Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 57

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Episode 57


Baek Seung-moo covered his face with both hands and ran away.

By holding a flying dragon festival, which normally would not have been possible even if it were done properly.

‘Look at this guy?’

Jeong Gwang was slightly surprised.

It’s not just about chasing the lightning, it’s about running with the intention of overtaking it.

‘It was a practical constitution.’

What if we keep teaching by throwing it into practice?

At least I might not have to go somewhere and get beaten to death.

‘I should have done this a long time ago.’

Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘I guess I’m too influenced by the political faction.’

Is it because he was reincarnated in Kunlun and lived as a Taoist monk for nearly twenty years?

It was a concentration that had retreated to the point where it could not be compared to my previous life.

Since ancient times, martial arts tends to bloom in times of crisis between life and death.

There is no training as effective as actual practice, but I wonder how it ended up like this.

Even now, the training methods of Kunlun Taoists, including Baek Seung-mu, had to be redesigned.

‘What was there…? … .’

Many efficient methods I had seen and experienced in the Church of the Heavenly Demon came to mind.

The most certain thing among them is… … .

‘Let’s have a life-and-death battle every week.’

Even if you don’t want to die, you have no choice but to train like crazy.

‘for a moment. every week?’

It might be a little tight.

There will also need to be an adjustment period.

A rough picture came out.

‘I think we can start by opening it once a month and then gradually move towards opening it more frequently.’

I didn’t intend to create a real life-or-death battle.

At the very least, it was intended to provide a foundation for training under such tension.

‘You’re going to need quite a bit of medicine. ah. There is a party song.’

The Geumchang medicine and Naesang medicine that I made myself are things that must be used when going between life and death.

As for injuries suffered during training, if they were from the Tang family, it would be enough to treat them.

‘First you have to meet the head of the party…’ … hmm?’

I felt people’s eyes on me as I was organizing my thoughts.

Those who had seen the concentrate before expressed admiration, while those who saw it for the first time were mesmerized.

“What are you doing hanging on the wall?”

“… … .”

“You shouldn’t peek into other clans’ residences. “That’s rude.”

“… … !”

People’s faces became bright.

I may have looked into it because of Baek Seung-moo’s absurd shouting, but wasn’t it definitely a rude act?

Jeong Gwang said one more thing.

“You have to fight again. Take a look. Then, have a good time at work.”

People looked blankly at the light disappearing into the dormitory and then looked away.

Geulzon and Changzon were seen looking very haggard from the match just before.

The faces of the two absolute masters were distorted horribly.

* * *

The Murim League was agitated by surprising rumors.

‘Girl Zone and Chang Zone fought!’

Those who watched it in person raised their voices and said that it was an amazing match of one stone.

I didn’t even recognize most of them, but I did anyway.

And there was another one.

It was the emergence of a new expert.

‘There is a Jade Dragon in the Kunlun Sect!’

It’s not just a jade dragon, it’s a true jade dragon.

It was said that he was a young Taoist monk named Jeong Gwang and that he had a dazzlingly handsome face.

“I heard that Eon Eui-jin, Kwon Bong, openly expressed his favor.”

She was disgusted and explained that it was absolutely not the case, but people did not believe her.

“A lot of young people who admired Kwon Bong tried, but I guess they ended up lying on the bed without a single one left?”

At this point, I would have thought that a great young master had appeared.

“Did you know that Dang Ye-ji swallowed the poison that she had been studying all her life? “He’s also well-versed in poison!”

The story goes that Dokbong called Jeonggwang Ji-eum, and Geomryong, who was jealous, challenged him and ended up being a poop.

“Huh. There is such an amazing young expert. “I can’t believe it.”

“But why did Old Man Geoljon and Old Man Changjon fight in front of the Kunlun Sect’s dormitory?”

“for a moment. I think this is coming together a bit… … .”

And there was a rumor that spread.

“I heard you two are senile!”


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“He was conspiring with Gwonbong and Dokbong to act as a fool, and then went to start a fight with Jinokryong!”

“We were fighting to see what each other would do first, and then we ended up fighting!”

Most people didn’t believe it, but it was a fun snack.

The rumor gradually became more credible as eyewitness testimony gathered.

So the conclusion was as follows.

‘Guljon and Changjon fought while trying to convey enlightenment to the Jinyuk Dragon of Kunlun!’

‘Dokjon’s secret attack on Jinokryong was actually a test!’

‘Three of the Ten Lords are coveting the True Jade Dragon!’

The rumor spread with blinding speed.

So much so that it even reached the ears of the independent Emperor Tang, who was imprisoned in his lodgings.

“Have you seen these crazy bastards!”


An expensive table made of rosewood shattered and scattered.

“How dare you come out like this?”

Tang Young-jung, who pushed away the fragments with the wind of his sleeve, pointed out in an indifferent tone.

“This table does not belong to the main family, but is the property of the Murim Alliance.”

“… … “You can just pay it back with my own money!”

“That’s right.”


Tang Dang-hwang, who was glaring at his son, pressed his temple and groaned.

“f*cking beggar! You sneaky evil bastard! “How dare you try to steal my disciple?”

“Why is Jin Yuryong your father’s disciple?”

“I took the picture first!”

“The person concerned didn’t seem to have much intention.”

“But I’m better than them!”

“Hmm. well.”

“… … son. “What did you say just now?”

“He is the head of the family.”

“… … house owner. “What did you say just now?”

Tang Yeong-jung looked blankly at his father, Tang Dang-hwang.

“Honestly, there isn’t a big difference between the levels of the two of you and your father, right?”

“no it’s not.”

“Is that true?”

“… … of course!”

Whether Tang Tang Huang glared at him or not, Tang Yongzhong stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“The head of the house is busy.”

“… … joy. It must be nice to be busy. Let’s go a little further than that. “I need to meet Jeong-gwang and get a confirmation quickly.”

“It’s not possible.”


“Please remain quiet for the time being.”

“I’ll go quietly. So, huh?”

“It’s not possible.”

“… … “I’ll do as you say!”

As Dang Yeong-jung opened the door and left, Dang Dang-hwang’s voice was heard.

“How is the issue of electing a leader going?”

“Isn’t it time for those running for office to arrive? “It’s heating up little by little.”

“Which one is more likely?”

“I guess it’s the Namgung family.”

“Think carefully. “You can’t decide based on your personal feelings.”

Tang Yongzhong slowly turned around and looked at his father.

“Why are you suddenly interested in family affairs?”

“It used to be there!”

“I’ll be the judge, just like I’ve been for decades, so don’t worry about it.”

“I! I!”

Tang Yingjung closed the door and took a step forward.

His mind was quite complicated.

‘Even Girl Zone and Chang Zone covet that guy. If this continues, all of the Ten Zones might come rushing in.’

You will be envied by many people.

No, you should already be receiving it.

In particular, it was obvious that the people of Open and Shandong Music were going on a rampage.

A great adult from a reclusive family sets aside the later generations and tries to spread enlightenment to others.

Who wouldn’t like that?

Even though the later people kept their distance from Geoljon and Changjon because of their usual behavior, it was something they could not tolerate.

‘But there’s no way you two will give up.’

These are people who will definitely accomplish what they set their mind to.

I didn’t know that I was already fighting with the later people with blood in my neck.

‘What is the situation in Kunlun?’

There must have been quite a crowd of onlookers.

The center of the current Murim League topic was definitely Jeonggwang.

So much so that the talk about the election of the Murim Lord has been pushed back.

‘I guess I’ll have to go sometime.’

Tang Yeong-jung set out on the road.

It was in the direction of the Kunlun faction’s lodgings.

And Tang Yeong-jung, who arrived in front of him, twitched his eyebrows.

‘This much?’

From low-level warriors to masters. It was bustling with so many people.

Tang Yongzhong’s eyes deepened.

It seemed like the future martial arts world revolved around Jeong Gwang.

‘I also have to make a kite.’

He was a member of Tang Yeong Middle School who had suffered a lot since he was Sogaju because of his father who made enemies on a false day.

He did not want to bring such hardship to his children.

No, I wanted to create the best environment.

To do that, you had to catch the concentrate.

‘I guess we should talk about it first.’

I’m trying to get into the dorm through the crowd of people.

A grumbling sound was heard.

“Where on earth has everyone gone?”

“That’s right.”

“I’m sure he didn’t go out of bounds, right?”

“Do you guys understand?”

Tang Yongzhong stopped walking.

From what I heard, it seems like all of Kunlun’s disciples are away.

Then where on earth?

‘… … !’

At that moment, I felt an energy that should not be felt in the Murim Alliance.

It was a surprisingly intense life.

‘How dare anyone!’

He spread his divine law toward a place where he felt alive. Those who felt it belatedly followed suit.

And where did we arrive?

It was a training ground surrounded by a high wall.

‘Who on earth?’

As if answering my question, a familiar voice came from beyond the wall.

“I’ll go the right way this time!”

A clear and brilliant voice.

It was from Jeonggwang.

‘What are you doing? Is it sparring?’

But living like this?

Jeong Gwang’s continued words gave Dangyeongjung goosebumps.

The tone was calm, but the murderous spirit in it became even stronger.

“Please understand if I have trouble controlling my strength!”

* * *

Jeong Gwang escorted Unhak and brought the Kunlun disciples to the training hall.

“I’ll do things a little differently starting today.”

“… … .”

“uh? Aren’t you curious what to do?”

The monks all shook their heads.

You’ll find out anyway. This was because I had the experience of finding out in advance only to get upset.

“ruler. It’s a one-on-one sparring. “Face the right person.”

The Taoists quickly stood in pairs. Since we knew each other well, there were no obstacles.

“Now, just like in real combat, you will attack with the determination to kill your opponent. start!”

“… … what?”

“… … “Are you prepared to kill me?”

Jeong Gwang waved his hand at the astonished Taoist monks.

“ah. Don’t really kill me. “Is it okay for alumni to do that?”

“… … .”

That’s natural, though.

What on earth should I do?

Jeong Gwang gave the answer.

“Fight with the determination to kill the enemy, but when it comes to killing you, make a cool decision. “Well, I also experienced the challenge of living properly.”

You can fight properly only if you put your life into it.

You can save your opponent only by killing at the right time.

Only by experiencing life can you respond properly.

Jeong Gwang was saying that.

“That makes sense.”

“Rather, it is a necessary training.”

The Taoists, including Unhak, shook their heads.

But there was a problem.

The person who suggested it was Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang, who received the doubtful gaze of the Taoists, shrugged his shoulders.

“Why are your eyes like that? “When have you ever suffered a loss because of what I said?”

Every time there is one.

A lot of that too.

The monks sighed inwardly.

‘But it’s not as good as in martial arts.’

‘I guess I’ll have to trust and follow this time too.’

The Taoists bowed to their opponents and then began swinging their weapons.


Is there any way that he could express his life to the executioners he has spent almost his entire life with?

All you have to do is stab and cut a little harder. That was the limit.

Jeong Gwang, who was watching, drew his sword.

“It doesn’t work either. “Then let’s go.”


Jeong Gwang’s body disappeared and an afterimage appeared.

Swinging a sword.



Heojik, who barely managed to block it, let out a roar.

“Yes, this guy! Are you planning to kill Sasuk?”

“No way.”

“But what on earth…?” … “Huh!”

Heojik bent his back and avoided Jeonggwang’s sword.

Literally by a narrow margin.

“this… … profit!”

Something rose in my chest as I pushed aside the path I had cultivated for decades.

That’s anger!

“It’s too much to do! My habits today… … huh?”

Jeong Gwang was stabbing Heo Yoon, who was dealing with Heo Jik.

Heo Yoon, shocked, quickly raised his sword to block, but was hit on the buttocks by the ensuing blow.



A cracking sound erupted because Jeong Gwang was struck with the face of the sword, not the blade.

“Why me?”

“Why? “It’s a melee.”


You didn’t say that!

Jeong Gwang took turns attacking Heo Jik and Heo Yun.

They were frantic about whether to block or avoid, but as time went by, their anger grew.

And it has reached a similar level, although not to the point of survival.

“Jeong Gwang-ah! “Eat this!”

“Eat quietly and lie down!”

Even though he didn’t say things like ‘kill me’ or ‘die’ because he’s a Taoist, he was really in a heated state.

Their angry attacks poured down on Jeong Gwang.

And Jeong Gwang-eun.

They hid behind them and encouraged each other to attack.

“Oh my! Yes, priest! Are you okay?”

“Huh! execution! Are you planning to kill Soje?”

“How could I? “It’s all because of that guy!”

As Jeong Gwang started to move and attack, the three began to tangle and turn.

Heo Jik and Heo Yoon’s eyes became sharper.

In order not to get hurt, I concentrated my mind to not harm the other person.

Jeong Gwang nodded inwardly.

‘I guess I can do it at this point.’

Heo Jik and Heo Yoon had endured numerous training sessions.

You will be able to endure this much and develop fighting spirit.

what. Or you can treat it.


Jeong Gwang was open to speaking and living at the same time.

The sharp killing blow hit the two monks like a shower.



They desperately held on to their fading spirit.

‘W-What’s happening all of a sudden!’

‘What a way to live like this!’

Even during his training in Kunlun, Zheng Guang used to make deadly attacks.

But isn’t this one completely different?

‘profit! ‘I will not lose!’

‘Ugh! ‘I won’t back down!’

It was an irresistible feeling that made them want to kneel down at any moment, but the training they had experienced so far supported them.

No, I stood him up.

“Immense Buddha!”

“O primordial heavenly lord!”

They let out a shout like a Taoist and exploded with murderous spirit.

Jeong-Gwang’s immense murder and their clumsy murder collided.




The two Taoists stumbled, but Jeong Gwang did not stop.

“I’ll go the right way this time!”


Normally, their complexions would have turned yellow, but Heo Jik and Heo Yoon’s faces burned with fighting spirit.

“Please understand if I have trouble controlling my strength!”



“How do you understand that… … .”


A huge explosion echoed beyond the training hall.

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