Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 66

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Episode 66

hell gate

It wasn’t long after Jeong Gwang’s words ended.

The eyes of the pendulum, which had become sharp, returned to their original beaky appearance.

Jeong Gwang grinned inwardly.

‘Look at this?’

I thought so, but aren’t you quite good at controlling your mind?

I felt sorry for comparing him to Namgoong.


“You’re asking too much.”

“Isn’t that correct according to common sense?”

“I admit that. But then there is no way for me to wield my power.”

“You’re honest.”

“What’s the use of talking back? The Earth Dragon is okay. But not the Celestial Dragons.”

“The great cause can only stand if a disciple of the text becomes sober.”

“This is an organization that is trying to use that cause as an excuse. “It will be the only organization that the leader can wield to avoid interference from the Senate.”

The Senate, made up of representatives from numerous sects and families, raises its voice for the interests of Jaffa.

But the only time they came together was when they were keeping the leader in check.

The only way for the leader to persuade them is for a good cause. There was no prestigious political faction that was free in front of a great cause.

The Cheonryongdan was an organization created under the pretext of stopping a common enemy called the Demonic Cult.

Of course, it will be made up of experts, and it is clear that it will be the strongest force of the Murim Alliance.

They make it at best and then give the head position to Kunlun?

This was unacceptable for a sump pipe.

Of course, Jeong Gwang had no intention of backing down.

“Are you going to send the Heavenly Dragons to Qinghai City after sorting things out first?”

“of course. “Shouldn’t we put out the fire in front of us first?”

“Will that happen?”

“… … .”

“Sapa is everywhere, so how do you organize it all?”

“What do you want to say?”

“Lord, you have no intention of sending the Heavenly Dragons to Cheonghae Fortress anyway. “They said they were going to use it in the midfield under the pretext of Simalyeon.”

“under! Wow. “What are you looking at me for?”

Peng Su-gwan opened his eyes and spoke passionately.

“I’m sending it! But I’m just trying to delay that period a little bit!”

“little bit?”

“A little too much!”

Peng Su-gwan chuckled after saying what he said.

“Still, I have no intention of just dragging it out. “Only until we build a certain foundation.”

“It’s a bit weird to move Maeng for personal purposes.”

“That’s how you can run it properly.”

“How are you going to roll it?”

Peng Su-gwan’s eyes sparkled.

“Hyeop (俠)! “We must compromise with reality, but do our best to do the best we can.”

“So what do you get?”

“Hehe. “What is the level of pleasure that comes from having an organization that carries out acts of cooperation be governed by one’s will?”

Jeong Gwang was finally able to properly understand the pendulum.

‘You’re a pervert.’

Was his expression a bit like that?

Peng Su Guan frowned.

“Don’t make that face. I know that if I wield power, I can change. “I will do my best to hold out for the ten years of my term.”

That’s none of Jeong Gwang’s business.

Now it was time to finish.

“Celestial Dragons, are you going to make us work in rotation?”

“It has to be that way. Isn’t it possible to leave Cheonghae Castle indefinitely? And you can control the factions by who you send out and who you bring in, so you must do that.”

“Then let’s do it like this.”

Jeong Gwang spread two fingers.

“We are dividing the Cheonryongdan into two divisions. “There is no need for the Earth Dragon.”


“One will operate in the central region and the other will be sent to Cheonghae Castle. “We will gain experience and achieve unity by fighting against Sima Lian in the midfield.”

“… … And then go to Cheonghae Castle to prepare for the invasion of the Demonic Cult?”

“yes. “It’s a nice picture.”

“… … If I’m sending someone far away, I’ll have to send them to Cheonghae Castle first. “Keep the people close to you in the midfield.”

“Then, after the head of the house settles down, you can change the shifts appropriately.”

“… … He holds the position of leader in Kunlun and leads the members of Qinghai Province. My person sits in the position of assistant leader and manages the members of the central committee. Hmm. “It’s not a bad thing.”

It was a good thing for Peng Su-gwan because he could select only those who were reluctant and send them to Cheonghae Castle.

‘It won’t be too explicit, but we can push it to a certain extent.’

Kunlun wasn’t bad either.

If you are selected as a Cheonryongdan, you are a martial artist with guaranteed martial arts skills. All you have to do is fight well, what does political inclination have to do with it?


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Peng Su-gwan, who was lost in thought for a moment, smiled, showing his teeth.

“But you. Aren’t you showing me too much? “You have to hide it to some extent.”

“That’s right. “What about the matriarch?”

“Tsk tsk. “Me too.”

Peng Shuguan shrugged his shoulders and then asked with a serious face.

“Look here, Jinokryong. “Do you have no desire for fame?”



“Because there is no need.”

“… … There is no need for others to know. but. “It’s worth it.”

The concentration was already great enough.

Peng Shuguan could only shake his head inwardly and be impressed.

‘It’s just as Kang-hwi said.’

He was the second son whose martial arts and personality changed after going to Kunlun and meeting Zheng Guang.

He always praised Jeong Gwang whenever he got the chance, so I thought it was too much, but it felt like it wasn’t enough.

‘They say he’s a Taoist but not a Taoist, and that he can be both a hermit and a hero. As expected.’

Peng Su-gwan was of a different class from the fools who were jealous of outstanding talents.

On the contrary, he was a person with great courage to the point where he floated more to get on his side and thus tied him to his side.

“good! “Let’s do that!”

Jeong Gwang smiled when things went well.

However, Peng Su-gwan’s next words made his face distort.

“The leadership of the Celestial Dragons belongs to Kunlun. And you will have the Earth Dragon.”

* * *

Of course, Jeong Gwang jumped, but it was no use.

Peng Su-gwan’s stubbornness was truly unusual.

“ha. “Let’s go talk to the elders first.”

“Hehe. “That’s how it should be.”

They told the story from earlier to the Kunlun monks, including Unhak and Heo Cheong.

Unhak accepted it positively.

“As someone who has become a Taoist monk, I am not interested in such a position, but it would be better to run the Heavenly Dragon Order properly.”

When all the other Taoists agreed, Peng Su-gwan brought up the topic of the Jiryongdan.

“but. “If Jinokryong does not take charge of the Earth Dragon, I cannot yield.”

There is no way he would give in just because he is a concentrate.

Still, Peng Su-gwan, who kept pushing forward, thought again about Heo Qing’s words.

“house owner. “If you keep doing this, this guy might run away like this.”

Isn’t it really a concentrate that will last forever?

“Hmm. I see what you mean. “Let’s put this matter on hold for now.”

In this way, an agreement was reached between the Peng family and Kunlun, and the work progressed quickly.

A startling rumor hit the Murim Alliance.

‘The Hebei Paeng family has decided to step forward and teach martial arts to those who want it!’

‘To reduce the amount of blood that will be shed by the bandits!’

‘It will be a retreat where participants will help each other improve their martial arts skills!’

There was an uproar.

Even if only two people gathered together, they talked about the events of Hebei Panjia.

“Teaching martial arts? haha. “It looks like he really wants to become a leader.”

“But where is it? “Someone has done something like that before.”

“Is there any way you can teach me proper martial arts? “I’ll just show off and get it over with.”

“but. They say the bridgehead is Jinokryong. “The ordinary martial artist he taught beat Shakyamuni’s self-mastery, but he was lucky.”

“I know yeah. “I don’t know if it’s an ordinary driver, but if it’s someone with a high review index or distribution, there’s no point in going there.”

“Don’t worry about it anymore. “It’s just confusing my head for no reason.”

It was natural that the majority of opinions were negative.

Martial arts are more precious than life to a warrior, and who would give them to others without compensation?

And as time went by, when a retreat was held at Paengga, it was natural that a considerable number of those who had been talking negatively participated.

“… … hmm. hmm. “What’s going on with you?”

“… … I just stopped by while passing by. “Who are you?”

“… … “I came out as a pastime.”

Although most people were embarrassed, there were also some who spoke honestly.

“Maybe I can tell you something okay. “I have nothing to lose, so I’m thinking of giving it a try just for today.”

The place where the retreat was held was the main banquet hall where the Namgung family held a banquet.

Peng Su-gwan went up to the stage and gave a polite but powerful speech.

“This Peng Mo only realized it after hearing the good deeds of Kunlun Jinyulong! We are gathered together for Kangho’s well-being! From now on, Panga wants to share martial arts for everyone!”

He praised Jeong Gwang’s achievements and showed off his skills.

He declared to the world that he would devote his energy to the cause.

A truly short and bold speech.

His solemn and powerful shout resonated loudly in the hearts of those who attended.


“Long live the True Jade Dragon!”

“Long live the Pang family!”

Ordinary warriors were enthusiastic.

Those belonging to a powerful place did not cheer, but they were impressed by Peng Su-gwan’s equipment and means.

And those related to the Namgung family who came to spy on him frowned.

Peng Shuguan looked around at them and laughed out loud inwardly.

Because I felt like I was hit hard from the start.

“Now I will introduce the martial arts bridge! “It’s the True Jade Dragon of Kunlun!”

Jeong Gwang received cheers and went up to the stage.

I looked around and saw that there were a lot more people than expected.

The events of the day before flowed through my mind.

‘It was good to prepare in advance.’

Jeonggwang decided to become the leader, but he had no intention of teaching alone.

Among the complaints I heard while eating with ordinary martial artists, the biggest one was the thirst for proper martial arts.

However, Paengga takes the initiative and holds a large-scale retreat.

How many people would come, even just ordinary warriors?

‘We need people.’

After putting in some effort, he was able to find people who could become instructors.

‘Yoo Sohyeop. Let’s do it together. ‘You just need to teach the basics and tricks, not open non-professional skills.’

‘cadet. That’s a bit difficult… … .’

‘Japanese and American half-point once a week.’

‘… … gulp. Still, there is no way Master would allow it… … .’

‘I’ll take the Ark with you, too.’

‘The Four Seas are my brothers, so why should I not do something for my brothers? ‘Go!’

Anyway, if you wanted to enjoy meat and alcohol, someone had to take you there.

Since Yoo Jeong-pung and Yanghoe, who were eating a lot, were the right people, it was a transaction without any loss for Jeong-gwang.

Jeong Gwang also seduced the siblings Dang O-gun and Dang Ye-ji of the Sacheon Dangmun.

‘Party small cooperative, party small cooperative. Let’s do it together.’

‘I’m sorry. I’d like to, but I’m too busy improving the Three Jewels of Soul that my younger brother taught me.’

‘I also don’t have time to mix Jinhapdahyang (塵合多響) again, as Jeonggwang Sohyeop said.’

‘ah. So is that so? You’ve already made several types, right? Some things are good, some are not so good.’

When the siblings said yes, Jeong Gwang muttered.

‘You could do it faster if I ate it and evaluated it for you.’

‘… … !’

They were a brother and sister who had wanted to ask for a favor for a long time, but were too busy with Jeonggwang to say anything.

Of course, I have no choice but to move on right away.

They were able to improve the poison and obtain the concentrate, so it was good business for everyone.


Kwon Bong Eon Eui-jin, who happened to be with the siblings, could not contain his curiosity and asked.

‘What on earth are you gathering people like that to teach?’

An unexpected fish took the bait.

Jeong Gwang answered with his eyes sparkling.

‘If you participate, you will understand. Of course you will, right?’

‘Well, I will.’

Eon Ui-jin, surprised by the momentum, answered without thinking.

Jeong Gwang, who was in a good mood, added a word.

‘I was rude last time. Unseoje has a beautiful face and nice calluses on her fists. ‘He is a great martial artist who sacrificed his hands for martial arts.’

Eon Ui-jin was dumbfounded by the way he spoke as if he was reading a book.

‘… … ‘Who on earth told you that was a compliment?’

It was Baek Seung-moo, a virgin who was more like a Taoist than a Taoist.

Anyway, the instructor positions at the retreat were filled with these great people.

Three of Guryongsa Peak. There is one martial artist equivalent to him.

At this level, it would be sufficient to teach not only ordinary warriors but also young disciples of prestigious families.

After erasing yesterday’s events from his mind, Jeong Gwang greeted the crowd.



“Then let’s begin.”

“Wow… … ok?”

After a while.

The gates of hell have opened.

It was the gate of hell, but it was the gate of hell that everyone wanted to jump into again after going through it.

* * *

The residence of the Namgung family.

Namgung Hwa-in, who was drinking tea, frowned at the sound of footsteps disturbing his ears.

‘What kind of person would do such a shameless thing?’

The one who opened the door roughly and came in was his younger brother, Namgung Shin-geon.

“Go, go!”

“What are you doing now? Would someone of your stature be like that?”

“sorry. “I rushed here because it was a very urgent matter.”

“I’m sure it’s not about the retreat held at Paeng’s house, is it? “There’s something to see.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“… … What? “What do you think?”

Namgung Shin-geon swallowed dry saliva and carefully opened his mouth.

“Even those who laughed at the retreat… … .”

“… … “These too?”

“… … People are lining up and saying they will participate.”

“What nonsense!”


The drinking glass that Namgunghwain was holding crumbled into powder.


“Well, that is…” … .”


Namgunghwain stood up, flapping his long gun.

“I will check it myself!”

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