Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 466

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Part 2 Episode 195

What the parties should worry about

In the outskirts of Kucha, after struggling at the bottom, he was given the opportunity to rise to prominence through the Cheonwoo Shinjo.

After a lot of effort not to miss the opportunity, I passed the preliminary round of the battle for life and death.

Now, I have won the finals and become the head of a small sect, and I came to the general meeting with the promise that I will ascend to the position of sect leader in the future and look down on the world.

He was ignored by his rivals from prestigious families, and even his family became ridiculed.

If I endure this, am I a demon? Buddha.

I grit my teeth and try to deal with it.

A child appeared and chased away the men from a prestigious family.

The child was also from a famous family, but unlike the others, he was treated kindly.

As long as you’re a person, you’re bound to have feelings for them.

We tried to get along well until we got into a life-or-death struggle… … .

It turns out that they are enemies.

The enemy approached me with his identity hidden and made fun of me!

It was inevitable that shock would turn into anger.

A must-win for the athlete!

It’s a bit of an exaggerated saying, but if you use your hand before your opponent, your chances of winning increase even a little.

Moreover, right now, he is holding both hands up at a close distance.

If you pull out a dagger from your sleeve and swing it, you may not be able to kill it, but you can at least injure it.

Seomrang’s right hand went into his left sleeve in the blink of an eye.

Son Kang, who was smiling manically, his eyes lit up.

That bastard got caught in a trap and moved as expected!

‘You’re done!’

How dare you make a secret attack on the headquarters?

And the participants in the finals of the sacred battle for life and death?

Killing an opponent while fighting back to survive is self-defense, so no one can be blamed.

Many people watching now will become witnesses.

It didn’t matter if I couldn’t kill him with a single sword and had to be stopped by others.

This Manjong will be punished by the General Council with neither death nor life for secretly attacking a contestant in the finals of the Battle for Extinction, Life and Death.

The moment Seomrang’s hand sticks out of his sleeve.

I took a step back.

At the same time, he grabbed the handle of the machete he was wearing at his waist.

The enemy’s dagger cannot reach him, but his machete has secured enough distance to cut through the enemy.

‘die! ‘Ugh!’

Son Kang tried to pull out the machete but barely stopped.

‘How can this bastard!’

Isn’t there a piece of beef jerky in Seomrang’s hand instead of a dagger?

Seomrang narrowed his wide-open eyes and made a fuss.

“Be scared. what are you doing? Are you trying to cut me down?”

Son Kang, who had suddenly returned to his gentle demeanor, naturally relaxed his hand, which had been gripping Dopa so tightly that the veins were standing out.

“It’s a surprise. What kind of jerky are you pulling out like that? “I thought you were attacking me and almost pulled out the sword.”

“Hopefully, they provoke you and say bullshit. “I’m hungry, but I’m doing useless things.”

Seomrang took a large bite of the beef jerky and chewed it.

Son Kang slightly lifted both palms and smiled brightly.

“haha. What is provocation? What am I doing? “I’m going to kill you by playing with it off stage.”

“Because you might be killed by another guy before you can compete with me. “You probably want to inflict at least a scratch yourself.”

“If it were the other way around, it would have gone too far.”

Son Kang’s smile deepened.

“Anyway, I feel sad. Fighting later means fighting. “They said we were going to get along well, but then I started to have strange suspicions.”

“I’ll do it because I have reason to doubt it.”

“Do you have any evidence?”

“Who do you think is a fool?”



Seomrang chewed and swallowed all of the beef jerky and pointed with his chin at the boys who had just left.

“Is it normal for those arrogant bastards to treat me like shit and be reluctant? Moreover, you, Doshin, are wearing a large curved machete on your waist. “The only place in the Seven Great Families that uses that kind of thing is Torobonsonga, and there’s no way that guy over there would treat me kindly.”

“… … .”

“Your face keeps smiling, but you don’t make excuses. “You didn’t have time to hide the machete because it was a hastily planned plan after you discovered me, right?”

“… … .”

“It would have been better to promise the next time. Son Woong, the collateral, is better.”

“… … what?”

“Unlike other legitimate children, she did not force her head down and fought proudly. As a result, his liver was shattered and his throat was cut in half, killing him. He was a pretty good fight.”

Sun Kang’s face turned cold.

It’s shameful to be compared to that useless idiot, so why?

It was the first time in my life that I had been humiliated so severely.

“Follow me. “Let’s go somewhere quiet.”

“I decline. “Daein told me to have fun with my peers, not to fight.”

“It’s funny how you constantly call that piece of trash a great person.”


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Seomrang smiled and accepted.

“He looks like trash to trash and a great person to great people.”

“… … “The more I know about you, the more annoying you are.”

“haha. Even such praise. thank you.”

Seomrang seemed to be dealing with Son Kang leisurely, but his back had been wet with sweat for a long time.

‘driving me crazy. What kind of person’s life is so sticky? ‘They’re worse than those guys from before.’

Son Kang seemed to be the strongest.

No matter how I calculated it, there was no chance of winning if I fought right now.

‘There are a lot of eyes watching so I won’t use my hands carelessly… … .’

This guy was crazy.

Is a crazy person crazy for no reason?

He’s crazy because he does crazy things.

Seomrang desperately shouted in his heart.

‘Great man! I think you thought this was safe and left me behind, but that’s absolutely not the case! ‘Please come quickly and get rid of this bastard!’

* * *

Is it possible that Jeong Gwang left Seomrang for no reason?

Didn’t the adults in other families leave their children outside too?

It was more dangerous inside than outside the palace.

The preliminaries, which were full of idiots, were flexible enough for the hosting family to arbitrarily adjust the match draw, but the finals, where the legitimate children of the Seven Great Demonic Families participated, were bound to be very tight.

On the day of registration, the group was drawn up with the adults of each family watching, but fighting was rampant as they suspected and watched each other.

It’s so intense that it can take a toll on children’s minds and bodies.

If something like that happens, the person who caused the situation will be punished, but the child who has already been ruined has no choice but to be discarded.

So a tradition arose where children waited outside but did not harm their competitors.

However, the situation was different because Jeong-gwang was not a child and was not outside.

As soon as I entered the palace, I was greeted with a warm welcome.

“Requiem. It’s been a while. “I never thought I would come this far alive.”

Son Jae-deung, the head of the Toro clan family, and his younger brother Son Jae-woo glared coldly at Jeong Gwang.

On the other hand, Jeong Gwang was calm.

“Hello, I’m glad you’re doing well.”

Son Jae-deung snorted.

“Stop saying things you don’t like.”

“I’m serious. “You have to be okay to repay the money you borrowed from Lord Soga.”

A hot flame bloomed in Son Jae-deung’s eyes.

The debtor Danyoung politely poured oil on the flame.

“It’s just a joke, so don’t mind it. “You can give it slowly when you have time.”

“… … “Do you think I don’t even have that much free time?”

“I apologize if you were offended. “I told you this just in case you didn’t know, so please don’t be angry.”

Son Jae-deung was furious, but he couldn’t blame him any more.

It was because I didn’t have that much money right now.

It’s been a while since I contacted my family and asked them to send me money urgently, but Toro-bun is a bit far away.

If there was a battlefield in Xinjiang, we wouldn’t have suffered this humiliation.

Still, I had no intention of participating in the battlefield project promoted by Goirukdanga.

‘Both of you, just wait a moment. I will definitely repay this grudge.’

Son Jae-deung calmed down his anger and regained his composure.

Jeong Gwang grinned and then looked around.

Several people were watching the concentrate.

But then an unexpected face caught my eye.

‘That guy came in person too. ‘Am I really anxious?’

Of course, it was the moment when the eyes of the middle-aged man who made eye contact narrowed.

The door inside opened and a handsome old man appeared.

Among the six flags, the administrative organizations of the Heavenly Demon Church, he was the head of the Ritual Banner, in charge of various events and diplomacy.

He put his hands together politely.

“Yegi-ju and both sides say hello to our fellow believers.”

When the people in the room responded, Ye Ki-ju went straight to the main topic.

“Those families who will give up participating in the finals and choose the Four Evils Team, please raise your hands.”

Most of the families who passed the preliminary round and came here chose the Four Haunts without shame, but there were also families like Jeong Gwang and his group that did not raise their hands.

“I will ask you one more time. Those families who would choose the Four Evils, please raise your hands.”

No one moved.

“Okay. “Congratulations on your children becoming members of the Four Evils.”

Ye Gi-ju called his subordinates and had them guide those who raised their hands to the place where the four evil spirits were located, and then opened his mouth.

“The main battle for life and death is a sacred event that determines the leader of the school who will lead the school in the future. “As such, we must be fair, so I would be grateful if everyone would cooperate with joy.”

No one objected.

Ye Ki-ju waited a little longer and shouted towards the door.

“Everyone has agreed, so bring it!”

A warrior brought a luxurious wooden box and placed it on the table in front of Yegiju.

Ye Ki-ju opened the wooden box, took out the things inside and laid them out on the table.

They were gold plates the size of the palm of one’s hand.

The surface was plain, but when I turned them over, each one had a different number engraved on it.

“Once with this one, three times with four.” “It will be done in a way that the following numbers compete against each other.”

Ye Ki-ju turned the gold plate over again.

“This way, everything will be the same and we can prevent fraud. “Come closer and see if it’s really like that.”

“… … .”

People surrounded the table and glared at the gold medals.

As Yegi-ju assured, the size, shape, texture, and even color were completely the same.

“Have you finished checking? Then turn back.”

This is the Heavenly Demon God Church, the headquarters of magic.

No one turned around because no one was innocent.

By using my inner energy, I raised my five senses to the extreme and even sharpened my energy sense to examine the gold paddles.

Although Ye Gi-ju was trembling because the devil was confining him, he could not vent his anger.

The status of those who are doing that is also their status, and what will happen if they get on my nerves in the face of this sensitive issue?

‘Damn it. ‘I don’t know if the leader himself comes, so I have to endure it.’

A situation in which neither the cult leader nor the brain knew that something like this would happen.

Ye Gi-ju, who had been putting a lot of effort into his neck, was only able to open his face after what seemed like eons.

“ah. Are you finished? Thank you for coming back now. “I’ll move on.”

Since it was a human lottery, the cards used were more luxurious than the sleazy games played by gamblers on the streets, but the methods were largely the same.

Ye Gi-ju changed the positions of the gold plaques and then turned the people around again.

“From now on, one representative from each family will change the position of the gold plate, and each time the other families will turn back. It’s quite a hassle, but I can’t help it because I have to be fair. “If someone does something foolish, a mark will be left on the gold plate, so you need to check it closely.”

There was no need to pay attention.

‘Ugh! ‘Damn it!’

Every time the gold plate moved, demonic energy overflowed and life sparkled.

Of course, no one committed fraud.

What kind of courage would they have to do that in a situation where so many experts are watching with their eyes wide open?

Amidst tense tension, tremendous magical energy, and horrifying murderous scenes, representatives of all families changed the positions of their gold plates.

When everything was over, Ye Gi-ju told them to pick gold plates one by one in the same order as before and place their hands on them.

Then I made eye contact with each person and spoke emphatically.

“If you find anything wrong, please tell us.”

No one came forward.

Ye Gizhu sighed slightly and continued speaking.

“We’re almost done now. “You can turn the gold plate over.”

The gold paddles all turned over, each revealing a different number.

People quickly checked their numbers.

Some people smiled in satisfaction, while others bit their lips.

Only two people were sober, and one of them, an old man, looked at the other, Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang smiled without averting his gaze.

‘What are you looking at, man?’

The middle-aged man stared at the sight and then turned his head.

Meanwhile, Ye Gi-ju checked the numbers people had chosen and called his subordinates to draw up a match list.

It didn’t take long for the subordinates to complete one piece at a time and then hand them out to the representatives of each family.

Ye Gi-ju announced the event schedule with a look on his face that made him look a few years older than when he appeared here.

“Thank you for your cooperation. The finals of the battle for death, soul, and death will be held at the Great Yeonmujang two days later, when the transition from o’clock to mid-morning occurs. “I hope you’re not late and I’ll just leave.”

Ye Gizhu gave up his arms and left.

Zhao, who was holding his breath under the pressure of the atmosphere in the hall, whispered to Jeong Gwang.

“I thought I was going to die because my mouth was sore. “The lottery is over, so please leave.”

As Jeong Gwang was about to answer, an old man with whom he had made eye contact twice approached him.

“You are the famous requiem. “Can I ask you a few questions?”

“It’s okay, but who are you?”

“Ageuk Soyeonga Gaju History Center.”

Zhao opened his mouth.

If Yeongaju, isn’t he the son of the current religious leader and the father of Yeon Gyu-jong, who swore revenge on Namin before and left?

However, Jeong Gwang knew the history center from his previous life, so he responded calmly.

“hello. Nice to meet you. Please take care of me in the future.”

“I hope so too. I heard that it is called sobriety, and it was like that a little while ago. “What kind of organization is this?”

“It’s a winning prize.”

Yeonhyeokso glanced at Danyoung and stroked his beard.

“There is a rumor going around that Danga is an organization that ties together empty-nesters for battlefield projects. I guess that’s true as well. “Do you dream of making a fortune?”

“of course. “It’s easier than saving money consistently throughout your life.”

“Are you approaching this life-or-death struggle with the same mindset?”


“indeed. “He didn’t show any emotion even after looking at the bracket, so I guess that’s because he was so confident.”

Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders.

“More than that, it’s because I’m not fighting. “Well, Seomrang will take care of it.”

Yeonhyeokso’s eyes became semi-transparent.

He stared at Jeong Gwang quietly with those strange eyes and then nodded.

“You’re right, it’s something the person concerned should be concerned about. Thanks for letting me know. “Stop going.”

“Can I ask you a question too?”

“Say it.”

“The head of the house looked at the bracket and didn’t seem at all shaken. Why did you do that?”

“It may be disappointing to hear, but it’s not a great reason. “It’s because I’m more interested in other things.”

The history office left behind an unknown message.

Jeong Gwang could guess his feelings.

‘The father who became the leader of the cult doesn’t care what happens to the family after his death, so the person who will have to deal with the change should take care of it.’

The current sect leader took over the position of sect leader by force after the death of Jeong Gwang in his previous life, incurring quite a bit of resentment.

As a son, Yeonhyeokso cannot help but worry.

He sends his third son to compete in a life-or-death battle, but his chances of winning are almost slim, so he must be looking for another way.

‘If I stay any longer, I’ll be held captive for a long time. Let’s stop.’

The people who still remained were watching the concentrate with different expressions in their eyes.

I’m about to say hello to them all at once like lightning and leave.

A middle-aged man wearing a school uniform appeared and blocked the way.

“Requiem. The devil’s brain is calling. “Follow me.”

The expressions of the people in the hall changed strangely.

‘Why the magic brain?’

‘Are you really trying to get hold of the requiem by appeasing him?’

‘In any case, as a requiem, I have no choice but to follow the author… … hmm?’

Can Jeong Gwang do that?

I had no intention of losing the initiative by following along like this.

I smiled and declined.

“I can’t because I’m busy.”

“What? “What business do you have to do?”

Manjong, who has appeared out of nowhere and caused a stir, dares to refuse the call of Demon Brain, the second-in-command of the Heavenly Demon God Church.

For the sake of formality, I’m about to ask for the reason and start yelling.

Jeong Gwang carefully put his hands together.

“Now that I have completed my registration for the finals of the battle for death, soul, and death created by the Heavenly God, I must go to the temple and worship like a faithful believer. “Isn’t that right?”

… … Faithful what?

The faces of Demon Brain’s minions and people were distorted.

Of course, Jeong Gwang and his party were no exception.

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