Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 70

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Episode 70

Chilyama Young (漆夜魔影)

What Jeong Gwang secretly took while Cheonghae was seeing off Namgung Shin-geon was quite remarkable.

To the extent of revising the evaluation of the Namgung family.

I thought it was a relatively wealthy family, but I guess it’s a very wealthy family.

‘Hasuo(何首烏), Snow ginseng(雪蔘), Nine-leafed Jajicho(nine-leafed Jajicho)…’ … ‘They are all two or three hundred years old.’

It wasn’t just the elixir.

A considerable amount of money and even sparkling jewels. It was a composition rich enough to shake the hearts of those who maintained the middle way.

‘At this level, it’s not a gift, it’s a bribe.’

This is truly a method unbecoming of a political faction.

No, they didn’t threaten with a knife, so this may be a move befitting a political faction.

Jeong Gwang felt gratitude, not anger.

‘Thanks to you, my money was solid.’

You can now get the elixir you used to buy with money for free.

No, on the contrary, my pockets got fatter.

Besides, this wasn’t the end.

Namgung Shin-geon and his party were knocking on the door of another dormitory again.

They are probably trying to do what they did at the Cheongseong faction’s dormitory again.

‘Let’s see. One, two, three jars… … .’

There were still many jars carried by the Namgung family’s warriors.

If there are things in there that are at the same level as the ones before… … .

‘Even if the Nangung family is the loser of Anhui Province, it will not be an easy expense.’

It was something a person would never do.

But when I thought of Namgunghwain’s face, I thought it was worth it.

‘A hypocrite who covets honor.’

Such people are not afraid of losing their family.

Because he put himself before his family.

‘Once you become a leader, you will be confident in taking care of more things than that.’

They will seek as much interest as possible.

To do that, you will have to pay bribes again.

The support he will receive from various factions in return will further solidify his power.

‘If that happens, I won’t become a mere leader.’

You will be able to wield quite a bit of power.

It was said that it would be possible to move the Murimmaeng more effectively than the pendulum.

‘Have you seen such a despicable guy?’

Jeong Gwang also revised his evaluation of Namgunghwain.

‘He’s a pretty good talent.’

Don’t you think that you have to be at that level to get what you want?

‘Compared to that, Mr. Pang is a bit… … .’

He was talented and ambitious, but unfortunately, his spirit of cooperation was too strong.

Should we say that he is a true political person who cannot be helped?

‘But I can’t do it.’

For Kunlun, Peng Su-gwan had to become the leader.

It was the same for the concentrate.

‘I guess I don’t have enough hands.’

It has been a long time since I decided to intercept all the bribes from the Namgung family.

Jeong Gwang lifted the roof tiles, stuffed the things he had brought in, and then stood up.

If you move quickly, you will be able to take care of all the rest.

‘Let’s go.’

His body became blurred and assimilated into the darkness.

It was a martial art he had practiced in his previous life, Chilyama Young (漆夜魔影).

In my previous life, I was a magician who used it to kill enemies while hiding in the dark.

‘I’m a political fanatic too.’

In today’s life, it was a concentrate used as a fair martial art to relieve others’ burdens.

* * *

Baek Seung-moo, who had fallen asleep like a corpse due to extreme fatigue, opened his eyes.

It was because of the foul smell that tickled the tip of my nose.

‘Wow. ‘What the hell?’

I quickly open the door to ventilate, but this time, another smell comes into the room.

I looked around to see what else this was, and saw Jeong Gwang crouching in front of the brazier, fanning himself hard.

“… … execution. “What are you doing so early in the morning?”

“It’s decoction moon.”

“… … So, they suddenly asked me what kind of decoction it was.”

“To eat.”

“… … .”

Who asked because they didn’t know that?

Baek Seungmu sighed inwardly.

His execution was truly incomprehensible.


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‘Don’t worry, let’s sleep.’

But that wasn’t possible.

“Priests. “Come here and fan yourself.”

“execution. I’m really tired right now… … .”

“I’ll give you some.”

Before he knew it, Baek Seung-moo was crouching down next to Jeong Gwang and fanning himself.

“Can I do it like this?”

“A little stronger. okay. Just right. “You have to keep going.”

“Yes, death penalty. Please leave it to me.”

Jeong Gwang nagged him, telling him to put in firewood, stir the decoction, etc.

Baek Seung-mu brewed the herbal medicine with all his concentration without saying a word.

As time passed, the decoction became thicker due to drowsiness.

Jeonggwang put it on his finger, tasted it, and then nodded.

Baek Seung-moo’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.

“execution. “Did the effect work?”

“no. “It tastes pretty good.”

“… … okay.”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

That’s what I said, but it’s probably effective as well.

‘It’s rewarding to be busy running around.’

Namgunghwain must have made up his mind to scatter Byeokgokdan jars to quite a few sects.

I packed it all up one by one and hid it nearby, and when I collected it all, the amount was not normal.

It goes beyond the amount that Jeonggwang should use and has to be distributed to Kunlun Taoist monks as well.

‘I guess I’ll have to do it soon.’

Jeong Gwang made Baek Seung-mu step back and then gathered all his energy into his two hands.

The method of making the medicine into single pills that are easy to store was simple.

Just like when we made Banseondan for Unhu, the founder of Sajo, we just had to do it.

After a while.

Herbal medicines that are as small as a finger have been completed.

“execution. “What is the name of this Danhwan?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“… … “Are you sure that this is a herbal medicine that you designed yourself, just like it was prepared by the founder?”

“huh. Priest, try one.”

The story he heard from other executioners came to Baek Seung-moo’s mind.

What happened to the goat that ate part of the Banseondan made by Jeong Gwang?

‘… … ‘I said I let out a huge fart.’

Baek Seung-moo was not a fool.

Why would you buy something like that?


‘… … After that, the goat became faster and stronger than a leopard.’

What a big deal that fart is.

If you can become stronger, what can’t you do?

“I will be grateful, my brother.”

Baek Seung-moo swallowed Danhwan.

Then he sat cross-legged and observed the interior.

Is the elixir really an elixir?

Soon, a burning sensation arose in my stomach.

‘As expected, it’s the death penalty! ‘I can’t believe the effects of the medicine take effect so quickly!’

There were many problems with his personality, but he was like Jeong Gwang, a genius among geniuses.

And after a while.

Seungmoo Baek once again thought that it was Jeonggwang.

Isn’t the medicinal effect spreading quickly?

Not from the whole body’s energy and blood, but downwards!

‘This is like a damn death penalty!’

Baek Seung-moo put all his strength into his lower legs.

However, it was not something he could do with his abilities.

“… … Yes, death penalty. Please… … .”

“Are you here already? “It’s faster than I thought.”

Jeong Gwang smiled in satisfaction.

Perhaps because the Namgung family paid a lot of attention, the elixirs were quite effective.

“The first effect is to expel turbidity. “Don’t panic, just go to the side and pour yourself a refreshing drink.”

Baek Seung-moo didn’t even have the presence of mind to panic.

“… … Please, save me… … .”

“ah. Can’t walk? “I will help you.”

Jeong Gwang threw Baek Seung-moo into the far side.

Baek Seung-moo, who flew away, landed exquisitely in the side area and at the same time lowered his pants.

Purr purr-

The gas in my stomach came pouring out with a sound like a horse grumbling.

Literally by a narrow margin.

After a while, Baek Seung-mu walked out shakily.

“Sir, I almost died.”

“There is no way someone could die that easily. Go to your room and have breakfast right away. “You will gain quite a bit.”

This morning, all the Kunlun disciples went into the side chamber and then had a lucky breakfast.

It was a chance to throw away what to throw away and gain what to gain.

‘If you truly empty yourself, you can gain strange principles.’

Jeong Gwang named the newly created elixir Jinjungmyoyouhwan (眞空妙有丸).

* * *

Namgunghwain had one theory.

‘The more you empty, the more you can get.’

It did not mean that one could attain Tao by giving up greed.

The idea was that only by investing generously could you reap the benefits.

He ordered his younger brother, Namgung Shingeon, to shower him with gifts, or rather bribes, and entered the palace with confident steps.

Many people’s eyes were focused on him.

It was what he had always wanted.

Of course I had to feel better… … .

Something was a little strange.

‘… … what?’

Aren’t the faces of those who bribed their younger brothers to look stiff?

Namgunghwain immediately sent a message to Namgung Shingeon.

-Are you sure you did things right?

-Of course, matriarch.

-But why are the faces like that?

-… … Let’s find out.

Namgung Shingeon tried to approach them but stopped.

Accepting a bribe is not honorable, but is very scandalous.

People want to hide what they have received, even if others have also received it.

But what if Namgung Shin-geon talks to them?

It was clear that they would all know who received it.

-… … house owner. I will ask this question in full voice while the meeting is in progress.

-Isn’t it obvious? Hurry up and do it.

The meeting soon started.

It was about preparations for the leadership election ceremony and the reorganization of each organization.

In the meantime, Namgung Shin-geon sent off a thunderous note.

First of all, it was Cheonghae of the Cheongseong faction.

-Jinin. You don’t look very good. What happened?

-… … Huh. Are you seriously asking this?

-Maybe you didn’t like Byeokgokdan? These were things I prepared with great care… … .

A chill appeared on Cheonghae’s face.

‘This guy is real!’

They said that it was Byeokgokdan, which would increase martial arts skills and help in the management of the clan, but it was just Byeokgokdan.

I tried it just in case, but the taste was just okay. It was truly Byeokgokdan!

‘Are you kidding me?’

I wanted to yell at him right away, but I couldn’t.

There was no point in asking why the bribe was like that.

Anyway, isn’t he a Taoist?

‘Whoa. Looking at his expression, it doesn’t seem like he’s teasing me… … .’

The Namgung family may have mistakenly included only the real Byeokgokdan.

okay. It’s something that people do, so isn’t that possible? … .

‘… … is a mess. What do you do with such incompetent bastards?’

Cheonghae suppressed his anger and sent a message.

-… … Byeokgokdan does not suit me. I’ll give it back to you, so let’s pretend it never happened.

-… … !

Namgung Shin-geon tried to keep a calm expression.

I was swearing inside.

‘What’s wrong with this stupid Taoist guy! Don’t those precious things fit your body? Doesn’t it have to be the legendary Three Kings of Ten Thousand Years or Gongcheongseokyu?’

I’ve always thought he was a sinister Taoist, but I never thought he would go crazy like this.

‘for a moment. ‘Is this by any chance?’

Namgung Shin-geon also sent a message to other people who had paid bribes.

And I fell into despair.

Doesn’t everyone have a similar reaction to Cheonghae?

‘Oh, how could this happen!’

His older brother, Namgung Hwa-in, was very perceptive.

He immediately asked in full voice and almost pulled out his sword as soon as he heard his brother’s answer.

‘no. Hold on. ‘You have to endure it!’

After bracing himself and barely holding back, his eyes sparkled.

‘I didn’t know these guys were this greedy.’

Namgung Hwain could not even imagine that someone would have stolen everything.

‘good. ‘Let me take a look at your dishes.’

I will prepare a bigger bribe.

When it gets dark, I will personally bring it to you and ask.

Do you think this is not enough?

A cold smile appeared on Namgunghwain’s lips.

Because no one would dare say that he is lacking in front of him.

* * *

Jeong Gwang, who had been rolling around in bed, woke up as night fell.

‘Let’s go soon.’

Some time later, he appeared on the roof of the pavilion near the residence of King Namgung.

As I was killing time for a while, I saw a few people leaving.

‘Hoo. There is also a matriarch.’

Jeong Gwang, who looked at Namgung Hwain’s face, nodded inwardly.

Since the head of the family came forward herself, isn’t it obvious that she would have prepared even more things than yesterday?

‘I came here just in case, and it turned out well.’

Jeong Gwang’s body became blurred and melted into darkness.

It’s literally the perfect Chilyama Young.

Although Namgung Painter’s reputation is high, it was a stealth technique so secret that it could never be recognized.

‘Where should I confide further?’

There was a deep smile on Jeong Gwang’s face.

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