Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 90

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Episode 90

Nine bow rituals

A piece of metal the size of your palm sits on a shelf.

Jeong Gwang walked in front of him and lightly gestured.

The dust accumulated on the surface disappeared in an instant, revealing an elaborately engraved pattern.

It was a very bizarre pattern, and in the middle of it was a Sanskrit word engraved.

‘It’s a reverse heavenly view…’ … Is it some kind of Jo Yao-gyeong (照妖鏡)?

At that time, Yeok Cheon-gyeong whispered as if saying so.

With a vibration that only Jeong Gwang can feel.


A faint line was drawn at the corner of Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

‘He’s a guy with an impatient personality. Let me see.’

As soon as I stretched out my hand and grabbed it, a strange energy came over me.

It was an atmosphere so strange that it made me shiver.

‘Oh oh. ‘Is this guy using some strength?’

Jeong Gwang accepted that energy and turned his hand over.

Then the mirror flipped over and the smooth front surface was revealed… … .

There was the face of an amazing young man.

‘It’s Jo Yo-kyung.’

It was not the same face as it is now when it was changed to Cheonbyeon Manhwa Station Yongchukgol Magic Gong.

It was not even his original face in this life, which earned him the nickname Jinokryong.

‘It feels really awkward seeing you after such a long time.’

It’s the face of a past life.

It belonged to a man called Jincheonma.

‘Well, that’s it.’

Jeong Gwang, who had been looking at the station skyline for a while, frowned.

This was because the mysterious energy that had been flooding in from the reverse heaven swirled around inside him and tried to engulf his brain.

‘This guy is real!’

I was wondering if it would come or not, but there was no end!

Jeong Gwang was not embarrassed.

This guy is a being with a soul. All he had to do was use the Demon Spirit Control technique to subdue it.

But I immediately changed my mind.

Because before subduing the spirit and manipulating it, it was important to beat it up first.

‘How dare you look at me funny?’

As I concentrated my mind, my thoughts rose.

It came together in the shape of a club and clumped together harder than diamond.

Just before the magical energy of the reverse heaven swallows the brain!

‘Eat this!’

Jeong Gwang beat the guy with a club made out of intention.

One by one, definitely one by one!

bang! bang! Quang!


The guy let out a desperate scream, but Jeong Gwang just snorted.

‘Oh my. Do you have the energy to scream? ‘It hurts less yet?’

Then I have no choice but to make it hurt more.

Jeong Gwang continued to beat.

Beat, beat, beat again.

Then, isn’t it trying to escape out of the body?

It is admirable how fast the movement is!

But is there any way that Jeonggwang would send it back as is?

I happened to have something useful at a time like this.

This is the Tagu-Bongbeop (打狗棒法) of Geoljon (乞尊), one of the Ten Masters!

Jeong Gwang unfolded the best season of the open world and beat the yogi of Yeokcheongyeong.

Just like catching a dog!

Jump! Wow! Whoops!


The guy was running away with an ear-piercing scream, but the open hitting baton technique was a martial arts technique used to catch such a guy.

In the end, the guy who was running for his life fell to his knees in a state of despair.

He surrendered to Jeong Gwang.

‘Are you going to do something stupid again?’

-… … .

‘You’re not answering? Then get more hit.’

-Oooooh! Wooooow!

Yeok Cheon-gyeong quickly shouted no, but Jeong-gwang could not understand.

‘come. Let’s try one more time? OK!’

-… … !

The best techniques of the thirty-six seconds of Tagubonbeop, such as Gyeondubonggal (犬頭棒喝), Balgujocheon (發狗朝天), and Cheonhamugu (天下無狗), burst out splendidly.



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Just because it was three-six-six-second, it didn’t mean it ended at age thirty-six.

We did it three times in a row, totaling 108!

‘good! It’s been a while since I tasted it… … No. ‘You’ve got a taste of my spirit!’

Jeonggwang, excited, became one with all things rather than one with all things.

But unfortunately, that time didn’t last long.

Isn’t the yogi in reverse heaven already falling down and squirming?

Jeong Gwang asked with regret in mind.

‘Are you going to do that again?’


‘I’m going crazy, really. ‘I’ll kill you!’

The reverse sky view was truly crazy.

I say no, but they don’t understand and keep saying something else!

If I keep getting beat up like this, it might be better to just die.

Yeok Cheon-gyeong gives up his attachment to life and just wants to die… … .

‘ah. ‘Are you unable to speak because you lack energy?’

Yeok Cheon-gyeong came to his senses.

This crazy guy with positive and evil energy is finally able to do something called thinking!

-Kki-ing! Kiing!

‘My ears are itching, man.’

-… … .

‘Hmm. Let’s do it this way. Yes is a whine, no is a whine. okay?’

-… … whine.

‘After hearing it, it’s not true. Let’s go to Woong, Woong.’

-… … yes.

‘It started like this a long time ago. ‘I lost my strength for no reason.’

-… … .

‘Stay as quiet as dead until I call you.’

-… … yes.

Jeong Gwang smiled with satisfaction.

Pan Manso, who was looking at him, asked with a stern expression.

“What are you thinking about for so long?”

“I just said hello.”

“… … “Do you know what that copper coin is?”

“It is engraved with the words ‘Reverse Heavenly View.’”

“… … I even know Sanskrit fish. “The academics are also amazing.”

Pengmanso shook his head and muttered.

“That is something that has been passed down for a long time. “We don’t even know which person of the great dynasty saved it and from where.”

At first glance, it was nothing more than a mirror with a unique pattern engraved on it.

However, since there was a master in the paengga, it had been a long time since I felt the strange energy emanating from Yeokcheongyeong.

“As everyone in Gangho knows, my family is weak in literature. Moreover, aren’t there very few people in the world who know Sanskrit?”

So, with money and connections, the Peng family was able to find out the name of Yeok Cheon-gyeong by inviting a famous scholar.

“But that was the end. Just looking at the name, I think it might be the legendary Jo Yo-gyeong (照妖鏡)… … .”

For a long time, many Panga experts were interested in Yeokcheonjing.

But no matter how much I touched and looked at it, the mirror did not respond.

“Eventually no one cared.”

Jeong Gwang looked at Pan Manso with pitiful eyes.

Because it has been a futile effort up until now.

‘You don’t really know what Jo Yo-kyung is. ‘You believe in useless legends.’

This was not something that someone who had learned Jeongjong martial arts could handle.

Two other conditions were required, but there was no need to tell them.

In any case, only Jeong Gwang could write this, both in his past life and now.

“Can I have this?”

“… … “It’s useless to the family anyway, so that’s it.”

Jeong Gwang put Yeok Cheongyeong into his arms.

I feel a greater fondness for the bulge cow.

It’s obvious that he knows something about this, but he’s willing to let it go.

‘I took whatever I liked.’

Jeong Gwang looked around and muttered.

“I have something useful.”

“… … .”

“I think I can teach harder if I get a few more.”

Panmanso let out a soft sigh.

Part of me wanted to punch him, but wasn’t he going to be my precious granddaughter’s master?

Moreover, the insight gained through numerous betrayals spoke volumes.

Concentrate never… … No, I’m not the type of person who would betray anyone.

He will become the best person in the world, and if he receives his guidance, Peng Su-bin may also become the best sword in the world.

“… … Do as you wish. Instead, please take care of me.”

“Sure. “Please leave it to me.”

* * *

Jeong Gwang and Pan Manso returned to the training ground where they were earlier.

But isn’t Peng Su-bin still practicing swordsmanship?

Looking at the admiring expressions of Peng Kang-hwi, Baek Seung-moo, and Zhao, they must have been doing that all along.

Jeong Gwang nodded inwardly.

‘He’s quite enthusiastic.’

Peng Subin was so young that he lacked strength and endurance.

Still, he gritted his teeth and unfolded the Subin sword that Jeong Gwang had taught him.

He is truly a child worth raising.

A calm voice flowed from Jeong Gwang’s mouth.


“… … !”

The voice was small and low, but it clearly pierced the ears of Peng Su-bin, who was immersed in training.

She straightened her sword and bent down.

“Confucius. “Are you here?”

Jeong Gwang asked directly.

“Do you want to be my disciple?”

“… … !”

“If you don’t like it, say no…” … .”

“I want to be!”

Everyone was shocked at how loud and high-pitched her voice was.

Except for the concentrate and the bloater.

Pangmanso smiled and said to Jeonggwang.

“Look, what did I say?”

“Yes. “Please excuse me for a moment.”

After asking for understanding from the people, Jeong Gwang entered the room with Peng Su-bin.



The two people sat facing each other.

Jeong Gwang looked at her eyes and slowly opened his mouth.

“Let me tell you about me first. I am a disciple of the Kunlun Sect and hold the Taoist name Zheng Guang. “In Gangho, he is called Jinokryong by his nickname.”


Peng Su-bin, who was astonished, could not bear it and let out an exclamation.

The True Jade Dragon of Kunlun!

Isn’t he the greatest divine dragon in martial arts, whose name is exalted as a genius among geniuses?

Although there was a lot of talk about his personality and hands, she had no time to discuss that now.

‘I’m going to become a disciple of the True Jade Dragon? ‘A disciple of the person who helped my second brother break the barrier and received high praise from my father?’

Unlike her, whose heart was pounding, Jeong Gwang’s voice remained calm.

“Even if Xiaoje Feng becomes my disciple, he will not be able to make his name in Kunlun. I become my own personal disciple. “I’m not saying that a large sect is backing up Soje Fang, but I’m the only one who can do that.”

“It doesn’t matter! No, I really want it!”

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

“You’re smart. “The calculations are fast.”

“… … .”

Peng Su-bin was dumbfounded and opened his mouth slightly.

‘They said he was mad… … It really is.’

But it was too early to be surprised.

“One last thing. “If you become my disciple, you will lose three things and gain three things, so listen carefully and decide.”

“Of course it’s okay… … .”

“You have to listen and then decide. “It’s perfect for getting scammed.”

“… … sorry.”

“Then let me tell you about what you lose first.”

Jeong Gwang pointed out his fingers one by one.

“The first thing is time. “You will have to devote most of your day to martial arts training.”

“On the contrary, that is what I want!”

“You have good spirit. Second is enjoyment. “If you only learn martial arts on empty days, your life will become dull.”

“it’s okay! Training is the most enjoyable thing!”

“Tsk. How on earth do parents educate their children? Well, it’s a good thing for me anyway.”

Jeong Gwang, who was clicking his tongue, pointed out the last finger.

“Thirdly, you have to work hard to earn money, but you will always be poor. “Are you okay?”

“… … I don’t quite understand that… … .”

“You will find out little by little. how is it? “Can you take it?”

Peng Su-bin’s eyes shone with firm determination.

The third time was a bit difficult, but it was an opportunity to become Jinokryong’s disciple. What is there to fear!


“It’s refreshing. “Then tell me three things you will get.”

These were short.

“The best master. The best martial arts. If you work hard, you will be the strongest in the world… … This is impossible. “I might be able to become the second strongest being.”

“… … “The strongest one is Confucius?”

“of course.”

“… … .”

“how is it? Do you want to do it?”

Peng Su-bin realized that the rumor was wrong.

They say that they even avoided the teachings of the Ten Masters because they were bothersome, so isn’t that a mistake?

No, Jeong Gwang was a man so incredibly mad that the rumors seemed simple.

Still, she had a faith that was close to certainty.

A mysterious sensation felt when unfolding Subin’s sword!

I felt like a chick coming out of an egg and being surprised to see a huge world.

If you become Jeong Gwang’s disciple, you will be able to continue to feel that way.

She stood up and bowed.

Then he knelt down and spoke sincerely.

“Disciple Peng Su-bin, I will practice martial arts according to the teacher’s teachings and practice cooperation among the powerful… … .”

“There is no need to cooperate. “Whatever you want to do, do it.”

“… … !”

At Jeong Gwang’s absurd words, all the words that Peng Su-bin had thought about were blown away.

Jeong Gwang looked at her and smiled.

“Disciple. nice to meet.”

“… … “Me too, Master.”

“My old age… … No, you heard wrong, okay? Please take care of me in the future.”

“… … “Please take care of me.”

“Then let’s get started right away.”

“… … yes? What are you talking about? … .”

Jeong Gwang opened the door and shouted.


“yes! Confucius!”

“Would you like to have a massage with my student?”

“ah! You have accepted Peng Soje as your disciple! Congratulations! This is the protection of the Primordial Heavenly Father… … .”

“Stop and memorize it first.”

Everyone outside raised their eyes at Jeong Gwang’s absurd words.

Jeong Gwang brought Pang Su-bin out with a calm expression.

“Disciple. “Take out your sword.”

“yes? yes “I understand, Master!”

As she held the sword, Zheng Guang’s eyes turned to Zhao.

“My student grew up to be very upright.”

“… … yes?”

Zhao’s eyes widened slightly.

Why are you suddenly bragging about being a student?

But that wasn’t Jeong Gwang’s meaning.

One corner of his mouth turned up coolly.

“Please teach me how dirty and mean the world is.”

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