checked the back seat using magic.

It was to make sure that there were no surveillance cameras or eavesdropping devices inside.

‘It’s neat.’

As Adela asserts, the back seat is very tidy.

If this is enough, I think I can talk comfortably.

“Should I say good luck or bad luck? I never thought we would meet like this.”

“yes. I was surprised too.”

I never thought I would end up with Adela like this.

It’s really weird when you think about it again.

“Let’s set a new tangential method first.”


As much as the relationship has changed, information cannot be exchanged in the same way as before. Now that the face has been cut, the contact method has no choice but to change.

“Let’s meet at the bar until our next regular meeting. Fortunately, Adela, when you come to the bar, you come with makeup that is so mature that you can’t recognize it… … . I was wondering if it was you. I will approach it with the same feeling.”

The detailed tangent method will be determined later.

Once we decided on the next tangent method.

“hmm. It’s a natural way… … . You won’t be suspicious, will you?”

“are you okay. As long as Saint Binoche is in, you wouldn’t think that the plate itself was rigged. As long as we don’t do weird things, there’s no way they’ll get caught.”

This meeting is not a coincidence, it is inevitable.

I would have crossed two bridges and met. There is little room for doubt about my relationship with Adela.

‘Anyway, I’ll open my face naturally. Exchanging information will be much easier.’

When I think about it, this meeting is not a bad happening.

“thank god. What if something goes wrong… … .”

Adela let out a sigh of relief.

“No, if you had informed me in advance, there would have been no such embarrassment. Why didn’t you tell me that you were working as a knight?”

“uh… … . Didn’t you tell me?”

“yes. I didn’t speak.”

I thought about it for a while.

You’ve said pretty much everything, but didn’t you mention that you’re working as a knight?

“And what are mana cores? What else is that skill? To be at the level of being able to compete with Sein-sama, not with anyone else. how… … .”

Adela, with an expression of curiosity about everything in the world, started pouring out questions like a storm.

“Calm down for now. Calm down and let’s talk one by one.”

I guess the story is going to be a bit long.

“First of all, the mana core is not particularly incompatible with the mana circle… … The conflict with the mana core is… … .”

I slowly started explaining.

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