Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 84

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Episode 84

Cloud dragon

Jeong Gwang could tell even without seeing the sword.

His special sense said so.

‘He’s a good guy.’

Without realizing it, the corners of his mouth went up.

So much so that the Lord Cheolhyeoljang, who does not express his emotions, was puzzled.

“Please give it to me.”

“… … .”

“I will say thank you after touching the sword. “He’s calling me.”

“… … !”

Cheolhyeoljangju looked at Jeong Gwang’s eyes carefully.

The eyes were sparkling like starlight.

“… … .”

“Oh oh. “It’s heavy.”

When Jeong Gwang opened the wooden box handed to him without hesitation, the sword contained within it was revealed.

“… … uh?”

“Fine, death penalty. Why are you doing this? Is something wrong?”

Jeong Gwang silently grabbed the handle of the sword and lifted it.

A brilliant golden light flashed from the sword hilt and scabbard. Plus, it’s an elaborately engraved cloud pattern!

Baek Seung-mu opened his mouth.

“… … “Well, what’s so flashy?”

How could Jeong Gwang know the reason?

The most surprising thing was the concentrate.

‘I felt it… … .’

Anyone can see that he is making good use of his money!

No, it would be more accurate to say that it was poured because it was not correct!

Jeong Gwang looked at Lord Cheolhyeoljang with a bewildered expression.

The answer was given by his son.

“I made it by referring to your sword, Jinyokryong.”

“… … yes?”

“I don’t like things that are that flashy either. “I took your tastes into consideration.”

Jeong Gwang slowly lowered his head and looked at what he was wearing on his belt.

A gorgeous golden sword that was forcibly given to me by the Lord of Cheonghae Castle.

‘… … ‘Did you think I like flashy things because I wore this?’

I’m going to ask some questions, but it’s useless!

Even compared to this, isn’t it too severe?


As I continued to look at the new sword, my thoughts changed a little.

‘Well, I guess it suits me well.’

It is a sword suitable only for Jeong Gwang in the world.

In some ways, it might be a good thing.

‘Hey. Stop looking. ‘I’ll take it out.’

The sword wasn’t actually talking to him.

It will happen someday.

Just like Mahon did.

Jeong Gwang pulled the sword from its sheath.

The dark red sword body was revealed without a sound.


Everything was flawless, including the sword body, the sword, the sword, the sword, and the sword.

Jeong Gwang’s smile deepened.

More extravagant than the sword’s scabbard.

‘good. ‘Let’s say hello and have fun.’

Samcheong Hapil Shingong was raised.

As the enormous true energy was poured into the sword, dazzling golden light exploded.

Those watching were astonished.

“Death penalty! “What is that!”

“Unbelievable! “It can’t even be compared to the light of a dagger!”

“… … !”

Jeong Gwang moved his sword without answering.

A dark red sword flew through the air, embroidered with golden light.

It looked like a black dragon and a red dragon mixing together and spewing out golden clouds.

Baek Seung-moo looked at that in fascination.

Although there was a difference in degree, Cheoljingi was the same.

But Cheolhyeoljangju… … .

I was looking at something deeper.

‘What on earth is that child?’

It was a sword that was worthy of being called the best sword in the world.


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But when I held it in Jeong Gwang’s hands, I felt something more.

It wasn’t just dark red.

Black seemed to absorb all the light, and red seemed to contain all the blood of the world.

The masterpiece of a lifetime created by Cheolhyeoljangju looked like a magic sword.

‘Plus, that brilliant golden color.’

There is no such beautiful light in the world. The light spread across the length and breadth of the palace, spreading an extremely wise energy.

‘Are you going to use the magic sword with pure strength and use it to show off your wise sword skills?’

Lord Cheolhyeoljang muttered without realizing it.

“Is it demon or righteous? I just can’t figure it out… … .”

He was deep in thought and came to his senses from a stinging gaze.

I turned my head and saw my son with his mouth open in shock.

“… … Ah, my father is saying that again! Why are you like this these days! “Is there something that makes you uncomfortable?”

“… … .”

Baek Seung-moo was unaware of Cheolhyeoljangju’s reticence, so he just watched in silence, but Jeonggwang had suddenly stopped his sword dance and was looking at Jangju.

The emotion in his eyes was pride.

“It’s more natural than what you said before. “It’s much better.”

“… … .”

Jangju, who was silent for a while because he was a spectacle, sent a message to Jeonggwang.

-Who are you?

– Jeong Gwang-yo.

-I’m really asking about you.

Jeong Gwang also heard Cheolhyeoljangju’s muttering, so he knew what he was asking.

‘He has reached the extreme level, so you can see it at least roughly.’

Whether it is a martial artist or a field leader, it is a different way to see someone who has reached a high level.

Jeong Gwang responded as it was as a courtesy to a master standing in a high position.

However, this did not mean that he was the former Jincheonma and the current Jinokryong.

-Why do you bother to tell whether it is evil or positive? People may or may not be both.

-… … .

Jeong Gwang added with a grin.

-I just leave.

-… … .

After being still for a while, Cheolhyeoljangju gently closed his eyes.

Jeong Gwang’s words lingered in his mind.

‘People can be both or not… … ‘That’s right.’

There was no complete black or complete white in the world.

It was the way of the world that not only people but also things were mixed together to some extent.

You may be able to determine which of the two sides you are closer to, but you cannot be sure that will always be the case.

People don’t know when and how things will change.

It was the same for Sanghyeoljangju.

‘If someone asks me whether I am Ma or Jeong… … .’

He also wasn’t confident in coming up with a clear answer.

Because he was just that.

Like Jeong Gwang said.

‘He’s an interesting guy.’

Lord Cheolhyeoljang opened his eyes.

A thin line was drawn around the corner of his mouth.

It was a smile I hadn’t seen in a really long time.

‘It’s a true jade dragon… … It’s true that it’s a dragon. I don’t know what kind of dragon it will be.’

From what I heard, as well as what I personally experienced, he definitely did not have the personality to become a great person.

However, he always kept his words, did many righteous deeds, and never did anything contrary to morality or evil… … .

‘… … me?’

Now that I think about it, there are quite a few things that can be considered evil by some standards!

The same thing happened to Jeong Gwang when he crossed over from Henan Province to Hebei Province.

Baek Seung-moo, a priest, was gradually gaining the title of Geumgwon Sword Hyeop (金權劍俠), which was a bit strange, but anyway, contained the word ‘hyeop’ (俠).

However, the nickname that Jeong Gwang received was Geumchunggeomma (金蟲劍魔)!

Although it lacked credibility as it was spread by bandits, bandits, and Parakho who had been attacked by him… … .

‘How much money did it take to gain such notoriety… … .’

Cheolhyeoljangju soon found out.

I heard Jeong Gwang criticizing Cheol Jin Gi.

“Director. But why don’t you give me a dagger? “I said you’d give it to me for free.”

* * *

Jeong Gwang was a man with a conscience.

It was natural to express gratitude to Cheolhyeoljangju and Cheoljingi.

As promised, even a quarter of the price was paid.

Excluding Baek Seung-moo’s sword and dagger, it was a quarter of the price of Hyeoncheolgeom.

It’s natural for people to feel uneasy.

Baek Seung-moo, who was human unlike Jeong-gwang, spoke with concern as soon as he returned to the dorm.

“execution. Iron Blood Field suffered a lot of losses this time. “I feel very uncomfortable.”

“You want me to give you more money?”

“… … “That’s not it.”

After attending Jeong Gwang, Baek Seung-moo’s qualities as a merchant as well as martial arts improved.

Jeong Gwang nodded with a happy face.

“okay. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable. Because I gained enlightenment that more than made up for the loss. “And both rich people.”

Although Cheolhyeoljang spent a large amount of money to the point that the family fortune was shaken, he gained even more.

One day, they will gain greater fame and wealth.

‘I’ll have to come visit you one more time around then.’

Jeong Gwang thought that if Mr. Cheol and his wife heard, they would be shocked, and then continued.

“By the way, priest. “If you’re going to say something like that, you have to put down that free sword you’re holding on to.”

“ha ha ha.”

Baek Seung-moo smiled sheepishly at Jeong-gwang’s scolding.

While continuing to stroke the sword in my hand.

An emotional voice flowed from his mouth.

“I never thought I would have such a famous sword… … .”

Cheolhyeoljang is where the world’s most outstanding field leaders gather.

Among them, this is a sword made by the owner.

It is a treasure that any warrior would want to obtain even at the risk of his or her life.

“With something like that.”

“haha. “That may be true for my brother, but not for me.”

Baek Seung-moo looked at Jeong-gwang.

Because it was all thanks to him.

‘Everything changed when I met my death penalty.’

I entered Kunlun, a prestigious political sect that I had never even dreamed of, and learned about amazing seasons.

Not only did I get the elixir, but I also did quite a bit of collaborating.

And I felt like I had gained the world by acquiring a famous sword that would become my lifelong friend.

“But why did you name it that?”

“yes? “What’s wrong with your black friend?”

“The tone is so… … And why is ‘black’ included? “There is only a little bit of black.”

“Still, he’s the guy who put two pieces of Hyeoncheol into it.”

“The cloud dragon costs twenty-one pounds and fourteen nyang.”

“… … .”

Baek Seung-moo asked this gently.

Since I lost badly in weight, I had to win at least in name.

“The death penalty is what a cloud serpent is. “It feels all too common.”

“of course.”


“If you take the clouds and dragons out of the text, what’s left? “There’s nowhere you can’t go, whether it’s martial arts or something else.”

“… … That’s right. “My thoughts were short.”

Is there anything to be said about the recluse?

I lost even in the name.

Still, it didn’t feel bad.

‘It was a fight I couldn’t win in the first place.’

As far as he knew, the Cloud Dragon was the only true Hyeoncheol sword in the world.

How can you deal with a sword like that?

His eyes automatically turned to the cloud serpent.

‘I wish I had a sword like that… … .’

The black cow was too much for him right now, but since he was a human, he couldn’t help but be greedy.

Jeong Gwang read those thoughts in Baek Seung-moo’s eyes and laughed inwardly.

‘It’s good to be greedy, but you have to control it.’

Jeong Gwang held out the cloud dragon to Baek Seung-mu.

“Priest, would you like to try it?”

“yes… … . yes?”

Baek Seung-moo was surprised.

Because it was extremely rare for a warrior to give his weapons to someone else.

‘What on earth are you thinking?’

The worry was short-lived.

Greed won over curiosity.

Baek Seung-moo quickly received the sword.

“Thank you, death penalty.”

The cloud serpent was handed to me, and as soon as I received it, my hand drooped.

I didn’t miss it, but I couldn’t help but be surprised.

‘What sword is so heavy? ‘How do I practice swordsmanship with this?’

Baek Seung-mu was also a well-trained martial artist, so lifting was not a problem.

But isn’t practicing swordsmanship a completely different story?

‘There’s something else I can’t do.’

I tried to move the sword carefully, but with all my might.


Instead of moving according to his will, the sword tried to run away on its own.

‘The executioner who did such a fantastic sword dance with this… … .’

Baek Seung-mu couldn’t even tell what level Jeong Gwang had reached.

I felt helpless for a moment.


Suddenly, I realized something.

The reason why Jeong Gwang willingly handed over the sword to him and told him to use it!

‘You said that the best sword is the one that suits you.’

It was clear that it was given to him to make him feel that even if he held the cloud serpent now, he would only become a person embarrassed by the sword, and that he still had to grow more.

In fact, it was unexpected as a concentrate, but it was given to the stork to mean that it would get its crotch torn while trying to follow the stork.

Anyway, Baek Seung-mu took off one more skin.

‘okay. It’s not right now.’

Seungmoo Baek honestly admitted.

But there is no way that will happen in the future.

No, I will definitely be qualified to use a sword like that!

Baek Seung-moo held out the cloud dragon to Jeong Gwang.

“Good job, death penalty.”

“Did you feel anything?”

“of course!”

Jeong Gwang patted Baek Seung-moo on the shoulder and then put the cloud dragon on his waist.

Now it was time to go.

“Let’s leave soon.”

“Yes, death penalty!”

Zheng Guang turned his head and asked Zhao.

“Did you properly tell the Simalian branch?”

“Yes, Jinokryong. As you instructed, I said I would not be able to post a report for a while. There’s something unusual going on, so I think we’ll have to keep an eye on it for a long time. however… … .”


Zhao let out an embarrassed laugh.

“I am worried because there are too many things that Jinyukryong has given me.”

It’s not that he wasn’t, he was carrying a large baggage.

It contained a lot of weapons specialized for assassination, such as a bisu (匕首), an amiza (峨嵋刺), and a Yuyeop blade (柳葉飛刀).

Jeong-gwang remembered Cheol-jin-gi, who gave them away at a low price and looked shocked.

“I always take them because they are of good quality. “I have to use it all somehow.”

“OK. Thank you.”

I have already said goodbye to Cheolhyeoljangju and Cheoljingi.

I asked to keep my departure a secret, so I could buy some time from Sima Lian’s eyes.

Jeong Gwang recalled this Confucius from Sima Lian, Sang Xiaoyun.

‘I guess it’s him. ‘It seems like there’s business where I’m going.’

Jeong Gwang was not one to wait for an attack.

His method was to strike first.


When he performed the Cheonbyeon Manhwa Station Yongchukgol Magic Gong, Jeong Gwang’s appearance changed.

Instead of an innocent-looking artist like before, he was a young man with quite a personality.

Baek Seung-mu, who was looking at that scene, muttered inadvertently.

“You suit me perfectly.”


“no! “Let’s go quickly!”

“Priests should also use their role.”

“Well, I don’t know how to do it.”

“I will do it.”


Jeong Gwang raised his finger and stabbed Baek Seung-moo in several places on the face.

His face distorted this way and that and he turned into a stupid-looking young man.

“good. It suits you perfectly. “Would you like me to do it for you too?”

Zhao, who was laughing inwardly while looking at Baek Seung-moo’s face, was stung.

“I don’t know how to do reverse magic, so I’ll do it myself!”

“great. “Let’s go ahead and do it.”

After a while.

Jeong Gwang picked up Baek Seung-mu and Jao and left the Cheolhyeoljang.

The destination is northeast.

He was a member of the Seven Great Families and the Hebei Paeng family, which produced a new Murim lord.

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