Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 62

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Episode 62

My name is Murimmaeng.

People stood up, put their hands together and bowed.

Namgung Hwa-in walked neither fast nor slow and swarmed around people one by one.

And then he climbed onto the stage prepared in advance.

‘Huh… … .’

He took a deep breath and smiled inwardly.

‘… … ‘Good.’

Even though I was standing a little higher than others, the air felt different.

Of course, the place that suited him was this high place.

Namgunghwain slowly looked around at those standing below him.

Some pretty familiar faces, some I’ve never seen before, and… … .

A face so handsome that I couldn’t believe it was my first time seeing it.

‘… … ‘Is it him?’

It is in the seat of the Kunlun Sect.

As rumored, he has a handsome face.

So, it is certain that it is a true jade dragon.

‘As expected, he’s a guy I don’t like.’

It wasn’t just the face that was as rumored.

They said there was a flaw in his personality, but didn’t his eyes look bad?

‘petulance? bother? ignore?’

At that moment, something aroused me, but I forced it down.

Anyway, it’s something that’s beneath him.

He was an insignificant guy who would end up at a lower level in the future.

After controlling his mind, Namgunghwain raised his internal energy and spoke.

“I prepared it with all my heart, but I don’t know if it will suit your taste.”

Words of great admiration came from all over the place.

Namgunghwain smiled and then continued speaking in a solemn voice.

“There are seniors here who have been protecting Moorim for a long time, shedding blood and sweat. “I am not that old, but I am naturally careful about how I carry myself.”

Those who were older had a proud expression on their faces, while those who were younger had checked their clothes and dressed them properly.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my seniors. I would also like to thank Kang Ho-jehyeon (江湖諸賢) who followed the example of his predecessors and stepped up for Moorim. “This event has been prepared with that in mind, so please enjoy it comfortably.”

Namgunghwain, who gave a short but meaningful speech, politely addressed the people below the podium.

People also responded and expressed their gratitude to him.

Occasionally, there were people chanting Namgung Painter’s name, and when he heard that, he had to do his best to pretend to be indifferent and control his facial expression.

‘okay. This is what it tastes like.’

I went to the seat of the Namgung family and looked around at the people.

I liked both the sympathetic face and the wary face.

It was because of his strength and greatness.

‘But that guy… … .’

Jeong Gwang still had a face that I didn’t like.

* * *

Jeong Gwang did not like Namgung Hwain, but he acknowledged one thing.

‘You’re not stupid.’

Gathering people together and talking too much is the fool of fools.

This is because the longer I talk, the more I brag or nag.

‘Is there any way that the people who came to eat and drink would like that?’

In my previous life, it was always like this when Jeong Gwang held a banquet at the Heavenly Demon Church.

Those who are dissatisfied, come out.

doesn’t exist?

Then eat, drink and die.

Isn’t it neat?

In comparison, Namgunghwain had a long talk… … .

‘For a political faction, it’s very short.’

The content was also very political.

He gained favor with his unnecessary humility and pretentious remarks. I made a good impression by being polite and speaking without pressure.

‘He knows how to handle people quite well.’

The eyes of people looking at him were a little softer than before.

‘Well, there’s nothing I can do about people who don’t like it.’

The people of Panga, far away, did that.

Among them, a middle-aged man with a majestic physique and a fierce look looked at him and waved his hand.

‘I heard that the head of the Hebei Paeng family came, is he the author?’

I thought it was right because it looked neat.

As Jeong Gwang just stared, the middle-aged man waved his hand more vigorously.

and… … .

‘… … Smile?’

The dirty look made it look even dirtier.

It was a face that would blend in without any discomfort even if you were thrown into the Heavenly Demon Church right now.

“You must be the head of the family. I think you like it. How do you feel?”


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Jeong Gwang responded to Heo Cheong’s words.

“It’s the face of someone who killed a lot of people.”

“Puhup. “Wow, it does give a scary impression.”

Heo Qing, who squirted out tea water, wiped his mouth with his sleeve and sent a message.

-This election has great significance in terms of distribution change. Like the Namgung family and the Pang family, distribution like mine has come to the fore.

-You must be doing a lot of work.

-I guess so. But those two people have very different personalities. The direction of the wind will change a lot depending on who becomes the leader.

Jeong Gwang recalled the personalities of the two people he had heard about here and there.

‘I said Mr. Pang is a nobleman and has great ambitions.’

It looks like a madhu, but the atmosphere it gives off seems to be like that.

‘I said Namgoong is courageous and humble… … .’

It looked decent, but the energy I felt was the exact opposite.

In a word, a hypocrite.

He was a person who exactly matched the prejudices I had about political factions in my past life.

-I think it would be better for Master to be the leader rather than the head of the Namgung family.

-… … Thank you for looking highly at me. But the word ‘better’ bothers me a bit.

As Jeong Gwang grinned, Heo Cheong also smiled and shook his head.

“anyway… … .”

Then he looked at Namgung Hwain and Peng Sugwan in turn and muttered.

“Since the head of the Nangong family did something first, the head of the Peng family must also do something. Oh my, the food is going to get cold. “Hurry up and eat.”


The Kunlun Taoist monks ate a lot and Jeonggwang ate little by little.

‘Oops. Priests.’

If you want to go out and eat, you shouldn’t fill your stomach now.

Baek Seung-moo must have been very hungry and was eating eagerly.

‘I can’t. You just go along and smell it.’

As some time has passed, I think it is time to stand up.

Hebei Pengjiazhu Peng Shu-kwan approached with Peng Su-won and Peng Kang-ung.

“Peng Shuguan of the Peng family meets the real people of Kunlun.”

Unhak, who denied the term ‘Jinin’ and was misunderstood several times, simply resigned and accepted it.

“Nice to meet you. “It’s Kunlun’s Unhak.”

Because there were so many people, it took quite a while to say hello.

Then, Peng Su-gwan, who stood in front of Jeong Gwang-i, smiled deeply.

“You are the True Jade Dragon. Nice to meet you.”


“haha. I heard a lot about Kang Hwi. He couldn’t come this time due to work, but he wanted to say hello. I heard you decided to come to your parents’ house sometime? “I’m really looking forward to it.”


It is true that Paeng Kang-hwi asked me to come.

Jeong Gwang never said he would go.

‘Well, there’s no need to say anything.’

As I was passing by, Peng Su-gwan kept talking.

“Hey, can you stop by my family’s lodgings for a moment? I have something to say… … hmm?”

The swell tube slowly turned around.

Dang Hwang, Geol-jon, and Chang-jon were standing in front of me.

“You are the elders of the Ten Zones. “How are you?”

When he smiled and greeted me without embarrassment, Dang Gi-hwang spoke as representative.

“Thanks to you, I had a good night, matriarch Pang.”

“haha. Fortunately, the. “I already wanted to come and say hello to you, but you came first like this, so it’s disrespectful.”

“It’s okay. But, is it possible that the Paeng family is also targeting my disciples?”

“… … yes?”

Tang Hwang’s eyes became harsh.

“That guy, Jeong Gwang.”


Rumors about the concentrate surfaced.

‘I heard that three of the Ten Lords took it as joint warriors.’

He must have rushed over because he was afraid that Paengga would also get involved.

Peng Shu-gwan raised his hands slightly and made a stern gesture.

“haha. How can I interfere when the Ten Lords are granting enlightenment? “Jin Ok-ryong has a relationship with my second child, so we were just talking.”

Only then did the old people, including Dang Hwang, relax their frowns.

“The words of the matriarch are renowned for their weight, so I will believe them.”

“Oh oh. I’m glad you praised me. But why do you think you have become more correct than before? “Did something good happen?”

Peng Su-gwan’s nucksal was amazing. To the point where I can talk to Danggi Hwang, Geoljon, and Changjon without hesitation.

Jeong Gwang was secretly impressed.

‘It looks more like a raccoon than a bear, indeed.’

After a while, Dang Yeong-jung, head of the Sacheon Dang family, brought in his Tang family members, and Ak Hyeong-ik, the head of the music family, also came with some of them and joined in the conversation.

That wasn’t all.

Yang Hoe, the owner of the open chamber, and Yu Jeongpung, the latter, joined together with the beggars, and even people from clans whom they had no acquaintance with gathered together.

They all exchanged a word or two with Zheng Guang and then mingled with the Kunlun Taoist monks.

In no time, people gathered and it became crowded.

‘What is this again?’

I felt a cold energy and turned around to see Namgung Hwain glaring at Jeong Gwang.

In contrast to the kind smile that appeared on his face, his eyes were very cold.

‘Is it uncomfortable because so many people gather here?’

Namgunghwain immediately looked away and started laughing with those around him.

Quite a number of clans, including Hwasan and Jongnam, were gathered together.

‘If you look at the number of people, there are still more there.’

There were quite a few people who ate in silence at their seats without approaching either Namgung Hwa-in or Peng Su-gwan.

The one who attracts the most of them will become the leader.

‘That’s it.’

Everyone seemed to have a lot to say.

So much so that I don’t know when it will end.

‘I should leave soon.’

It seemed better for Jeong-woo, the ambassador type, to step forward rather than for Jeong-gwang to speak.

-Metabolic type.

-huh? Why is there a sudden electric sound?

-I think the conversation between the seniors will be long, so let’s go first.

-Uhm. That would be nice. i get it.

Jeong-woo approached Heo-cheong and told him that he would leave the boat.

But isn’t Heo Cheong just smiling?

“I’m in Kangho, so shouldn’t I hang out with people of similar age?”


“You are Jeong Ja-bae’s great brother. You need to know its weight. “You take the lead.”

I didn’t know when I would come to Jungwon from far away Cheonghae Castle again.

The advice was to use this opportunity to lead the priests to build friendships with young men from other clans.

‘It was something I had to do as an ambassador… … .’

Jeongwoo lowered his head, blaming himself for reacting passively.

“I know what you mean, Sabaek. “I will.”

Yoo Jeong-pung, who had a small friendship with Jeong-woo, came out with a big smile.

“haha. I will guide you. “Please go.”

Dang O-gun and Dang Ye-ji, who were not particularly close friends, also helped.

“We will be with you too.”

Jeongwoo happily accepted.

The same was true for other sperm boats.

“Thank you. “I will be indebted to you.”

But it wasn’t concentrate.

‘Playing with the kids? ‘That too in droves?’

If the hot-blooded guys from each faction gathered together and hung out, troublesome things might happen.

I had absolutely no desire to step foot there.

-Master. I will move separately.

Heo Cheong’s eyes narrowed at the sudden sound.

-What are you planning to do again?”

-Good Sunday.

-Hmm. Tell me. If it is reasonable, I will allow it.

-actually… … .

I’m planning to go out and eat meat.

If I said this, there was no answer.

It’s truly a dilemma.

But Jeong Gwang is someone.

Isn’t he a being who survived through countless hardships and was eventually called and worshiped as Jincheonma?

‘Just popping out?’

Fortunately, there was no need for that.

At that moment, I saw ordinary warriors with envious looks on their faces outside the main training hall gate.

A picture was drawn in Jeong Gwang’s mind.

-Because the discrimination is too severe. Shouldn’t ordinary warriors also take care of this?

Heo Qing sighed as he pointed to the ordinary warriors outside with a wink.

-Huh. I guess I hadn’t thought of it. They are a murimmaeng in name, but they only take care of the powerful… … .

Heo Qing, who was looking at Jeong Gwang with a proud gaze, soon looked suspicious.

-But you thought that?


-Muryangsubul. Primeval Heavenly Lord. Should I believe this?

-Master. There’s no need to say it all the way.

-That’s right.

Heo Qing, who was shaking his head, chuckled.

-Master, if I don’t trust you, who will?

-Then I’ll go now.

-Please make a promise in return. You must not fight with anyone. No, you can’t hit someone unilaterally.

-I heard you believe it.

-I’m doing this because I believe it.

Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders.


-okay. Then come back.

Jeong Gwang, who bowed to Heo Cheong, turned his gaze to look for Baek Seungmu.

‘uh? ‘Look at this guy?’

As soon as their eyes met, Baek Seung-mu quickly clung to Jeong-woo’s side.

And then I looked the other way.

-Priests. Has your training been very comfortable these days?

-… … execution. I will take care of you.

Jeong Gwang explained the situation to Jeong Woo and left with Baek Seung Moo.

Yu Jeong-pung, Dang O-gun, and Dang Ye-ji suggested that they go together, but when they said that they had a prior agreement, they had no choice but to back out.

Jeong Gwang went out the door of the main training camp and asked the general warriors.

“Are you hungry?”

“… … yes?”

Looking at them in confusion, Jeong Gwang smiled.

“let’s go together. “I will live.”

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