Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 68

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Episode 68

Martial arts is the best

Guryongsabong Peak was the most notable late index in the current Jeongpa martial arts group.

When three of them and the small head of the Sichuan Tang family appeared, the people went crazy.

But when the training started, people just blinked.

Dang O-gun and Dang Ye-ji lectured on poison and memorization, but the meaning was extremely difficult.

Jeong Gwang, who was watching, intervened.

“Let’s keep it as brief as I said.”

“cadet. “Isn’t that happening now?”

“I was trying to explain it as simply as possible.”

Just because someone is a genius doesn’t mean they are good at teaching.

In fact, there are many cases where they cannot be taught.

Because he learned it easily, he thinks others will too.

However, Jeong Gwang was a genius among geniuses, so he knew how to do things efficiently.

“Just tell me what to watch out for and how to give first aid if something happens.”

“That alone would take a long time.”

“It’s not something that can be done in a few days.”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“It would be faster if you experienced it yourself. “Only the easiest ones.”


After a while.

Screams erupted from everywhere.

“Oh my! “I have no feeling in my tongue!”

“Wow. Cow, inside… … Cough!”

It wasn’t a serious poison, but something that temporarily paralyzed the senses or upset the stomach.

However, it was enough for ordinary martial artists, and it was a good experience for those of a famous sect.

“hmm. “It’s just right.”

Jeong Gwang showed a satisfied expression.

I was proud of Dang Oh-gun, who diligently sprayed poison and used memorization techniques, and Dang Ye-ji, who treated those who were harmed by him.

I didn’t detoxify it to save on the more expensive solution than the poison, but it’s not a very strong poison, so time will tell.

Jeong Gwang immediately sent off an electric shock.

-Party small cooperative! Party Sojeo! It’s now!

The Tang siblings explained poison and memorization to those suffering. It was a simple precaution and first aid method, and people desperately memorized it even though they were in pain.


If you can’t memorize it, you’ll have to suffer again.

After the short but painful training, Kwon Bong Eon Ui-jin and Uiryong Yu Jeong-pung came out.

After introducing them, Jeong Gwang looked around at the people and asked.

“Suppose you were fighting with a weapon and it broke. The enemy’s blade is flying at my neck. “What are you going to do?”

The reason why warriors use weapons is because they can kill people more effectively than red-handed fists.

Therefore, most of them devoted themselves to military skills, and there were many who were weak in hand-to-hand awareness (拳掌指脚), which they only learned when they were young.

“It would be embarrassing if I died because I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, right?”

That’s what I mean.

But the funny thing was that such things actually happened frequently.

“That’s why physical skills are important. “If you are an unmanned person, you should learn the recommended methods as basics.”

It was a fact that everyone knew, but ignored for various reasons.

Since I had this opportunity, I thought I would learn it properly again.

And that wasn’t the end.

“ruler. You are on the battlefield. But the weapon I was using was broken. What should I do?”

Everyone thinks of recommended methods, but Jeong Gwang gave a different answer.

“If it’s a battlefield, there will be weapons lying around, right? You have to pick it up and fight it. But it’s an unfamiliar weapon? That’s why you have to learn kunjutsu (棍術).”

Gun (棍) is a weapon that humans have used since the beginning of time, so it is safe to say that all weapons were derived from it.

Like the recommended method, most sects taught it at the time of initiation, but there was almost no place where it was taught only in passing and on a consistent basis.

“Sama Lian and Heaven… … It’s the same with demonic religions, it’s not like dancing. It’s going to be a war. Gon is the mother of all ills. “Just learn it without fail.”

For this reason, Eon Ui-jin taught martial arts and Yu Jeong-pung taught Gonjutsu.

It was a very good appointment because he was famous for punching and hitting with sticks.

Moreover, the things they taught were not things they had realized on their own, but things they had learned from their own knowledge.

When they were passed down, Eon Ui-jin and Yu Jeong-pung were surprised and asked.

‘… … This is no ordinary martial arts. ‘Why are you telling me this?’

‘cadet. The same goes for Konsul. It looks ordinary at first glance, but it contains deep wisdom. Where did I get martial arts skills? no way… … ?’

The two people were shocked when Jeong Gwang smiled and said yes.

‘First of all, learn it quickly. Then I can teach it to others.’

‘… … ‘What do you want?’

‘… … ‘Tell me honestly.’

Jeong Gwang answered simply.

‘If you ask me a question after I learn it properly, I will give you an answer.’

They are martial arts that can yield great achievements even if you learn them just a little, but are difficult to master properly.

Someone with the caliber of Guryongsabong could do it, but… … .

I had an insatiable thirst and wanted something behind it.


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In the end, Eon Ui-jin and Yoo Jeong-pung will inevitably end up hanging themselves by Jeong Gwang someday.

Naturally, this thought came to mind.

‘How will I use it when that time comes?’

But that is a problem for the distant future.

Jeong Gwang focused on the task in front of him.

This means that I sat comfortably and watched.

‘This again isn’t as good as I thought.’

Eon Ui-jin and Yu Jeong-pung were demonstrating with all their enthusiasm and sincerity.

The reason was that since they were also learning, I wanted to make them more enlightened by teaching them.

However, the two martial arts, which were a little more sophisticated than Jeong Gwang’s expectations, were very difficult for ordinary martial artists.

‘I can’t. ‘I have no choice but to use it.’

I was planning to use it later when I got into real trouble.

It didn’t really matter because it might be better to use it now.

Jeong Gwang gathered his inner energy and spit out a lion’s rear.

“This bridge and instructors are disappointed in you! “Is this all there is to it?”

“… … !”

The men put aside their focus and looked at the instructors.

Dang Ye-ji and Eon Ui-jin are so beautiful that they are given a bong (鳳) in their nicknames.

‘this! ‘Those eyes!’

‘Ugh. How pathetic we must look.’

They didn’t think anything, but it seemed like the men were thinking that way.

‘Concentration! ‘Let’s focus!’

‘If you can’t understand it with your head, just write it on your body!’

It wasn’t just the men who developed fighting spirit.

The same was true for women.

‘oh! Confucius Tang’s face has hardened!’

Just looking at him, Tang O-gun, a nobleman, always looked like a piece of wood, just like his father, Tang Yong-jung.

‘iced coffee. Sohyeop Yoo is making a rough expression. ‘You’re mad at us!’

Although he is a beggar, Yoo Jeong-pung is full of chivalry and has a manly appearance.

To put it another way, it was a grim-looking face, so it was natural for it to look rough.

And above all, there was Jeong Gwang, the most handsome man in the world.

When he even vomited and encouraged the lion’s hooves, venom appeared in the women’s eyes.

This was done with the sole intention of not disappointing Jeong Gwang any more.

The reason people had this misunderstanding was because of their lack of qualifications and not being able to properly follow the teachings… … .


“Let’s go!”

Anyway, it turned out to be a good result.

Everyone came together as one and devoted themselves to the training.

The heat was so hot that even a fool would soon become a Ten Master if he practiced like this.

And when the training session ended, they collapsed on the floor.

Jeong Gwang clapped his hands and praised their enthusiasm.

“Thank you all for your hard work! See you tomorrow!”

People trembled at the words ‘again tomorrow’ but could not hide their proud expressions.

They gathered themselves, stood up, and expressed their gratitude to Jeong Gwang and the instructors.

One of them, a young man, asked the Dang siblings.

“Thank you for letting me experience poison and memorization. But are you still okay?”

Whether poison or memorization, secrecy and unexpectedness are the key to life.

I revealed such things and even told people about this and that, but the question was who would not be a member of the party?

Instead of Dang O-gun, who remained silent with an expressionless face, Dang Ye-ji answered in a calm voice.

“The poison and memorization of the Tang family are at a higher level.”

“… … !”

The same was true for Eon Ui-jin, Yu Jeong-pung, and Paengga warriors.

That’s how wide and deep the martial arts of the nine major families and the seven great families were.

Needless to say about the concentration.

“Thank you all for your hard work. “It’s nothing special, but eat this and cheer up.”

Peng Su-won and Peng family warriors offered treats to the people.

It was a decoction that relieved stagnant blood and boosted energy.

‘Huh. ‘They even take care of things like this.’

‘Paengga’s sincerity is amazing.’

It wasn’t an elixir. Although it was something that could be purchased by spending a bit of money, people felt grateful for the attention to detail.

When the mood was set, the head of the Peng family, Peng Su-gwan, appeared and gave a short speech.

“Not everyone can become a master, but with effort, you can improve! This retreat is intended to make it easier for you to move by laying the groundwork for your progress! “I hope everyone will give their strength for the sake of the powerful and the world!”


The first day of the retreat ended with loud cheers from the participants.

Jeong Gwang did not teach anything directly, but no one noticed.

* * *

Until the retreat ends and reopens the next day.

A lot of things happened here and there in the Murim League.

First, warriors from the Tang, Open, and Yue families, who had become involved with the Kunlun faction and had decided to push the Paeng family, also decided to participate in the retreat.

Isn’t it a situation where we are all in the same boat anyway?

Plus, it was a good opportunity to re-establish the basics.

In fact, we initially planned to involve only young people.

“No matter how much you build the foundation, it’s not enough. “It may not come out right away, but it will be your strong support for the rest of your life.”

“But why don’t you, Master?”

“… … .”

“This has come to this, so let’s do it together.”

For this reason, even older people had no choice but to participate.

And the wind of change also blew in the Six-Pang Seven-Dan-Sam-Jang.

Some of those who participated highly praised the retreat.

Places that openly supported the Namgung family were unable to do so, but those who secretly supported or watched the Pan family began to participate in the retreat one by one.

Naturally, the size of the retreat grew.

Praise for the organizers, Paengga, and other clans who were in the same boat also increased.

Additionally, Jeong Gwang and the instructors became more familiar than before.

Baek Seung-moo, who had a secret crush on Eon Eui-jin, also quietly stepped in.

‘After all, there is no better confession than a compliment to a woman.’

He gathered all the courage of his life and opened his mouth.

“You have a beautiful face and calluses on your fists. “It is an honor to meet a great warrior who sacrificed his hands for martial arts.”

“… … .”

Eon Ui-jin found out who the fool was who taught Jeong-gwang such ridiculous compliments.

“Hmm. Shall we begin now?”

Everyone nodded to what Jeong Gwang said as he stretched.

It was the beginning of the retreat.

People participated with joy.

And I was surprised to learn more about concentrates.

It had been a while since Jeong Gwang came to Jungwon, so rumors about him reached the Murim Alliance.

“I heard that Jin Yuryong burned Yulingchae, a member of the Yellow River Waterway Alliance!”

“Is that all? “They cut off the heads of the devils known as the Cheonghae Four Evils!”

“How about helping the common people by clearing land and clearing roads blocked by landslides!”

“Huh. You defeated the elder of the communal faction? “That’s a little hard to believe.”

In fact, even those who spoke skeptically thought it was worth it.

No, it must be true because the Taoist monks of the Community Sect who heard the people’s story passed by with stern faces and turned away.

People’s faith in concentrates grew.

As this happened, Namgunghwain’s anger also grew.

* * *


Namgunghwain shattered the table and shouted.

“What did everyone do to get to this point!”

“… … .”

“Stop wasting your time and come up with a way! hurry!”

Everyone, including Namgung Shingeon and Namgung Ryeok, sighed inwardly.

For a warrior, nothing can be more important than martial arts.

What on earth can change people’s minds?

Namgung Hwa-in, who was shaking his beard in anger, suddenly smiled coldly.

It’s just that there was no need to do it, and it’s not like he didn’t have a way.

martial arts,

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