Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 52

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Episode 52

sneak attack

‘What’s wrong with this old man?’

Jeong Gwang looked at Dang Hwang, whose mouth was wide open.

I didn’t know his name, but I knew his nickname, Dokjon.

Isn’t he one of the Ten Honorable Men who are considered the strongest warriors in the martial arts faction?

‘however… … .’

A body as dry as a dried tree branch, a wrinkled face, and even a bluish complexion.

He was an old man who did not have anything worthy of the nickname “John.”

‘No, appearance is the second problem.’

What if someone uses such an arrogant nickname in the Heavenly Demon Church?

There was no need for Jeonggwang to come forward.

His subordinates asked him how he dared to act so arrogantly, so he must have already ceased to be a person of this world.

But when I see him living and moving around like this until he gets to that age… … .

‘The kids in the midfield are nice. ‘You’re a lucky old man to be born here.’

Did you read his mind?

Tang Hwang’s eyes became harsh.

“Oh my. “I don’t like the look on your face.”

“What do you think?”

“It’s as if you pity me… … Phew. It can’t possibly be like that. No, that’s enough.”

“Okay then.”

“for a moment! How can there not be this much hair? “Are you still a disciple of Kunlun, a member of the prestigious royal sect?”


It certainly was.

“Whoa. “Whoa.”

Tang Hwang took a deep breath to calm his mind and then continued speaking.

“Look around. “What do you think?”

People who recognized Tang Tang Huang were fighting with extreme attitude.

“ah. Like this?”

As Jeong Gwang followed them, Dang Gi-Hwang made a shocked expression.

“It feels like I’m bowing down and receiving me. Are you always this rude? “Didn’t the chiefs say anything?”

“well. Sajo didn’t say anything either.”


Tang Dang-hwang searched through the rumors about Concentrate in his head.

‘This guy’s trend… … ah! Virtuous Unhu!’

I’ve never met him in person, but I admire him for his outstanding personality.

‘They say it’s a masterpiece and it’s true!’

If it weren’t for the fact that he was called a virtuous person, this reckless bastard would have been beaten to death a long time ago.

‘I heard that he was so great that he could influence the wicked with his virtue… … .’

It seems that even Unhu could not influence this Mangjong.

A sad light passed through Dang Hwang’s eyes.

“He is one of the few people who can be called a true man. How could I meet someone like you… … .”

“How am I?”

“… … It has been done. “I heard his dantian was destroyed. How is his health?”

“You’re flying around.”

“Yes, it has to be that way. Fly… … “Wha-eol-wha?”

Tang Hwang’s eyes widened.

“Are you saying it was like a fable?”

“no. “Fly in Kunlun Mountain.”

“… … !”

Is your dantian broken and your teeth flying out?

“… … “I haven’t heard that rumor?”

“Not long ago.”

“Are you saying that you have recovered your power?”



“I treated you.”


Dang Hwang stopped talking in anger, telling him not to talk nonsense.

Even if Jeong Gwang was only a disciple of Kunlun, there was no way he could have committed the sin of telling lies about the ancestors.

If that’s the case, then it means that he really has the medical skills to do so.

‘This is an article I’ve never heard of.’

Isn’t this impossible even for Emperor Tang, the great head of the great Four Heavenly Tang Dynasties?

He thought again about the concentrate.

‘He’s more talented than I thought.’

When I look closely, I see that he is really handsome.

‘I don’t know who created it, but the nickname Jinokryong is perfect.’

Once one thing started to look good, everything started to look good.


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‘A man should be that tough. ‘Is there anyone who is capable but is not a genius?’

Even Jeong Gwang’s spoiled personality felt like it was natural.

‘okay. decided.’

A warm voice that surprised even himself came out from Dang Gi-hwang’s mouth.

“Oh my.”

“What’s wrong with your voice all of a sudden?”

“… … It was originally like this. “I will give you the greatest gift in the world.”

“What is it?”

Tang Tang Huang tried to put on a benevolent expression like Buddha.

And the result.

Asura’s face became purr and looked even more vicious.

“Become my disciple.”

* * *

Dang Hwang followed Jeong Gwang with his feet busy.

“Where are you going!”


“First you have to answer that you want to become a disciple!”

“ah. “That one?”

“Guy, you did it because you were embarrassed.”

“I don’t like it.”

“… … what?”

“I am Kunlun’s disciple.”

“Who doesn’t know that? “There is a way.”

Tang Dang-hwang clung to Jeong-gwang and walked with him, cajoling him with sweet words.

“I will take care of it, so just answer me. Just twenty years. “If you learn from me, you can become the best expert in the world.”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

I wonder what they can teach him, who was truly the best expert in the world.

Besides, what is twenty years?


“okay. Are you moved? “Ask anything.”

“Can you still be alive by then?”

“… … Let’s train more intensely and do it within 15 years.”

“I think it will last for ten years.”

“Yes you bastard! “How dare you ask me if I’m coming!”

“Give me your wrist. “Let me take a pulse.”

Tang Dang-hwang gave his wrist with a curious look, as if asking when he had become angry.

The veins on his wrists were bloodshot that would paralyze half of his body if they were suppressed, but he had no hesitation at all.

That’s how confident he was.

Jeong-gwang also casually grabbed his wrist and took his pulse.

“How do you feel?”


“Do you think you’ll live another fifty years?”

Jeong Gwang let go of his wrist and put his hands together.


“… … ?”

“Please clean up after yourself and stay strong.”

“… … “W-what does that mean!”

“In the end, everything returns to emptiness. “Don’t have any regrets.”

“So what does it mean!”

They soon arrived in front of the palace where the Kunlun faction was staying.

Baek Seung-moo, who happened to be practicing footwork in front of him, greeted him warmly.

“execution. Are you coming now? But this person… … .”

“They say you are alone.”

“okay. Alone… … yes? Solitary!”

“Kkkkkkkkkk. okay. “Nobu is independent.”

Danghwang smiled with satisfaction.

Isn’t this the right reaction to see him?

“Priests. “Are the elders back?”

“… … yes yes! In a few hours ago… … .”

Before Baek Seung-moo finished speaking, the door to the palace opened.

And then the Kunlun Taoists walked out.

Tang Hwang’s eyes sank deeply as he looked at them.

‘what? ‘Look at this?’

There were no faces I recognized, but I could guess his skills just by the energy he gave off.

‘I heard news from Kunlun occasionally, and there was a good reason for that.’

Tang Tang Hwang adjusted his clothes.

Although he was notorious for being self-indulgent, the name Kunlun did not take him lightly.

Besides, he was in a position to ask for a favor.

“I’d like to say hello. “It’s Tang Hwang.”

“… … You must be independent. It’s an honor to meet you. “It’s called Unhak.”

“Laughs. “Why are you so honored?”

“… … “What brings you here?”

“I want to become Jeonggwang’s master.”

The Kunlun Taoists gaped.

The name Dokjon resonated throughout the world, and indeed!

Isn’t he a crazy old man like I heard?

Dang Hwang added that he was independent and selfish and wanted to kick him out immediately.

“Zheng Guang will continue to be Kunlun’s disciple. All I want to do is pass on some of my enlightenment. “It’s too bleak to call this guy our elder, so let’s call him master and disciple.”

“… … “You’re not going to form a teacher-teacher relationship, you’re just going to give teachings?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Did you misunderstand that I was trying to steal the concentrate? haha. “I am not that kind of person.”

The Kunlun Taoist monks cried out in their hearts.

‘You’re a person without enough reason to get away with that!’

The martial arts seniors take a close look at their juniors from other clans and pass on martial arts to them.

This was something that didn’t happen often, and it was something that only had to be done by treating the horse as an example to his senior master.

But why does the infamous Dokjon show such favor?

“… … “What do you mean by enlightenment?”

“These are things I have recently realized that have nothing to do with my family’s martial arts skills. It will definitely be helpful to Jeong Gwang as well. Please allow it.”

“Can you tell me why you want to do that? “What do you want?”

Tang Huang sighed.

“Phew. “To understand my teachings, you must at least have the best skills in the world.”

“… … At least the best article in the world?”

“But while I was struggling because I didn’t have the right talent, I met Jeong Gwang. Fortunately, you have what it takes to receive my teachings. and… … .”

“… … ?”

“I saw my younger days in that guy. “That makes me more greedy.”

Tang Gi-Hwang smiled in satisfaction, as if he liked what he said.

The sound of Jeong Gwang muttering incoherently came to his ears.

“I look like that face? Nonsense.”

* * *

Unhak barely managed to calm Dang Hwang, who was going wild, saying, ‘What’s wrong with my face!’ and sent him away.

“I will come again! “I will definitely get an answer then!”

“I will not see you off.”

Unhak sighed as Tang Hwang disappeared.

“Whoa. All sorts of things really happen.”

“Iknow, right.”

“… … “Are you saying that now?”

“The most absurd thing is me.”

“What on earth happened?”

Jeong Gwang told the story of what happened from Dangga’s lodgings.

“… … “You took so much poison, are you okay?”

“I didn’t overeat.”

“… … Be careful though. “I’m glad I graduated from all of them, but don’t you know what people do?”

“Not all of them have been produced.”

“… … “What?”

“I left a little bit behind.”


“I’m trying to build up my tolerance.”

“… … .”

Kunlun Taoists, including Unhak, shook their heads.

“Can I go now?”

“Not yet. “Tell me what you think.”

“Are you learning from Dokjon?”

“okay. Actually, it’s not a bad thing. “On the contrary, it can be said to be a good thing.”

“I have no thoughts.”

“What is the reason?”

Why are you asking the obvious?

No matter how good you are, isn’t one nag enough?

“There are more than one master.”

Heo Qing’s face, who misunderstood its meaning, was filled with emotion.

“Jeong Gwang-ah! me too! If only I had you… … no! no! Seungmu: Two people, including you, are more than enough! Seungmoo, did you understand what I said? huh?”

Even as Heo Cheong was comforting Baek Seung-mu, who seemed to have lost his soul, Unhak asked once again.

“Your heart. “It must be certain, right?”


“I get it. Instead, brace yourself. Dokjon is a person who is notorious for acting arbitrarily. “Don’t give up and it will definitely come.”

“Shall we hide and attack?”

“… … “You better hit me now.”

Unhak gave Jeong Gwang a curfew.

“What if they come to see me?”

“When the sun rises tomorrow, I will go to the head of the Tang family and discuss it.”

“Son of Solitary One? “I think Dokjon will turn his nose up.”

“no. The only person he feels uncomfortable with is his son. “He won’t have to worry.”

Unhak urged Jeong Gwang so hard that nails were driven into his ears.

“Just in case, if he comes and bothers me, I will put up with it. Don’t even think about fighting. Do you understand?”

“… … .”

“Uh-huh! “Are you going to nag me?”

“I will.”

Only then was Jeong Gwang able to be released.

‘No going out… … .’

Isn’t this an unfamiliar experience?

‘Well, I guess this isn’t too bad.’

Being lazy has its own fun. Jeong Gwang decided to rest like a corpse.

The next morning, the ship Unja and the ship Heo went out to battle.

Before attending the Murim Alliance meeting, they headed to Dangga’s lodgings first.

And after a while, Dokjon appeared as if he had been waiting.

“Become my disciple.”

“and. “You came quickly.”

“It’s because I’m so anxious. “How are you feeling?”

“I don’t like it.”

“I told you to become my disciple!”

“I don’t like it.”

The same conversation was repeated endlessly.

It wasn’t just Kunlun’s Jeong Ja-bae who was watching them.

People were gathering more and more.

“This guy is real!”

“yes. There’s really no need. “Can I come in now?”

A vein protruded from Dang Gi-hwang’s temple.

“Before I pass on enlightenment, I will first fix your messy hair!”

“uh? “Are you going to hit me?”

Tang Hwang paused.

There is distribution and prestige, so how can you hit a green guy just because you’re pissed?


When I looked at Jeong Gwang’s flawless and clear eyes, I felt like I had become a nasty old man for no reason.

At the same time, something arose in my chest.


“Then I can’t just sit still.”

I could feel Jeong Gwang increasing my strength.

It was a greater energy than I expected.

‘How dare this guy! Are you going to fight me?’

A cold smile appeared on Dang Hwang’s lips.

‘Even though you’re just a bastard, I’ll let you know that there is a sky outside the sky!’

Jeong Gwang was a bigger bastard than he thought.

‘You said he was one of the ten strongest members of the faction, right?’

It must be true that even as a Jeonggwang with an innate sense, he could not clearly estimate the state.

Fight against the Absolute!

An ordinary drone would have stopped immediately, but… … .

‘Sounds fun.’

Jeong Gwang was not one to fight while measuring his opponent.

‘Where should we play?’

That’s when fighting spirit burns brightly!


The faces of Kunlun Taoists, including Unhak, came to mind.

‘If we fight, it’s obvious that we’ll be nagging all day long.’

This time, Heo Cheong will also join in to harass them.

‘But you can’t just use magic attacks.’

He tilted his head and made up his mind.

‘Let’s go safely.’

Jeong Gwang channeled the true energy he had gathered through Sangcheong Free Spiritual Gong into Jujiksi Gong.

So, I pulled out every last bit of poison that was left in his body.

‘This is a bit of a waste.’

Still, it’s better than having your ears sting.

‘Well, I just need to get it back.’

The concentrate released poisonous air.

With your mouth, not your fingers.



A stream of poisonous blood spurted out.

The grass on the floor that was covered with it died black and gave off acrid smoke.

“Do, poison…” … .”

As Jeong Gwang muttered quietly, Dang Hwang shouted with a bewildered look on his face.

“Poison! When did I… … .”

But it’s already too late.

Those watching around shouted in astonishment.

“Dokjon attacked Kunlun’s disciples with poison!”

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