Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 94

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Episode 94

people gathering

Jeong Gwang did not bother to object.

Doesn’t everyone have different thoughts?

However, I had no intention of following Yang Hee-in’s words.

“So, please teach me how to let go of my greed. Is this it?”

“That’s right.”

“I don’t like it.”

“… … “Can I hear why?”

Jeong Gwang first hid the gift box behind his back.

Very naturally.

“It’s up to Subin to decide how he lives.”

“I’m still a child.”

“So, until you get older and can take responsibility for your own judgment, you can do what you want.”

Yang Hee-in looked at Jeong Gwang with a puzzled look.

“It’s a little different from the rumors. “Isn’t it a hassle to teach Soobin?”

“It’s annoying.”

“But why are you doing that?”

Jeong Gwang’s eyes changed.

There was a strong will in it.

“Because we promised.”

“… … .”

“It may be difficult for Subin because he lacks talent, but I decided to make him the best in the world.”

Jeong Gwang said something and then made a mistake.

‘Now that I think about it, the priest also said that I could become the second person in the world.’

What can you do?

One of the two will work.

While Jeong Gwang was thinking such strange thoughts, Yang Hee-in was thinking once again.

Still, the result was the same.

Don’t you already have a husband and two sons who are obsessed with greed and are walking down a painful path?

I couldn’t even let my young daughter follow that path.

She turned her head and spoke outside the room.

“Bring it.”

The door opened and the priest handed over a bundle.

Yang Hee-in placed it in front of Jeong-gwang.

“Can’t we do this?”


She ordered Shibi again and another bundle was placed.

“Even like this?”

“… … yes.”

Then two more piled up.

Yang Hee-in spoke with strength.

“This is the last time. “Please think carefully before answering.”

Jeong Gwang forced his eyes to shake.

Hiding my admiration.

‘Grow up too!’

Just looking at it, it’s the same box as before.

Aren’t you stupid if you don’t get this?


The blood of a warrior flowed in Jeong Gwang’s body.

‘good! ‘One last time!’

His mouth opened and a stiff voice came out.

“It’s not possible.”

“… … why? “Is there any other reason besides the promise?”

Could something like that exist?

I roughly picked up the concentrate and served it.

“You keep being greedy, greedy.”

“… … ?”

“What is the sin of greed? “It’s the person’s fault for not being able to control it.”

“… … !”

Yang Hee-in’s eyes wavered.

After looking at Jeonggwang for a moment, she turned her head back towards Shibi.

“one more… … .”

“… … !”

“… … Haaah. Nope. “Close the door.”

When the door was closed, there was a small sound.


At the same time, a loud sound came from Jeong Gwang’s chest.


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The question was soon resolved.

Yang Hee-in bowed her head deeply and apologized.

“I’m sorry for disturbing Jinin’s ears.”

“… … “I’m not Jinin.”

She raised her head at Jeong Gwang’s words.

The once stiff face suddenly had a smile on it.

“It is true that you say that the good people of Kunlun are not always true people.”

“Because it’s true.”


She smiled softly and sighed.

“Whoa. The true will is stubborn, so what can we do about this? … .”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

‘Whatever. Why worry when you can just recommend it one more time!’

Luckily, will we get along?

She opened her mouth.

“But my intention remains the same.”

“Oh oh. then… … .”

“That’s right. “For now, as Jinin said, let’s just wait until Soobin can make a decision.”

“… … yes?”

“Until then, I will believe in truth. i look forward to.”

“… … “Just don’t believe it.”

“haha. I have greater faith than what I was told to believe. thank you.”

Yang Hee-in stood up with a more relieved expression than when she came in.

“Okay then… … .”

“wait a minute.”

I couldn’t let her go like this.

Jeong Gwang once again raised his game.

“Leave your bags behind. “It must be heavy.”

* * *

Yang Hee-in laughed out loud and left.

My mind was still complicated, but I left a message saying thank you for playing a fun game.

And words weren’t the only thing she left behind.

Jeong Gwang’s winning strategy worked.

The bundles were left behind!

Unfortunately, the things the city was holding were taken with them.

‘How much is this?’

It’s been a while since he came to Jungwon, but it wasn’t Jeong Gwang’s job to calculate things like this.

“Priests! “Come in!”

“yes! execution!”

As soon as Baek Seung-moo opened the door, his eyes widened.

There are five small boxes filled with treasures!


“It’s pretty good, right?”

“execution! Where did you steal these again? … “Did you save it?”

“Subin’s mother gave it to me. “Approximately how much does it cost?”

“ah. Please wait a moment.”

Since there were so many jewels, treasures, and small things, it was difficult to divide them by type.

Zheng Guang even told Zhao and Peng Shubin to come in, and the three of them, excluding Zheng Guang, worked hard to organize them.

And when Baek Seung-moo finished all the calculations, he said the value… … .

A smile appeared on Jeonggwang’s lips.


It was nothing compared to the bribe that the Namgung family had taken from the Murim Alliance.

Still, how could I not feel good when I received unexpected and unexpected things?

Meanwhile, Pang Soobin, who had helped without even knowing why, was surrounded by doubts.

Although I came with my mother, I had no idea that the items in the bundle were such treasures.

“I… … “Master.”


“Why did your mother give these to Master?”

“You told me. “I heard you prepared a gift.”

“… … “This much?”

“This should be enough.”

“… … “Are you saying that because you are Master?”

Jeong Gwang roughly stroked his smart student’s head.

“I know.”

“… … .”

“uh? “Why are you looking like that?”

“… … Because of me, my mother put so much effort into it… … .”

Jeong Gwang, who had been smiling, hardened his face.


“… … yes. “Master.”

“Let’s say your mother overexerted herself. “Then what should you do?”

“… … I do not know. Please teach me.”

Jeong Gwang’s answer was simple.

“You can pay it back later.”

“… … yes?”

“Become a master as good as the investment you receive.” After that, you can return it yourself. “Why are you worrying so much?”

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao, who had been listening quietly, opened their mouths.

It is the master who takes care of the wealth and the disciple who pays back! Does this make any sense?!

But if you think about it carefully, it wasn’t necessarily wrong.

‘It is the price of becoming a disciple of death penalty. ‘It’s not an excessive cost.’

‘If only I could truly become the second person in the world, wouldn’t such wealth be such a big deal?’

That was the thought of the young but brilliant Pang Su-bin.

Rather, it served as an opportunity to strengthen my mind even more.

‘I will definitely learn Master’s teachings and become the second person in the world.’

While everyone was lost in their thoughts, Jeong Gwang clapped his hands and said.

“ruler. ruler. Let’s stop organizing. Priest, take care of yourself.”

“Oh, I understand.”

After cleaning up, they went out to the training ground.

Training began under the guidance of Jeong Gwang, and soon Pang Man-so and Peng Kang-hwi appeared.

Pang Man-so was calm, but Peng Kang-hwi asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“… … Confucius of Revolution?”


“Even the Baek Small Gorge and the Zhao Big Gorge… … Why did you change your face again?”

It was because I might meet Sima Lian’s pig.

But I can’t say it straight away.

Jeong Gwang gave an answer that anyone could understand.

“Just like that.”

“… … ah.”

Peng Kang-hwi was immediately convinced.

Because it was worth it.

Of course, the man next to me didn’t believe me, but I didn’t bother to ask.

“But what’s going on?”

Pangmanso answered Jeonggwang’s question.

“I thought I would be busy for a while, so I came to ask for your understanding.”

“To prepare for the banquet?”

“I see. With only three days left, I’m going crazy. Kang Woong is leading the way, but he needs to help from the side.”

“take care.”

“… … Is there anything else you want to say?”

“ah. Cheer up.”

“… … Thank you. Good luck to you too.”

As Mr. Pang’s grandson left, Jeong Gwang urged the remaining three.

More efficiently! Stronger! Longer!

And when night fell, he left the three fallen people and performed the Chilyama Yeong.

After landing at the targeted temple, he deployed the Jamma Dabeop and infiltrated the inside… … .

Isn’t Paeng Kang-woong frantically organizing documents related to the banquet?

‘You hit the ball today too. Is this the third reason?’

I tried to see if there was more, but it was the same as the day before.

Jeong Gwang left the palace as soon as Peng Kang-woong went to bed.

‘Isn’t this happening on the day of the banquet?’

As I waited, I felt sick.

‘It would be better to go out and find it myself.’

All I had to do was use the Reverse Heavenly Mirror to chase down their fraud.

But there was a problem with that.

‘done. ‘You can’t violate the love of Tacho Gyeongsa (打草驚蛇).’

If the guys are scattered, you might only catch the ones below and miss the pigs.

Jeong Gwang decided to hold on a little longer.

His white teeth shined in the moonlight.

‘I’ll see you later.’

* * *

Hebei Province is where Yanjing, where the Son of Heaven resides, is located.

Naturally, the influence of government officials was bound to be strong, so it was very surprising that a martial arts family like the Hebei Paeng family existed in a place like this.

But there was a good reason for that.

The first is the Dato Lake (大土豪), which has long been rooted in Hebei Province.

Second, it is not only a Murim family but also a prestigious family in the military.

Since ancient times, government officials and martial arts people have been incompatible like water and oil, but the Hebei Paeng family maintained an exquisite balance.

Therefore, Paengga had many friends in the government and martial arts, and his relationship with Toho and the Grand Prize Corps was also strong.

Two days before the feast.

All kinds of customers started flocking in.

“Huh. “That’s amazing.”

As Baek Seung-moo admired the outside of the gymnasium wall, Jeong Gwang asked.


“I knew that the Hebei Paeng family was prestigious, but I never imagined that so many people would come.”

“It’s too much to do. “She must have accumulated money, connections, and everything else.”

“How do you know that?

“What did the nanny and uncle do to your priest brother when he passed the civil service examination?”

“… … “You went too far and threw a party.”

“Look. There’s more pride than celebration. “It’s an opportunity to shed influence and form new relationships, so what’s the point of overdoing it?”

“Hmm. “That is correct.”

“Stop coming down. “I will keep coming.”

“ah. “It looks like people from far away came today.”

“okay. “They will come in droves tomorrow and the day after the day after the banquet.”

“Wow. “It’s really amazing.”

“What is so amazing? “Priests can also grow the Baek Family Sangdan that much.”

“… … “I am now Kunlun’s disciple, right?”

“As a priest’s reputation increases, so does his family’s reputation.”

“… … “Is that possible?”

Jeong Gwang chuckled at Baek Seung-moo’s serious question.

“You should ask the priest himself.”

“… … understand.”

In the end, it was something Baek Seung-moo had to do himself.

What’s the point of asking someone else if you don’t have the will or the confidence to do so?

Baek Seung-moo gathered his wits and began training.

Zhao and Peng Shubin also seemed to have realized something and focused on their training.

Jeong-Gwang took a nap, but in the evening, he wasted again.

And the next morning.

“It’s the government army! “The government army is coming!”

The house became noisy at the shout coming from the front door.

People from the Paeng family as well as guests came running out, including people from the military.

They were military officers with considerable positions.

“Who on earth would dare make such a fuss!”

“Leave it to us! “I’ll take care of it right away!”

The government’s affairs must be resolved by the government.

They walked out with a confident gait.

And I froze when I saw the crowd of humans and horses.

“Uh, that is!”

“Why are they here?”

Those riding the coursers were all wearing golden armor.

It’s the golden coat of arms!

They, the emperor’s personal guard and special agency, have come!

While the military officers stood blankly, the Gold Guards stopped a stone’s throw away from Paengga.

The men and horses split to the left and right, and the young man in the center, dressed in light attire, came out driving the horse.

Several military officers who saw the young man’s face were shocked and bowed down.

“Meet the Crown Prince, His Majesty!”

Hwang Tae-son!

Everyone was shocked and tried to kneel down.

The young man who got off the horse put his hands together and spoke according to the etiquette of Gangho.

“It’s called Joo Jin-gi. “Today, as a person from the Gangho, I have come to congratulate the Peng family, so please welcome me with the manners of a Gangho.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

‘As a strongman?’

‘Celebrating Panga?’

‘The etiquette of a strongman?’

A series of nonsense words come out of Prince Hwang’s mouth!

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang, who was watching from afar, was becoming interested in someone else.

‘It’s pretty good. It’s comparable to Girl Zone.’

He was a middle-aged man who kept a two-step distance from the Crown Prince and Joo Jin-gi.

‘The real thing is hiding.’

Before he knew it, Jeong Gwang’s eyes were focused on Joo Jin-ki’s shadow.

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