Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 7

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Episode 7

Kunlun’s martial arts skills are wide and deep.

A large meeting was held with Unja Bae and Heo Ja Bae gathered together.

How can the topic become stronger?

Presenter Jeong Gwang preached his theory in front of the senior monks.

“You just have to work hard.”

“You have to do well.”

“You have to be lucky too.”

How could it be this simple?

Of course, those who heard it were dumbfounded.

Unhu came forward as the representative.

He had no doubt that he believed in Jeong Gwang, but wasn’t this a bit wrong?

“Is that all there is?”


“… … I see.”

It was also Unhu.

There was a glimmer of disbelief in his eyes, but he tried to trust his precious son.

But there were many more who were not.

“can not believe it.”

It was Heojik who had been on a rampage before due to the ‘wonderful’ cold weather issue.

A thought crossed Jeong Gwang’s mind as to whether he was still confused, but Heo Jik was not such a narrow-minded person.

“Isn’t that too typical?”

“The truth is originally simple.”

“… … That’s true, but it’s not something that can be said so simply.”

Most nodded.

You have to work hard, do well, and be lucky. Who can’t say that?

Still, Heo Cheong was a master and helped Jeong Gwang.

“Hey priest. “There’s nothing wrong with what you said, so why are you saying it?”

“Huh. “There is nothing wrong with that.”

“Didn’t you hear it earlier? “The truth is simple.”

“No, what is that…” … .”

Heo Qing continued to throw tantrums.

My student is a genius among geniuses. How dare you doubt him? It was something like this.

Heojik, who was irritated, turned his head and looked at the crying boat.

Please scold Heo Cheong for saying nonsense and ask for help.

However, Unja Bae has received something from Jeong Gwang, so how can he say something he dislikes? Moreover, Unhu and Jang Mun-in made silent threats.

Heojik’s eyes became sharp.

“I have a question, may I ask you?”

Even though no one told him to do so, Heo Jik continued.

“You suddenly became very correct. Did you achieve enlightenment as a group? Or is it something good?”

The elders all just looked at the distant mountains or were lost.

Unless you are a fool, you would know this.

Just looking at it, it’s related to concentration.

Exhausted, Heojik shook his head.

And he spoke to Heo Cheong in a sighing voice.

“I understand, death sentence. Let’s say yes.”

“Uh huh. Are you hitting it? “Is that true?”

“… … !”

The anger that I had been barely holding back exploded.

“I am confident in working hard! But what exactly do being good at something and being lucky mean?”

“Of course it means something good!”

It’s literally a never-ending conversation.

Jeong Gwang, who was watching boredly, said to Heo Jik.

“Sasook. “Working hard is the most difficult thing.”

“… … “What?”

Heojik misunderstood something.

What can I do?

Jeong Gwang, who is young and has a low distribution, should understand.

I corrected his misunderstanding.

“If you do what I tell you to do well, it will be resolved.”

The surroundings became quiet.

“… … Are you lucky?”

“Kunlun is already lucky.”

Everyone thought, ‘No way.’

“… … why?”

Jeong Gwang raised his finger and pointed at himself as if it were obvious.

“Because I am there.”

To summarize, Kunlun was lucky enough to have a spirit, and if you follow his teachings, you will do well, so all you have to do is work hard.


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Everyone gaped, but Jeong Gwang was serious.

“I believe you will work hard even if it is a little difficult.”

* * *

Unja Bae, Heo Ja Bae, and Jeong Ja Bae all gathered at the main training hall. Even long letters.

Everyone was shocked, but they were also looking forward to it.

If you look back at what Jeong Gwang has done so far, isn’t that inevitable?

This was even more so because some people accepted Jeonggwang as a rebirth of the founding of the faction.

‘That’s what they said, but the reality is probably different.’

‘How amazing is this?’

‘It’s a cool and strong Kunlun martial art!’

‘It starts right now!’

Jeong Gwang, seeing that everyone was focused, solemnly declared.

“You have to sell something that suits your qualifications and aptitude.”

My pulse relaxed.

The monks looked at each other with anxious faces and murmured.

“It’s so ordinary, isn’t it?”

“It’s all about choice and concentration.”

“Huh. This is a bit… … .”

Jeong Gwang didn’t care and divided the number of people. He had no hesitation because he had seen them all these years.

But the Taoists were different. Those who were included in the category excluding the prosecution protested fiercely.

“I’ve been focusing on swordsmanship so far, so what do you mean by swordsmanship?”

“That’s right for Sasuk.”

“I’m not doubting your insight, but if you’re a disciple of the main text, of course you’re a swordsman.”

“Are you ignoring funeral laws? “With that, you will become cooler and stronger.”

Jeong Gwang did not back down even an inch.

Honestly, I felt sorry for them.

Why are you saying so many things when you haven’t done anything in the world?

What can I do? Even now, we must lead the way to the right path.

However, he spoke kindly to those who still disobeyed him.

“Then, Sasuk, do as you said. “Don’t blame her later.”

“… … .”

What is this feeling of discomfort?

A genius among geniuses tells you not to complain later.

The monks secretly followed his words.

“ruler! Stay focused! Theory later! Let’s start with practical work!”

Jeong Gwang was busy moving around.

He went over there and demonstrated sword techniques, and over here he demonstrated boxing techniques, walking around without stopping for even a moment.

“You used to do it like this, but here it is like this!”


The sword that was stabbing sharply wriggled and flew like a dragon going through a storm.


It’s a wonderful Kunlun.

“This is not it! “This is how you do it!”

Wooooow- boom!

The spectacle of an ordinary stab at the government being enveloped in a cloud of energy and striking the air!


It is a strong Kunlun.

“You all knew, right?”

“I get it!”

The Taoist monks cheered with every move he made.

Cool and strong Kunlun martial arts.

Who can deny it?

The doubts that had been building up in one corner of my mind began to fade.

Some people were shocked as they sparred with the existing martial arts and the martial arts they had just learned.

“Unbelievable! Just by twisting your waist a little, you can achieve this kind of power! “This is so cool!”

“Oh my! It’s definitely different! “After dealing with it, it’s a match made in heaven!”

There was wonder in their eyes as they looked back at Jeonggwang.

The stomach crying and the stomach crying like this are already in a state of enthusiasm!

Jeong Ja-bae also took an active part.

“Priests. “How should I interpret the phrase, ‘Appearance, poor medicine, poor medicine, weak medicine, good health, good health, good health, good health?’”

Jeong Ja-bae, who is in the same line as Jeong-gwang, is the Naegongsimbeop that causes the most headaches.

This is the same thing.

The energy that enters and exits the danjeon is slightly unbroken, as if it is present or not, and if you rest lightly, the top becomes firm and the roots become deeper?

Jeong Gwang had a lot to say when he died and met the founder of the faction in real life.

Hey inspiration.

There are degrees of trying to appear present.

What kind of bastard is so obsessed with nonsense?

What are the kids guilty of?

Just as he thought, Jeongso, the executioner, was venting his anger.

“Master explained it to me several times, but I don’t understand it. “It’s been a few days now that I’ve been lost in that passage.”

Jeong Gwang answered.

“It means that if you continue to do it weakly, you will get used to it.”

“… … really?”


“… … “That’s it?”

“What did Sasuk say?”

“… … When essence merges with spirit, spirit merges with qi, and qi merges with body… … .”

“Stop. You don’t need to say more. I understand. Anyway, in short, that’s what it means, so don’t worry too much about it.”

“Priests! thanks!”


Another problem solved.

However, voices looking for concentrate were echoing here and there.

He had to keep busy.

Jang Moon-in felt sad to see this continue until the sun set.

“Huh. “You should be concentrating on one thing too, so I’m sorry you wasted so much time doing martial arts because of us.”

Jeong Gwang was puzzled.

What kind of nonsense is this?

“I don’t mind.”

“… … why?”

“Because it becomes a quality. “You have to learn everything.”

“… … “Isn’t it better to sell just one thing?”

“no way. That’s not true. “The more you know how to do, the better, but since you don’t have the ability to do that, it’s self-defense.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang, who misunderstood Jang Moon-in’s bewildered expression, kindly explained.

“For example, a swordsman broke his sword after fighting for a while. But the recommended alcohol is terrible. “Then it’s a dead life, right?”

This is not a joke, as many of the disciples of the old group, especially Taoist monks, fell into this category.

Since he only wielded a sword, he was very vulnerable to unexpected situations such as being broken or stolen.

“So the more you know about martial arts, the better. “You must learn at least one recommended drink and one drink.”

“I don’t have the qualifications to do that… … .”

“You have to do it even if you don’t have it. Even if you can only learn it to a halfway level, it is better than not knowing it at all.”

Jeong Gwang, who was playing with his mouth, made a mistake.

Surprisingly, there were many things left out.

“Of course, internal energy and footwork are basic. “You have to work especially hard when it comes to light techniques.”

“… … Why the light technique again?”

“If you don’t feel like going, you should run away.”

“… … !”

Check your liver? escape?

If you feel like you’re going to lose to a disciple of the Kunlun Sect, run away?

What kind of nonsense does that make?

Jeong Gwang, who saw Jang Moon-in’s face turning red, changed his words a bit.

“It will be easier if you think of using light techniques to attack the opponent’s blind spot.”

It was a much nicer expression to hear.

The problem was that the square protruded too far and became a square.

Jang Moon-in shook his head and then opened his mouth.

“It’s getting dark, so let’s go in.”


“… … ?”

“You decided to work hard.”

“No, but isn’t there something that needs to be seen?”

I can’t believe the leader of one sect could say something so pathetic.

Jeong Gwang, who was about to yell sternly, thought back to his current age.

“Do warriors fight only during the day? “You have to practice whenever you have time.”

“But isn’t it efficient? “There is also a risk of injury.”

“Church of the Heavenly Demon… … No, I mean the demonic cults. “I heard that we, Kunlun, were always on the front lines fighting against them.”


“Did they only attack during the day?”

“… … “It wasn’t.”

Jang Mun-in had no way to refute.

For a long time after that, the Taoists had to move their limbs like crazy.

They could breathe a sigh of relief only when complete darkness came.

“Whoa. “It’s finally over.”

“haha. “How long has it been since I trained so intensely?”

“It was a difficult but rewarding day. ha ha ha.”

Everyone was exhausted but feeling proud.

Effort never betrays.

Kunlun was changing.

I was proud to be a part of it.

I thought so until I heard Jeong Gwang’s words.

“What are you doing? “You have to light a bonfire and continue.”

“… … .”

The faces of the monks were rotten.

Only Unhu, who could not be present due to the destruction of the danjeon, sat comfortably watching and was moved.

‘Muryangsubul. The Prime Minister is caressing Kunlun.’

Jeong Gwang urged the Taoists. I had no intention of making fun of him.

He was also teaching and growing.

Since the founder of the faction was a fairly capable young man, Kunlun’s martial arts skills were numerous and complex.

For those who did not yet know martial arts, they read the secret classes and then watched the elders demonstrate.

‘Hoo. It would be better not to make a big deal out of this.’

There was also a time when he was inspired by the execution of Jeong Ja-bae, who was weak in martial arts.

‘what is this. ‘You also have an unexpected talent?’

Even though individuals may be lacking, the power of the group is strong.

A smile appeared on his lips.

‘I guess this is why it’s a one-file room.’

A pretty fun day followed.

However, I had no intention of continuing this.

If you train hard, you will finish it quickly.

In order to balance the distorted balance caused by the rapidly increased internal strength, it is roughly… … .


Jeong Gwang shook his head.

Wouldn’t it be better to revise all of Kunlun’s martial arts and practice them until everyone has learned them to a certain extent?

I turned my head and looked at the portrait of the founder of the faction.

It was as if he was saying this.

-Heulheul. Kunlun’s martial arts skills are so wide and deep that even if you dedicate your entire life, it would be impossible… … .

“I guess five years will do it.”

-… … .

“There is too much to fill. “Ugh!”

Jeong Gwang stood up and stretched for a long time.

When I opened the door, it was pouring rain.

Ambassador Jeongwoo, who was watching from the room across from me, quickly ran over.

“Hey, priest.”


“It’s raining.”


In response to Jeong Gwang’s calm words, Jeong Woo spoke emphatically, cutting off each word.

“A lot of people come here?”

It’s not that it wasn’t, it was Jungwoo who got soaked even in the short time he ran from the other side.

A smile appeared on Jeonggwang’s lips.

“I think everyone will like it because it’s cool.”

“… … No, that’s not it… … .”

“ruler! Let’s go!”

“Yes, priest… … .”

I left the room with brisk steps.

It was time to get the Taoists rolling again.

* * *

After a heavy rain, a thick cloud covered Kunlun Mountain.

There was a young man frowning at the sight at the bottom of the mountain.

‘I don’t like it.’

The middle-aged man who was ahead turned around and urged with his eyes.

The young man let out a small sigh and started climbing the mountain.

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