Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 65

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Episode 65


Training time was one hour per day.

Although it was a very short period of time for training, what Jeong Gwang taught required the practitioner to exercise extreme concentration.

Would you rather say that one visit is a lot?

As evidence, the seven young men were lying on the floor and unable to move.

Jeong Gwang announced the end of training.

“Thank you all for your hard work.”

The young people didn’t even have the energy to answer.

“What is the priest doing there? “Is that the only way to use a bridge?”

Baek Seung-moo also collapsed, but still had the strength to speak.

“… … I feel like I’m dying. “Can’t we do it without a bridge?”

“Of course not. wake up. “I’ll take a shower and watch you train as a priest.”

When Baek Seung-moo barely got up, Jeong Gwang slapped the fallen young men.

“goodbye. see you tomorrow.”

When Jeong Gwang and Baek Seung-mu left, the young people barely opened their mouths.

“Ugh. “I’m really dying.”

“I never thought it would be this hard.”

It was difficult to lift a finger, but I couldn’t keep lying down.

This is the training ground used by the Kunlun faction.

I had to leave the place quickly.

Jang stood up first and comforted his colleagues.

“Let’s go.” I have to eat and practice fortune telling. “Then, won’t we be able to practice tomorrow as well?”

“… … Phew. That’s right.”

The young people stood up quickly.

Among them, a young man with particularly narrow eyes let out a laugh.

“Wow. “Baek So-hyeop, I didn’t see it that way, but it was amazing.”

Jang-i thought of Baek Seung-moo.

Unlike those who trembled at Jeong-gwang’s terrifying killing power, he rushed at them without even blinking.

‘I only saw him as a handsome young boy from a rich family… … .’

Jeong Gwang was furious and told Baek Seung-moo and them to attack him.

The only one who ran endlessly was Baek Seung-mu.

In the end, he collapsed after being severely beaten, but his courage and fighting spirit had a great impact on the young people.

At that time, Jeong Gwang said:

‘You have to act with the mindset of a priest. Otherwise, learning it will be of no use.’

Only then did they come to their senses.

I gritted my teeth and repeated several of the basics taught by Jeong Gwang.

And then he rushed towards Jeong Gwang.

Rolling around after being beaten countless times.

‘I’m surprised I don’t have a bone disease.’

Although it was because Jeong Gwang had a situation in his hands, it was a very surprising thing to them.

‘Is it really going to be like this tomorrow?’

Shaking, they slowly walked out of the training hall.

Rumors had been spread by passers-by, so quite a few people were watching them.

I was trying to pass by, pretending not to see him, but there was a voice arguing with me.

“Tsk tsk. Jin Ok-ryong, why are you wasting your time with friends like that?”

When I turned my head, I saw a familiar face.

No, without even knowing it, he was someone that ordinary warriors hated very much.

Jang sighed inwardly.

‘Why, I couldn’t believe I got caught by a guy like that dog dealer.’

Right below the nine-file room and the seven major families.

A prestigious family belonging to the Three Chapters of the Six Directions and Seven Dans of the Three Chapters.

It was Seok Yong-cheon, the youngest Confucius of the Taiyuan Seokjiajang clan.

“uh? There were some familiar faces. Hey there, Musa Jang. Are you going to pretend you don’t know?”

“… … You are Confucius. hello.”

“Is there any way to say hello? “What is someone who is supposed to help the family with their work doing here?”

Jang bit his lip gently.

His job was to guard and support Seokgajang’s quarters, but Seok Yongcheon was talking as if he was a servant.

“I’m off duty today.”

“Huh. This was rude. “I was very rude.”

Seok Yong-cheon, who was talking exaggeratedly to himself, smiled and asked.

“Okay, how about learning from the famous True Jade Dragon? Do you understand?”

“… … “I just follow diligently.”

“Hmm. Will it work? “It must be difficult.”

He tilted his head and raised one hand to gesture.

“Let’s take a look. “Come and see.”

“… … !”

“Why are you shaking your leg like that? “I’m sure the warrior wasn’t scared.”


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It was because of the intense training earlier, but the onlookers couldn’t tell. A look of sympathy appeared in their eyes.

‘Phew. ‘That’s too bad.’

‘You won’t get out easily.’

Although Seok Yong-cheon is renowned for his shabby character, he is the son of a prestigious family.

He is a martial artist who possesses the minimum martial arts skills appropriate for his origin.

For an ordinary warrior like Jang, it would have been wiser to ask for forgiveness right away rather than confront him… … .

Jang was not the Jang of yesterday.

‘I can’t avoid it anyway.’

Seok Yong-cheon was the youngest Confucius of the Shakya clan, which was noticeably on the side of the Nangong family, among the six directions and seven dansangzang (六幇七團三莊), who were watching the conflict between the Nangong family and the Hebei Paeng family.

It is natural for Shijiazhuang to find the Kunlun faction, which supports the Hebei Peng family, an eyesore. However, there was no way that the Kunlun faction’s liver would have been swollen enough to do anything.

That’s probably why he takes out his anger on Jang, who is an ordinary warrior with no problems.

Probably due to Seok Yong-cheon’s dogma.

‘Maybe I should bow down.’

It was an argument that took place openly on a street where many people passed by.

‘If you leave here, it’s over.’

Thanks to Jeonggwang, I was finally able to get my mind together. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do anything in the future if I gave up on it in half a day.

Naturally, Jeong Gwang’s teachings came to mind.

‘courage. And fighting spirit!’

Jang Yi’s mouth opened and a low voice came out.

“All right.”

“… … !”

“Even though I have little ability, I dare to receive the teachings of a mason.”

After that, Jang wasn’t really aware of how things were going.

Seok Yong-cheon, who kept shouting something, fired a sharp killing blow and at the same time unleashed a powerful punch.

At that time, Jang’s body was already moving on its own.

No, his desperate will was moving his body.

Just as Jeong Gwang taught.

‘Just one second! I put everything into it, including my strength and endurance!’

Is it because I experienced Jeong Gwang’s life?

Seok Yong-cheon’s life felt like it was nothing special.

Jang Yi’s feet moved in a straight line toward Seok Yong-cheon,

At the same time, my back was twisted to the side as if it would break.

By the time Seok Yong-cheon’s fist passed through his chest, Jang-i had turned his back and was throwing out his elbow.

It seems simple, but it is mysterious, and one second is over before you realize something so magical!

Jeong Gwang complimented him by saying, ‘They are as similar as eyelids’, and he was able to do it only once. It was a proper Chosik!

‘Reverse flow abnormality!’



Seok Yong-cheon, who had been caught off guard, screamed and was thrown away.

Jang fell to his knees and blamed himself.

‘Damn it! ‘I can’t feed you properly because my legs are so weak!’

It was clearly aimed at the anterior midline, but it accidentally broke the ribs below it.

Thanks to this, he was able to finish the job without killing anyone, but his mind was filled with regret for not being able to do it properly.

‘… … for a moment. ‘Did I really win?’

Seok Yong-cheon, who had been thrown out, was unconscious and writhing little by little.

The people watching were enthusiastic.


“An ordinary warrior defeated the youngest Confucius of Shijiazhuang!”

A huge cheer erupted, but Jang, who had poured his all into it, could not hear it.

When he came to his senses, he was lying on the floor of the gym.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Jeong Gwang’s face eating rice balls with the blue sky and white clouds in the background.

Jang barely spoke in a trembling voice.

“… … “I won.”


“… … Yes, I defeated the youngest Confucius of Shakyamuni.”

“good job.”

Although he heard the praise, Jang Yi’s face did not brighten.

It was because the opponent was careless and because I was lucky.

Jang’s lips twitched, but he mustered up the courage to ask.

“… … “Can I become stronger?”

“To some extent.”

“… … How far can we go?”

“It depends on what you do. “Well, I’m glad you’re lucky.”


Jang really thought so.

Because I met Jeong Gwang and learned something.

I wanted to continue doing that in the future.

“Stop it. “We also have to practice.”

Jang wanted to do that too, but he couldn’t because he poured everything into it… … .

‘100 million!’

Jang Yi was astonished.

When I tried to move it just in case, I found out that my body was surprisingly fine!

‘ah! This feeling!’

A pain similar to when Jeong Gwang hit me with the blade of a sword remained.

It was a trace of Jeong Gwang-sik’s interrogation and bloodshed.

‘Aside from the body, why the internal energy?’

Even though it was less than a handful of skills, I poured it all out.

Most of it had been refilled.

This may also be what Jeong Gwang did.

‘You’re not just an expert. ‘Isn’t this the good man I only heard about?’

Jang headed home, lost in thought.

A small spot, that was his home.

The mother, who had been resting for a while, came running up in surprise.

“oh my! son! Why is my body like this? What happened?”

The mother looked at Jang-i’s body with a worried face.

“Oh my gosh! There is no sound! I can’t do this, lie down quickly. My mom is a doctor… … .”

“mom. sorry.”

“what? “What’s going on?”

“… … me. “I think we need to do more.”

This means that we will walk further down the unmanned path.

The mother, who was anxious to know what was going on, hugged her son with a relieved expression.

“What else can I say? “Keep going until you feel like you can’t do it.”

“… … “Is that really okay?”

“of course. Her mom likes it.”

“… … Hehehe.”

On this day, Jang buried her face in her mother’s arms and cried.

For quite a long time.

* * *

Early morning the next day.

Jeong Gwang gave Jang a good beating and then smiled with satisfaction.

‘The rumor has spread properly.’

Yesterday there were only seven people, but today all the regular warriors who ate and drank together came.

And that too after properly completing the basic training taught by Jeong Gwang.

Of course, they were lying on the ground along with Jang-i, and so was Baek Seung-mu, the priest.

‘Mr. Namgung must be a little angry because of that idiot.’

The children of major families who supported him were brutally defeated by ordinary warriors.

What kind of disgrace is this?

What’s even funnier is that the idiot started the argument first and ended up like that, so I couldn’t argue with him.

‘I knew that if I taught martial arts to ordinary warriors, someone would be upset and take action… … .’

I never thought it would be this fast.

I won it again.

Many people would have been anxious to learn martial arts from Jeong Gwang.

And there must have been someone who was impatient for another reason.

‘The time has come. If you’re stupid enough to miss this opportunity, it’s better not to even dream of becoming a leader.’

Fortunately, Peng Su-gwan was not such a dull person.

He came to see Jeong Gwang and asked for a private meeting.

“Hahaha! “You did one thing.”

“Jang Sohyeop did it.”

“Hehe. It did. “That’s even better.”

Peng Su-gwan smiled slyly and asked vaguely.

“I mean the ordinary warriors you teach. “You train very hard.”

“There is still a long way to go.”

“Yes, yes. It won’t suit your eyes. But what? Other ordinary warriors who heard what happened yesterday said they were so upset and didn’t know what to do. Do you plan to teach them all too?”

“no. The elders of the Ten Zones came and had a chat earlier. “Where is the time to teach others?”

“As expected. Hmm… … .”

He smiled as he stroked his beard, which was as spiky as a chestnut.

“I’m telling you honestly. Food hasn’t been going well these days. The royal family of Namgung held a fancy banquet, and we were worried about what to do to make it more impressive. however… … .”

He trailed off and narrowed one eye.

“Thanks to you, I got a good idea.”

Jeong Gwang smiled inwardly.

The fish took the bait.

“Are you going to feed me martial arts instead of rice?”

“Haha! Feed them? okay. “That’s an expression I like very much.”

He muttered several times about whether he really liked it, then said with a straight face.

“Look, Jinokryong. “Can I have a spoon for the meal you prepared?”

“Please speak.”

“In the name of my family, I would like to teach miscellaneous things to those who wish.”

“You won’t be able to get any votes with that.”

Those who had voting rights in the election of the martial leader were the Nine-Fail-Il-Bang, the Seven Daesega, and the Six-Fangs-Seven-Dan-Sam-Jang.

There was no way they would be tempted to vote for something like that, even though they had martial arts worth showing off.

Peng Su-gwan shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

“ha ha ha. The Murim Alliance is one. Our enemies are the Sima Lian and the Demonic Cult. Let us strive to improve everyone’s martial arts so as not to shed blood in vain in the fight against them. I’m trying to express this cause. “Why are you doing this when you know everything?”

Jeong Gwang also chuckled.

‘I heard that political factions find this very interesting.’

It is a way of thinking that is a thousand years and ten thousand years removed from the Heavenly Demon Church, where power dominates everything and those who lack power are rewarded for it.

“Let’s get to the point. People will come together properly if you participate. “What can I do for you?”

In response to Peng Su-gwan’s serious question, Jeong Gwang answered lightly.

“When you become the lord, you decided to send masters to Cheonghae Fortress, right?”

“It did. I’m thinking about making two groups and sending them out. “One made up of mid-level experts and one made up of late-stage experts like you and ordinary martial artists.”

Peng Shuguan paused for a moment and smiled happily.

“The name was decided in advance. Heavenly Dragons and Earth Dragons! “How is it?”

“… … .”

“hmm? Are you sure you don’t like it?”

“Well, the name doesn’t really matter. “Please give me a seat.”

Peng Su-gwan looked at the concentrate with new eyes.

“… … Very surprising. I thought you weren’t really interested in such a position… … .”

He scratched his head in confusion and agreed happily.

“good! I will push you to become the Lord of the Earth Dragon! Is it done now?”


“… … “What?”

“Please give me the position of Lord of the Heavenly Dragon.”

Peng Shuguan frowned.

“That’s not allowed. “No matter how excellent you are, you are older than me. Who would submit to you?”

“That’s not what I want to do.”

“… … then?”

“My master should do it.”

“… … !”

“hmm. Now that I think about it, I don’t think it would suit me. “Then give it to any of the dormitories.”

Penang Sugwan’s eyes became sharp.

“Are you saying that Kunlun must take that position?”

Jeong Gwang’s eyes were still the same.

“of course. Only then can we properly use our strength for Kunlun and Cheonghae Province.”

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