Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 468

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Part 2 Episode 197

Cheongmyeong (淸名)

The world is large and there are many people, so it is natural that there are people with similar appearances.

This is even more inevitable if they are in a relationship of the same blood, but how can they be so similar?

Even the voice is exactly the same.

Jeong Gwang was so dumbfounded that he quietly looked at the saint of his time.

I was just trying to check if there was some kind of trick… … .

I eventually accepted it.

No matter how many times I checked, it wasn’t reversed or altered, it was just like that.

A woman who died too young in her previous life and remains under a title other than ‘mother’.

It was as if she had been reincarnated, standing before my eyes.

‘… … mom?’


That can’t be possible.

Does it make sense to be reborn after well over a hundred years?


It could be so.

I told you so too. Although he was immediately reincarnated with a completely different appearance than his previous life.

If it had been after the revolution, I would have denied it without a single question, but now that I was reborn as Concentrate, I couldn’t make a judgment easily.

‘then… … .’

Just find out.

Jeong Gwang opened his tightly closed mouth.

“I didn’t say anything because I was angry, it was because I was surprised.”

The saintess lowered the crescent-moon-shaped arm that she was slightly raising.

“I’m glad, but I’m curious. “What surprised you?”

“You’re prettier than I thought.”

“You are saying something unexpected.”

The saintess looked into Jeong Gwang’s eyes and continued speaking.

“I also have ears to hear. “You are not a man whose heart will be swayed by off-white colors.”

“That’s interesting. Did you?”

“It is so rare for someone of that age that there are even rumors that he may be engaging in sodomy.”

“It’s more interesting. “Maybe if we kill a few dozen people as an example, things will quiet down.”

“There is something else that is really interesting. “You are your very being.”


The saint explained in detail.

“A young master who claims to have inherited the martial arts skills of the almost-retired Mu-Yeong-Kwon family suddenly appears one day and is shaking Xinjiang.”

“ah. “Maybe I should have given notice and showed up.”

“Ordinary believers support him, and several of the Seven Great Demonic Families are also helping.”

“That’s what I’m after. “The world becomes more beautiful when everyone gets along well.”

“They are trying to remove the title of Seomrang and make him a small religious leader.”

“It’s annoying, but what can you do? “He is the only legitimate child of the Mo Ying Quan family, so we have to do something.”

“furthermore… … .”

The saint paused for a moment and then continued.

“You saved the elderly man who returned home. The Min family has come to regard you as their benefactor.”

“It looks like the main topic is starting now. “Are you Hyeon-yu’s sister?”

“That’s right.”

“There must be something Hyeonyu told you. “Do I need to remind you?”

Jeong Gwang stared at the saint and spoke clearly.

“Don’t expect anything from me anymore. “I did it because I needed it too.”

“It’s new to hear it in person.”

“Don’t even think about touching me or touching me.”

“Like Hyeon-yu, I am keeping each and every bone in mind.”

Jeong Gwang couldn’t help but laugh.

“haha. indeed. They are like brother and sister. “It’s very similar.”

“Me too, but he probably won’t like it either.”

“It’s none of my business. But there are also differences.”

“Thank goodness. What is?”

Jeong Gwang tapped his head with his fingers.

“Hyeonyu is quite smart. Even though he gets on my nerves sometimes, he knows the minimum line and knows how to stick to it. However, just before I could deliver the saint’s letter, he suddenly fell over. Why did they do that?”

The saint answered calmly.

“After receiving it a few times, I wonder if it’s okay, but I think it’s going too far.”

“You gave almost the same answer as Hyunyu.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. But I didn’t believe it. So I asked.”

Jeong Gwang smiled faintly and added strength to his voice.

“There was an order from above, but I don’t think it was right. “But I can’t disobey you. I will follow your orders, but I think your intention is to make me feel bad and keep me away from you and your organization.”

“… … .”

“also. “It also looks like your eyes are shaking slightly.”


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“Weren’t you talking about something else?”

Jeong Gwang nodded his head lightly.

“I’ll be out soon. When I pointed out the point I mentioned earlier, Hyunyu fell down on the floor and prayed. I don’t think they will believe me no matter what excuse I make, so I tell them to do as they please. I said I would accept any disposition, but to put it simply… … .”

Jeong Gwang pretended to slit his throat with his fingers.

“I was just asking you to kill me.”

“… … .”

“Who gave Hyunyu unreasonable instructions? “For whom did Hyeonyu want to end her life without hesitation?”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders.

“Did I say something unnecessary? Just stare at it. “I guess you’re not very curious.”

The saintess shook her head slowly.

“no. “I’m curious and want to listen to the end.”

“Seeing your eyes shaking again, I guess you didn’t know that Hyunyu did that. “You know very well who it is because of.”

Jeong Gwang spread two fingers and then closed one.

“There are only two places that can give orders to Hyeon-yu, and the places that Hyeon-yu is attached to are not Handeungmin’s house. “The matriarch has a reputation for being cautious and patient, so there’s no way she’d ask you to do something unreasonable.”

Jeong Gwang slightly waved his remaining finger.

“Then there is a temple left. Who was the leader? The priest only does practical work, but the saint leads the temple. “Oh my, you happen to be right in front of me.”

Jeong Gwang clapped his hands lightly.

“ruler. Now let me tell you how brother and sister are different. The younger brother tries to protect his sister even if it means dying himself, but the sister does not know his younger brother’s feelings and only tries to satisfy her own greed. “Am I wrong?”

The saint’s expression became cold.

“Wrong. “I’m not doing this just for me.”

“ah. “Then it’s for the Heavenly God.”

“Not even that. “I don’t believe in the existence of heavenly gods.”

“yes? “Are you a saint?”

The saint’s voice became sharper.

“That’s why I don’t believe it anymore. “How can you believe in something that receives no response even after offering countless services and performing rites?”

“You’re bold. “I’m worried because you spoke so honestly.”

“You wanted that, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Me too. Please answer honestly as well. It was the progress of the previous sect, not the Silkyungkwon group, right? I have an ambition to take over the school someday. Looking at your actions, I can’t help but think so. I will help you, so you can help me.”

Jeong Gwang looked surprised and took a step back.

“I haven’t seen you like that, but you are a really scary person.”

“… … “Are you the only one who wants to do it?”

“First of all, let’s assume what you said is correct. “I want to hear what I should do for you first.”

“I’ll tell you what I can first.”

“You’re special. “Do you want to show me your cards first?”

The saint’s eyes narrowed.

“Anyway, this wouldn’t be possible without me. “I want to present it first, get its value recognized, and then tell you what I want.”

“If that’s the case. “I will do Seigongcheong.”

The saint took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

“What do you think is the biggest thing that the current religious leader does not have?”

“It’s authenticity.”

The saint was silent for a moment and then praised Jeong Gwang.

“Rumors are rather insufficient. you’re right. Orthodoxy is in stark contrast to previous religious leaders. “Since you get to the point so well, the conversation will go faster.”

The saint’s speech became faster.

“The Heavenly God came down to Inse and sowed his seeds and established him as the leader of a sect. After that, that bloodline continued and he became the leader of the sect. However, the vein was cut off at the end of the former sect.”

“But. “Who cares about orthodoxy these days?”

When Jeong Gwang looked annoyed, the saintess looked down on him with a straight face.

“No matter how much time passes, stereotypes do not easily disappear. Whether you know it or not, it is deeply embedded in your mind. “Do you know the current religious leader well?”

“… … .”

That’s what I mean.

There was no end to the details, so I only talked about things that were widely spread.

“He is a great man who is so greedy that he only cares about himself.”

“you’re right. But isn’t it strange to hand over power to another family, no matter how much you know about yourself? “Your own family will also be included in your greed.”

“Isn’t this inevitable because there are no qualified descendants?”

“That is correct, but look at the more fundamental problem. If he were a celestial relative, all he had to do was wait until he gave birth to a qualified descendant. “Didn’t past religious leaders also engage in life-and-death struggles?”

But the current religious leader could not do that.

Since he is already old and has set a precedent, will other families just wait?

Since the selection of an heir could not be delayed any longer, what was to be taken was taken and what was to be yielded was given.

The saint was pointing out exactly that.

“However, as you have arranged, if Seomrang becomes the head of a small sect and the current head of the sect is reduced to power, we can re-establish legitimacy.”


“The small sect leader will become the sect leader.”

“I guess so.”

“Then you are planning to control the school by manipulating that child, right? There is no need to take a step back. When the time comes, prove through martial arts that you are the successor of the previous religious leader. Then, I will personally come forward and tell the world that you are the legitimate son of the former religious leader.”

“… … yes?”

Are you going to tell me that I am your son?

Where in the world is there such a lineage relationship?

As Jeong Gwang was taken aback, the saint explained in a confident tone.

“This is something only I can do. When a religious leader is changed, an inauguration ceremony is held in front of the religious leaders. Priests, including myself, hold ancestral rites to the Heavenly God in heaven and ask about the legitimacy of the new religious leader. In fact, it is a meaningless act of formality, but since all past religious leaders except the current religious leader were of Heavenly God blood, they made sure to take the time to prove that bloodline.”

I know that.

Jeong Gwang raised his hand to stop the saint.

“Wait. So, when Seomrang becomes the leader of the cult and I gain a certain position, I will kill him in front of everyone with the martial arts of the former cult leader?”

“That would be the most dramatic.”

“Then the saintess is going to declare that I was not only the martial artist of the Heavenly God, but also the blood.”

“That’s right.”

The saint’s voice was filled with power.

“There is a world of difference between a successor who inherited martial arts and a legitimate son who inherited blood. Orthodoxy is being passed down again. In that case, you will be able to rule over our school as your own blood, not only at this time but also in the future.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang sighed inwardly.

Now the hazy fog had cleared and I could see clearly.

‘Reincarnation is shit. The mentality itself is different.’

The mother was smart and bold like a saint.

However, no matter how much of a stranger he was, he was not the kind of person who would recommend killing a child for whom he had even the slightest affection for and take advantage of it.

Then yes. I said I had no choice but to leave, so is there any way to reincarnate?

As Jeong Gwang frowned, the saintess, who misunderstood his appearance, pointed to a bizarre mural painted on the wall.

“There is no need to doubt whether people will believe that the severed blood line has reappeared. “What does this look like?”

Although Jeong Gwang knew, he answered roughly.

“They look like people riding horses, but they’re so damaged I can’t recognize them.”

“If that’s enough, you’ve seen it right. It was painted by the Heavenly God while longing for the past. No, to be exact, it was left behind by a person who served as a heavenly god before he ascended to heaven.”

The saint’s tone became stiff.

“Cheonshin was a member of the royal family of the Xiongnu. He came here to avoid his brother, who had rebelled, and established the main school. However, that lineage was cut off a long time ago.”

At that time, Northern Xia, which was founded by a fellow Xiongnu, was destroyed, and the person who was the grandson of the emperor fled here.

The religious leader at the time adopted him as his son, and when the child grew up, he became the religious leader again.

He was a Hyeokryeon clan and Jeong Gwang’s ancestor.

“It happened a long time ago, so not many people remember, but it happened once, so why can’t it happen twice? “There won’t be any problem, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“… … .”

Well, it’s not really wrong.

I can’t believe I’m having a sweet dream without even knowing what kind of magic my brain has created.

Jeong Gwang lost interest and was about to leave when he tilted his head.

‘for a moment. The plan itself isn’t bad.’

If you change the target and give Seomrang legitimacy, it will be of great power in the future.

‘wait. ‘I don’t want to call him my child.’

That guy looks like me.

Moreover, won’t my clean name be tarnished?

There was a better way.

‘Yes, we can say that he is the child that my old man, who died about a year before me, kept secret.’

There was something to check before proceeding with the work.

Jeong Gwang asked the saint directly.

“What do you want from me?”

martial arts,

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