Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 92

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Episode 92

We’ll discuss it then.

As I felt when I first met Peng Kang-ung in Henan Province, his energy was different from that of the Peng family warriors.

The difference was so slight that only Jeong-gwang could tell, so I was curious what it was… … .

I knew for sure when the mirror in my arms vibrated.

‘Is it fraud?’

-yes! yes!

Yeok Cheon-gyeong answered excitedly.

This guy is Jo Yo-kyung (照妖鏡).

It is a yearning that detects and illuminates demonic energy and evil energy and reveals their true nature.

In short, it was a rare item.

It was not normal for a guy like this to react to such a weak scam.

‘It’s so weak that it’s hard to detect, but it has quite a useful power.’

-yes! yes!

There is no way Jeong Gwang, who was the head of the magic path, would miss the magic power.

If so, it means it was a scam, but I couldn’t feel it for sure, so I postponed judgment.

It was only today that I became convinced of that.

Thanks to the reverse view.

‘guy. It’s quite useful.’

-yes! yes!

‘by the way.’

-… … ?

‘Didn’t I tell you to be quiet as if you were dead until I called you?’

-… … !

‘Why do you vibrate as you please?’

Yeok Cheon-gyeong came to his senses.

Because this ignorant brat who embraced him was out of his mind.

I had to make an excuse quickly.

But you figured it out thanks to me!

If this continues, it will disappear immediately.

Wrong! please forgive me!

At least you will be beaten half to death.

In the end, there is only one answer!

Yeokcheongyeong decided to use the latter method!

but… … .

Unfortunately, Yeok Cheon-gyeong is unable to speak due to lack of energy.

‘Why, you’re not answering?’

-… … .

‘Oh oh. Do you have good spirit? ‘See you later.’

-… … Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch… … .

Yeok Cheon-gyeong cried in sorrow, but Jeong-gwang could not know.

It was just noisy.

‘Shall I destroy it now?’

-… … .

After simply resolving the matter, Jeong Gwang took a look at Peng Kang-woong.

It is not a short distance from Wulin Meng in Henan Province to Pengjia in Hebei Province.

The clothes of Paeng Kang-woong and his group were covered in dust, as they had been running so quickly, but their spirit was confident.

Among them, Peng Kang-woong was a military scholar.

‘Hebei Pengjiazhu’s legitimate son is harboring fraud?’

It is a very secret yet dangerous scam that no one can notice.

If it is that level of evil skill, it must be related to Sima-ryeon.

Now it seemed like everything was coming together.

‘Bad image, bad news. It must be that pig.’

Jeong Gwang felt better.

Isn’t it worth coming all the way to Paengga?

Sang Shaoyun is Sima Lianju’s second disciple.

It was clear that a person of that status would attract quite a few experts.

‘It would be good if you come as soon as possible.’

He’s probably already nearby and planning things.

‘When they come… … .’

I will use my hands to my heart’s content.

There is a justification for helping the Peng family, and since Sima Lian is hostile to the Murim Alliance, there is no need to take matters into their own hands.

This is my first chance to run wild since I was reincarnated!

But wait a minute.

Do you see this guy?

‘men and horses. ‘Why are you gulping?’

-… … Ugh.

‘Are you even lying now? Should I just subdue the spirit and give it to him?’


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-Wow! Ugh!

Jeong Gwang immediately pulled out the cloud dragon and tried to slash the guy a few times, but held back.

There was something more urgent.

– Confucius Peng. Wait.

Paeng Kang-hwi, who was about to run to greet Paeng Kang-woong, stopped.

-hmm? Why are you suddenly preaching?

-Originally, the Archduke was also coming?

-That’s right.


-Don’t you have to greet the guests at this banquet instead of your father?

This meant that his grandfather, Pang Man-so, had completely withdrawn from family affairs.

‘It means that Paeng Kang-woong is hosting the feast on behalf of the Paeng family. ‘This is fun.’

It seemed like something was going to happen at the feast.

Jeong Gwang decided to enjoy the feast.

To do that, there was something that had to be done first.

– Confucius Peng. I am not Jeong Gwang, I am Hyeok Ryeon Hu.

It was a strange thing to say, but Paeng Kang-hwi was able to understand it because he was a technician.

-… … Do you mean to hide your identity even from your brother?


Peng Kang-hwi did not understand.

Why is Jeong Gwang asking this?

‘Is it because of you that I came to your parents’ house hiding your identity?’

I had to ask in detail.

-Can you tell me why?

-We don’t get along very well.

-… … .

-There’s no need to blush for no reason.

-… … .

Peng Kang-hwi could understand.

Because I knew Jeong Gwang’s usual words, actions, and attitude.

‘It’s not that soft. No, I guess it’s fortunate that there isn’t a fight.’

Wasn’t he like that in the past when he met Jeong Gwang?

Among the letters my father sent, I remembered the contents related to Jeonggwang.

‘It was truly a high praise. But my brother… … .’

There was no content.

To a strange degree.

‘There must have been some friction.’

Peng Kang-woong was a man of outstanding character but also competitive.

To the point where he even expressed his competitive spirit towards his younger brother, Paeng Kang-hwi.

‘Is this true for Jinokryong as well?’

Jeong Gwang’s personality is truly unusual.

Hiding oneself like this and trying to avoid it must be out of consideration for the family.

But even so… … .

-Jinokryong. But I can’t keep fooling you.

Of course, Jeong Gwang had no intention of hiding it until the end.

-Do not worry. Someday, I will personally reveal this and apologize.

Perhaps it will be revealed by beating up Peng Kang-woong.

I also apologize.

It was impossible for Paeng Kang-hwi to know such thoughts.

-Okay. Let’s do it that way.

As soon as the sermon was over, he unfolded the Divine Law and ran to his brother.

Jeong Gwang, who looked at that for a moment, grinned.

‘It’s coming at just the right time.’

Pang Manso was coming towards Jeong Gwang, as if he had come to meet Pang Kang Woong.

-Elderly. I just want to ask you one favor.

Jeong Gwang sent a message to Pang Man-so exactly as he had told Peng Kang-hwi.

Pan Manso just looked at Jeong Gwang with deep eyes.

-uh? Don’t you believe it?

“… … .”

-We really don’t get along well.

“… … .”

The distended cow did not budge.

Jeong Gwang sighed inwardly.

This smart old man wasn’t doing this because he wasn’t good at preaching, but because he knew that people didn’t believe what he said.

What can I do?

I have to solve it to some extent.

-You asked why I hid my identity?

The head of the distended cow moved slightly.

-It’s the same as the answer back then. I’ll tell you when I’m sure.

“… … .”

-I’m doing this for the Paeng family, so please cooperate.

Only then did Panmanso’s mouth open.

“I hope you guessed wrong.”

-I think that’s right.

“… … “What do you plan to do if you get hit?”

Jeong Gwang looked into Pan Manso’s eyes.

A strong fighting spirit was burning inside.

‘You’re quite temperamental. but. It’s something to do with my eldest grandson, so it’s only natural.’

Uncharacteristically, Jeong Gwang decided to give in a lot.

-We’ll discuss it then.

Panmanso also made significant concessions.

Although it was related to his eldest grandson, he decided to trust Jeong Gwang as well.

Still, I did not forget what I had to say as Paeng Kang-woong’s grandfather and as the eldest member of the Paeng family.

“It will definitely have to happen.”

* * *

Jeonggwang was busy.

Return to the training hall and threaten Pang Su-bin… … No, I persuaded him and also warned Baek Seung-moo.

“Don’t pretend to know that guy.”

“I understand, death penalty.”

“ah. “I need to change my face too.”

I didn’t know that Sang So-yun might appear at the Pen house in person.

Since I have noticed the magical energy of the Cheonbyeon Manhwa Station Yongchukgol Demonic Technique, I will have to use another method.

Just like I wrote to Baek Seung-moo.

‘It’s annoying to have to do it once a day, but it can’t be helped.’

Jeong Gwang stabbed his face with his finger.

After doing this a few times, his face distorted and he turned into a very nice-looking young man.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao, who were watching, opened their mouths.

‘You look so nice!’

‘How can they not fit together like this!’

But there was a difference between the two.

Compared to Zhao, Baek Seung-moo was less skilled at hiding his true feelings.

It was so absurd that the words leaked out without him even realizing it.

“execution… … That’s a bit… … .”


As Jeong-gwang’s eyes became sharper, Baek Seung-moo was stung.


“I should also become a priest. Come on.”

“… … “Please be kind this time.”

“of course.”

Jeong Gwang roughly stabbed Baek Seung-moo in the face and then touched up Zhao’s face as well.

“hmm. “It came out well.”

Why do I feel so anxious when Jeong-gwang looks satisfied?

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao were shocked as soon as they saw each other.


“100 million!”

We looked at each other for a while.

Baek Seung-mu barely asked in a trembling voice.

“… … “How do you like my face?”

“… … He looks so pitiful that I want to give him my whole wallet. “What about me?”

“… … This is the portrait of a vicious rich man dripping with dog oil. “To the point where I want to rob it.”

The two people sighed as the ground fell.

Seeing them like that, Jeong Gwang, who was alone and satisfied, consoled himself.

“Priests. It came out pretty well, but why? Zhao looks good on me too.”

Baek Seung-moo couldn’t stand it anymore and exploded.

“Why is only the executioner handsome?”

“I know yeah. “The original version is good-looking, so no matter how much you twist it, it still looks like that.”

“… … .”

“Do you have the strength to shout more than that? “Your training has been extensive.”

“omg! Well, that’s… … .”

“good. Let’s tighten it up a bit.”

Jeong Gwang performed Baekseungmoo.

Even Zao, who was still, was given a bonus.

Soon they fell to the floor and didn’t even move.

‘this. ‘What do I do now?’

Jeong Gwang was waiting for the night to deepen.

There is quite a bit of time left for that to happen.

I’m thinking about going to eat… … .

Peng Su-bin cautiously opened his mouth.



“That reverse trick from earlier… … .”

“… … ?”

Peng Su-bin, who hesitated for a moment, mustered up the courage to ask.

“Can you teach me too?”

Jeong Gwang smiled without realizing it.

No matter how mature Peng Su-bin is, he is still a child.

I guess I’m curious about that kind of catch.

Jeong Gwang responded warmly.

“You’re too weak to do it.”

“… … .”

“It will take at least thirty years for you to learn… … for a moment.”

Jeong Gwang stopped talking and flicked the abacus in his head.

It wasn’t long before a way to save time emerged.

‘If you want it to grow quickly, you can give it a more efficient inner gongsim method.’

The Hebei Peng family was also good, but it did not suit Peng Shubin’s temperament a bit.

It also had some compatibility with swordsmanship.

‘If you want to take care of it properly, you have to raise it properly.’

Jeong Gwang took Pang Su-bin to his room and ordered him a fortune-telling breakfast.

Soon she entered Xiaozhou Heaven.

For a child, he had incredible concentration.

‘As expected, he has quite a few qualities.’

He placed his hand on her Myeongmun acupoint and observed the movements of Jinki.

As I entered the third Suzhou Stream, I got a general idea.

‘I don’t think I need to fix much.’

After completing the picture in his head, Jeong Gwang sent a message to his disciple.

-Follow my movements.

‘… … !’

-Don’t panic.

‘… … .’

Clever Peng Shubin felt it intuitively.

The master is trying to teach the inner gongsim method.

Then I started to feel worried.

‘Wouldn’t there be a conflict with the main family’s mentality?’

At that time, Jeong Gwang breathed in a ray of true energy and guided his disciple.

Peng Subin soon made a decision.

‘You must trust your master!’

Distrust cannot exist in a relationship between a teacher and a teacher.

Besides, wasn’t that master Jinokryong?

I followed that path.

A path similar to but different from the path I have walked so far.

The Soju Heaven continued along a slightly different path from the original Pure One Qigong, and soon reached the Great Juche Heaven.

Jeong Gwang has already taken his hand away.

Peng Su-bin, who had already learned the path, continued his fortune-telling.

For a long time.

She embarked on a new path with Jeong Gwang watching.

Even though it was clearly his first time on this path, he instinctively accepted that this path was more suitable for him.

Jeong Gwang watched the scene and laughed.

‘It might grow faster than you think.’

Certainly, the children of the Paeng family were talented in martial arts.

‘But why did he learn boating?’

You will find out soon anyway.

Jeong Gwang stood up from his seat.

When I opened the door, it was completely night.

It was time to do what had to be done.

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