Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 61

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Episode 61

Just by looking at him, he looks black on the inside

It was a surprising statement to Jeong Gwang.

‘A better way?’

If it’s worth it… … .

‘Have you decided to kick Changjon out of the family?’

It wasn’t a bad method.

What do you do if you’re good at fighting?

It’s better to be weak and not get into an accident.

Ak Hyeong-ik looked at Jeong Gwang, who was shaking his head, with curious eyes.

“I heard a lot about you thanks to my friendship with Heocheong Dojang.”

“What are you talking about?”

“A genius among geniuses, the greatest genius of all time and a true dragon… … .”

He Qing cleared his throat loudly.

“Hmm! hmm! Evil Daehyeop. “You have to get to the point.”

“ha ha ha. “I understand.”

Ak Hyeong-ik, who teased the troubled Heo Cheong with one more glance, continued speaking.

“Jinokryong, I hope you receive enlightenment from the uncle.”

Jeong Gwang tilted his head.

‘Was that it? But why?’

No one likes to lose money.

No, there are few people who like others to benefit even if it does not harm them.

But would you like me to report to a foreigner the enlightenment gained by the great eldest of the family?

‘What kind of plan is this?’

As soon as Jeong Gwang looked at him, Ak Hyeong-ik raised his hand.

“Don’t have any doubts. “I’m doing this because I have no choice.”

Ak Hyeong-ik continued.

In any case, it is difficult to break Changjon’s stubbornness. In that case, it would be better to have Jeong Gwang pass on the enlightenment as you wish, and later ask Jeong Gwang to pass it on to someone in the family. This is what it said.

“Actually, it’s a useless greed. How many people in martial arts can understand the enlightenment of an absolute master like Baekbu? “Currently, there are no people from my family.”

“So, are you saying that if you find someone with talent that can be enlightened in the future, please teach them?”

“I see. “I heard from your teacher that you teach very well.”

“Yes, of course.”

“ha ha ha. I like it because it’s refreshing. I’ve said everything I wanted to say. Okay, how about it?”

“I don’t really think about it.”

“As expected. Is there something you want? “I would like to give it to you as a token of my sincerity.”

Jeong Gwang recalled in his mind the facts he knew about Shandong music.

‘A descendant of the famous general Yue Fei of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is said that he fell after being framed and died, but rose again after being recognized for his merits.’

This family is a large landowner in Shandong and is active in the export business. Spear techniques based on experience on the battlefield are famous, and there are many experts in the military.

It was a great family no matter who looked at it.

It was a fairly decent family for Jeong Gwang.

“I don’t want anything in particular.”

“ha ha ha. As a Taoist monk, I am not greedy. Then let me make a suggestion. “I’ve already told you, including Unhak Jinin, so you’re the only one who has to agree.”

Ak Hyeong-ik burst into laughter and spread two fingers.

“one. I will support Paengga in this election. “Once you take over as leader of the Pan Family, you will select masters and send them to Cheonghae Castle to keep the Demonic Cult in check.”

“You are saying that you will give more strength to that.”

“I see. And two. The main family runs a small export business mainly in Shandong and Hebei. A lot of high-ranking officials live here. “I mean, there are a lot of people who like luxury goods.”

“Are you planning to invest in western trade?”

“haha. It just so happens that your priest is a member of the Baekga Sangdan. “If you link up with us, the Baekga Merchant Marine will grow bigger and the people of Qinghai Province will be able to easily receive more supplies from the Central Plains.”

It wasn’t a bad story.

To all the people of Qinghai Province, including Shandong Yuga Island and Kunlun.


“That’s all what you were originally going to do.”

“this. I got caught. “I’ll make it bigger.”

“I have nothing?”

Heo Cheong blushed and Ak Hyeong-ik burst into laughter.

“Whahahaha. I really like you. Yes, a man should be honest like this.”

Ak Hyeong-ik stopped laughing and continued.

“I don’t know what you need. Think about it and give me an answer.”

It wasn’t a bad story.

I accept what I have to accept and see.

In the future, even if Akga sends someone, if they are too stupid to understand, they can just tell it as it is.

“But can you do that? “I don’t think you are the head of the family.”

“You are my older brother who will do as you say. but… … .”

Ak Hyeong-ik made a playfully crying expression.

“My brother is not interested in family affairs. I’m taking care of everything. “Even though my family is close to the Murim Alliance, I came instead.”

Jeong Gwang was impressed when Heo Cheong nodded that it was true.

“Still, does the family run?”

“They’re grinding me and spinning me around.”


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Jeong Gwang liked Ak Hyeong-ik, who presented himself without humility.

“I will. “I will slowly think about what would be best.”

* * *

next day.

A rumor circulated around the Murim Alliance that Geoljon and Changjon decided to pass on enlightenment to Jeong Gwang.

People went crazy.

It is a joint exhibition of Dokjon, Guljon, and Changjon.

What could be a bigger incident than this for warriors who are crazy about martial arts?

Thanks to this, Namgung Segaju and Hebuk Paenggaju, who arrived at the Murim Alliance with great dignity to become the Murim lords, ended up like sacks of barley.

“How on earth did this happen?!”

Namgung Sega’s family members in the Murim Alliance held their breath at the abstract-like scolding of Namgung Sega and Namgung Painter.

“Where is the story about the election of a leader and why are they only talking about the young guy from the Kunlun faction! Shingeon! “Answer me!”

Namgung Shin-geon, who had come to the Murim Alliance first with Namgung Se’s warriors, broke into a cold sweat.

“It’s just a momentary topic. We have received confirmation from each clan so that there will be no problem with the head of the family ascending to the throne, so you don’t have to worry… … .”

“Are you sure? Are you serious? “Where is the definitive answer on the Moorim matter?”

“… … .”

“Does everyone really think that way? “Tell me!”

As everyone hurried away, his son, Namgung-ryeok, came forward.

“father. Fix it… … .”

“fix? “Are you telling me to fix it now?”

“Well, that…” … .”

“I heard it all on the way! Your nickname is Byunryong, not Geomryong! “You shit!”

“… … .”

Namgunghwain glared at his son with menacing eyes and clicked his tongue.

“Eh. “He seems like a useless guy.”

I didn’t like it at all.

I don’t think I’m going to be embarrassed by someone younger than me, and I don’t think I have even the slightest intention of getting revenge.

What kind of thing is this guy who says Namgoongse is the best review index?

‘For the sake of respect, I hope it comes quickly.’

Aiming for the leader position this time were Namgung Hwa-in of the Namgung family and Peng Su-gwan of the Hebei Peng family.

We left late to save face, and even when we got close, we adjusted our steps while keeping an eye on others.

So we arrived at the same time, but that wasn’t the case.

‘Everyone knows that Kunlun is holding his hand in the panga. It may influence the minds of others.’

It may be too much of a leap.

However, Namgunghwain could not tolerate even a small variable distance.

Because the position of leader was his.

Because it was a life I ran towards just looking at that.

‘Whoa. You have to take control of the situation.’

Namgunghwain glared at Namgung Shingeon, who was lowering his head.

I may have yelled at him earlier, but Namgung Shingeon was a capable younger brother. That’s why she was sent here in advance, and she must have done the right thing.

But that wasn’t enough.

“Singeon. From now on, I will handle the work myself.”

“… … yes. house owner.”

As everyone glanced at what he was going to do, Namgunghwain shouted.

“Hold a banquet! So splendid that everyone can clearly see the majesty of the main house!”

On the other hand, the situation of Peng Su-gwan of Hebei Pengjia Province was slightly different from that of Nangungsegaju.

“Wow. I don’t know if I should like this or hate it. “What do you think, my brother?”

Suwon Peng answered.

“That friend of Heochung said that the Ak family has decided to support the main family. I don’t know about openness, but it seems like the party also has feelings. “Let’s take this opportunity to meet together.”

“It’s not long until the election anyway, so everyone should watch it. And that friend named Jin Ok-ryong. “I was skeptical when my sister Kang-hwi praised me, but I guess she’s a real person.”

“That’s right. “This is a child who must become a close friend.”

Peng Su-gwan’s gaze turned to his first son, Peng Kang-woong.

“You’ve met me too, right? Are you a kid worth dating? “It’s a question of character, not martial arts.”

Peng Kang-woong thought for a moment.

I wanted to keep it as low as possible, but… … .

His father was wise and hated lies.

“He was somewhat rough and frivolous, but he didn’t seem to have a bad personality.”

“The rumors are the same, and people who have met me in person say the same, so I guess I should meet him sometime.”

Peng Su-gwan said to Peng Su-won.

“Let’s make a place. as soon as possible.”

“yes. house owner. “I will.”

Abi is curious.

An uncle who shows affection.

Peng Kang-woong looked at them and bit his lip.

* * *

Jeong Gwang was very busy and did not have time to meet outsiders.

When he came to the Ak family’s lodgings, he shook his head at the loud argument between the old people.

“Disciple! What do you want to learn from these bastards? “I have to come to my own realization first!”

“joy! What do you teach on the topic of landmen? Catch a snake and brew it with medicine? Disciple. “Don’t worry about that guy and let’s get started.”

“hey. “Elder Geulzone.”


“I never decided to learn from you.”

Changjon next to him frowned with a solemn expression.

“Huh. Girl Zone, there you are. Did you come to teach without the person’s consent? “Is this rude or even crazy?”

Tang Tang Huang also joined in criticizing Geulzon. Girl Zone, who was struggling with the combined effort of the two unrivaled experts, shouted loudly.

“Jeong-gwang, you don’t want to learn your own things, so you’re forcing yourself to learn them!”

“That’s right.”

When Jeong Gwang admitted, an uproar broke out.

“Disciple! “What does that mean!”

“It’s because you don’t know much. “If you learn from me, you will feel the world changing.”

“joy. Do you look down on me because we are all in the same situation? “It’s ugly.”

Jeong Gwang made a decision as he watched the three old men grabbing each other.

‘Let’s finish it quickly.’

Tang Tang Huang’s was destroyed in two days, so Changjon’s would be just as good.

But what about Girl Zone?

‘It will fall off on its own.’

After driving out Dang Dang-hwang and Geol-jon, Jeong-gwang learned the enlightenment of Chang-jon.

And I realized it in two days.

“It’s okay. “If I get the chance, it could be quite useful.”

“… … “So quickly?”

Jeong Gwang consoled the astonished Changjon.

“I can’t unfold it right now anyway.”

“… … “Is that a problem now?”

“ah. I need to eat. good bye.”

Jeong Gwang greeted Changjon, who had a blank expression on his face, and then unfolded the divine law.

‘Shall I go to the Japanese-American restaurant one more time? ‘I’ll have to get a priest.’

When he arrived at the Kunlun faction’s lodgings, he first looked for Baek Seung-mu.

“ah. execution. “Are you here?”

“Priests. “Let’s go out and eat.”

“… … “Are you trying to take me away because you’re too lazy to change clothes and leave the room?”

“What are you saying? “It’s because the priest who devotes himself to martial arts training every day is amazing.”

Baek Seung-moo did not believe it at all because he knew Jeong-gwang.

“ha. I only accept your words with gratitude. “Not now anyway.”


“A banquet was held at the Namgung House. “The elders and brothers are all preparing to go.”

“banquet? “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“You were training at the evil family’s residence, weren’t you? “The elders told us not to disturb them.”

“hmm. “It doesn’t matter.”

“But no. “There were guests from Paengga, but we sent them away after explaining the situation.”

“ah. “That was good.”

Baek Seung-moo looked dumbfounded, but Jeong-gwang asked again.

“What do you think the banquet will be like?”

“It’s been a hot topic for a while. “It’s one thing to suddenly open it, but I heard the Namgung family is pouring money into it.”


As far as Jeong Gwang knew, the Nangong family was a wealthy family in Anhui Province.

If it was a feast held in such a family, it was clear that there would be quite a lot to eat.

“Let’s go then.”

Jeong Gwang greeted Unhak and other monks that he had returned.

“… … “Did you finish it in two days again this time?”


“… … haha. okay. Good work. “Let’s go.”

Unhak shook his head and took the lead. Kunlun disciples followed him.

The banquet was held in the Daeyeonmujang, the largest space in the Murim Alliance.

The Kunlun Taoists who arrived there opened their eyes wide.

There were so many tables set up that the large space seemed cramped, and countless delicacies of the mountains and seas were laid out on them.

Many people were already sitting at the table, eating, drinking, and having fun.

“Huh. “The Namgung family paid a lot of attention.”

As Unhak was impressed, Heo Cheong also stuck out his tongue.

“I heard they prepared all of a sudden, so it’s amazing that it’s like this.”

A warrior from the Nangong family approached and guided the Kunlun monks.

Each sect or family had an assigned seat, and the Kunlun sect was assigned a fairly large seat as it was a sect belonging to the old faction.

The Kunlun Taoist monks were amazed when they saw the dishes on the table.

“Oh oh. “That’s amazing!”

“Just looking at it is enough to make your mouth water!”

It wasn’t concentrate.

‘There’s nothing but grass! ‘Is this by any chance?’

I looked around where other clans and families were located.

Isn’t the meat and alcohol laid out so that the table breaks?

Jeong Gwang was angry.

‘Namgung bastards, how can they be this inflexible when it comes to everyday people?’

Should a Taoist eat only grass?

It was clear that they had hardened their minds since they were talking nonsense like Changgung Muai (蒼穹無涯) and Gigicheonchu (義氣千秋) on a bad day.

‘Are you just going to leave?’

I can’t do that because it’s obvious that Unhak and Heo Cheong will nag me.

‘I’ll just taste it and go out and eat it.’

I decided to compose myself and pick up my chopsticks.

I felt quite a powerful energy.

‘Who is showing their energy so blatantly?’

When I turned my head, I saw a middle-aged man with a sharp sword-like force coming into the main training hall.

‘Just looking at him, he looks black on the inside.’

At that time, someone loudly introduced a middle-aged man.

“The head of the Namgung family, who hosted this banquet, the Namgung painter Daehyeop, Changcheon Ilgeom (蒼天一劍), has come!”

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