Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 71

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Episode 71

After the Yangtze River and before the river

Early moning.

Seungmoo Baek was crouching in front of the brazier, fanning himself with his arms outstretched.

“Ugh. execution. Do I need to do more?”


“How much?”

“Until I tell you to stop.”

“ha. It’s much harder than yesterday. “Is it because it’s a better herbal medicine?”

Jeong Gwang smiled.

That was actually the case.

‘Namgoong kids are doing better than I thought.’

The things I intercepted while chasing Namgung Hwain at dawn were much better than what I had seen yesterday.

If you have good ingredients, you can make something better.

The herbal medicine that we are making now will have much better medicinal effects than the vag!nal Myoyu Pill that we made the day before.

‘I eat all of this. I guess I’ll have to hand out the Gongjongmyoyouhwan.’

First, give a few to each Kunlun faction member according to their level.

And what’s left… … .

‘Should I give it to seven people, including Jang-jang?’

This refers to people who were trained from the beginning among general martial artists.

It was quite a hit, and if you give the elixir, loyalty will increase.

I will continue to be his eyes and ears in the Murim Alliance.

‘hmm. Still, there are four left.’

Zheng Guang, who was thinking about giving more to the Kunlun Taoists, shook his head.

Because taking a lot of elixirs is not good. There is an appropriate amount depending on the bowl.

‘ah. ‘I guess I can give it to them.’

They were useful guys, so it wouldn’t have been a wasted investment.

After organizing his thoughts, Jeong Gwang tapped Baek Seung-moo on the shoulder.

“Good job, priest. “Now I will do it.”

“omg. omg. Ah, I understand.”

Jeonggwang used the thickened herbal medicine to create a round shape.

After a while, the sweet-smelling bundles were completed.

Jeong Gwang rolled them one by one in his palm and nodded.

‘It came out well.’

I had to melt the inner power I had accumulated through Sangcheong Free Spiritual Gong into a new way of thinking.

It will be quite helpful in dissolving the impurities that will come out at that time and increasing your internal strength.

Naturally, the face of the person who helped me make the Danhwan came to mind.

‘They say you shouldn’t judge people based on first impressions.’

Namgunghwain, such an admirable nobleman.

Next time we meet, I’ll have to smile at least once.

Not with ridicule, but with gratitude.

* * *

Before the retreat began, Jeong Gwang called seven ordinary warriors, including Jang Yi.

“Eun-gong. “What’s going on?”

They were calling Jeong Gwang Eun-gong, and it was not an act of laziness, but a word that came from the heart.

“Take one of these.”

When I handed out the Jinjingmyoyouhwan, they looked at Jeonggwang with puzzled faces.

“… … What on earth is this? … .”


“… … !”

Jeong Gwang explained to those astonished people.

“Take it tomorrow morning on an empty stomach. “If possible, somewhere close to the side area.”

“Yeo, yeo, yeo, elixir… … “Did you say that?”


“… … haha. ha ha ha… … .”

Seven people, including Jang Yi, could not believe this situation.

What an elixir!

If you’re a warrior, wouldn’t you want to get it even if it means risking your life?

“Why are you giving something so precious to people like us?” … .”

“I’m giving it to you because it’s worth it.”

The seven young men looked at Jeong Gwang with complicated eyes and bowed deeply.

“thank you. “I will never forget the grace of Eun-gong for the rest of my life.”

“Don’t just remember, please return it several times over.”

“… … !”

The young men straightened their backs and smiled slightly.

If I had said “You’re welcome” or “Don’t worry,” my heart would have been heavier.

This is because my heart felt a little lighter when Jeong Gwang asked me to return it in a bigger way in the future.

‘okay. Just practice hard and repay me.’


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‘You can become stronger. I will give you at least a small reward in return.’

As their will to practice grew stronger and their confidence grew, they made a sincere promise.

By suppressing the loyalty that had become strong enough to risk my life.

“Of course, Eunkong. “We will definitely do this by renewing ourselves.”

“Yes, I look forward to it. See you later.”

After sending the young people away, Jeong Gwang met with the instructors.

They were Yoo Jeong-pung, Dang-o-gun, Dang Ye-ji, and Eon Eui-jin.

“Would you like to hold out your palm?”

They did as Jeong Gwang told them with puzzled looks on their faces.

After a while, they opened their mouths slightly as they looked at the Jin Jing Miaoyou pill placed in their palms.

The Tang siblings, who are well versed in medicine as well as poison, sniffed the scent.

“This… … “I think it contains hawthorn and ginseng.”

“It also smells like apricot herbaceous plant.”

Dang O-gun, who was exchanging opinions with Dang Ye-ji, looked at Jeong Gwang.

“cadet. It’s not made with regular herbs. “I think it’s a good elixir.”

“It’s not bad.”

“Where on earth did it come from?”

“I made it.”

“… … !”

Dang Oh-gun, who usually looked like a piece of wood, and Dang Ye-ji, who looked like ice, opened their eyes wide.

‘I thought my younger brother would be good at medicine as he knows a lot about poison… … .’

‘You’re saying you can make your own elixir?’

It is very difficult to master the vast knowledge that many people have accumulated over a long period of time.

But not stopping there and creating something new is a completely different level.

The siblings, who were astonished, soon became convinced with a strange ease.

‘but. ‘Maybe so.’

‘Martial arts are like that, but is medicine any different?’

It felt that way because it was all concentrated.

Because he was such a mysterious being.

Once the surprise subsided to some extent, gratitude came over me.

They are the prestigious of the famous, the people of the four heavenly kingdoms. Among them, her status was unique as she was the legitimate son and daughter of the family head.

However, even those with such noble status could not take this type of elixir often.

This was also the case for Eon Ui-jin of Jinju Eonga, a great land name in Hebei Province.

“… … cadet. “Thank you.”

“… … “I will definitely repay you in the future.”

“… … “I will eat well.”

Jeong Gwang smiled and told us about the precautions.

Dang Ye-ji and Eon Eui-jin’s complexions turned white as they talked about their side… … .

That’s the big deal.

Isn’t that what you have to endure to take the elixir?

Everyone was thankful, but it was nothing compared to Yu Jeong-pung.

He trembled as he looked at the sweet ring in his palm.

‘… … W, elixir? ‘This is mine?’

No matter how great the openness is, it is a group of beggars, and even if Hoogae, the next ark, is seen by others, it is only a beggar prince.

When has a beggar who lives in vain ever seen an elixir?

No, if you have money to buy elixirs, spending it on relief for the poor is the right way to be open!

Isn’t it openness for beggars to care for those who are better off than themselves?

‘… … My heart aches every time the later leaders of other prestigious political factions talk about elixirs… … Only today did I have something to say.’

Yu Jeong-pung politely handed Jeong Gwang his hand.

And I said it with sincerity.

“cadet. Thank you. “I will risk my life to practice and practice righteousness in accordance with your will.”

“Just pay it back.”

“… … .”

As expected, it was a concentrate.

He put silent pressure not only on Yoo Jeong-pung but also on others.

Everyone smiled and nodded and Jeong Gwang clapped his hands.

“ruler. ruler. “People will come, so let’s prepare quickly.”

The four people who felt like they were somehow closer to Jeong Gwang responded with bright faces.


“is it so!”

A warm wind blew in the grand performance hall.

* * *

The atmosphere in the Senate was cold.

So much so that the face of Namgung Hwain, who had come in in good spirits, stiffened.

‘… … Could it be these guys again?’

I spun around so hard in the early morning wind.

Aren’t all those who received bribes looking at him with sharp eyes?

‘What the hell happened!’

For reasons of respect, we didn’t bring it out directly, but we definitely said it while handing the jar over.

These things are different from yesterday.

I’m sure you’ll like it.


‘Whenever you get a compliment, do you close your mouth and come out like this?’

The value of the bribes was enormous.

So much so that Anhui Province’s loser, the Namgung family, suffered for a while.

‘I thought about it as a great nation, so I gritted my teeth and sprayed it… … .’

I couldn’t stand being treated like this.

However, you cannot perform sword dance here.

I had to at least ask.

At that moment, my gaze met Cheongseongpa’s Cheonghae, who had an expression so cold it was like ice.

-Jinin. Why do you have a bad expression? What happened?

Cheonghae’s icy expression distorted.

-house owner. Don’t insult me ​​anymore.

-You’re showing swearing? What do you mean?

-Is it really going to come out like this!

-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think there is a misunderstanding, so let’s discuss it carefully.

-That’s it! Cheongseong will look somewhere different from Namgung, so you know that!

Cheonghae exploded and so did Namgunghwain.

-What? Are you going to take it all and come out like this?

-Receiving! What did I get!

-Byeokgokdan jar!

-joy! Take that back!

-That’s it! Have you said everything?

The more they shared the message, the more excited they became, and without even realizing it, they gained momentum.

Naturally, those around them sensed that something was unusual and began to watch with curious faces.

However, there were people who were glaring at Namgunghwain with the same anger as Cheonghae.

They were the ones who received the bribe last night.

Feeling their momentum, Namgunghwain came to his senses.

‘Unbelievable! ‘Everything comes out like this?’

They are greedy, but not everyone can be like this.

There must have been a problem with the Byeokgokdan jar.


‘I checked it myself and took it. There’s no way the contents are wrong.’

then… … .

‘Did someone take it away after I handed it over?’

Namgunghwain inwardly shook his head.

Because it was an absurd assumption.

Who could do such a thing without the knowledge of himself and the current leaders of Moorim?

If there is any chance… … .

‘… … By any chance?’

No matter how much I thought about it, they were the only ones.

It was hard to believe that the Ten Lords could perform such stealth techniques, but who else but them could do such a thing?

‘It might be true, with those nasty old men pushing the top.’

Anger arose.

It was pure anger against the evil enemies who trampled on the dream that was right in front of me.

Namgunghwain immediately sent a message to his younger brother, Namgung Shingeon.

-For the past two days, I have been alone, alone, and creative. Check out what those three old guys were doing.

Namgung Shin-geon was also a smart person, so he understood the meaning right away.

-Okay, matriarch. But what should they do?

When asked what to do with those who paid bribes, Namgunghwain growled.

-Those greedy bastards will believe you only if you show them proof. I’ll find a way to resolve the misunderstanding, so I’ll ask you to wait a little while. So, you must find out the whereabouts of the Ten Lords!

Namgung Shin-geon answered with a solemn face.

-I will risk my life to do it!

* * *

It was surprisingly easy to find out the whereabouts of the three eccentric old men.

Just a few bridges away is enough to find out where and what they have been doing for the past two days.

Juru is located quite far away from the Murim League. Namgung Shingeon, whose entire body had lost all strength, once again asked Jeomsoi in front of her.

“… … So what you’re saying is that they just kept drinking here?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How can I believe that?”

“Sir, everyone around you knows. You’ve been drinking non-stop for the past few days. “Isn’t that still the case?”

As the clerk said, Dokjon, Geoljon, and Changjon were drinking.

He was babbling with a grumpy face.

“He seems like a bad guy. Are you looking down on me? “All I have to do is learn quickly?”

“Landman, you are still better. “You don’t even want to learn my enlightenment.”

“Huh. They said we would teach them more, but instead they taught others. “I never dreamed something like this would happen.”

Hearing Changjon’s words, Dokjon slammed the table.


“I know yeah! But what are those gymnastics techniques, martial arts techniques, and martial arts techniques? “These are not ordinary things!”

As if it hadn’t happened once or twice, the Jeomsoys cleaned up the smashed table and whined and brought in another table.

When food and alcohol were served again, Dang Gi-hwang handed the slip to the base owner and apologized.

“I keep feeling sorry. “I’m so angry, so please understand.”

“What are you saying? Break it all you want, old man.”

As the owner walked away with a big smile, the old people started talking again.

“What a f*cking monster. Does it make sense to say that you didn’t learn it from someone else and that you made it yourself?”

“Whoa. They say that the back wave of the Yangtze River pushes back the front wave. “That’s exactly how we are right now.”

The three old men were busy being angry or lamenting.

Namgung Shin-geon looked at the scene with a dumbfounded expression and was startled.

The eyes of the three old men were fixed on him.

“Isn’t this the Cheongpung Sword Association of the Namgung family? “Did you come to see us?”

“Wow. I’m angry because I’m looked down on because I’m old. “Hey, would you like to talk for a moment?”

“If you don’t want to come, stay there. “Let’s go.”

Namgung Shin-geon hurriedly expressed his respect, denied the request, and then ran away.

I asked around and confirmed that what Jeomsoi said was true.

When he returned to the Namgung family’s lodgings, he told them what had happened a little while ago, and Namgung Hwain, who had been quietly listening, let out an angry yell.

“Then what kind of guy is he?”

* * *

Jeong Gwang stopped his fortune telling and licked his ears.

‘ah. It tickles. But why did this guy come again?’

The figure approaching outside the door belonged to someone he knew.

‘Well, let’s see what I hear first.’

Jeong Gwang opened the door wide before the person outside the door spoke.

“What’s going on?”

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