Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 83

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Episode 83


Cheolhyeoljangju told Jeonggwang to wait 15 days.

And now, after 15 days, someone has been sent to call.

Jeong Gwang was secretly impressed.

‘You collected that much iron in just 15 days and figured out a smelting method that gives it elasticity? It was a great field trip.’

Cheolhyeoljang’s wealth was wealth, but Cheolhyeoljangju’s ability was even greater.

Wasn’t it a smelting method that even Yeokcheon Majang, the only field master recognized by Jeong Gwang, finally figured out after numerous trials and errors?

‘They say iron blood clot, iron blood clot, and there’s a reason for it all.’

Jeong Gwang spoke to the two people who were convulsing on the floor.

“Priest, Zhao. I’m taking some rest. “I’ll be back soon.”

“… … !”

“… … !”

Flowers bloomed on their faces, which seemed to have lost their souls.

No, it was a flower field filled with colorful flowers.


As Jeong Gwang continued, the flower fields withered and died.

“wait. Where is the time to rest? Warm up with gymnastics. “I’ll be back soon.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang followed the man who came to visit.

I heard crying behind me, but I didn’t have time to pay attention to it.


Because I will soon obtain the best sword in the world!

When I entered the simple palace from before, I saw Cheolhyeoljangju and Cheoljingi.

What is different from before is that the two people’s faces look haggard rather than tired.

‘It’s only natural that you would have gone through that hardship.’

It is the best sword in the world!

When you think of the demon soul, it is true that it is the world’s second sword, but what is the problem with that?

What is held in Jeong Gwang’s hands is truly the best sword in the world.

When I saw the father and son Cheol, who must have stayed up all night working on the birth, I felt a little gratitude.

“Thank you both for your hard work. Where is my sword?”

As Jeong Gwang looked around, Cheol Jin Gi’s face distorted.

“ah. You must have spent a lot of money to get or test Hyeoncheol, but I forgot. “I’ll give you about a quarter.”

It was a really big proposal for the concentrate.

Cheoljingi looked at his father without answering.

Sanghyeoljangju’s head moved extremely slightly.

Cheol Jin-gi, who also nodded faintly, turned his gaze to Jeong-gwang.

And with difficulty, I opened my mouth.

“Not red wrought iron and old stone. That third one. “It was very difficult to figure out.”

“of course. “I was looking for you because you are the owner of the store and the owner of the store.”

Cheol Jin-gi’s lips twitched as he was praised.

“… … So… … “Can you give me a clue?”


“… … Even the smallest clue is good. “I promise that if you let me know, I will make it right away.”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

I thought he was just a hard craftsman, but he has a surprisingly fun side.

“haha. “You know how to concentrate.”

“… … .”

“You’re right, right?”

“… … .”

Cheoljingi’s head fell before it was completely bent toward the floor.

When I turned my gaze and saw the Lord of Iron Blood, he was turning his head away and looking away!

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t you say it would take 15 days?”

“… … If you give me even the slightest clue, I will definitely make it… … .”

Cheol Jin-gi, who was making excuses on behalf of his father, trailed off as if he felt pathetic.

Jeong Gwang looked at him pitifully and shook his head.

‘What is this guy’s crime? There are real sinners.’

Jeong Gwang’s eyes turned to the Iron Blood Captain again.

When I glared at him fiercely, I noticed his white beard trembled slightly.

Still, he didn’t say a word until the end.

‘I guess they don’t usually talk in preparation for days like today.’

Whatever it was, it was hot.

Even in this life, it is wrong to acquire good weapons early.

‘Can I get it if I come back in about 20 years?’

I was going to do that from the beginning, but… … .

I couldn’t believe it when the person who had made such a bold statement now said no.


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‘Let me give you a clue. If I still can’t make it, I’ll have to shake off the iron blood vessel.’

Jeong Gwang recalled everything that happened at Yeokcheon Horse Stadium.

‘hmm. No matter how hard I try, I can’t find anything.’

I immediately erased the Heavenly Demon Field and thought of Demon Spirit.

In his past life, he was shunned for being able to see through the world, but it is unknown what the material of the demon spirit is.

All that came to mind was its appearance.

‘Still, this is bigger than a thread.’

Jeong Gwang spoke kindly to Cheol Jin-gi.

“I’ll give you a clue.”

Cheoljingi’s head suddenly lifted up.

Even Cheolhyeoljangju flinched.

“Thank you! “Tell me!”

“Originally, if you make it only with Hyeoncheol, the sword will turn black.”


“But when you smelt it by adding red iron, red stone, and the last, it becomes a dark red color.”

Wrinkles appeared on Cheoljingi’s forehead.

Cheolhyeoljangju was also a little like that.

“uh? “Why are you doing this?”

Cheol Jin-gi, who was glaring at Jeong-gwang, reprimanded in a sighing voice.

“Hey, that’s too much.”


“Isn’t it natural that the blade turns dark red because red iron is added? “No matter how small a quantity you put in, that’s what happens to red iron.”

Jeong Gwang was absurd.

‘The enemy of red iron was a red enemy. Did it turn red because I added a little bit of that?’

Cheol Jin-gi, who was examining Jeong-gwang’s expression, cautiously opened his mouth.

“I cut you off because I was impatient. I’m sorry. Please understand.”

Is there anything you can do after you understand and sleep?

Rather, I learned it thanks to you.

Jeong Gwang answered as if it was no big deal.

“no. are you okay.”

“Thank you. “Keep talking.”

There is only one thing left, let alone anything to continue talking about.

No matter how much Jeong Gwang searched through his memories, he couldn’t find anything else.

‘This is also about color, like red iron.’

Still, what can I do with that?

Jeong Gwang described memories of his past life.

“If you put it in and infuse the refined sword with true energy, it will shine. “A very brilliant golden color.”

“It’s golden… … .”

Cheoljingi immediately fell into thought.

The same was true for Cheolhyeoljangju.

After a long time had passed, Cheoljingi looked at his father.

“I have never heard of a metal that glows golden light when injected with energy. “How is your father?”

“… … .”

“hmm. “After all, this is my first time seeing this.”

“… … !”

“No, father! Why are you doing this? Did something come to mind?”

“… … .”

“yes? Anyway, that’s a bit… … .”

“… … .”

“Huh. Actually, that might be the case.”

Jeong Gwang, who was watching the father and son Cheol, was impressed.

‘If you see that there is no vibration of the true energy, it doesn’t seem like you are doing electromagnetic waves. ‘That’s amazing.’

It was praising Cheoljingi, not Cheolhyeoljangju.

How much suffering must he have suffered because of his silent father to be able to read his mind by looking into his eyes?

Cheol Jin-gi, who had been having such a strange conversation for a while, spoke heavily.

“… … father. “Then please do so.”

He turned his gaze to Jeong Gwang.

His eyes had completely changed.

It’s from a real man, brimming with determination.

“Look at you, Jinokryong.”


“Four days… … No, please wait three days. “As a test, I will make it into a dagger.”

Jeong Gwang was slightly surprised.

“Did you figure it out?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m going to give it a try. “Is that okay?”

It wasn’t difficult, nor was it something to lose.

Besides, how embarrassing would it be if you turned him down when he was on fire like that?

I was curious about what kind of face it would look like, but I decided to accept it for now.

‘If I fail, I’ll see an even more embarrassing face.’

Of course, success was a hundred times better.


Jeong Gwang left the palace and headed to his lodgings.

Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Because they didn’t even give me anything that could be considered a clue.

‘If they really make it, it might be higher than Yeokcheon Majang.’

When we arrived at the accommodation, we saw Baek Seung-moo and Zhao warming up with gymnastics.

Jeong Gwang felt proud.

‘You’re working hard. Okay, let me help you.’

Three more days passed with the two people crying.

It was the day that Mr. Cheol and his father had promised.

* * *

Jeong Gwang stared at what he was holding in his hand.

It was a heavy dagger with a dull red color.

Although I made it in a hurry and didn’t even sharpen the blade properly, I wrapped leather around it and used it as a handle, but I liked it.

Because the color was similar to the demon spirit in my memory.

‘It seems plausible.’

Still, it’s a problem if it looks the same.

Let’s flick the tip of the blade strongly with our fingers… … .


The short blade violently bent left and right with a clear sound.

After a while, the trembling stopped and a smile appeared on Jeong Gwang’s face.

Cheoljin-gi, who was watching him closely, asked.

“How is it?”

“It’s okay.”

“I thought so. Now let’s test it properly.”


In fact, if it was this elastic, there was no need to test it.

Because elasticity was important, not golden color.

Still, I don’t know what will happen if I make it into a long sword. It was right to try it just in case.

Jeong Gwang performed the Samcheong Unified Shingong and increased his internal strength.

After eating its fill, the bisu trembled and gave off a bright light.

A golden color so bright that it is fascinating.

“haha. that’s right. “This is it.”

Cheoljingi, who was staring at the light blankly, asked with an absurd expression.

“… … “How strong is your inner strength?”

“yes? why?”

“That’s because I tried it first as a test. “It didn’t have that kind of light, it was just golden.”

He shook his head and smiled faintly.

“Anyway, thank you. “Thanks to you, I gained new insight.”

Jeong-gwang made a puzzled expression, but Cheol-jin-gi, who was quietly closing his eyes and contemplating his realization, could not tell.

“You put gold into refining a sword. And that too with Hyeoncheolgeom… … “Hehehe.”

“… … !”

Jeong Gwang was really surprised.

‘That third one was gold?’

Cheol Jin-gi opened his eyes and made eye contact with Jeong Gwang.

His eyes were warmer than usual.

“There was a time when a rich Confucian student wanted to gild the sword’s face. I never even thought about adding it during smelting. Who would have imagined that gold would have such properties when mixed with wrought iron, red wrought iron, and plaster? “It’s elastic and even shines.”

That’s right.

Cheoljingi put his hands together politely.

“I should apologize first. “I’m sorry.”


“haha. To pretend not to know. “I should have realized right away when you mentioned red iron.”

Cheol Jin-gi continued, lost in his own illusions.

“Isn’t the red tinge on the black-colored hyeoncheol sword because of the red lead iron? Didn’t you say that if you infuse your energy into something, it becomes golden? “It meant putting gold in it.”

Jeong Gwang was shocked for the first time in a long time.

‘You interpreted it that way and added gold?’

Besides, what else is right?

Jeong Gwang was perplexed, but there was a valid reason for the Cheol family to use gold.

“Gold is a very soft and soft metal that can be spread thinly. “But it’s not very suitable for weapons.”

The greatest virtue of a weapon is its hardness. Since gold did not have such properties and was itself money, no thought had been given to using it in weapons.

“But isn’t it strong against friction and doesn’t corrode? Gold has its own advantages. “My father predicted that these characteristics might develop new characteristics when combined with other metals.”

“… … So you tried making it.”

“I see. I had to waste quite a bit of string because I didn’t know the proper ratio. “But I’m glad it came out well in the end.”

Cheol Jin-gi’s face, which had been smiling all along, darkened.

“I tried adding it to steel, just in case, but it was no better than not adding it at all. The world of smelting is truly wide and deep. I really still have a long way to go… … .”

“… … cheer up.”

“haha. “Thank you.”

Cheoljingi smiled, his complexion hardened, and he continued speaking.

His voice grew stronger as time went by.

“Thanks to you, I can look at metal from a new perspective. Now I’m going to try new things! “I will have to make an alloy that surpasses the scales of a two-headed dragon!”

It was an ambition so great that it gave me shivers, but Jeong Gwang asked with it flowing from one ear.

“When can I come pick up the long sword?”

“… … .”

“Does it take long?”

Cheoljingi answered with a helpless expression.

“… … I plan to make it very well. So, come back in 15 days. “Your father has already started, so that should be enough.”

“Have you started already? “Now I’ve tried it.”

“You said you would definitely be satisfied. In the end, it actually happened that way.”

Cheol Jin-gi added one more word.

“The long sword will do the same.”

“I will expect. “Okay then.”

Jeong Gwang had to stop after only a few steps.

“for a moment. “Why do you take the dagger with you?”

“uh? “When did this come into your arms?”

Cheoljingi sighed and held out his hand.

“Give it to me. “Shouldn’t we sharpen the blade and work on other parts as well?”

“For free?”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang smiled brightly, looking at Cheol Jin Gi who looked dumbfounded.

“thank you.”

* * *

Baek Seung-moo was very tired and was having a difficult day.

This was because the training Jeong Gwang ordered was that harsh.


But today was different.

He was grinning so loudly that he could hear it from ear to ear.

It was inevitable that I would finally receive the sword I had been waiting for so long.

‘I made the blade a long time ago… … .’

The completion of the work was delayed because Cheoljingi was attached to Jeonggwang’s sword along with capable field leaders.

But today, it was completed along with Jeonggwang’s, so I’m asking you to come pick it up.

“Sahyung, please go quickly.”


After a while.

Baek Seung-moo and Jeong Gwang met Cheolhyeoljangju and Cheoljingi in a small pavilion.

Baek Seung-moo opened his eyes wide.

‘It doesn’t look like a human…’ … .’

That’s how pitiful the appearance of Mr. Cheol and his father was.

To the extent that it is even worse than Baek Seung-moo, who rolled under the spotlight for a full fortnight.

After exchanging greetings, Cheoljingi held out a sword.

It was a sword with an antique pattern engraved on the hilt and scabbard, all in a calm black color.

“Baek Sohyeop, it’s yours.”

“… … !”

Baek Seung-moo received the sword with trembling hands.

It was almost similar in shape and weight to the sword originally used.

“Try to pull it out.”

“… … yes!”

Srurr rumbling-

The Sword God appeared with a sound so chilling that it made my heart feel refreshed.


Baek Seung-moo could not help but be impressed.

The sword’s body, which was a subtle black color, gave off a solemn feeling, and the blade was radiating with such a spirit that it made my skin tingle.

“… … “That’s cool.”

“I think so too. “It came out pretty good.”

“… … “It’s not that much.”

It was a famous sword with two pieces of Hyeoncheol added and the unnecessary parts boldly removed.

It is the only sword in the world made specifically for Baek Seung-mu.

‘It was that difficult to refine.’

In addition to Cheoljingi, several masters of Cheolhyeoljang had to stick together.

It was such a special sword.

It was even more so because the sweat of Baek Seung-moo, who was busy working the bellows and running errands, was also involved.

“… … “It’s really good.”

“It can’t just look good on the outside. “Let’s try it.”


Baek Seung-moo unfolded his sword sword.

The sword in his hand moved according to his will.

As if to say that I will be your best friend for life.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Cheol Jin-gi looked at Baek Seung-mu, who put away his sword and smiled loudly, and asked.

“How do you feel?”

“… … well. “My heart is so heavy that I don’t know what to say.”

Cheol Jin-gi nodded as if he understood, but then made a solemn expression.

“Take care of it, but don’t be too obsessed. “I believe you have learned something since you also played a part in making that sword.”

Baek Seung-mu put down his sword and straightened his clothes.

And he politely bowed to Cheolhyeoljangju and Cheoljingi.

“thank you. Kunlun disciple Baek Seungmu. “I will never forget the generosity of the two of you and Cheolhyeoljang.”

“I didn’t give it to you for what I expected, but it’s good. “I’m looking forward to it since it’s the word of the Financial Swordsman Association.”

“… … yes? “You mean the Financial Swordsman Association?”

“I’ve been hearing about you for a while. I heard that they did a lot of collaboration while coming here from Henam Province. After all, I didn’t look at the wrong person.”

Baek Seung-moo’s complexion turned pale.

This was because I had no idea that the byeolho that Jeong Gwang had talked about as a joke would really spread.

“… … execution!”

Baek Seung-moo, who was glaring at Jeong-gwang with resentment, was surprised.

‘… … Are you smiling?’

It wasn’t the usual smile that only raised one corner of the mouth.

It was a proper smile with both sides balanced.

‘You feel really good!’

It was a smile I had only seen a few times even though I had been with Jeong Gwang for quite some time.

‘why? ah!’

Jeong Gwang’s gaze was focused on the Iron Blood Captain.

To be precise, in the long wooden box he is holding.

Baek Seungmu swallowed his saliva.

‘Is there a sword of execution in there?’

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