Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 223

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Chapter 223

Time passes quickly.

Sang-chul Sang’s funeral is all over.

An additional week passed.

“Then let’s end today’s training here. great job.”

Soon-chan collapsed as soon as I declared the end of my training.

“Huh, huh, huh… … .”

As if he was out of breath to the tip of his chin, he exhaled heavily.

“Take a long breath. It absorbs mana deeply, then exhales it again.”

“Whoa, whoa, haaaaa.”

Soonchan followed my words and repeated breathing slowly.

about 5 minutes like that.

To some extent, breathing returned to normal.

“Whoa, whoa. I will live for a while now.”

Soon-chan, who finally returned to his normal appearance, muttered with an expression that he really died and came back to life.

“Are you feeling better already? Was today’s training easy?”

“… … Don’t give a damn.”

Soonchan was straight.

It’s not at the level of a straight face, but I can even get a glimpse of life in the two eyes looking at me.

If you say such nonsense again, I will kill you.

It was the eyes that conveyed that will.

“I can’t even joke.”

“joke? under. After this training, if anyone can tell a joke, ask them to come out. I will report it to NASA as it is.”

“Why NASA?”

“If that happens, it’s because it’s not a person, it’s an alien. You shouldn’t report it and get a bounty.”

“So what about me?”

“You are an alien. I’m not reporting it because of Jung. Thank you.”

“and. Are you so grateful?”

I answered harder than reading a Korean book.

“Eh. He really doesn’t even look like this human.”

Sunchan smiled at my reaction.

I laughed too.

“Seeing that his mouth came alive. I guess I can really afford to live now.”

“uh. I’ve been doing this over and over again, so I’m getting used to it. I thought I was really dying until five days ago.”

“I trained so hard, but I need to get better.”

“Do it. If it continues to be difficult, that’s a problem. Because you haven’t grown up.”

Over the past three days, Soonchan has made a leap forward.

Overcoming the lack of stamina, my heart became as strong as other people.

As a result, he achieved a dramatic increase in his magic skills.

At this pace, wouldn’t it be possible to pass the skipping exam in a week?

“after. Even if I really want to kill you, I’m grateful again to see that you’re capable. Is this love-hate?”

“You sound like love and hate.”

I left Soon-chan, who was talking nonsense, and stood up.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s go take a shower.”


Sunchan followed and got up from his seat, and we moved towards the shower room.

“Is Adela okay?”

Arrive at the locker room.

Soon-chan took off her clothes and hinted at the topic.

“A skipped exam?”

“A test is a test… … . It’s been a week already, and I still haven’t heard from you. I wonder if you’re mentally okay.”

A week has passed since the funeral.

Now, even though the sadness is about to fade away, Adela is still stuck in her room and bursting out.

They are not receiving any calls from Sunchan, as well as from me.

“Oh, and speaking of words. Why don’t you postpone Adela’s exam schedule? In this situation, it’s a test and I don’t think I’ll ever come out.”

“… … hmm.”

There are exactly 8 days left for the skipping exam.

In the meantime, will Adela be able to calm herself down and regain her original condition?

it will probably be hard

In this situation, as Sunchan said, it is better to postpone the exam schedule.

Fortunately, the association was also considerate of Adela’s situation, and an official letter came down saying that the exam could be postponed without any penalty.

“Let’s call again today. Let’s decide after that.”

I wanted to take the exam together and graduate together, but now that the situation has come to this, I can’t help it.

I tried to contact you for the last time today, and if I still can’t get in touch, then I’ll have to apply for a real test postponement.

* * *

morning that day.

I was reading the newly unlocked books in Mimir’s Book.

Indeed, as much as Mimir said it was good to read all of them, it was full of books containing fairly good quality information.


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interesting as one

Among them, particularly interesting ones are stories about mythology.

As much as it is a myth, the stories of all kinds of human groups are written, so it is interesting and even fun.

It couldn’t be better.

“Adela. I’m talking about the Ignis myth. Anything else to say?”

Of course, there are not only good things.

“Unfortunately not.”

“… … There is none.”

These are fun and interesting books, but the content is not perfect.

Saisai is cut off.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the relationship between these two will turn out.

There is no really important next point.

This situation has already been repeated several times.

Should I say it feels cheap?

It’s very embarrassing and I’ll go back.

“… … It sucks.”

In particular, the myth about Ignis I read this time was the worst.

The beginning was good, the development was good, and the crisis was good, but it was cut off during the climax, so there is no background story.

If it was intentional, it would have to be a tremendous cutting magic.

I let out a sigh as the ground went out.

Then, he left the book face down on the desk and stood up.


And just like that, I turned on the stretch.

After reading a book for 7 hours, my body is sore.

“Would you like to rest?”

“uh. I’m going to take a break for about 10 minutes.”

“Good idea.”

I wore Aes as it was.

A warm energy enveloped my body, and my head began to clear.

Anyone who has experienced this feeling will never know.

I became a body that couldn’t think of a life without A.S.

“How is your training?”

“Training is the same as usual.”

I was black as it was, but I straightened it out and pointed upward.

A very small Moebius pattern appeared on the raised index finger.

It was a token created by activating the Ring of Awakening.

“oh. what. Did you grow a lot in one day?”

“It has grown a lot. Now it’s only 1 cm taller, so what?”

As the Ring of Awakening has considerable output, its consumption is also intense.

In order to control this consumption, it is necessary to perfectly control the output of the Ring of Awakening itself.

To do that, first of all, this Möbius pattern must be reduced to a size of 1mm to be able to activate it.

“If you’ve already reduced it by 1cm, it’s really fast. How long has it been since you weaved the ring of awakening?”

“What is fast? If this is the case, when will expansion and parallelism be possible? … .”

The growth keyword of the Ring of Awakening is the free use of patterns.

The first step towards this free use is reduction.

Then an expansion that grows this glyph.

And the last one is the parallel use of displaying several patterns at the same time.

You have to do this perfectly to be able to enter the 6th Circle Master.

There is still a thousand miles to go.

“What about Kyleum? Are you used to handling it?”

“… … That is still there.”

I put my hand in Aes and took out Caylum.

“I am constantly trying. What we still maintain is the limit of 40 minutes.”

Caylum’s unique power.

Great Memories.

The effect is the memorization of all kinds of magic including chanting magic and mythical magic.

It’s an incredibly powerful power, but I’m not really using this power properly.

“Permafrost, Helios’ Heavenly Mana, or Great Memorize will run out of control after 40 minutes… … .”

There is no problem with memorization.

problem after that.

The time to maintain memorization is a problem.

only 40 minutes.

The memorized permafrost runs out of control inside Caylum as 40 minutes pass, and is forcibly activated.

Even if it runs out of control, I can’t even identify my peers.

Even my body was frozen, you don’t know how surprised I was.

“Still, it’s been 10 minutes.”

“Thirty or forty minutes. This is a long way to go. It is very far.”

I had a hard time, but the memorize holding time only increased by 10 minutes.

I can only really breathe.

“There are too many homework to solve. too many.”

I also need to raise the proficiency of the Ring of Awakening.

Caylum also needs to be handled perfectly.

I also need to find Ignis.

There are still a lot of homework to be solved.

“Well, what can I do? You have to work harder.”

“Isn’t there any other way to work harder than this?”

“… … Oh, yes.”

Mimir nodded slightly.

“Then don’t work harder, just do it like this.”

“If you come out like that, I won’t have anything to say.”

I thought they would tell me to work harder, but when it came out like that, I have nothing to say.

“Well, it is true. Heirs are already doing their best.”

Mimir laughed bashfully.

I just got more embarrassed.

“Oh, right. I was going to ask you this.”

Mimir, as if suddenly reminded of something, took his eyes off the book and turned to me.

“Adaline or something still not reachable?”

“… … uh. no.”

I replied by putting Caylum back into the ace.

“still? If you include the funeral 3 days, it’s been 10 days today? Aren’t you mentally weak?”

Mimir said with a displeased expression.

With Mimir’s values, you can’t understand Adela.

“A man called my uncle did such a terrible thing. Who can be fine?”

Even though I’m mature, I’m still 18 years old.

It will take quite a long time to stand up again.

As much as I was stamped in the foot by the ax I believed in, even more so.

“I understand that you are sad. Ten days is a bit too much. I woke up 4 days after having a worse experience. Ugh. This is why plants in the greenhouse are not allowed.”

Mimir shook his head with an expression that he really didn’t like.

Because of Miho’s case, it was Mimir who didn’t really like Adela, so it felt much more bitter than usual.

“So you will be of help to the Heir? I even fed it by the grace of God. Shouldn’t it be worth it?”

… … I thought

It seems that there was no such emotional reason.

It must be that the helper who had consumed the rare elixir of God’s grace didn’t like it, hesitating like that.

“Heir. Don’t wait forever, go visit and prick your soul. That way you can calm down.”

“I’m going to go anyway.”

“You say you don’t know where it is?”

“I know now.”

I thought it couldn’t go on like this, so I contacted Adela’s mother.

As a result, they found out the hotel where Adela is currently staying and the number of the room she is staying in.

I plan to go to that hotel tomorrow.

* * *

early the next morning.

Faced with the morning dew, I headed to the hotel where Adela was staying.

I’m going to have a really last conversation today and make sure whether Adela’s exam is extended or not.

I think I will be able to act with a high probability.

‘Seeing as you still don’t get in touch… … .’

In front of the hotel, I tried to call Adela, but there was still no answer.

It was proof that the mentality was still broken.

I don’t think the mentality that has been shattered like this will recover within a week.

‘I think it would be appropriate to postpone the exam.’

With that thought in mind, I entered the hotel.

“welcome. What did you come for?”

When I went to the lobby, the staff greeted me with a bright smile.

“I promised to meet my friend. Maybe I’m sleeping late, I haven’t been in touch. It’s room 703. Could you please contact me?”


I contacted Adela’s mother to hear from Adela.

As a result, they found out that Adela was staying in room 703 of this hotel.

No matter what, I would pick up the phone from the counter.

“Room 703. All right. Could you please wait a moment?”


The staff picked up the receiver and dialed 703.

10 seconds passed, 20 seconds passed.

However, the staff did not respond.

Doesn’t seem to get it either.

‘Should I give up dating? Or should I ask my mother to meet her by force?’

It was when I was thinking about that while looking at the face of the clerk who was so embarrassed.


A familiar voice came from behind.

A clear voice to hear in a week.

I quickly turned around.

“… … hello?”

Adela, in gym clothes, was standing there.

He must have just been exercising, and his clothes and hair are drenched in sweat.

No, that’s not what’s important.

What matters is Adela’s complexion.

Adela’s complexion was completely different from what I expected.

Far from being exhausted, it is very peaceful. Even compared to Adela two weeks ago, there is no difference.

“… … you. Why are you so fine?”


Adela tilted her head.

“… … Why are you all right?”

“… … ?”

Adela and I tilted our heads at the same time.

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