Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 235

Chapter 235

The sound of swords clashing with swords echoed in succession.

Other than that, the sound of something kicking and trampling on the ground.

The sound of something crossing the air and so on.

All kinds of sounds proving the fierce battle clearly filled the world.

“… … oh my god.”

Someone muttered with a bewildered expression.

Looking at the two people who are making this noise right now, I can’t help but laugh.

“It’s called a penalty match that doesn’t use mana, but it’s the first time I’ve seen someone who competed with Sein-nim for more than 20 points.”

“That man. Who are you?”

“Luan Palatia. I have to remember.”

Civil servants helped out with a word or two with a serious expression on their faces.

Rather than being immersed in this battle, they were cheering for the appearance of New Face, who was fighting an equal battle with Sein Binoche.

That’s why we can exchange conversations like this at a fair.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Stella, Adela, and Lillian are proof of that.

Deeply engrossed in the battle, these three watch the match, forgetting to even breathe, let alone talk.

Caang! Kang, Kigigigigg!

Swords and swords clashing in seconds.

The wind swirling around the sword.

Sein’s blue hair and Luan Palatia’s blonde hair blow in the wind.

A sight as if blue and gold were harmonized and became a new art.

All three of them were distracted by the beautiful symphony of swords created by the two swordsmen.


Then, the sound of someone swallowing saliva rang loudly.

It was the sound that came out of Stella’s mouth.

Saliva flowed from his half-open mouth.

Normally, he would have noticed the people around him with a blushing face.

Now was not the time to look around.

If you can afford that, you should keep your eyes on that battle even a little bit.

You have to learn a little bit more.

‘It’s a waste of time to blink.’


Stella was putting all her nerves into watching the battle.

‘… … What happened?’

Meanwhile, unlike Stella, who is in a trance. Adela’s mind was extremely complex.

Obviously Shin Ha-yul is a magician.

He is a genius wizard with six mana circles.

And wizards cannot weave mana cores. This is common sense.

‘How did Hayul get the mana core… … .’

However, what kind of ghost would mourn for this, Shin Ha-yul had a mana core.

He doesn’t even use mana circles, and fights as a knight using only mana cores.

It’s not even just mimicking a knight’s battle.

Shin Ha-yul is currently fighting an equal battle with Sein Binoche.

It wasn’t even a half-assed knight, but a sword god with the modifier “World’s Best”.

‘How the hell… … .’

Adela couldn’t understand the situation at all.

Everything from one to ten was questionable.

“That man. What is your name?”

Then, breaking through the silence, Lillian opened her mouth.

With an expression full of uncontrollable interest, I asked the name of the man who was fighting the world on an equal footing.

“This is Luan Palatia.”

Stella answered roughly, still keeping her eyes fixed on the battle.

He didn’t show it on the outside, but he was angry on the inside.

‘Now is the most important time, why are you talking to me?’

Annoyed Lillian, who was an honored guest or something, broke her concentration.

“… … Luan. I mean Luan. I have to remember.”

Lillian’s eyes flashed.

The existence of a knight is not a very good perception, but at that level, the story is different.

There’s nothing wrong with building friendships.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!!”

At that time, the sound of laughter echoed across the exam hall.

Right now, this situation is fun, and he is laughing with an expression that he can’t stand it because he is happy.

Stella’s eyes widened in surprise.

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever seen my mother smile like that.’

I can’t believe my mother, who had always been lazy and kept her expressionless expression, laughed so loudly.

Did you like that guy that much?

“Feel so good. good. very good!”

Sein let go of the approaching sword, and then turned around and counterattacked.

“Where to block this too!”

It was a near-perfect rotational slash that returned the opponent’s strength as it was.

If it had been an ordinary swordsman, he would have felt defeated at this point.


Shin Ha-yul was not an ordinary prosecutor scattered everywhere.

‘I can’t block that attack in this position. then… … .’

Shin Ha-yul pushed the tip of the sword forward as it was.

‘Going to the anomaly.’


The handle of the sword collided with the sword, making a loud crashing sound.

“… … With the handle of the sword!”

Stella stood up in amazement as it was.

Goosebumps are rising on both arms.

I don’t think you can stop that counterattack like that.

It was an unimaginable way for Stella.

“You have good sense. but… … .”

Sein twisted the sword as it was.


Block the sword through the sword handle.

It’s a great method, but it’s a method that has many gaps.

The tip of the sword handle has a small area and has a gentle curve.

Blocking the sword in such a place is tantamount to committing suicide.

Even if the trajectory of the sword is slightly changed, the sword moves along a gentle trajectory.

The sword automatically cuts off the arm holding the handle.

“I will praise you for your momentary wit.”

Sein’s sword moved along the track of the sword handle toward Shin Ha-yul’s wrist.

If this continues, the battle will end with a big blow to the wrist.

“It was a very enjoyable battle.”

The moment Sein’s sword was about to touch Shin Ha-yul’s wrist.

“It is not over yet.”

Shin Ha-yul let go of the sword.

Sein’s sword cut through the air without slicing through the wrist of Shin Ha-yul.

For the first time, a feeling of bewilderment appeared on Sein’s face.

‘From the beginning, I thought of letting go of the sword… … !’

That’s not an instantaneous base.

Instantaneous wit cannot produce that reaction speed.

This man had been preparing to let go of his sword ever since he defended himself with the handle of his sword.


Shin Ha-yul kicked the ground vigorously with his right foot.

A near-perfect advance.

‘Did you have any knowledge in Baktu?’

Sein shouted inwardly.

He noticed what Shin Ha-yul was trying to do now.

But it was too late to stop it.

Right now, Sein’s center of gravity is focused on the sword he is wielding.

Defense is impossible in this position.


Shin Ha-yul attacked Se-in using his shoulder as it was.

Shall we say that it is a perfect iron mountain high school that started with perfect Jin-Gak?

The air trembled as if to prove its destructive power.

‘It went in properly.’

That’s when Shin Ha-yul intuited his own victory.


Sein snorted as if he hadn’t even thought about it.

Then, just like Shin Ha-yul did a moment ago, he let go of his sword.

“… … !”

“It was not a bad counterattack. But I was in a hurry.”

The center of gravity, which had been shifted because of the sword, regained its axis to some extent.

Although it was very little, it could be avoided with this much.

Sein took a step back with his body lighter.

“The weakness of Cheolsan High is that it has a short reach.”

And an extra 1/3 step.

Woo woo woo woo-!

A powerful aftershock swept through Sein’s whole body.

“I was too greedy.”

A piece of paper difference.

If it was only 3mm in front of me, I would have been hit directly.

It was truly an admirable move.

“Rather than thinking about knocking it down in one blow, you should have thought about accumulating damage.”

Shin Ha-yul’s expression hardened.

On the other hand, Sein’s expression brightened.

and right after that.



The two took a pose holding swords floating in the air at each other.

Shin Ha-yul took the sword Se-in had left behind.

Se-in instantly grabbed the sword that Shin Ha-yul had let go of.

“this… … . A real knight’s battle… … .”

Adela took a deep breath.

Just a while ago, I couldn’t even breathe because I was watching the workshop.

The nervousness and anxiety had long since disappeared from Adela’s mind.

There was no time to think about how thrilling the battle between the two was.

“… … ! … … !!”

Of course, Stella’s reaction was even stronger.

I am stomping my feet feeling a thrill that cannot be described even with the word thrill.

‘okay! this is it! This is a real knight’s battle!’


I feel like going crazy with joy

‘How powerful is this even though you fight only with pure swordsmanship and physical abilities without releasing mana? Oh really… … . i love it!’

I feel like I’m going to die from excitement and trembling just watching.

If possible, I want to watch this confrontation forever.

I want to enjoy this impression all day long.

‘And someday… … .’

I want to fight a battle like that myself.

Those desires filled my head.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The silence lasted longer than expected.

The two are looking at each other.


The sound of someone swallowing dry saliva rang out loudly.

Everyone is waiting for the next move of the two with their hands sweaty.

“Whoa. I can’t. I guess I’ll have to fight here.”

Then, Sein suddenly relaxed.

I threw the sword I was holding at Shin Ha-yul, and made a gesture asking you to throw your sword at me too.

Shin Ha-yul also threw his sword.

The two exchanged swords went back to their original owners.

“If I do this any longer, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stand it.”

Sein, who had recovered his sword, returned the sword to the scabbard with a satisfied smile.

Shin Ha-yul also followed suit.

“Next time, let’s do it in a better place, where we can do our best together.”

“With all due respect, I was already doing my best.”

“ha ha ha! You are good at jokes.”

Sein laughed out loud.

“If anyone hears it, they’ll know that I can’t even use swordsmanship.”

Until now, Sein had only fought with sword and sword.

He didn’t use Binosuga’s swordsmanship or use his swordsmanship.

And it was the same for opponents.

“Even too much humility can sound deceitful. It’s good to be restrained.”

“… … I will keep it in my heart.”

Then he slowly approached Shin Ha-yul and patted him on the shoulder.

“Anyway, I passed. Luan Palatia.”

No, it’s not at the level of patting.

He pats the shoulder vigorously as if he really likes it.

“Do you like it. I like it very much. from one to ten. There is no part I don’t like.”

The speed of tapping on the shoulder is getting faster and faster.

As a result, the intensity gradually increases.

“Where did this guy come from? It’s to the point where I want to know where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.”

“I don’t know what to do with the excessive praise.”

Shin Ha-yul desperately endured the pain and expressed his gratitude.

“Oh yeah. Luan. Do you have a spouse?”

Sein moved his eyebrows up and down and gave a smirk.

“What is that all of a sudden… … .”


“… … no. doesn’t exist.”

“Hmm. okay? That’s fine.”

Sein chuckled with a look that seemed to make him feel even better.

“Then what about our Stella?”

“… … yes?”

“Uh, mother?”

Stella jumped up from her seat and shouted.

He is overbearing with a face that is no different from Hongshi.

“Even if it looks like that, it’s because I’m a pure lover. He resembles me, so his face is outstanding. I hoped for some light, but the family is also very good. how is it. I think it’s a blue-chip stock worth investing in.”


Stella ran out with a reddened face.

Then, he quickly jumped into the testing room.

“What are you talking about!”

“Why are you making such a fuss? Like I said something weird.”

“You said something strange! What do you mean all of a sudden!”

With a face as red as a ripe apple, he shouts.

“why? Do you not like Luan?”

“yes? Oh no. It’s not… … .”

Stella rolled her eyes and stuttered.

“So, uh, there’s an age difference… … .”

“Hmm. In today’s world, I don’t think an 8-year age difference is even a difference.”

“… … yes?”

Stella’s eyes widened.

“8… Eight years difference?”


“That means, Luan-sama’s age… … .”

“The status says that you are 27 years old.”

Stella sighed.

It’s a look that I couldn’t have imagined.

“What. Didn’t you know?”

Sein’s smile grew even thicker.

“You said you guaranteed your identity without knowing your age?”

His smile couldn’t get thicker, so he turned into a smirking serpent.

“indeed. is it. understood. You don’t have to answer more. I know very well how you feel.”

“No, that’s why… … .”

Stella gesticulated, gesturing with her feet.

“He has such a cute side, but what about Ruan?”

“No, that’s right, mom!”

Stella shouted loudly.

“ha ha ha!”

Seeing Stella’s reaction, Sein laughed as if the world was in a good mood.

“… … .”

And Adela was watching the three of them with a disinterested expression.

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