Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 228

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Chapter 228

Paris, France.

As soon as I arrived at the airport, I headed straight to the hotel I had reserved.

Please note that this is not a luxury hotel.

For luxury hotels, it is difficult to make a reservation without involving a broker, as thorough identification checks are essential in addition to the advance reservation system.

So I had no choice but to rent a regular hotel with somewhat poor security.

It would have been possible to have done it all at once using a broker to rent the hotel, but there was a possibility that my information would be leaked through the broker, so I put it on hold.

‘Increasing the risk by using a broker is sufficient in relation to identity forgery at the airport.’

As much as I had to borrow for two months, there was also a lot of financial pressure.

As for how expensive airport counterfeit IDs and fake IDs are, I was able to justify the unit price by pouring in all the money I earned with Thunderbird.

‘I paid for it as much as it was expensive, but… … .’

It’s not a waste as it’s a counterfeit that can pass through a special airport.

‘It’s not really worth it… … .’

What should I say?

Being broke, I am quite anxious.

‘You can’t reduce the activity fund. I need to cut down on food expenses.’

I checked the money I had now and let out a small sigh.

‘after. I have to report it to my father first.’

I put the small suitcase I had formally brought aside, put it on, and took out the small contact artifact I had put inside.

It is an artifact that has the effect of sending a ‘letter’ to the other party using magic.

As it is not using the communication network, the probability of receiving outside intervention is 0%.

The downside is that it is disposable and expensive for a disposable subject. And is it to the extent that it can’t contain that many characters?

… … Looking at the list, it’s full of flaws.

Well, even though the advantage of never getting caught is so great.

[I have arrived at the site. We will start the search now.]

I roughly wrote that on a piece of paper and plugged it into an artifact.

I didn’t write this because I wanted to write something rigid.

As I said, this artifact has a fairly small number of characters to send, so this is the limit of what it can send.

It is unavoidable that it becomes a somewhat businesslike sentence.

‘Even if there was no limit on the number of characters, I don’t think it would have been a kind letter.’

While thinking such a foolish thought, I activated the artifact.

I could feel the mana swirling vigorously within the artifact.

And right after that, the artifact lost all power as if it had become a lump of scrap metal.

‘Did it activate well?’

I took out the letter that was stuck and checked it. The surface of the paper is scorched as if burned by something.


This was proof that the artifact was activated well.

I was relieved and put the expired artifact into my arms.

Then, I got up and headed out of the hotel.

The destination is one of the places presumed to be where Ignis is.

‘I decided to contact Adela in 5 hours, so I can investigate slowly.’

I thought so and hurried my steps.

* * *

A commercial district in the north of Paris.

I was walking around the area with the map open.

‘It’s roughly around here.’

It’s a map with three X’s.

One of them had an X marked at this location.

‘It’s an ordinary shopping street. What the hell is this?’

The X on the map was checked based on Miho’s detection.

To be more precise, these X-shaped marks were the places where Miho felt Ignis.

‘I really can’t feel anything.’

I really don’t know.

I had searched all over the area for the previous two hours, but I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

It’s just a really flat commercial district.

‘I thought I’d understand why Miho occupied three places if I came here in person.’

Miho couldn’t pinpoint Ignis’ location.

No, strictly speaking, I figured it out. It’s a problem because it detects three places instead of one.

‘I don’t know the real English.’

It’s not like Ignis’ medium is divided into three.

How could it be detected in three places at the same time?

Even Mimir was embarrassed beyond words.

‘I can’t do this… … .’ I can still see him muttering blankly.

‘I wonder if Miho would have realized something if he was here.’

Currently, detection of Ignis is proceeding purely through Miho’s ‘soul detection’.

If it’s Miho, maybe he’ll be able to see through something I haven’t seen here.

‘I’ll have to come back at night when there are few people.’

The day is too bright and there are too many people, so I can’t take Miho outside.


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If Miho was taken out of a place like this, attention would gather in an instant.

That should be avoided.

‘As much as I registered separately with the Tamer Association, there is a high chance that my identity will be revealed.’

In many ways, I can’t take Miho out now.

Sorry, but I guess I’ll have to give up now.

‘Then, to the next place… … I don’t have time to go. First of all, I have to make contact with Adela.’

The three areas where Miho sensed Ignis are as follows.

First, the commercial district in the north.

and the Palace of Versailles to the southwest.

Finally, the National Knight School in the southeast.

As it is the end and the end of Paris, there is not enough time to move right now.

I turned around and started moving to the bar in the center of Paris that I had made an appointment with Adela in advance.

‘… … If you think about it, even if you had time, it would have been difficult to investigate elsewhere at this time.’

The current time is 3:30 French time.

Since the Palace of Versailles is not allowed to enter, and the National Academy of Knights is also in class, it is a time when you can’t do anything.

There were no options from the start.

I was thinking about something


Then a loud groan was heard from behind.

I didn’t turn my head away.

Who would have bumped into someone?

I’m not even curious

I just walked out as I was walking.

“hey! Your gentleman!”

Is it an illusion?

The voice seemed to be getting louder.

“Hey, can’t you hear me?”

Could this be an illusion? Somehow the voice sounds familiar.

It sounds like the voice I heard today.

“Got it!”

While I was thinking about that, the owner of that voice held my hand.

I slowly turned around and looked at the owner of the voice.

“hello. To see you again like this What a coincidence!”

Courtesy of the French National School of Knights.

Her blue hair, which was rolled up and hidden under a hat, peeked out a little.

Was it a little disturbed from running in a hurry?

“Haven’t you already forgotten? I think it was a rather intense encounter… … .”

A knight apprentice I met earlier at an airport in Korea.

Treasures of the National School of Knights.

knights hope.

“Ah, I wasn’t in a good mood at the time, so I couldn’t even introduce myself. My name is… … .”

she laughed lightly

“know. Stella Binoche.”

“oh. Did you know?”

“Among the knights, is there anyone who doesn’t know your face and name?”

“I see… … I do.”

Stella gave a bittersweet smile.

What are you thinking?

“okay. What happened?”

“… … ah!”

Stella let out a small exclamation as if she was freed from negative thoughts at my intentional change of topic.

“That, the job at the airport. I just want to say thank you.”

“thanks? Did you have anything to thank me for in that situation?”

“Yes. You were going to pass quietly, but you dared to stand up for me.”

“If that’s the reason, you can’t do anything. If you find yourself in such a situation, I am also responsible. I just reaped what I sowed. There is no reason to be thanked for that act.”

Stella’s eyes, true to their name, shone like starlight.

“… … You are very cool.”

“is it?”


Stella’s smile grew even brighter. I don’t know why you like it so much

“I didn’t know you would hear such words from the pronoun of coolness.”

“oh. Was it rude?”

“no. It’s not like that.”

“Ah, I’m glad.”

Stella rubbed her chest.

“Can I ask you one question?”

“yes. sure.”

“Is this the original look?”

Stella Binoche.

Treasures of the National School of Knights.

A rare genius knight who appeared for the first time in 100 years.

Her image known to the public is a cold-hearted prosecutor reminiscent of the eternal frost.

I’ve seen articles saying that I’ve never even seen him laugh properly.

That kind of person is laughing in front of me right now, as if having fun.

Even though it is different from the Stella Binoche I know, it is very different.

“hmm. If you answer my question, I will answer it.”

“… … your question?”


“As long as it’s not a very embarrassing question, it doesn’t matter.”

“hmm. Depending on the person, it may be difficult.”

“It is a strange expression. I will listen and decide.”

“That would be nice.”

Stella smiled again.

“I want to know your name.”

“My Name?”


“… … Is that all?”

“yes. Is this a tricky question?”

“… … .”

It was a totally irrelevant question.

Although it is a fake identity, as it is an ID made with expensive money, there is little chance of problems even if you reveal your name.

You can say anything by name.

“Luan Palatia. That is my name.”

“Luan. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

Stella muttered in succession, ‘Luan, Luan Palatia.’

“I will remember it.”

Then he smiled broadly.

“Thank you for your answer. Then it is my turn to answer.”

Stella put her hands behind her back and put on a rather mischievous expression.

“that’s right. This is my original personality now. At school, I’m a little bit ostentatious.”

“hmm. Right.”

I answered indifferently.

“Are you asking no more? Why are you acting?”

“Is there any need to ask? Originally, when anyone lives, how to live wearing a mask. Even though that mask is a bit polar opposite.”

Stella’s eyes widened.

“… … It’s the first time I’ve heard that.”

And then it quickly turned into a bitter laugh. I don’t seem to have any good memories related to this story.

“sure. That, if I… … .”


Then a third person intervened.

The man who had been pacing around hiding his presence from earlier.

An elderly gentleman who serves as Stella Binoche’s escort and butler.

“Time is running out. You need to move right away.”


At the butler’s words, Stella’s face became astonished.

Then I frantically checked the time.

“Gee, you’re really late!”

“sorry. Because you are having so much fun talking… … .”

“eww… … .”

Stella put the phone in her pocket with a restless expression.

Then he turned around half way and said to me.

“I-I’m sorry. I have a really important appointment.”

And as soon as he was about to turn his body completely and run in the direction he had come from.

“Oh yeah. this… … .”

As if realizing something, he handed me a small piece of paper.

It was a business card with the name Stella Binoche engraved on it.

“Please contact me again next time. As a person who walks the path of the sword, I want to ask for learning.”

“indeed. Gratitude was a name. Was this the real purpose?”

asking me to fight.

That seems to have been the purpose.

“no! I really want to say thank you… … .”

“If you don’t tell the truth, I won’t accept this business card.”

At my words, Stella’s body instantly froze.

“… … that, yes I even thought a little of wanting to try sparring.”

Stella said with a slightly depressed expression.

“It’s good to be honest.”

Looking at that expression, I put the business card in my pocket.

Stella let out a sigh of relief.

“That, over there. I will repay you accordingly, so please! I will wait for your contact!”

After that, Stella ran out of there.

I thought as I looked at her back as she ran with all her might.

‘This, going inside the National Knights School might be easier than I thought?’

Stella Binoche has completely disappeared from my sight.

I took out her business card from my pocket and looked at it.

* * *

The time we promised to meet with Adela.

I arrived 20 minutes early and was waiting for Adela.

He sipped the whiskey he had ordered for camouflage and acted as naturally as possible.


Just then, the door opened and a woman with a mature charm entered.

Blonde hair is not uncommon in France, but it has a completely different feel from other blondes, and she walks this way.

Fortunately, there were no people in the store at this time, it would have attracted a lot of attention at a busy time.

‘I used to dress up like everyone else. I’m really dressed up so I don’t know.’

Will it feel like this when Adela turns 8 years older?

Adela, greatly matured, sat down near me in natural motion.

“Would you like a glass of Midori shower?”

“yes. I will prepare it for you.”

The bartender started making c*cktails right away.

The sound of mixing alcohol resonated particularly loudly.

We listened and stayed silent.

Now would be the perfect time to talk, but I didn’t really talk.

I didn’t have the heart to talk in the first place.


Adela activated her magic very subtly, and threw a piece of paper at me.

The paper came into my pocket like water flowing.

I followed suit, magically floated the paper on which I had written the message, and put it in Adela’s pocket.

That was it.

Our tangent just ends there.

‘As long as the opponent is Hermes, it is dangerous to have a conversation with him.’

As it is a place with CCTV, Hermes may be watching this scene now.

So we can’t talk to each other.

Then you are 100% suspicious.

All I can do now is this.

‘Me and Adela visit this bar for 2 months on set dates. Create an image of a regular customer, adjust the schedule so that traffic lines overlap only once out of 3-4 visits, and exchange information through notes in this way each time.’

This is the tangential method that Adela and I have decided on.

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