Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 50

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Episode 50


Since ancient times, people have to eat to live.

Paeng Kang-ung also did not deny it.

But why now?

‘… … A restaurant? ‘Are you really hungry?’

Watching Jeong-gwang eat, it didn’t seem like that.

When you’re hungry, you tend to get busy with your chopsticks, so what’s the point of eating something as beautiful as a picture?

‘You can’t get excited. They may be doing this on purpose to aim for that.’

Peng Kang-woong looked closely at Jeong Gwang’s face as he took off his robe. As if he felt his gaze, Jeong Gwang also looked at him.



“… … .”

Jeong Gwang smiled so wonderfully that it was dizzying even for a man like him.

‘… … It’s not that easy either. Are you asking me to find out for myself?’

Peng Gangung frowned.

But even for a moment, he showed his teeth and smiled.

‘good. Let’s give it a try.’

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang was busy eating again and did not see Peng Gangwoong’s smile.

Earlier, I was laughing because I was determined to beat him up properly because he kept staring at me, but now other thoughts were filling my head.

‘It’s just a piece of grass, but it’s okay. ‘I guess I can get by.’

The food was great.

It was inevitable that the nine factions were all sects that were either Taoist or Buddhist, except for Gaeja, where beggars gathered.

One of those factions was the Murim Alliance. It was natural for the kitchen to be staffed with skilled workers who knew how to cook grass to make it edible.

‘You can stop by early in the morning and eat meat. Is there anything you can indulge yourself with? ah!’

Jeong Gwang realized something he had forgotten and searched inside his chest.

A moment later, there was a small bottle in his hand.

The poisonous fluid that had been excreted after eating Dang Ye-ji’s Jinhap tea scent was flowing inside it.


Jeongwoo, who was sitting across from me, frowned.

“You did that yesterday and you’re doing it again. “Do you really need to eat that now?”

“I get sick if I eat it on an empty stomach.”

“Haaah. i get it. Just be careful if you can handle it yourself.”


Jeong Gwang opened the bottle cap and poured the poison into his mouth.

The Kunlun disciples thought so and continued eating, but everyone except them was astonished and astonished.

They were disciples of other sects and families that Jeong Gwang had been glancing at since he entered the restaurant.

‘I! I!’

‘Is this the poison that turned Namgungryeok into a mutant dragon with just three drops?’

‘You eat it all in one bite without any hesitation?’

Like them, Paeng Kang-woong watched what Jeong Gwang was doing with his mouth wide open.

Jeong Gwang was savoring the taste with his eyes tightly closed.

‘Uhm. The spicy taste has weakened a bit.’

It was eaten to increase resistance to poison.

Still, wouldn’t it be better if it tastes good?

Jeong Gwang suppressed his regret and prayed for the Sangcheong Free Spiritual Gong and the Jujeoksi Gong.

The true energy of Dantian spread to every corner of my body.

Poison is something that must always be handled with caution. Even more so after eating.

Jeong Gwang repeated his moves carefully.

After a while, my energy began to circulate and I felt relaxed.

‘It’s a good poison after all.’

The face of Tang Yeji who gave it to me came to mind.

‘You’re in the Murim Alliance, right? ‘Once I get used to this poison, I’ll have to ask for another poison.’

When Jeong Gwang thought this was enough, he put his finger on the empty bottle.

The yellow poison, which was lighter than before eating, fell drop by drop into the bottle.

Knock. Knock. Knock… … .

The hearts of those watching also beat vigorously to the sound.

‘Just by looking at it, it looks like it’s as cheap as Namgungryeok.’

‘Surely it’s not a poisonous attack? crazy. What a ridiculous idea.’

It was a poison that even Namgung power, revered as a sword dragon, could not withstand. Watching them eat it like honey made me feel both fear and awe at the same time.

But Peng Kang-woong was different.

‘I knew he was a great guy.’

Still, no one has weaknesses. Peng Kang-woong was a man who could persevere until he found it.

Whether he thought so or not, Jeong Gwang smiled with satisfaction.

‘I guess I’ll have a good time, as long as the accommodation is okay.’

Jeong-gwang’s good mood faded as soon as he arrived at his accommodation.

‘… … Am I back in Kunlun?’

It was worth making that mistake.


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Isn’t this an old pavilion standing in a state of disrepair that could rival those of the Kunlun faction?

The messenger who guided us here also cleared his throat, probably feeling a little embarrassed.

“hmm. hmm. “It’s a little old-fashioned, isn’t it?”


Oh my gosh?

Unlike Jeong Gwang, who was embarrassed, Jeong Woo, the ambassador type, chuckled.

“haha. it’s okay. Just having a roof to protect yourself from the rain and walls to block the wind is a luxury.”

The other Jeong Ja-bae disciples also smiled and nodded.

Of course, it wasn’t concentrate.

Paeng Kang-woong, who was watching him closely, spoke.

“Once you get in, you’ll change your mind.”

“Do you seem to know something?”

“ha ha ha. We’ll just go to our accommodation. See you next time.”

Peng Kang-ung led the Peng family warriors and left.

His mind was filled with the expression Jeong Gwang had made a moment ago.

‘I didn’t laugh alone. It clearly means that you don’t like the accommodation. “Contrary to what I heard, I may have worldly desires.”

His eyes shone.

‘If that’s the case, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to deal with it.’

If you have a desire, you can give it to that desire.

It was a fact he knew well because he was like that too.

Meanwhile, it was only after Jeong Gwang entered the palace that he understood Peng Kang-ung’s words.

‘what? ‘You’re fine.’

Despite the old exterior, the inside was quite nice. Although it was not as flashy as Yeonhwagaekjan, it was worthy of the name Murimmaeng.

‘Are you conscious of the outside gaze?’

When it comes to Murimmaeng, not only warriors but also people from all walks of life come and go.

To show them their poverty, the exterior was kept old and the interior was made this way.

‘It’s a famous story.’

Isn’t this a structure that clearly shows the different political factions on the outside and the inside?

Well, it wasn’t a bad thing since I was able to live without any discomfort.

Baek Seung-mu seemed to think the same thing and was looking around the room, sighing.


“Yes, death penalty.”

“Do you have time for that now?”

“Oops! sorry.”

Seungmoo Baek quickly sat cross-legged and began practicing Socheong Qigong.

He was growing differently every day thanks to Heo Cheong’s kind teachings and Jeong Gwang’s demon-like guidance.

Jeong Gwang placed his hand on Baek Seung-moo’s Myeongmunhyeol and observed the movement of Jin-gi.

‘Hmm. ‘What is this?’

Considering Baek Seung-moo’s qualifications, it was a great achievement.

But that is only possible in the process of building a foundation.

Baek Seung-moo will soon face his limitations due to his lack of qualifications.

‘It would be okay if they were of the same caliber as the executioners.’

By the standards of concentrates, they were all pretty good, but if you break it down in detail, there was a clear gap.

‘There are things that are necessary for those who lack qualifications to move up.’

Baek Seung-moo didn’t have that.

If he learns about it and is able to do it… … .

‘Someday, I might become a worthy warrior.’

Jeong Gwang, shaking his head, remembered a fact he had forgotten.

‘for a moment. ‘It would be a waste of this guy’s business if he just became an unmanned person.’

After all, you have to keep doing things that make money.

‘Then Sangjae will also bloom… … .’

An interesting warrior will appear in Gangho.

A warrior wielding gold in one hand and a sword in the other.

‘Golden Sword Demon (金權劍魔)… … this. It’s not the Heavenly Demon Church, it’s the Kunlun Sect. Then, Baek Seung-moo, the Golden Swordsman Hyeop?’

Since all the money and cooperation went into it, he won’t have any complaints.

Jeong Gwang, who was satisfied with the drawing of a good picture, felt a familiar energy.

It was a wind of oil.

“Look! “Is it there?”


“What would I do if I came to the Murim Alliance and was stuck inside? “Come out!”

If I left it alone, they would talk all day long.

Jeong Gwang opened the door and went out.

Yu Jeong-pung was standing there with a happy face.

“The contract is over, why?”

“Huh. People are really unfriendly. “You do that because you’re grateful to me.”

“Is everything going well?”

“Hehe. Still, I was able to talk to Mr. Tang.”

“By any chance, did Master Tang tell you to bring me? Are you giving me poison?”

A stinging Yoo Jeong-pung changed the topic.

“haha. That’s it. “Is there anywhere you want to go?”

“What do you need to know?”

“Isn’t that why I came? I will guide you. Let’s go.”


“hmm… … “If you come to the Murim Alliance, you should go to Hyeonhyeopgak first.”

what is that?

As Jeong-gwang made a puzzled expression, Yoo Jeong-pung also made the same face.

“… … “You sure you don’t know?”


Yoo Jeong-pung shook his head and grabbed Jeong-gwang.

“Let’s go. “It’s a place you must go to if you are a righteous person.”

It was said that in his previous life, he was the highest of the magic world, and in his current life, it is a place that has nothing to do with Jeong Gwang, who is only a righteous sect.

“I don’t really feel like it.”

“Isn’t it better than sitting here doing nothing?”

It wasn’t wrong.

‘I’d like to take a look.’

Jeong Gwang walked along with Yu Jeongpung.

* * *

‘Hyeonhyeop (顯俠)’ means to display high integrity (俠).

‘When I heard the name, I wondered what it might be.’

It was exactly what it meant.

Hyeonhyeopgak (顯俠閣) was a pavilion that commemorated the knights who died while protecting the Jungwon Murim.

Yoo Jeong-pung explained to Jeong-gwang with a solemn expression.

“This belongs to the leader of the Jeonjeontai. It is a long gun stained with the blood that was shed while fending off the demonic hordes. “The one next to it is the sword of Han Sang-yeo, a blood-faced magician who was the head of the Demonic Cult.”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

Isn’t this really that timid guy’s sword?

“Whoa. This is the sword of the former warlord. Take a look. Aren’t all the teeth on the blade gone? “How many evil enemies must he have cut down to get to this point?”

My eyes were drawn more to the gauntlet next to it.

Mo Gyeong-hu, who was called Cheolhonbungkwon (鐵魂崩拳) in the central plains, was right about that ignorant bastard.

Yu Jeongpung walked around Hyeonhyeopgak, leading Jeonggwang.

The weapons of the guys Jeong Gwang knew were rarely seen.

From the political faction’s perspective, it was a trophy.

“Look aww. I haven’t said anything since a while ago. “Is it because your heart hurts?”


I’m pissed.

Just leave it to me!

Even after death, did you run away to face something like this?

When a vein appeared on Jeong-gwang’s forehead, Yoo Jeong-pung, who misunderstood the reason, tapped his shoulder.

“okay. That’s how it should be. It was worth bringing you here. “My younger brother may be a little eccentric, but he was a passionate person.”

no. That’s not it… … .

“ruler. Come on. “Hyeonhyeopgak is wide.”

It was really wide.

This place was not only a place to commemorate those who died in the war against the Heavenly Demon Church.

The relics of charlatans who fell while fighting against evil spirits and murderous spirits were also on display.

‘You put a lot of effort into it.’

Suddenly, I remembered the weapons I used in my past life.

‘What happened to them?’

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

‘It’s obvious at first glance.’

The wide-eyed subordinates would have fought furiously and divided it up.

‘It’s a bit of a waste.’

As I was savoring my appetite, I heard Yoo Jeong-pung’s voice.

“As expected, your younger brother is different.”


“Would you like to take a look at the people around you? “Can you feel the difference between them and you?”

Jeong Gwang looked around.

There were countless people shedding tears.

At least blink your red eyes.

Only Jeong Gwang’s eyes were wide open.

“Do I have to cry?”

“… … “That’s not necessarily true.”

Yoo Jeong-pung shrugged his shoulders and continued speaking.

“I’ve only known my brother for a short time, but I know he knows. My younger brother has never done anything that is against morality, either in Cheonghae Castle or here. Although his methods are rough, he has done what is right. But he is a member of the Murim Alliance.”

“… … ?”

“If it is a political faction or a military person, it must be something. “It’s a place full of people with this kind of outdated thinking.”

To summarize, it was said that Jeong Gwang, who has a unique way of thinking and expressing himself, will be greatly misunderstood in the future.

“So it might be a good idea to at least try to be similar to other people.”

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

“Actually, I don’t really understand.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s the same here. It’s good to honor people who died doing good things. But why did they die?”

“Of course, you sacrificed your life for the sake of negotiation.”

“Will Yu Sohyeop do the same? “The opponent is stronger than Yu Xiaohyeop?”

Yu Jeongpung straightened his back.

“of course. “If it’s for the sake of discussion, that’s probably it.”

“I wouldn’t do that.”

“… … what?”

“Why attack an enemy you can’t defeat? “You have to gather people together and attack them together, or do a sneak attack and escape.”

Yu Jeong-pung’s mouth opened wide.

“… … W-what are you saying… … .”

Jeong Gwang interrupted him and spoke firmly.

“First of all, I have to live. And shouldn’t we be able to do another collaboration in the future only if we survive?”

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