Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 230

Chapter 230

At that time, Adela was alone in her room reading a note.

“… … write it down.”

The number of letters written on the note is quite small.

It seems that there are less than a quarter of the number of letters Adela wrote.

That fact was oddly sad.

‘It’s the first day, so I know I don’t have anything to properly report yet… … .’

Still, it doesn’t have to be this short, doesn’t it?

I did my best to report this in detail.

Should I say it’s too cold?

I have to say that you don’t seem to be interested in this.

Anyway, it was a very strange feeling.

[There was nothing special about this.]

[After further investigation, if I realize something, I will report it then.]

The sentences that end with that ~ sound are also somewhat sad.

It was sad that I omitted it because there was nothing special.

Adela’s lips parted.

I’m grumbling inside like that.

‘By the way, why am I getting angry?’

Suddenly, he realized that it was strange that he was angry.

A report is a way to convey only the original purpose briefly.

If you don’t have anything to say, it’s best to abbreviate it like this.

Since you cannot use a note that is too large, it is natural to abbreviate the end.

There’s no need to waste a page with honorifics.

This situation is not a situation to be angry at all.

‘But why am I in such a bad mood?’

Adela narrowed her eyes and thought.

I wondered why I was so upset.

However, no conclusion was reached.

Just, I don’t know why, but I was disappointed.

‘After that… … I don’t even know my heart.’

that thing.

The day Adela was kidnapped and Sang-Cheol Sang, Adela’s father, died.

On that day, Adela felt a lot, lost a lot, and learned a lot.

At that time, Adela was often caught up in emotions she could not understand.

I was sad, distressed, depressed, and angry.

Maybe now this is also like the aftereffects of such a runaway of emotions.

That’s why I feel so sad.

Otherwise, there’s no reason to be sad.


Adela calmed her emotions with a deep breath.

After about three deep breaths, Adela’s mind regained some of its normal calmness.

‘For now, let’s finish reading.’

Adela read the note again with a clear mind.

It was a short note of only 10 sentences, so I finished reading it in no time.

‘It’s nothing… … .’

The moment I read the 9th sentence like that and the last sentence.

[During the investigation, he met Stella Binoche by chance, and the National Knight School investigation tried to open a way there.]

‘… … Stella Binoche?’

Adela’s heart, which had been calm, began to throb again.

* * *

I knew there was something in the Palace of Versailles.

I also knew that it was probably the jackpot.

There’s a high probability that Ignis is kept in the Palace of Versailles.

Considering the odds, it would be the right decision to move on to preparing to infiltrate the Palace of Versailles right now.


‘It’s not too late to infiltrate the Palace of Versailles after thoroughly investigating the remaining two places.’

that’s the bottom line

There is a ‘high’ probability of having Ignis in the Palace of Versailles, but not 100%.

If you pretended to infiltrate the Palace of Versailles here, try it even if there is no Ignis in the Palace of Versailles.

It gets very frustrating then.

Since it’s a heavily guarded place, my infiltration will soon be exposed.

If that happens, my wanted list will go down internationally.

Then my fake ID will no longer be usable, and I will no longer be able to be in France.

Then, Ignis’s acquisition went off the rails.

It would be fortunate if it ended at that level, but in the worst case, it might be exposed that Luan Palatia was a servant.

Then there will be a real uproar.

The risk of infiltrating is too great.

‘I haven’t been able to figure out why Miho sensed it in three places.’

Above all, the reason why Miho sensed Ignis in all three districts at the same time has not yet been solved.

There must still be plenty of time, right now it’s right to continue the investigation.


Miho, hiding in his chest under his robe, groaned in frustration.

With her head hidden under her clothes, it must be stuffy to breathe.

“sorry. Please bear with me a little longer.”

I feel sorry for Miho, but I have to endure it now.

It was early in the morning, so people were rare, but it didn’t mean that there were no people around.

If Miho even stuck out his head right now, attention could be drawn.

“It’s a destination if you go a little further. You just have to be patient until then.”

Miho cried as if she couldn’t help it.

“thank you.”

Through my robe, I lightly caressed Miho’s head, and hurried my steps.

It’s been 3 minutes since I started walking at such a speed that I couldn’t tell if I was running or walking.

We have arrived at our destination.

“Miho. You can show your face now.”

Miho’s ears perked up at my words.

Then, as it were, he poked his face out over my chest and under my chin.

It’s an expression of wanting to live now.

“sorry. It was frustrating.”

Miho shook his head as if he was okay.

It was a little frustrating, but it seemed to say that this arrangement was tolerable enough.

“thank you. After all, there is only Miho.”

With sincerity, he stroked Miho’s hair.

Miho laughed as if the world was in a good mood.

The gentle movement of Miho’s tail was transmitted through the thin fabric.

“So, Miho. Did you realize anything on the way here?”

The reason why I had to hide Miho in a robe was because I thought that there might be something on the way to here.

Even the face was completely hidden, so I couldn’t see anything with my eyes, but my spiritual perception has nothing to do with my eyes.

Whether it comes hidden in a robe or in a bag, there’s nothing wrong with detecting a soul.

That’s why I brought Miho in my arms like this.

If his purpose had been to investigate this place, he would have come and sneaked Miho out.

Shaking my head.

Miho shook her head slightly.

On the way here, he said he didn’t find anything suspicious.

“… … okay.”

I wondered if Miho would notice something.

My expression became a little serious.

Miho can’t even get a feel for it.

What should I do now?

The future has become quite bleak.

“Then where is it?”

On the day that Ignis was detected in Korea, this is one of the three places Miho pointed out.

I wonder if I can get some hints from this location.

At my question, Miho opened her eyes sharply and looked around.

Seeing that there was no significant change in expression, it seems that there is nothing special here.

“There’s nothing special here either… … .”

At that time, Miho flinched slightly.

“Are you asking me to come out?”

Miho nodded.

Miho wants to directly observe her surroundings from the outside.

“… … It’s also a dark alley. It will be fine.”

It’s a dark alleyway, so if people come in, you can do anything.

I took out Miho and set it down on the roadside.

Miho spread his six tails and shook his body wildly.

The hair pressed in my arms quickly regained its original shape.

In an instant, Miho became her original lofty self.

Miho began to scan the surroundings with a confident gait.

It is not at all awkward to call a back alley.

I see the back doors of three stores.

There are also two entrances to the building that look like private houses.

All the lights in the buildings are off, so everyone must be sleeping.

‘… … Looking back, there’s nothing special.’

Looking at it again, it’s a very ordinary alley.

I don’t think Ignis’ vehicle is sleeping in a place like this.

‘Isn’t it also here?’

As I watched Miho scrutinize the surroundings, I wondered if this place might be a fake.

Mihona and Nana pride themselves on having second-to-none sensing skills.

If we can’t feel anything like this, wouldn’t it be right that there really is nothing here?

‘No matter what happens, there’s no point in staying here any longer.’

As long as even Miho has no sense of it, there is no point in staying here.

‘For now, I’ll put off the investigation here a bit, and change my goal to investigating the National Knights School… … .’

It was when he decided to leave this place and investigate the National Knights School.

“I went to that alley!”

An urgent cry was heard in the distance.

“Please drive Class B that way! I will surround you!”

‘This voice… … .’

A familiar voice.

As much as I heard it three times in one day, I heard a voice that I had to get used to.

‘Stella Binoche?’

Why is she in a place like this at this time… … .


I don’t know why, but it wouldn’t be nice to be here like this.

I immediately called Miho, put him in my arms, and flew upward.

He quickly flew up to the top of the building, blocking mana and even blocking his presence.

He used the stealth magic he had learned from Mr. Seok-hyeon, at least superficially.


Then footsteps were heard on both sides of the alley.

Judging by the number of footsteps, it seems that there are more than 10 of them.

I stretched my senses a bit more.

‘Six people in the aisle on the left. 7 people in the aisle on the right. Among them, only one person at the front of the aisle on the right is running separately. Are 12 people chasing 1 person?’

6 people in the left aisle and 6 people in the right aisle are chasing one person.

It seems that the situation is roughly like this.

It is said that students of the National Knights School often go on patrol missions to maintain public order, including civilian crime prevention, while attending school.

It was true.

I thought they were just pretending to patrol in name.

‘Korea really only pretends to patrol.’

There is also a reason why patrols are meaningless because of high security in Korea. Anyway, it’s true that it wasn’t so serious.

‘It seems that French knights are definitely different.’

An orderliness that can be known even by the sound of footsteps.

A systematic operation that drives one person to the corner.

It is already a world apart from Korean knights.

‘Is that a guy?’

Just then, a man hurriedly ran into the alley.

At the same time, six people appeared in the opposite alley.

Realizing that the escape route was blocked, the man applied the brakes abruptly.

“Doggy bastards!”

And the moment you want to go back.

“Give up. You are surrounded.”

Six knights also appeared in the back aisle.

Stella Binoche is standing in the forefront.

It has a completely different atmosphere from the one we met earlier in the day.

Perhaps because of the light blue armor he was wearing, the atmosphere was extremely cold.

I think I would believe it even if it was a different person than the person I saw during the day.

‘That’s why I got that nickname.’

Certainly, that figure is the Ice Queen itself.

Wouldn’t it be like that if ice magic turned into a person?

“Mael Nadal. I am arresting you for being a serial killer.”

Stella Binoche held out her sword.

The sword pointed to a man called Mael Nadal.

I looked at the man and frowned.

‘A serial killer?’

I haven’t seen any news about serial killings going on in France.

My ears perked up even more.

* * *

Mael Nadal laughed wildly as he saw the sword pointed at him.

“No luck. I never thought I would be chased by chicks like you.”

He glared at Stella Binoche with a murderous look reminiscent of a carnivorous animal.

“I thought I just needed to track the movements of the police or regular guards. I never thought I would get caught in a place like this.”

The man clicked his tongue with an annoyed expression.

“there. French treasure. Make a suggestion.”

And then he spoke softly.

“I have no intention of negotiating with criminals.”

“It’s okay, so listen for now. Listen and decide.”

Mael Nadal gave a small laugh.

“If you run away now, I will save you. It’s because I don’t want to kill meaninglessly. I don’t even want to poke the beehive.”

Stella Binoche.

It’s a bad idea to touch that woman.

There is no advantage that can be obtained by processing the article, but the aftermath is enormous.

It’s better not to get involved with Stella Binoche.

“I refuse.”

“Oh. Are you firm? I’m so adamant that I can’t even think twice.”

Mael Nadal clicked his tongue again.

It was an expression of trouble for the world.

“Then, what can I do? I don’t really want to touch the hive, but I’ll have to get rid of it for my own safety.”

Mana swirled around Mael Nadal’s body.

“Wizard… … !”

cried Stella Binoche.

Mael Nadal is a wizard.

“Everyone back away!”

Mael Nadal, suspected of killing 12 people.

‘There was no information like this!’

As all 12 cases were murders where no magic was used, the police concluded that the suspect was highly likely to be an ordinary person.

That’s why Stella also didn’t think that Mael Nadal was a wizard.

Of course, I thought that it would be an ordinary person and conceived the operation.

‘It’s not good to fight an unknown wizard in this narrow alley!’

As long as they know that the opponent is a wizard, all they can do is to waste time.

I wonder if it’s a low level magician in 3rd or 4th circle. Judging from that amount of mana, he’s at least 5 circles.

Fighting a 5th circle mage on terrain like this is just suicidal.

The best thing you can do now is to wait for the police to come and wait for the best time here.

“Everyone, just think about tying your feet as much as possible!”

Stella gave the order again.

The other 12 knights nodded with nervous expressions.

“I think the purpose is to hold out until the guards arrive. Will I be able to survive?”

Mael Nadal’s mana grew thicker.

As if mana had reversed itself, the nature of mana itself had changed.

No, that mana must have been the mana originally possessed by that man.

“Black Mage… … !”

Stella chewed her lips and shouted in a muffled voice.

It’s not even a stupid crime wizard, it’s a black wizard.

A cold sweat broke out on his back.

“Wouldn’t you put a 5th circle on the front? It’s because I’m proud of myself.”

In addition to the warlock, it is also a 5th circle as expected.

The 12 people in this room are criminals of a level that cannot be defeated even if they attack in droves.

“Everyone leave this place for now… … !”

Stella quickly gave the order to escape.


“It’s already too late. If you were going to run away, you should have done it earlier!”

It’s already late.

“If you’re going to resent them, resent them for being reckless! Khehehe!”

He’s already done all the preparations.


Black fireballs erupted from the man’s hand.

Two fireballs in total.

One big, one small.

Two such fireballs flew down both sides of the alley.

Small fireball towards Stella Binoche.

The big fireball went towards the other 6 knights.

At first glance, it seems like it should have been thrown the other way, but this is correct.

‘I said this, but killing Stella Binoche is too risky. It’s okay to block her feet here, cover her eyes, and bounce.’

Kill the halflings on the other side with the giant fireballs.

A small fireball ties Stella’s feet.

This allows them to vent their anger to some extent and makes it easier to escape.


A fireball that quickly flies across the alley.


Seeing that, Mael Nadal brought his hand to the passage next to the alley.

and that moment.


There was the sound of something activating a mechanism.

A slowly changing wall.

The wall suddenly became a secret passage.

‘Stella Binoche. I will definitely repay you for bothering me.’

And the moment Mael Nadal is about to enter the door.


Something sharp cut was heard.

A sound like something that shouldn’t be cut.

A strange cutting sound that seemed to cut through the air or the wind.


Mael Nadal slowly turned his head in that direction.

what was cut?

With that thought in mind, I looked in the direction the huge fireball was flying.

“… … what?”

Soon, my eyes became like fire.

The fireball the man shot split in two.

“how… … ?”

I am having so much doubt.

A man jumped out from between the left and right fireballs.

An unidentified man in an all-black outfit, covering his lower body with a mask. He was flying through the sky holding a sword.

Mael saw the man and shouted.

“What else are you… … !”

However, the man’s words did not lead to the end.

“… … what?”

The moment he noticed, the man’s Shin Young had disappeared from Mael’s sight.

‘The world… … turn?’

Mael’s vision began to slowly rotate.

Clockwise, as slowly as the second hand moves.

‘… … my body?’

In the sight that changes so slowly. I saw my own body.

A dismal body with nothing visible above its neck.

‘I, Bane… Is it?’

The man realized he was dead.

‘Oh my… The number… … .’

And the last sight that such a man caught his eye.

‘die? so stupid… … ?’

A back view of a man who cut his own neck.

And Stella Binoche, who blocked the small fireball, was shocked to see the man.

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