Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 59

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Episode 59

Injicheon’s three talents (人地天天三才)

Geulzon and Changzon, who returned to their lodgings, gathered their followers together and declared.

‘I will convey what I have learned to the Kunlun Sect’s True Jade Dragon!’

The angry Hui people rose up like wildfire.

Even if it is a personal enlightenment rather than a private enlightenment of a monk, it is based on what he learned as a monk.

Telling that to outsiders?

Who wouldn’t like it!

The later people, who were vehemently opposed to it, asked that it be taught to them instead.

This time, Girl Zone and Chang Zone were angry.


The guys who usually ostracize me and avoid me even when I try to teach them something, are now here and what’s going on?

Although they were not independent, they had a reputation for being self-indulgent.

He refused with all his might.

He insisted on giving it to Jeong Gwang.

The Huins, who had been struggling to persuade him in any way, were exhausted.

Before I knew it, the night had passed and it was the next morning, so it was worth it.

In the end, the leaders of the opening and Shandong music groups came up with a compromise.

“First, I need to meet a Taoist monk named Jeong Gwang.”

* * *

Jeong Gwang snapped one finger.

An iron ring the size of a fingernail flew violently and became lodged in a tree in the back garden.


Jeong Gwang yawned, then grabbed something else and threw it.

The sharp dagger flew in a strange curve and split the iron ring stuck in the tree in half.

“ah. Bored.”

Jeong Gwang stretched and waved his hands roughly.

It was a feather needle, about an inch long and thinner than a hair.

They danced and flew like leaves blowing in the wind.

And it was stuck in a circle around the dagger stuck in the tree.


Jeong Gwang, who was looking at what he had done with a sad face, turned his gaze.

There was Tang Hwang, looking at the tree with his mouth slightly open.

“Should I continue with this?”

“… … .”

“Lord Taesangga.”

“huh? ah! “Didn’t I tell you to call me Sabu?”

“I can’t get anything out of my mouth. But isn’t this enough?”

“Hey, this is it!”

Jeong Gwang pointed to the boxes on the floor. It was filled with a variety of memorizations.

“Since yesterday, we’ve been throwing out all kinds of memorization.”

“… … .”

It wasn’t just thrown.

Jeong Gwang threw them around freely like a master who has been practicing his whole life.

Tang Dang Hwang looked at Jeong Gwang with complicated eyes.

Isn’t this a monster that you can quickly become accustomed to any kind of memorization? I couldn’t think of anything to say in response.

‘No. No matter how good you are, you are still young. As a master, I have to make sure he goes through the proper process.’

Tang Hwang gathered his strength and spoke.

“You’ve dealt with a lot of memorization, so tell me. What kind of memorization do you want to focus on?”

“It doesn’t matter what.”

“That is not the extent. You have to choose one and practice it properly. Even daggers have numerous shapes, weights, and centers of gravity. That slight difference can kill the enemy or kill you.”

It was a great teaching, but the opponent was a bully.

“It’s hard to carry a lot with you. After using it, I have to replenish it again. “Where can I get the same thing?”

“… … .”

“I’ll just use whatever I can get my hands on. “If you throw it once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it, so there’s no problem.”

If someone else had said something like that, I would have issued a disapproval order… … .

Jeong Gwang was actually showing that kind of side.

‘Did this guy learn cancer skills from inside his mother’s womb?’

It couldn’t possibly be like that.

Still, I had to ask.

“Have you ever learned cancer technology?”


“Mother ship… … hmm. hmm. In Kunlun?”


Tang Hwang cooled his head and thought about common sense.

‘Even if Kunlun’s martial arts range is wide, this is not the case. ‘Is there a secret cancer technology?’

That really might not be the case.

But what’s the point of asking out loud?


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Still, Tang Hwang asked.

“What kind of martial art is that arm technique?”

“It’s a secret.”

“Where is the secret between us?”

“Lord Taesangga. “We haven’t built up that level of trust.”

A vein appeared on Tang Hwang’s forehead.

“Hey! I am conveying my feelings to you! “Where can there be more trust than this?”

It was like that.

“Hmm. “Are you going to keep this secret?”

“okay. Go ahead and say it. hurry.”

Jeong Gwang said to Dang Hwang, who was swallowing hard and concentrating.

“There is no name.”

“… … does not exist?”

“yes. “I learned it because it was annoying to run when hunting rabbits or roe deer.”

“Nonsense! “Are you telling me to believe such absurd things?”

Jeonggwang was truly absurd.

It was a dark skill that I had naturally learned while dealing with hordes of enemies in my past life.

I relearned it while hunting in this life, so I said it as it is, but do you doubt it?

“If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it.”

As Jeong Gwang’s expression became somber, Dang Hwang was startled.

“Oh, no. “Don’t believe it.”

“Please keep the secret. “Elderly people tend to be flexible, but they don’t condone people openly eating meat.”

“cancer. of course. Just trust me.”

“But when will you teach me enlightenment?”

Tang Dang-hwang, who was embarrassed, put on a solemn expression.

“It’s not that light. “You have to learn cancer skills properly first.”

“How much?”

“Yeah… … “Whoa.”

Tang Hwang sighed and shook his head.

“That’s roughly about you.”

“Then let’s get started.”

Jeonggwang wanted to finish quickly.

There is nothing good to be gained from staying here for a long time.

Tang Hwang, who noticed that expression, frowned and then forced himself to relax.

“First of all, there is something you need to know. People say that the original family is a family of poison and memorization, but that is not true. We need to add a new law there.”

“I guess so.”

“Do you know what it means?”

“There needs to be a proper divine law to secretly approach and spray poison.”

“… … !”

“It’s natural that you have to be quick on your feet to throw memorized moves and bounce.”

“… … Well, such a cheap expression… … .”

Tang Hwang could barely hold back the curse that was about to come out.

Isn’t that something outright wrong?

“… … I don’t like the expression, but it’s similar. “In order to use poison and memorization, I need to be able to adjust the distance to the enemy as I want.”

Tang Hwang pointed out one finger.

“I heard from the kids what you think of poison and what perspective you have on it. “I would say that you understand poison to that extent.”

The second finger is folded.

“Your recluse is Kunlun, famous for his divine law. “The methods pursued are different, but there is no need to talk more about the new law.”

Next was the third finger.

“I fully understood the characteristics of memorization and how to use it. Now that you have these three things, I will pass on my enlightenment.”

Tang Hwang closed his eyes and muttered in a heavy tone.

“Cheonji Ginsengjae (Heaven, Earth, and People’s Three Talents). “There are heaven, earth, and people in the world, and these three must be in harmony to be complete.”

“… … .”

“But I changed the order and realized the principle of the three talents of human nature and heaven. “If a person cultivates the land and opens the sky with his own will, he can take on any enemy.”

“… … .”

Tang Hwang opened his closed eyes.

Those eyes were shining brighter than starlight.

“Can you guess what this means?”

Jeong Gwang responded with a puzzled expression.

“Are you really saying that we should run around, detoxify ourselves and memorize things?”

“… … !”

“What else can I say? Hey, I just wasted time.”

As Jeong Gwang tried to turn around, Dang Hwang quickly explained.

“Well, it’s not that simple. If people become the subject and build the earth with poison and the sky with memorization… … .”

“That’s it.”

“no! Absolutely not! The key is that the three must melt into one!”


“… … ah?”

Jeong Gwang looked at Tang Hwang and let out a small sigh.

The thin body, wrinkled face, and bluish complexion seemed more pitiful than usual.

‘You really don’t have much to say.’

People, poison, and memorization must melt into one?

So, it was clear that anyone else who understood it would be puzzled and ask what kind of nonsense it was.

“Is this what you mean?”

Jeong Gwang grabbed a handful of feather needles from the box and also a handful of dirt from the floor.

Then, he unfolded the divine law and circled around Tang Hwang.


Jeong Gwang threw the dirt he was holding in his hand. Numerous particles flew through the air and landed around Tang Hwang’s body.


This time, it was a raindrop.

The spittle that escaped from Jeong Gwang’s hand and rained down in the air threatened Tang Hwang from all directions.

“… … “What kind of joke is this?”

Tang Tang Huang shouted loudly and waved both his sleeves.

A strong wind rose from the sleeves, blowing away dust and spittle.

No, I almost threw it away.


Dang Hwang, who had made a fuss, had a blank expression on his face.

The dust and spittle were moving strangely.

Following the gestures of Jeong Gwang, who is running and unfolding the divine law.

“… … earth?”

The dust moved as Jeong Gwang moved his left hand.

They rose up into a small mountain range and tied up Tang Huang’s feet.

“… … sky?”

The needles moved according to the movement of Jeong Gwang’s right hand.

They became the sky surrounding Tang Tang Huang’s eight directions.

Sacheondangga, a famous song of poison and memorization.

The head of that great family was trapped in the man-made heaven and earth!

“… … haha. ha ha ha. Hahaha!”

Tang Tang Huang shouted after bursting into laughter.

“It’s in pretty good shape!”

“I know how to melt them into one.”

“Just give it a try!”

Tang Dang-hwang rolled up his sleeves with an expression of excitement.


With the sound of a large drum exploding, the surrounding air rushed like crazy.

Naturally, the dust and feathers were swept away by the force and scattered around.

“Oh really.”

Jeong Gwang grumbled and worked hard with his feet. He waved both his hands at the same time, drawing strangely shaped circles and lines.

Then the mountain that had collapsed and moved became a plain.

The scattered sky came together again.

In the end, the plains made of dust and the sky tangled with raindrops once again embraced Tang Hwang.

“Feel so good!”

Tang Tang Hwang smiled with satisfaction and struck down the feather needles with his tension.

“The heaven among human beings is collapsing!”

The feathers that had melted under his strong poison fell to the ground helplessly.

Jeonggwang paid no attention to this and raised dust to build a new sky.

“Oh my! What if even the earth splits?”

The dust in the cellar disappeared.

However, Jeong Guang had already spread his divine law and occupied Tang Tang Huang’s all directions.

“yes! Only people remain alone… … .”

Jeong Gwang responded by increasing his strength.

“ah. I’m getting goosebumps. “Let’s eat this!”


His fist was aimed at Tang Hwang’s eyes.

Emperor Tang Tang laughed loudly and stretched his tension like crazy.

“Hahaha! Man (人) itself constitutes heaven and earth (天地), which means that man (人) and heaven (人) are one, and man (人) is one… … “Hey?”

Danghwang froze with his palm outstretched.

Before I knew it, Jeong Gwang was standing some distance away, patting the dust off his clothes.

“… … Disciple. “Why did you avoid me?”

“Then you just get hit with that poison?”

“… … hmm. “That’s not right.”

Tang Dang-hwang twisted his unsightly beard and smiled.

Despite his shabby appearance, he had a very nice smile.

“Thanks to you, my heart was relieved.”

“I’m frustrated because I’m using too much internal energy.”

“guy. “I’m going to kill you.”

Dang Gi-hwang, who was laughing, muttered as if he was talking to himself.

“Born in a Tang family, I made poison and memorization my friends. “I thought that was it.”

“Don’t you have any friends?”

“… … Could you please listen quietly for a moment? But that wasn’t everything. In the end, we are people. “It was only recently that I realized that even if there is no heaven or earth, only a person can stand upright.”

“… … .”

“You understand, right? It’s not that cloth and paper are useless, but in the end, it’s up to the person who uses it. Depending on how one understands this principle and harmonizes it, a person itself can become heaven and earth… … “You can talk now.”

“It means that if you have it, you can fight with what you have, and if you don’t have it, you can fight with what you don’t have. “If you’re strong enough.”

“… … I will release you with dignity. If you properly understand the purpose and nature of poison or memorization, you will be able to understand its usefulness regardless of whether it is present or not. … .”

Jeong Gwang listened to Dang Gi Hwang’s words and nodded.

‘It seems plausible.’

There is a saying that a weapon is just an extension of the hand. This means that each weapon should be used because of its efficiency, and should not be buried in itself.

However, this old man was claiming that poison and memorization were the same.

This wasn’t the case for other weapons, but it was quite refreshing for Jeong Gwang, who was concerned about the effectiveness of poison and memorization.

‘I was prejudiced without even knowing it. ‘Is there anything else like this?’

That’s something you’ll find out someday.

“Can I go now?”

“… … In this way, the paths of people, earth, and heaven appear to be different… … for a moment. Are you going? “If you have glimpsed enlightenment, you must practice!”

“I can’t do it because my strength is limited.”

“… … Just my strength? “Is everything else okay?”


“… … guy. Yes, a man should know how to brag like that.”

Tang Dang Hwang, who was hesitating, looked at Jeong Gwang intently.

His eyes were not as cloudy as usual, but were as calm as a deep lake.

“You will be up soon. “I am Tang Tang Hwang’s disciple.”

“I’m not a disciple.”

“Hahaha! Don’t be shy and open your chest! The world will bow to you! And you will praise me, your Master! Ten zones? Let go of beggars and evildoers! “I will become a higher being!”

Whether Dokjon expressed his ambition or not, Jeong Gwang was pacing with worry.

‘I moved and I’m hungry. ‘Is there meat in the kitchen?’

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