Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 87

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Episode 87

It won’t work either.

Peng Kang-hwi bit his teeth gently.

The sword was held out so confidently, but what kind of disgrace is this?

A cloud dragon that glows mysteriously dark red! His eyes trembled slightly as he looked at it.

‘This is a sword that the Cheolhyeoljangju made himself? That’s twenty-one pounds… … Anyway, using so much Hyeoncheol?’

Jeong Gwang was a person who could not tell a useless lie. Even if you actually look at the sword, it is clear that it is an incredibly famous sword.

If I had to find fault… … .

“… … Look. The elegant color of this sword I wanted to give you. “Isn’t the dark red color of your sword a bit ominous?”

Jeong Gwang silently performed his inner strength.


Brilliant golden light surged from the cloud dragon, and Peng Ganghwi opened his mouth wide.

‘Oh, how can the sword be golden!’

Isn’t this an opponent that can be defeated no matter how elegant it is?

Peng Kang-hwi raised the white flag.

“I lost. “I’ll give you something else.”

“Which one?”

“Hmm. There is not much wealth between us… … .”

“It’s okay.”

“… … “Didn’t you hear me clearly?”

“How much can you give me?”

Paeng Kang-hwi, who was looking at the concentrate blankly, burst into laughter.

“ha ha ha. I think the farming has increased a lot. Umm. What would be better… … .”

Jeong Gwang was about to ask for money, but decided to watch.

Do you know anything?

Will something good come out of it?

‘If you don’t have anything, just get it as money.’

Meanwhile, Peng Kang-hwi was in trouble.

It was because I couldn’t think of anything I could give to Jeong Gwang.

‘It’s a true jade dragon. Is there anything he can be satisfied with at home?’

It was not an easy task, even for a member of the Seven Great Families and a member of the Peng family, the great landowner of Hebei Province.

‘I can’t give the family’s secret martial arts… … .’

No, Zheng Guang is a disciple of Kunlun, one of the nine factions. Moreover, it is unmanned in an immeasurable state. Even if I could give it to you, there’s no way I would like it.

The same goes for weapons.

What would you give to someone who has a divine sword like a cloud dragon?

‘Huh. I can’t believe my home feels so small… … .’

Even if there was something suitable for Jeong Gwang, it was a problem.

Because it was not something that could be decided according to Peng Kang-Hwi’s own wishes.

Now that the father, the head of the family, was away, he had to tell the person who had the power to make decisions for the family.

Fortunately, there was a justification.

‘Father told me to be sure to catch the Jinokryong when it comes to my home.’

Peng Kang-hwi made a decision.

“Jin Yuryong, please wait a moment. “I will go out for a while.”

“ah. “For the time being, please call me Hyeokryeonhu instead of that nickname.”

“ah! “Is that your common name?”

Jeonggwang is an orphan, so how can he have a genus name?

However, it cannot be said that it was the name of a previous life.

The concentrate was roughly filled.

“It’s similar.”

“Huh. “This is the first time I heard about it.”

Peng Kang-hwi repeated the name Hyeokryeonhu and stood up.

“Then I’ll be back.”

“What about Prince Feng’s sister?”


Peng Kang-hwi placed his hand on Peng Su-bin’s body.

And when I pushed into her, she opened her eyes.

“… … Brother?”

“okay. Subin, are you okay?”

A normal girl would have burst into tears, but she was different.

I immediately got up, sat cross-legged, and did the fortune-telling exercise.

After checking her body condition, she opened her eyes.

“yes. it’s okay.”

“haha. “Thank goodness.”

Peng Kang-hwi was stroking her head and smiling, but her attention was focused elsewhere.

It was Jeong Gwang and his group.

‘… … ‘It wasn’t an enemy.’

It would be clear from the way he was just quietly watching her and her brother.

Then another question came to mind.


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“Who are they?”

“hmm? “They are my close friend Confucius Hyukryeon and his close friends.”

Up to this point, Peng Su-bin knew the story.

There was something else she was curious about.

“I heard that Confucius Hyukryeon fought alone with your brother and won, is it true?”

“haha. Yes.”

“… … !”

Peng Su-bin’s big eyes grew even wider.

Peng Kang-hwi bent down and made eye contact with his young sister.

“Why are you doing this? “Did you think this brother was invincible?”

“… … That’s not it… … .”

A warm but strong voice flowed from Peng Kang-hwi’s mouth.

“Did I tell you about a Taoist named Jeong Gwang before?”

“… … yes.”

“What did you say I learned after losing to him?”

“… … Above is above… … .”

“okay. and?”

Peng Su-bin’s eyes lit up.

The eyes were not one of surprise and disappointment like before, but were filled with firm determination.

“If you lose, you just have to move up again.”


Peng Kang-hwi’s eyes also sparkled hotly.

When he straightened his back, a force like a mountain rose.

The voice was like that too.

“So I went up. And although we lost today, we will definitely rise again.”

“… … Brother… … .”

The siblings looked at each other with gazes full of will.

Jeong Gwang looked at them with a puzzled expression.

‘Anyway, they are political faction kids. ‘What are you saying so brightly?’

So I cut it.

“Pang small cooperative. “I don’t know what it is, but can you give it to me quickly?”

“ah! “Please wait a moment.”

Paeng Kang-hwi, who was about to turn and leave the room, stopped.

He glanced at Peng Su-bin and sent a message.

– Confucius Hyukryeon is a great person. I hope it reaches you too.

Peng Su-bin’s martial arts skills were still low, so he could not perform the battle.

So I couldn’t ask him what he meant, but he was smart enough not to need to.

‘Are you telling me to make a kite myself?’

The fact that the straightforward Peng Kang-Hwi turned things around like this… … .

‘It means that it is a really difficult task and difficult to succeed.’

Her eyes shone.

Because the more difficult a task is, the more she wants to accomplish it.

Paeng Kang-hwi was a brother who knew how to stimulate his sister’s competitive spirit.

When Peng Kang-hwi left, she looked at Jeong Gwang.

He was sitting in front of the table, shaking a bottle of alcohol.

“There’s quite a bit left. Priest, Zhao. sit down please. “Let’s finish the drink.”

“Yes, death penalty.”

“Okay, Jin… … “Confucius of revolution.”

The three men started drinking.

Peng Su-bin’s brows furrowed as he continued to look at the concentrate.

He looks like he has a bad personality… … No, it was actually because I couldn’t think of anything to say to the eccentric young man.

‘I guess I can make a kite only if I have a proper conversation… … .’

Fortunately, Jeong Gwang spoke first.

Holding out a glass filled with alcohol.

“Would you like to have a drink too?”

“execution! How can you drink alcohol to Sojeo, who is still young? … .”

“I drank it earlier?”

“Isn’t that because it’s the death penalty?”

Baek Seung-moo tried to stop Jeong-gwang’s outrageous words.

As Peng Su-bin learned the sword, his hands were also fast.

“thank you!”

Before she knew it, she grabbed the glass and drank it down.

Although I was young and had never drank alcohol, I acted drunk with the thought of making a kite somehow.

Jeong Gwang praised her.

“You’re so cheerful.”

She suppressed the cough that threatened to burst out and tried to answer quickly.

However, the heat I felt in my esophagus and stomach made me make a different sound.


* * *

Jeong Gwang regretted what happened a little while ago.

Pang Su-bin, who got drunk after just one drink, started behaving appropriately for his age.

‘Still, he’s quite mature… … .’

There was a lot of talk.

“Which clan do you belong to?”

“From the way you speak, I don’t think you are from Joongwon. Where are you from?”

“Excuse me, but Yonsei… … ?”

What is it that you are so curious about?

I gave a rough answer.

But what’s also funny is that people are nodding their heads and trying hard to memorize it, isn’t it?

‘Once you ask, you don’t ask any more questions. ‘He’s quite smart.’

He’s a kid who knows how to be liked even when he’s drunk.

I didn’t mean to do it intentionally, just naturally.

This part must have been inherited from his father.

Jeong Gwang thought of the Murim lord.

‘Your children have done well in farming. Except for the first one.’

The second child, Paeng Kang-hwi, had an arrogant and impatient temperament, but he became like that because the energy and blood in his chest was blocked.

Once I got over that, my personality changed into a confident and easy-going person.

He has good qualifications and knows how to put in effort, so he will grow up to be a pretty good warrior.

‘But this kid is better.’

There are no outstanding qualities, character, or will, but there is nothing lacking.

If you have to be honest, alcohol is weak?

‘Wearing clothes that don’t fit your body is a big problem.’

It was something that the Paeng family had to do anyway, and it had nothing to do with Jeonggwang.


Peng Su-bin started talking more again.

No wonder he mixed up his words with Zhao.

“What sect do you belong to, Zhao Daxia?”

“It’s a big deal. Please just call me Zhao. It is difficult to tell you my affiliation, so I will tell you something else instead. To put it briefly, I… … .”

Zhao moved his mouth flashily like a fish out of water.

His eloquence was quite good, and the content of it was something that Peng Soobin would like.

This is Kangho’s story!

It was an appropriate embellishment of her experiences such as espionage and secret raids, but it was only surprising to a young girl who admired Kang-ho.

“Um, do things like that really happen?”

“Of course. I said this in a very lighthearted way. To put it properly, the truth is… … .”

Zheng Guang thought about blowing up Zhao, but then changed his mind.

You can’t beat up a talented person you’ve been working hard to develop just because you talk too much.

If it had been my passion in my past life, I would have done something worse than beaten, but not now.

Jeong Gwang chose the easier path.

“Hey, Paeng Soger.”

She was mesmerized by the bundle of stories Zhao was unraveling and barely came to her senses.

“Yes, Prince Hyukryeon.”

“You’re sober, right?”

“… … ah!”

It really was.

Zhao was so talkative and fast that I sobered up before I knew it as I listened so intently.

Jeong Gwang gestured with his eyes to the sword she was wearing around her waist.

“Pull it out.”

“… … yes? “Why are you doing this?”

“When you practice Taoism, doesn’t the Tao try to move as it pleases?”

“Well, how do you do that!”

She was shocked and remembered what Jeong Gwang said before she fainted.

‘Hoo. The province is trying to run away to another place. I’ll have to fix it before it’s too late.’

She realized.

That those weren’t empty words.

At the same time, my brother’s request came to mind.

‘He told me to make a kite.’

Peng Shubin quickly stood up and pulled out the sword.

And I’m trying to adopt the cardinal formula of the Five-Handed Gate Sword… … .

“Cut from top to bottom. amain.”

“… … yes? “I think I’ll have to go outside to do that.”

“There is no need for that. “This room is spacious enough.”

Peng Soobin just rolled his eyes and looked around the room.

It was spacious enough to be the room of Paeng Kang-hwi, the second son of the family head, but it seemed too narrow to practice martial arts.

‘But you still have to do it.’

Peng Subin increased his strength in the Danjeon.

Although it wasn’t much, pure inner energy began to swirl around her body and be captured in the Tao.

And after a while.

She concentrated her mind and slashed the air.


A sharp sound that echoes throughout the room!

The sword that was pointing towards the ceiling stopped just before it touched the floor.

Jeong Gwang nodded and opened his mouth.

“This time from left to right. As expected, do your best.”

“… … yes.”

Peng Subin faithfully followed Jeong Gwang’s words.

Numerous stabbings continued, including from left to right, right to left, upper left to lower right, and lower right to upper right.

Each one powerfully.

Jeong Gwang, who was watching it all, made a complicated order.

“It’s good. Would you like to try everything you’ve done so far in order? “Continue on.”

“… … yes!”

Peng Subin guessed that Jeong Gwang was testing him.

‘you can do it.’

There were quite a few movements, but I was able to remember them all.

The problem was connecting the independent movements smoothly, but her understanding was not normal.


Her Tao moved.

The first meal, which was powerfully spread out one by one, continued smoothly.

As it unfolded further, the power became weaker, but the movement became more sophisticated.

Jeong Gwang, who was half-watching the scene, muttered calmly.

“It won’t work either.”

“… … !”

At that moment, Peng Su-bin’s movements stopped.

She looked at Jeong Gwang with questioning eyes.

“… … “What’s wrong?”

Peng Subin’s face distorted as Jeong Gwang shook his head and said those words.

“They say Feng Xiaoje is not suitable for martial arts.”

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