Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 67

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Episode 67


Namgunghwain met many people as he headed to the main training hall.

They all bowed politely, and he also returned the favor humbly.

With a grinning smile.

Namgunghwain was an experienced person who could smile even when the heat was soaring.

‘You’re being stubborn.’

I was in a hurry, but I met a lot of people today.

When will we go like this?

As I hurried on, begging for understanding, I saw a grand performance hall in front of me.

“… … !”

Many people were seen inside the open door. Those outside were also going inside.

As I focused my ears, I could hear people talking.

“her. “I had no idea it would be such a useful practice.”

“That’s right. It’s a good thing you came. “I almost regretted it.”

“Ugh. But it’s so hard. “I guess I can’t even walk properly.”

“What can I do? “I said the next training will involve not using your body, so just hold on a little longer.”

At that time, the Panga warrior standing at the entrance shouted loudly.

“Break time is over! “Please come in!”

People who were talking outside hurried inside.

It was very comical to see him limping and trying to walk as fast as possible.

However, Namgunghwain, who was watching it, did not find it funny at all.

This was because there were not only those dressed as ordinary warriors, but also warriors of well-known clans.

‘What kind of training are you doing?’

When the heavy door closed, the training ground was cut off from the outside world.

Namgunghwain walked a little faster and asked the Panga warrior standing at the entrance.

“Why is it closing?”

Paengga Muin put his hands together politely and then opened his mouth.

“That’s because only those who want to participate can participate.”

“Huh. Then we shouldn’t close the door any further. “What should we do with those who arrive late?”

“There are two training sessions, one session per day. This is the second training. Anyone who wants can come tomorrow.”

Namgunghwain tilted his head and stroked his abundant beard.

“Hmm. I wonder what kind of training it is. “I want to get a closer look, so please open the door.”

“I’m sorry, but no.”

“… … !”

Namgunghwain could not believe his ears.


It was a phrase I had never heard many times in my life.

It was something I had never heard even more since I sat down as the head of the Namgung family.

But this was done by a young man who was not even the head of the family?

‘How dare you!’

Namgunghwain, who almost pulled out his sword for a moment, forced himself to swallow his anger.

No matter how much he is, he can’t just stab the man in his family.

It would have eased my mood a bit if I at least used my tongue sharply, but even that was something I had to endure.

‘There are too many eyes watching.’

There were people watching the situation and whispering.

They were not ordinary warriors, but people from a powerful sect.

Those who belong to a sect that has the right to elect a martial leader.

I couldn’t show them that I had lost my composure.

Namgunghwain nodded with as gentle an expression as possible.

“My thoughts were short. You are right. “Rules should apply uniformly to everyone.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Namgunghwain smiled and then turned around.

Sending a sharp message to his younger brother, Namgung Shingeon.

-Find out what’s going on inside.

-Oh, I understand.

-Everything, nothing left out!

* * *

The first training session consisted of basic training to control the body.

The vast majority of the participating drones were ordinary drones, so in a way it was natural.

Jeong Gwang emphasized to them the importance of foundations.

‘Martial arts with a weak foundation are nothing more than a pavilion.’

It was not such a gentle expression.

It was a blatant and bloody statement.

“If your foundation is weak, you die quickly.”

“… … !”

“The foundation is the framework, the framework. “If the bone is flabby, will the flesh attached to it move properly?”

The warriors tilted their heads at the words that seemed to make sense but did not make sense.


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But Jeong Gwang did not give them time to think.

“ruler. Let’s start with horse work first. “It’s only the first day, so I’m only giving a glimpse.”

The warriors thought they had heard wrong.

I didn’t expect you to teach me some kind of tax-saving technique, but Mabo?

Jeong Gwang frowned slightly as he looked at the people standing in silence.

“If you don’t want to do it, you can leave.”

“… … !”

It was the concentration that enabled Zhang Yi, an ordinary warrior, to defeat Confucius, the youngest of the Shakyamuni clan.

Isn’t it possible that something decent will come out after Mabo?

The warriors followed Jeong Gwang’s words.

While grumbling inwardly.

‘How long has it been since this?’

Raise both arms and extend them forward, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees.

It was the perfect Mabo posture, with the thighs parallel to the ground.

But they were mistaken.

Jeonggwang’s Mabo was not like that.

“iced coffee. “Someone told me to rest in peace.”

“… … ?”

“Do you see the person in the third row from the right, twelfth from the front?”

People’s heads all turned towards one place.

There was Jang-i, trembling and in the Mabo position.

“That’s Mabojo. “Everyone follow the same instructions.”

“… … !”

People were astonished.

‘Is that Mabo?’

‘What nonsense!’

Zhang Yi was standing on his tiptoes, not on the soles of his feet, in the Mabo pose!

‘… … That’s unusual. ‘Let’s give it a try.’

As a test, a warrior imitated Jang’s posture.

And soon I was screaming inside.

‘what’s this!’

Isn’t it more than ten times harder and twenty times more painful than the original Mabo?


A painful groan came from his mouth.

People who were curious imitated his posture.

Soon they too began to distort their faces and groan.

‘Wow, it’s so hard!’

‘Have I neglected basic training too much?’

Mabo is one of the most basic training methods learned as soon as one enters martial arts.

Although it was that important, surprisingly few people practiced it consistently.

The reason was simple.

Because it was such a boring and painful training.

Jeong Gwang gritted his teeth and smiled happily as he looked at the trembling people.

“It’s not boring, right?”

Not only was everyone bored, but they were almost out of their minds.

“The pain is much greater, so you will see excellent results in a short period of time.”

I don’t know the effect yet, but it was definitely excessively painful.

The eyes of people looking at Jeonggwang became sharper.

Jeong Gwang calmly received those gazes and spoke calmly.

“Everyone knows the importance of the basics, but few actually follow them.”

“… … .”

“Why is that so? Because you’re bored? Because it’s painful? “Actually, these are all excuses.”

“… … ?”

“Because no one else is doing it. Everyone is practicing the fancy herbivore method, but I feel like I’ll be left behind if I’m the only one doing this. “It is for this reason.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“So let’s all do it together. Then you won’t feel anxious.”

Of course, I didn’t concentrate, but the atmosphere changed a little.

A spark of motivation bloomed in the warriors.

Jeong Gwang pushed the pile of firewood there.

“ah. And if you work hard at Mabo, your wife will love you. “You may not be a martial arts expert, but you will definitely become a strong man.”

“… … !”

It was a truth that everyone knew but pretended not to know.

‘okay! ‘What’s the use of training for a hundred days to do something like Neigong?’

‘Men go outside! Especially Maboda!’

It didn’t matter whether I was married or not.

Everyone became one and burned hotly under the name of man.

“ah. “I forgot.”

Jeong Gwang also threw carrots to those who were marginalized.

“Did you know that if you do Mabo properly, your lower body will become firm and slim?”

I know.

I just didn’t do it because it was annoying.

The women also burned hotly.

Jeong Gwang looked around at the people and nodded.

‘I feel motivated.’

There were many people who endured and endured and then fell.

But that was only for a moment, and I gritted my teeth and got up and did Mabo again.

It wasn’t just for the reason Jeong Gwang said.

The competitive spirit towards each other and the will to use this opportunity to build a strong foundation again made it possible.

Just like that, the hellish part has passed.

“Stop. “Let’s take a break.”

The sound of falling down was heard here and there.

They all had painful expressions, but their eyes were shining clearly.

“Break over. “Everyone, please stand up.”

People stood up unsteadily.

“Jang Sohyeop. “Come out here.”


“Come on.”

“Oh, I understand!”

Jeong Gwang sent a message to Jang Yi, who came limping towards him.

-You know the gymnastics method I told you about? Please show them a demonstration. Excluding the back eight style, only the front eight style.

“Oh, I understand. But why only Jeon Pal-sik… … .”

-ah. You can’t hear it all.

“… … .”

Jang Yi’s face turned red.

-Why are you embarrassed? As you practice, you will become stronger, and you can learn then.

“… … !”

It means that if you follow your concentration, you will become stronger someday!

Jang’s heart was pounding violently.

But that wasn’t the end.

-Anyway, I will only tell people who have a connection with me about the Hupal ceremony. Jang Sohyeop and his colleagues.

Jang Yi’s face was filled with emotion.

Now, not only he, but also his colleagues who learned the Hupal style with him will have no choice but to be loyal to Jeong Gwang.

-ruler. Go ahead and do it.

Jang Yi politely bowed and performed the gymnastics techniques he had learned from Jeong Gwang.

It was a unique gymnastics method that was performed by walking rather than moving the limbs in place.

The people who followed Jang Yi soon felt their bodies becoming more comfortable.

Even your heart.

This was not just the case for ordinary warriors.

The same was true for the few people from the Six Directions Seven Dans Sanzang who came out of curiosity.

‘This isn’t just a simple gymnastics technique!’

‘It seems to contain good energy. Could it be Kunlun’s secret gymnastics method?’

Is that possible?

Kunlun Mountain is high and rugged.

If you are a friend who does not know martial arts, you will feel sick after climbing.

It was just a gymnastics method that Jeong Gwang created for them, and it was not that great.

Of course, by the standard of concentrate.

‘Thanks to this, a lot of people were able to come here and I was able to save some money.’

After briefly reminiscing about the past, Jeong Gwang moved on to the next step.

“This time it’s sparring! “Check out your own strengths and weaknesses!”

Jeong Gwang only talked with his mouth, and his sparring partner was Paengga.

As the organizer of the retreat, Paengga was giving his all.

The Panga warriors, including the head’s younger brother, Paeng Su-won, dealt with the warriors who participated in the retreat.

It is impossible for ordinary warriors to last long against such experts.

Still, it was a huge opportunity.

When will they be able to mix hands with these experts?

The Panga warriors worked hard at beating and giving advice.

Ordinary dancers learned a little bit about wrong habits they were unaware of and directions for improvement.

For them, it felt like rain falling during a drought.

“That’s it for the first training session! Let’s take a break and start again! “You can go out and rest!”

As soon as Jeong Gwang’s words fell, the door to the grand performance hall opened wide.

People scattered.

A person who re-examines what he or she has learned.

A person who is deep in thought.

Even people who are breathing heavily while lying down.

Everyone was doing what they had to do.

“It’s a bit too much to make a fuss here.”

“I know. “Let’s go out and talk.”

With their mouths itching, they went out to the main performance hall and chatted excitedly.

So loud that everyone outside could hear it.

The people who had been listening with blank faces opened their mouths wider as time passed.

Because it was such an incredible story.

At that time, the soldier of the Panga who was controlling the entrance shouted.

“If you want to participate, you can start from this training session!”

After hesitating for a moment, people began to enter the training hall.

Jeong Gwang watched the scene and smiled.

‘It’s going better than I thought.’

This is already the case on the first day.

What if tomorrow comes?

It is obvious that it will increase several times more.

‘Mr. Namgoong, I think you’re going to get some heat.’

just as expected.

I saw Namgunghwain walking from afar.

His face was peaceful, but his insides must have been turned upside down a long time ago.

‘I need to turn it over a little more.’

Jeong Gwang sent a message to the military officer in charge of the entrance.

-Break time is over. Please close the door. You know that even the Namgung family is no exception, right?

-of course.

Panga Muin immediately shouted.

“Break time is over! “Please come in!”

The people outside came in gasping.

The door to the main training hall slowly closed,

The shaking eyes of Namgung Hwa-in that were visible through them disappeared.


Jeong Gwang looked away from the completely closed door and smiled brightly.

“I’ll start training again! Guryongsabong will help you this time!”

Jeong Gwang was still only talking with his mouth.

While receiving cheers from countless warriors.


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