Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 9

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Episode 9

My student changed it

Peng Kang-hwi reprimanded himself for complaining that Kunlun was so remote that it was difficult to even see women.

It turns out that all the women in Cheonghae City are gathered here. And that too regardless of age.


Seeing the beauties mixed in there made my heart happy.

But I didn’t like the idea that the reason they came here was because of a beautiful boy Taoist monk.

‘joy! What good is a kid like that gisaeng brother? Since ancient times, if you are a man, you should have long bones and look like a man.’

It was as if I was describing my appearance while looking at a bronze mirror.

Not surprisingly, the men of the Hebei Peng family had such a view of handsome men.

The only normal person was his uncle, Paeng Su-won.

‘Huh. ‘I never thought there would be such a handsome boy in the world.’

He was tall and had a gentle appearance, which was unusual for a man from the famously tough family.

Thanks to this, he was teased a lot when he was young, but when he got older, he was more popular with women than anyone else in his family.

So I was able to see how ridiculously handsome the boy Taoist Jeong Gwang was.

‘A young Taoist monk looks like that. What happens when you grow older? ‘It’s obvious he’s going to have a difficult life.’

It will be truly eventful.

So much so that every man wants to live that kind of life.

‘Besides, he is the greatest genius of all time?’

According to Heo Cheong’s words, isn’t he a perfect being?

‘No way.’

Peng Su-won burst out laughing inwardly.

I thought that all of my babies looked pretty, and Heo Cheong couldn’t help it.

At that time, the Palbulchul spoke in a voice filled with laughter.

“I would like to introduce you to you now, but it will take a while, so please wait. “In the meantime, let’s talk about my students.”

Mr. Paeng, who was secretly curious, pricked up his ears and concentrated.

And I soon regretted it.

“… … So, Taesangnogun (太上老君)… … No, Yeongbocheonjon (靈寶天尊)… … Hmm. There’s something weak about it. yes. Taesangnogun, Yeongbocheonjon, and Wonsicheonjon joined forces to help me meet Jeonggwang, who was alone in the mountains. This is the beginning. and… … ”

Peng Su-won, who had been forcing himself to bear it out of concern for his friend’s reputation, could no longer bear it and stopped talking.

“Is this a long story?”

“It’s very long. So, let’s talk about when the real story begins at the age of five… … .”

“Hey, Heo Cheong. I am very tired after coming a long way. “I wish I could get some rest.”

“this. Look at my mind. haha. Well, I need to rest and replenish my energy. “That way, you can freely listen to my students’ stories.”

Mr. Fang was shocked and said at the same time.

“No, not that much… … .”

“No, not that much… … .”

“now. Come here. “You, evil dragon, hurry up.”

Heo Cheong guided Mr. Pang to the place where he was staying and then left to wash his body.

With only the two of them left in the room, each of them was lost in their own thoughts.

‘He’s like a gisaeng brother. The greatest genius of all time?’

‘It may be an exaggeration, but it seems like your qualifications are excellent. If we test that child, we might be able to find out the current level of Kunlun… … .’

Their thoughts coincided almost for the first time.

‘I’ll scold you.’

‘I need to order a dance with Kang Hwi.’

* * *

Heo Cheong recommended with a kind smile.

“It’s rough food, but I’ll eat it. “It won’t taste that bad.”

Mr. Pang Sukjil stared blankly at the table.

It was really rough and desolate.

‘You want me to eat this piece of grass?’

‘Even though he is a Taoist, he is very frugal.’

When I tried it, it tasted surprisingly good.

But even so, it is grass.

Peng Kang-hwi played with his chopsticks a few times and then sighed.

Peng Suwon immediately reprimanded him.

“What are you doing? “Be polite.”

“But uncle, how can you do this…” … .”

“Uh-huh! Something like this. “Where do you say such rude things?”

“… … .”

“Hurry up and apologize. hurry.”

Heo Cheong stopped Paeng Su-won, who continued to press him.

“Stop it. “I made such a big mistake.”

“I’m sorry. “My nephew is spoiled, so please understand.”

“haha. Nope. In fact, the only mountain food is difficult to eat.”

Contrary to what he said, Heo Cheong was eating eagerly like a glutton.

“… … “Your appetite has increased a lot.”

“cellar? Gurunnang? “Everyone is so cool.”

Although he couldn’t pronounce it properly because his mouth was full of food, Paeng Su-won managed to understand it.


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‘Everyone says that?’

Peng Suwon looked around and was slightly surprised.

Aren’t other Taoists, regardless of age or age, eating it like crazy?

‘It’s a strange thing. ‘I never thought I’d see a Taoist eating like this.’

Currently, the only person eating like a Taoist in this restaurant is Heo Qing’s disciple, Jeong Gwang.

Use chopsticks once.

Mew mul mul. gulp.

Chopsticks again.

Mew mul mul. gulp.

He eats so elegantly that if the women from earlier were here, they would start screaming and causing an uproar.

‘Oh my goodness. Even the way you eat is beautiful.’

In fact, the concentrate was simply tasteless, so I chewed it up.

Still, this is enough… … .

‘It’s a little bit easier to eat.’

With the introduction of intense training in Kunlun, I had to change a lot of things, but the most problematic thing was my diet.

You need to recover your lost energy and overloaded muscles by eating meat, but you only eat scraps of grass.

‘Let’s eat meat.’

The Taoists were vehemently opposed.

‘That’s not enough!’


‘Kunlun is the gateway!’

‘Aren’t you eating it secretly anyway?’

‘Keuhum! “That’s what happens when you’re young and your body hasn’t fully grown!”

‘I have to eat because my skills haven’t fully grown.’

‘… … Uh, no way anyway!’

Well, it didn’t matter since I only had to eat the concentrate myself.

‘Okay then. ‘Eat it like this.’

‘… … Yeah, yeah. Just like this… … .’

I remembered it clearly like it was yesterday.

The eyes were so lonely that they seemed relieved.

Fortunately, a member of the True Jade Dragon Guardians recently provided us with training tools and cooking ingredients, saying that our jade dragon would be in big trouble if he lived on only this kind of food.

As a result, this was a much better meal.

Since they are already hungry due to intense training and the taste has improved, the monks have no choice but to eat it with enthusiasm.

‘Should I catch a wild boar and eat it?’

Jeong Gwang made up his mind and put down his chopsticks.

Peng Kang-hwi grumbled inwardly.

‘This guy barely ate anything, so why is he keeping it for me?’

Hostility increased.

Starting with the way it looks, there isn’t a single thing you don’t like.

At that time, Peng Kang-hwi and Jeong Gwang’s eyes met.

‘How are you not covering your eyes?’

Even though Peng Kang-hwi strained his eyes, Jeong Gwang did not look away.

‘Have you seen this ridiculous guy? Since he’s stuck in the mountains, he doesn’t seem to know anything scary.’

He smiled, showing his teeth.

‘I guess I should get hit too.’

But I soon changed my mind.

Aren’t you too small and young to be ambitious?

I decided to just change my habits.

‘To do that, first apologize… … .’

He stood up and bowed his head to Heo Qing.

“I’m sorry for being rude.”

“haha. Nope. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t serve you proper food.”

Peng Suwon’s eyes became sharp as he watched.

‘Are you going to obediently apologize because that arrogant guy told you to do it?’

A message was immediately sent.

-What are you trying to do?

-I’m about to ask you a favor because I want to gain insight into Kunlun’s martial arts skills.

-… … That would be nice too.

-… … yes?

-Instead, you must not cause serious injury.

Peng Kang-hwi was dumbfounded by the unexpected permission.

But soon I felt triumphant.

‘You want to show off my martial arts skills to Kunlun.’

There is nothing to be rough about now, is there?

A confident voice flowed from his mouth.

“I ask Peng Ganghui of the Hebei Peng family to gain insight into Kunlun martial arts.”

“hmm. It’s been a difficult journey to get here, so how can I refuse? good. Let’s put it together for a few seconds.”

“I am not addressing this to you.”

“huh? then… … ?”

Peng Kang-hwi turned his gaze away from the puzzled Heo Qing and glared at Zheng Guang.

“Little brother. “I’m requesting non-military action.”

“what? To Jeong Gwang?”

Surprised, Heo Cheong tried to stop him, but Jeong Gwang quickly responded.

“Of course.”

* * *

A small training ground.

Jeong Gwang and Paeng Kang-hwi stood face to face.

‘Huh. ‘What should I do with this?’

Heo Cheong, who was restless, heard the sound of Pengsuwon’s signal.

-Don’t worry. Could it be that Kang Hwi would harm your student? You’re trying to deal with him with fists instead of using swords.

As I tried to reassure my friend by sending a warning message, I felt ashamed inside.

His nephew was quite similar in age to Jeong Gwang, and he was one of the Guryongs, the best martial arts index, so he thought it was a bit harsh.

Still, I decided to watch because I wanted to check Jeong Gwang’s skills, which Heo Cheong had praised so much that his mouth was watering.

‘Show me the power of Kunlun. I wish I was strong. Only then will I feel rewarded for coming this far.’

It had to be, both for personal curiosity and mission.

But that wasn’t the reason He Qing was worried.

-Hey, Suwon.


-I’m worried about your nephew right now.

-… … ?

Meanwhile, Zheng Guang was recalling information about the Hebei Paeng family.

‘They said it’s famous for two things.’

Firstly, he has natural physical strength, a magnificent physique, and an impatient personality.

When I saw Paeng Ganghwi in front of me, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Indeed.’

Did you say that they are called the most exciting family among the Baekdo martial arts families?

Behind their backs, they criticize them and call them ignorant muscle pigs.

The second is projection.

It is a famous swordsman who boasts numerous swords, including the Five-虎斷門刀, the Honwon Byeokryeokdo, and the Geongonyeonhwantalbaekdo.

It is said that their unconventional and practical methods have no rival in martial arts… … .

for a moment.

That’s only when you’re an expert. Isn’t this guy just a kid?

I scratched my head because I felt like I was thinking a lot about unnecessary things while I was in Kunlun.

Peng Kang-hwi provoked him.

“Little brother. I’ll do it gently, so don’t worry. “Hehe.”

You say you’re doing it gently, but the dark laughter that follows behind you.

Although he may have been offended, Jeong Gwang was honestly happy.

I felt it earlier, but this guy smelled a bit like the Heavenly Demon Church kids.

It’s the smell of fighting and fighting with someone you don’t like.

These guys need to be beaten to come to their senses, so I agreed to the request for a fight.

To be honest, it’s just a greed to get a taste for the first time in a while.

How much should I give you?

If you are the nephew of Master’s friend, you are so far away that you are like a stranger, so it would be okay to break his limbs.

It’s not often you get an opportunity like this in Kunlun, so should I slice the flesh thinly?

“I will unfold the power of King Yeonhwan. “How can we deal with small products?”

My excitement cooled after hearing Paeng Kang-hwi’s words.

The political factions are people who have no answer because they tell their opponents what martial arts they will use and even ask them when they fight.

But now that he also belongs to a political faction, the feeling of self-destruction is incredible.

I promised myself that I would beat that guy to the brink of death and heal his broken heart.

“It’s a cold fist.”

Jeong Gwang stood crookedly on one leg and raised one hand gracefully.

Then he stretched out his index finger and flicked it.

“Please come.”

Mr. Pang Sukjil was so dumbfounded that he opened his mouth wide.

After a while, Peng Kang-hwi, the person involved, barely opened his mouth to ask.

“… … “What are you doing now?”

“It’s a rider type.”

“… … .”

The veins on Peng Kang-hwi’s forehead bulged.

I don’t know, the gi-soo-sik is to show respect to the opponent and reveal the characteristics of one’s martial arts before fighting, but is it something like that?

Peng Suwon also had the same thought, so he muttered without realizing it.

“That’s called a cardinal formula?”

“… … Huh. Yes, that’s right.”

I was even more dumbfounded by Heo Cheong’s words and looked at him blankly, and he opened his mouth as if making excuses.

“Now, take a closer look. “It’s different from what you think.”

It was definitely different.

There was something about it that seemed relaxed and free.

However, when I said ‘what you think of’, I meant that Heo Cheong also knew that it was similar to that of the city government japbae.

“Look, Heo Cheong. As far as I know, cold fighting is a fast and heavy fighting technique. The flag ceremony was also sleek and solemn to match… … .”

“My student changed it.”

“… … “What did you say just now?”

He Qing’s expression became heavy.

His waist stood tall like a giant tree, and his chest spread out wider than the plain.

‘I’ve seen this somewhere before.’

Peng Su-won’s memory was correct.

He Qing’s mouth opened and absurd words came out.

“I’m saying that my student, the greatest genius of all time, is restoring Kunlun’s martial arts and improving it.”


Peng Su-won, who could not bear the absurdity and shouted, saw his nephew throwing his fist.

“Please punish me!”

Although unnecessary words have been added, the Yeonhwan Supremacy is beyond reproach in terms of timing, posture, and power!

At that moment when I tried to stop Jeong-gwang because it seemed like it was going to spread too far and he would get seriously hurt,


Jeong Gwang gracefully lifted Paeng Kang-hwi’s fist with his left hand, which was waving his index finger.


His right foot took a half step and stepped majestically.


His right arm folded and his splendidly raised elbow pierced Peng Kang-hwi’s side.


Even though it is clearly visible, it is an unavoidable event!

The new form of Jeonggwang rushed towards Paeng Kang-hwi, who screamed and bounced away with a sound as if something was breaking.

“Uh, that!”

Peng Suwon was astonished.

Isn’t it like a dragon chasing clouds?

Jeong Gwang’s voice was clear and beautiful, befitting his nickname Jinokryong.

“Bite this tight!”

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