Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 95

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Episode 95

too dangerous

The Crown Prince is the grandson of the Emperor and the son of the Crown Prince.

In the future, a being who will rise to the top of the world!

That kind of person visited Panga!

‘Oops! ‘This is not the time.’

Peng Kangwoong quickly came to his senses.

He, who currently represents the Paeng family, had to greet him.

‘I asked to be greeted with the courtesy of a strongman.’

I have heard rumors about the Crown Prince, Joo Jin-gi.

A man who makes sure to keep what he says and also protects himself.

So I had to do what he wanted.

‘You’ll have to ask later why you came to congratulate me in person and what you want.’

Whatever the reason, his visit to Panga was a huge deal.

Those who gathered here, as well as those who heard the rumor, will see Panga again.

Peng Kang-woong tried his best to pretend to be calm and politely handed over the hand.

“I welcome the visit of His Majesty the Crown Prince. Please go in. “I will guide you.”

“Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang was already heading to his dorm.

Panmanso followed him limping and called out to him.

“Look, Confucius Hyukryeon.”


“Let’s go together.”


“… … “It’s because I want to see Soobin training.”


Jeong Gwang looked at him blankly and asked.


“… … “Isn’t it natural to want to see her granddaughter?”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

‘I see it every day and suddenly something happens.’

How could an old man who is always calm do this without any proper reason?

Moreover, unlike usual, the tone is quite urgent.

The facial expression was somehow deceiving, but I felt the same emotion.

‘I can guess.’

Pang Pan-so, who had no idea what Jeong-gwang was thinking, asked.

“Could you help me?”

“That’s about it.”

As Jeong Gwang supported him, his bulge muscles tightened.

“I want to go quickly. “Let’s go now.”

“haha. “Why are you trying to run away so much?”

“… … “What do you mean?”

“I’m asking, is there a need for you to do this when you will get caught someday?”

“… … “You talk like you know something.”

“How about the situation?”

“Whoa. Such a monster… … .”

Panmanso, who was sighing, spoke softly.

“Just pretend you don’t know.”

“That’s not a difficult task…” … .”

“… … ?”

“The problem is that the Crown Prince will not pretend not to know. “Isn’t he visiting the old man?”

“… … !”

Panmanso, who had been walking quietly for a while, muttered.

“I can’t meet him.”

“Then you say so.”

“… … .”

“If only you could do this forever.”

Pangmanso was troubled by Jeonggwang’s words.

As time passed, they arrived at Peng Kang-hwi’s pavilion, and his expression was so different from usual that even the young Peng Su-bin could recognize him.

“Grandfather. “What’s going on?”

“no. “You should focus on your training.”

Pan Manso patted his granddaughter’s head and then entered the room.

Jeong Gwang said as Peng Subin looked at his grandfather’s back with concern.

“Today’s training ends here. “Go and rest.”

“… … “You mean already?”

“huh. “There are things for adults to do together.”

As Peng Su-bin hesitated and left, Jeong Gwang called Baek Seung-moo and Zhao.

After entering the room, he sent them a message.


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I’m afraid I might hear the bloat in the next room.

-Hwang Tae-son brought the Jinuiwi with him.

-… … !

Unlike the two people who were shocked, Jeong Gwang continued calmly.

-Zhao. Get information by interacting with the guests who come to Panga. What kind of person is the Crown Prince and what is his position in the imperial family? Don’t go near the Crown Prince and the King’s Majesty.

-All right. Shall we find out why we came?

-no. That’s enough. ah. Don’t talk too much.

-… … I’ll keep that in mind.

As Zhao disappeared with his shoulders slumped, Baek Seung-moo came out with a face full of motivation.

-execution! What can I do?

-There are things that Soobin’s mother gave him, right?


-Think about how you can call it more.

-… … .

Jeong Gwang tapped Baek Seung-moo on the shoulder a few times and gave a congratulatory order.

As I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes, the things I had seen earlier came to mind.

First, it was Peng Kang-woong’s surprised face.

‘It was as if the Crown Prince’s visit was not expected at all.’

Not only that, but so did everyone else.

That’s inevitable. Why would someone as high as the Crown Prince come to the banquet of the Kang Ho family?

The second thing that came to mind was Hwang Tae-son’s eyes.

‘A person with such clear eyes is stubborn.’

I was not one to listen to someone urging me on.

Even if you tried to persuade him with coaxing, he was a person who made his own decisions.

‘It means that the pig didn’t send it through trickery.’

No, if Sima Lian had the power to move the Crown Prince, Wulin should have already belonged to Sima Lian.

‘An unexpected variable has arisen, but how will the pig come out?’

No matter what you have planned so far, it will have to be changed now that the Crown Prince has appeared.

Jeong Gwang assumed the worst situation.

Then he immediately shook his head.

‘no way. No matter how crazy it is, it won’t be like that. ‘If it were me, I would.’

But when I thought about it, the pig was crazy enough.

‘Is that really true? then… … .’

It was not the time to be like this.

Jeong Gwang got up from the bed and sat cross-legged.

I had to keep my body in top condition.

While waiting for Zhao to return, Zheng Guang chanted the Three Cheongs Unity Divine Technique.

* * *

Although the information Zhao brought wasn’t much, I learned at least a little bit about the Crown Prince.

‘A person who takes responsibility for his words? That’s high praise.’

The higher a person is, the more difficult it is to keep a promise.

Because the value and weight are incomparably different from Pilbu’s.

There are many cases where you have to reverse what you said depending on profit or loss, but keeping it meant having two abilities.

The ability to make only promises that can be kept.

The tenacity to protect yourself no matter what, even if your judgment is wrong.

‘if so… … .’

The Crown Prince is probably someone who wouldn’t be a bad thing to know.

The better thing is to remain completely unaware.

‘I’ve experienced all sorts of battles, but the imperial palace is the hall of fortunes among devils.’

Even if you just think about the things recorded in history books, it was like that.

I wonder how many underhanded tactics and schemes run rampant.

Isn’t it worse than what I experienced in the Heavenly Demon Church in my past life?

‘I don’t want to get involved as much as possible.’

No matter how much I thought about it, the assumption I came up with earlier seemed to be correct.

When the Crown Prince came to the Peng family, it became something that could not be avoided.

‘I have to accept something because it has come to this. ‘What would be better?’

I had no intention of giving rice cake to anyone, but I was worried about it in advance.

I didn’t stop there and asked for advice from others.

“Priests. “Is there anything worth receiving from the Crown Prince?”

“… … execution. By any chance, Tae-son Hwang… … Then the heads of the Nine Clan are blown off.”

“Don’t worry about that. “I’m an orphan.”

“… … “What about Kunlun?”

“Are you sure you can come to Cheonghae Castle?”

“… … Infinite Buddha. Heaven, Earth, Heaven, Earth, Soi, Power, Jangcha, Gujai, Buddha, Self-sufficiency, High-Performance, Longevity (天長地久天地所以能長且久者以其不自生故能Longsaeng)… … .”

When Baek Seung-moo escaped from reality by memorizing the Dogyeong, Jeong Gwang praised him.

“Oh oh. Priest, your Dao has increased a lot? What do you think about Zhao? “Is there anything that comes to mind?”

Zhao barely opened his mouth without letting go.

“… … Uh, none.”

“Hmm. “What is it?”

“… … “I think it would be better to just pass by this time.”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

“I think you misunderstand, but I’m not trying to force Hwang Tae-son to take it away. “If you help, you want to receive appropriate compensation.”

“Well, what are you helping me with?”

“for a moment. “It would be better to just ask directly.”

“… … yes?”

Baek Seung-moo came back to reality after hearing these words out of nowhere.

Zhao opened his mouth wide and couldn’t say anything.

‘Are you going to visit me and ask me in person?’

‘Aren’t you completely crazy?’

Fortunately, Jeong Gwang was less crazy than they thought.

He looked at the closed door and smiled.

His eyes were looking far beyond the door.

“He just happened to be coming this way.”

“… … !”

“hmm? Why are their expressions like this? Rest assured. “I’m not going to ask right now.”

Peace of mind is a mess.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao began to feel sick to their stomachs.

* * *

Peng Kang-woong was surprised to hear the name that Tae-sun Hwang mentioned.

‘Grandfather? why?’

Anyway, isn’t this a request from the Crown Prince?

They immediately released someone to look for him, but it wasn’t until a long time later that he heard that he had seen the person heading to Peng Kang-hwi’s residence.

He immediately headed there with Hwang Tae-son and his group.

“This is the place.”

When Peng Kang-ung pointed to the palace surrounded by the wall, the Emperor’s eyes lit up.

‘… … at las!’

Long memories were mixed in his mind and all kinds of emotions were mixed in his heart.

But it was not revealed on the outside.

Because he was the grandson of the Crown Prince, he was not allowed to reveal his true intentions in anything.

Instead, he calmly put his hands together and expressed his respect to Peng Kang-woong.

“Thank you for the guidance, Archduke.”

“You’re welcome. Please come in.”

Peng Kang-woong spoke humbly and was about to take a step, when a cold voice stopped him.

“Grand Duke. “This is enough guidance.”

“… … !”

When I slowly turned around, I saw the face of the man who had spoken.

It was a middle-aged man who was no more than two steps away from the Crown Prince.

‘How dare you!’

Peng Kang-ung was angry inside.

This is the Paeng family, and isn’t he the legitimate eldest son of the Paeng family?

Never thought the day would come when you would suffer such humiliation in your own home!

But the anger was short-lived.

No matter how much he was, he couldn’t blush in front of the Crown Prince.

As I calmed down, the questions I had been suppressing came out.

‘It’s strange that the Crown Prince is looking for his grandfather, but he doesn’t want others to see it? There’s something there, but I can’t figure it out.’

This question was also felt by Peng Kang-hwi, who came with him.

Moreover, even though it is your own palace, you cannot enter and have to wait.

‘for a moment. There is Jinokryong and his group inside… … .’

Peng Kang-hwi thought for a moment and then shook his head.

Jeong Gwang was not the first to start an argument.

If the other person doesn’t touch you, aren’t you the type of person who avoids it because it’s bothersome?

Brother Fang’s gaze met for a moment and then dropped.

Their thoughts were the same.

‘I have no choice but to step down now.’

Peng Kang-woong put his hands together towards Emperor Taesun.

“Please come back. “I’ll be waiting.”

“Thank you.”

Hwang Tae-son and a middle-aged man headed to the palace.

The Gold Armed Forces officers who followed them immediately surrounded the walls of the palace and stood on tight guard.

Brother Pang clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘Geumuiwi, ​​Geumuiwi, ​​it’s amazing.’

‘It is said that their power is fully revealed when they form a group.’

The Peng family was a family that produced many military officers. Of course, there were some who went through the Geumui Commission.

However, the surprise of the Pang brothers was great because it was their first time seeing so many people form a camp.

Meanwhile, Hwang Tae-son, who opened the door of the wall with the middle-aged man and entered, soon had to stop.

This was because a middle-aged man pulled out a sword and blocked his path.

‘Is there someone dangerous?’

It certainly will.

The middle-aged man he knew was trustworthy.

Hwang Tae-son asked calmly, hiding his nervousness.

“Deputy Commander. “What’s going on?”

The middle-aged man was not a military officer of the Geumuiwiwi.

Eorimgun, an elite organization that protects important personnel of the imperial family. Among them, he was one of the two deputy commanders in the second-in-command position.

A cold sound flowed from his mouth.

-Lowering. Back away slowly.

“… … !”

Taeson Hwang was surprised.

‘Go away? Are you saying there is a master that you can’t compete with?’

Who would have thought that the deputy commander, one of the ten imperial palace masters, would say something like this!

A bit of a surprise.

Emperor Taesun slowly stepped back.

Who the opponent was, how strong the expert was, and why he was here were matters that came later.

The most important thing is your immediate life!

It was something he realized while living and surviving in the imperial palace.

‘slowly. ‘Don’t provoke the other person.’

As Taeson Hwang retreats, the deputy commander also retreats… … .

The door to one of the many rooms in the hall opened.

A clear and clean voice flowed from there.

“and. I didn’t do anything, why are you doing this? “What do you think of people?”

The steps of the deputy commander and Hwang Tae-son stopped.

And a moment later, the deputy commander answered in a cold voice.

“It’s true that we didn’t do anything, but it was too dangerous.”


“Because I cannot estimate your level.”

“what? “You have greater insight than you look, don’t you?”

“… … “Please show yourself.”

A very kind-looking young man came out of the room.

The deputy commander frowned when he saw the young man.

‘You said you have a young voice, but you also look young? Are you saying that you are an expert who has returned to old age?’

As I strained my eyes, I could feel a slight sense of discomfort on the young man’s face.

‘… … Could it be reverse magic? ‘I can’t believe there is such an elaborate method.’

Either one of them was dangerous.

Sweat naturally formed on the hand holding the sword.

The deputy commander sent a message to the head of the Geumuiwiui to prepare to storm inside.

Now all I have to do is take some time.

“Who are you?”

“After the revolution.”

“… … “The only thing I asked was what it was.”

“hmm… … customer?”

At that time, a message from the head of the Gold Council was heard.

– Deputy commander! We are ready! Give orders!

The moment when the deputy commander opens his mouth and shouts loudly!

The door to another room opened and an old man appeared… … .

Hwang Tae-son, seeing the old man, shouted in a voice full of turbulence.


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