Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 55

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Episode 55

The best record from ancient times

Jeong Gwang tilted his head.

‘Why aren’t you talking?’

Just a little while ago, we were fighting about who came first and who decided that, but now we’re just putting it off.

“It’s evil. “You say it.”

“You do it. “I give in.”

“Why can’t you do it because they put down a mat for you?”

“Why are you suddenly acting like this? “Are you afraid of being rejected?”

Girl Zone was furious.

“What fear! Young Taoist. “The landman said he wanted to make you his disciple, right?”

“Who is the landman?”

“Why is there such a thing as poison from that party?”

“Oh, him. yes.”

“I heard you refused.”

“I did.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because one master is enough.”

Was it an unexpected answer?

Girl Zone narrowed her forehead and muttered.

“If it’s Master… … Was it a lie? “I heard he was a good Taoist.”

“that’s right.”

“Still, compared to the landman, he’s a long way off.”


Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

‘The master is much better in terms of personality, too.’

Of course, as a martial artist, the level of self-respect is high, but it still doesn’t reach the level of Jeong Gwang, who was the best person in the world in his previous life.

“Master, you are feeling better.”

“… … Oh my. “Now I understand.”

Girl Zone chuckled unpleasantly.

“but. It’s natural to do it for my master. “You must have pride.”

No, that’s not it.

“But that is a wrong idea. “You don’t know the weight of the name Tenjon.”

How heavy is something?

Girl Zone smiled arrogantly, as if trying to answer Jeong Gwang’s curiosity.

“I’ll show you why the Ten Zones are the Ten Zones.”

He pulled out the batting baton from his belt.

“Are you going to hit me with that?”

“… … Is that really true? I will show you the essence of martial arts in this room. “I wonder what you’ll see.”

The number of martial arts techniques was so numerous that it was almost chaotic.

Among them, the martial arts that can be called the essence… … ?

“Haaab! “36 seconds batting stick method!”

It was a girl zone who even kindly informed us about the number of herbivorous people, in case anyone thought we were a political faction.

Jeong Gwang’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

‘ah. that?’

Isn’t it one of the martial arts that comes to mind when you open the door?

I heard that it was a season that could be learned only when there was an ark, but I never thought I would see it.

‘But can you spread it out properly with that dirty body?’

Jeong Gwang muttered without realizing it.

“cheer up.”

“… … noisy!”

Girl Zone hit the batting stick, which he had raised high, with all his might.

“Gyeondubonggal (犬頭棒喝)!”

There is no need to be polite to a dog, and the shameless approach of scolding a dog by hitting it on the head is a shameless approach!

Jeong Gwang exclaimed.

“Hey! “It’s refreshing!”

“… … !”

Geuljon’s grip on the batting stick tightened.

“Taaa! “Let’s go to heaven!”

A magnificent blow that sends the dog flying towards the morning sky!

“Oh oh! great! good!”

Jeong Gwang couldn’t help but clenched his fists in exclamation.

Compared to other political factions who tremble in humility and then suddenly attack, how honest is this martial arts skill!

‘As expected of a beggar, he has no shame.’

Jeong Gwang looked at Girl Zone seriously.

Feeling those gazes, Girl Zone swung the baton even more vigorously.

‘It’s not just about hitting with force. The herbivore diet is pretty well planned, isn’t it?’

Contrary to its name of hitting a dog, the batting baton method was a mysterious batting method.


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The ‘dog’ mentioned here refers to a ‘wicked person’ who commits injustice. He is also a ‘villain with high martial arts skills’.

The batting stick method is a rising martial arts among rising martial arts that can defeat such guys.

Meanwhile, Girl Zone, who had opened only a few chosiks and was about to ask Jeong Gwang what he saw, was so excited that he unfolded even the last chosik.

“Ugh! “Heaven and earth!”

The ultimate ultimate in batting stick technique, it’s invincible!

There are no dogs in the world! As the plan to kill all the evildoers in the world unfolded, Jeong Gwang could not hold back and clapped his hands.

“Great! “It’s truly amazing!”

“omg. omg. “Right, right?”

“yes. “This is my first martial arts performance like this.”

“Hehe. It will happen. If you’re talking about the batting stick method… … huh? “What are you doing now?”

Girl Zone opened her eyes wide.

Isn’t Jeong Gwang swinging his sword out of nowhere?

The golden scabbard was shining beautifully in the early morning sunlight.

Girl Zone frowned.

‘I never thought I’d see that frugal Kunlun faction walking around like that.’

Not only the sword, but even the uniform and sword were very shiny.

‘… … Well, it suits that guy perfectly… … uh?’

Jeonggwang’s sheath, which had been moving so randomly that he had no idea what he was doing, began to swing according to a certain law.

“Take a hit, batting stick method!”

Jeong Gwang was replicating the first strokes of the batting stick technique that Geulzon had performed.

“What great qualities!”

Girl Zone couldn’t help but be impressed.

All it did was imitate herbivorous behavior, but its movements were flawless.

I was about to let out an exclamation once again when I heard Changjon’s electric sound.

-It’s great, but I don’t know if it’s the best in the world.

-… … but. That’s right.

It was something that even the top kids at Guryongsabong could do to some extent.

-Besides, don’t those guys have better personalities?

-That’s right. I can’t deny it.

Still, it won’t be possible to do it perfectly like Jeonggwang.

A flame of greed began to bloom in Girl Zone’s eyes… … .

He died not long after.

“This is good. As a victim, you are treated like a dog and beaten. “If you get hit by just a few hits, you won’t be able to survive in your right mind, right?”

“… … .”

There is someone who expresses his lack of commitment to openness in this way… … .

“But this. “I think it would be better to do it this way.”

“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang’s posture lowered.

Naturally, the direction in which the sword sheath was swung was directed downward.

Gullzone and Changzone’s eyes, who were watching closely, wondering what on earth they were going to do, grew wide as if they were torn apart.

“Uh, that is!”

“Oh, this can’t be right!”

Concentration’s sheath moved with a dazzling change.

But isn’t it an illusion that an enemy is standing in front of you?

That enemy is a dog!

“Woe, Hwanggu?”

“Bae, Baekgu?”

No matter what, a dog is a dog!

Jeong Gwang slapped the dog!

An herbal diet of the batting stick method!

“It’s not just superficial!”

“It contains the eight principles of Ban, Byeok, Jeon, Chak, Tao, Benevolence, Bon, and Jeon!”

Open non-military technique, batting stick method!

The sight of beating a dog with that!

Unlike them who were shocked, Jeong Gwang was smiling happily.

‘I can see it, I can see it.’

The group of batting stick techniques that had seemed fleeting at first glance came into sharp focus.

‘okay. ‘You have to treat your opponent like a dog and believe that you are the best dog player in the world.’

The true power will come out if you unfold it with the belief that there is no dog in the world that you cannot catch.

‘If the other person is a crazy dog, you need to have a compassionate heart.’

In cases like this, you have to beat them to come to their senses.

‘There’s nothing I can do about a completely crazy dog.’

Infinite Buddha. The only way to make the meat tender is to pound it hard.

‘After that… … .’

Whether you eat it by baking it in mud or boiling it in a pot, you can do it according to your taste.

‘It really is an open martial arts skill.’

As my mind became connected with the true intention of martial arts, all my herbivorous thoughts were released without any obstruction.

Jeong Gwang’s posture became lower and Cho Sik’s movements also became smaller.

And in the end, the final battle unfolded.


The scabbard filled with charm burped.

The dragon swept across all directions and colored the world with golden light.

It’s literally like heaven!

The fantasy unfolded as if all the dogs in the world had been slaughtered and there were no dogs left!

Jeong Gwang was impressed without even knowing it.

“Hey. “It’s really perfect for catching dogs.”

It made sense to me that Ark was the only martial art that could be learned.

No matter how much of a beggar he is, doesn’t it seem a bit odd to beg even for the ark?

If you learn this properly, you will have enough to live on without having to beg.

Well, that’s not important.

‘I moved and I’m hungry again.’

The appetite that had run away returned.

“hey. “Can I go now?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“See you again then.”

The two old men shouted in shock.

“for a moment!”

“Not yet!”

“Why again?”

Girl Zone was shaking and stuttering.

“Yes, you have the wrong baton method! Well, that’s not a martial arts technique for catching dogs! “It is a martial art that punishes Madou!”

“It’s not.”

“… … what?”

Jeong Gwang scratched his head.

‘Gunlun is like this, so is the opening like this?’

I’m not obligated to tell you, but I decided to tell you because I learned about the fun martial art of beating a dog thanks to you.

“You didn’t make it yourself, right?”

“Of course.”

“Investigation of the division of openness… … Is it an open investigation because it’s a break-in? He probably made it anyway. Of course he was a beggar.”

“Of course.”

“Then you have to understand his heart.”

“… … what?”

“Have you ever thought that the latter might have modified something that was created to catch evildoers while catching dogs?”

“… … !”

“So the movement got so big. Lower and smaller. Try that.”

“… … W-what kind of nonsense… … ah!”

Girl Zone’s eyes widened.

It was because the words of his master, Jeontai Ark, came to mind.

‘Disciple. ‘It seems like you put too much force on your shoulders.’

‘Are you senile? What kind of power is it, billions of times?’

‘It’s a joke. You bastard, what big deal are you and a beggar? Why are you being so condescending!’

‘Oh really. ‘When did you say I did that!’

‘Look at you using the batting stick technique! They’re so stylish that they even paint it with gold lacquer!’

‘What’s wrong with carefully unfolding the season that only connects to the Ark? ‘Ahh!’

‘Tsk tsk. You are a beggar, a beggar. Spread it out like a beggar. What I’m saying is, ‘Do it with the mindset of a beggar catching a dog, not with the attitude of punishing evildoers.’

‘No, what difference does that make… … .’

‘You must act with a low mind to be able to act without greed…’ … .’

The master, who was sighing, muttered with a self-deprecating look on his face.

‘but. I heard the same thing. haha. ‘I finally realize that.’

Gulzon, who was watching Master’s deathbed, could not understand at all.

‘Oh, please say it properly.’

‘It is done. I’ll go and figure it out.’

‘yes? Master? Master! what? Is this guy really dead? ‘What is your will!’

It was a memory that I erased because I was so shocked.

‘Small in a low place… … .’

Girl Zone swung the baton with a cautious expression.

As time passed, his posture became lower and his movements also became smaller.

It was Jeong Gwang’s method of hitting a real dog with a batting stick.

‘ah! If you spread out lower and smaller, you can deal with the enemy closer! ‘I was so caught up in superficiality that I forgot this simple principle!’

Close combat is fraught with danger, but Gaegodo, armed with righteous blood, was not afraid of being killed or injured.

Rather, I enjoyed it because it could pose a great threat to the opponent.

In addition, the stench from the open air made it difficult for the opponent to breathe, so it was natural that most open martial arts were oriented towards close combat.

‘Master. Now I finally know… … .’

Gulzon was immersed in enlightenment and performed open martial arts.

Changjon, who was looking at the scene with surprised eyes, bit his lip.

‘That guy. ‘You’re lucky.’

I looked down a little bit, but I had no idea what would happen in the future.

Greed rose up as I looked at the concentrate that made Girl Zone like that.

Did you say ‘the best talent in the world’? ‘Nonsense!’

I wonder if Jincheonma, who shook the whole world even though he died while curled up in the Xinjiang River, was like this!

‘It’s definitely the best talent of all time! I definitely have it!’

Since he is Kunlun’s disciple, he cannot be taken away.

If so, I will at least pass on enlightenment and leave my mark on the world!

An incredibly kind voice flowed from Changjon’s mouth.

“Jeong Gwang, I guess you didn’t like open martial arts, right?”

“I heard.”

“… … You have unique tastes. Are you really planning on learning martial arts from that friend?”

“If it’s this much fun, it might not be that bad… … .”

Changjon’s eyes narrowed.

“I have a good heart for you, so I’ll tell you something. “That guy can’t do it.”


“Are you going to hang out with a guy who eats alone because no one plays with him?”

“… … loner?”

“It’s worse. They say they travel alone because they are free-spirited, but that’s a lie… … .”

“You bastard!”

“huh? “Aren’t you lost in enlightenment?”

“It went by quickly! “You damn bastard!”

“Try again. “You can do it.”

Gulzon tried to beat up Changzon with his newly learned batting stick method, but did what he had to do first.

That’s just gossip!

“Jeong Gwang-ah! That damn bastard! “The daughters-in-law worked together to drive him out!”

“What kind of rumors are you saying?”

“The crazy guy in that fight beat up my grandchildren under the pretext of martial arts training! “That’s why I was kicked out by my daughters-in-law!”

“You’re being kicked out! “I watched my grandchildren’s martial arts skills with enthusiasm, and they thanked me so much and told me to rest for a while, so I just went on a sightseeing trip!”

Girl Zone snorted.

“Young Yeongtaeng who was kicked out!”

“A lonely beggar!”

“Beggars are always alone!”

“I came out on my own too!”

“… … Your guy. “I didn’t like it before.”

“It’s the same. “Speaking of which, it would be better to resolve it today.”

The two members of the Ten Zones radiated their fierce spirit.

This is the moment when a battle of all odds is about to take place!

Jeong Gwang opened his mouth.

“It’s noisy. Can’t you go somewhere else and fight?”

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