Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 465

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Part 2 Episode 194

lets be friends

“It’s me Soje. “Who is he that is holding your hand so affectionately?”

The young man who suddenly appeared had sharp eyes and a slightly flawed voice, but he was a handsome man who would not be missed anywhere.

Judging from his appearance and flashy attire, it was clear that he was from a famous family. Namin wrinkled his eyebrows and glared coldly as his concentration was distracted by the beautiful young man.

I can’t believe that Parakho, whom I hated from the beginning, appears and interferes at this important moment.

Is it possible for nice words to come out of your mouth?

Still, I had to consider the other person’s status, so I expressed my displeasure in a restrained tone.

“You don’t need to know. “Okay then, I’m busy.”

When Namin tried to continue walking, the young man raised an eyebrow and blocked her path.

“It’s very chilly today. “Have I been rude?”

Namin was dumbfounded.

It wasn’t enough that he interrogated me all the time, so he stopped me and asked if I was being rude.

He was always flirtatious, but he was never this rude, so what on earth was he doing?

I had to put it away immediately and drill into my head the formations and machinery that were spread throughout the headquarters.

“you’re right. “This is a very precious moment for me, so please do not disturb me.”

“… … !”

“What are you doing? “Hurry up and get out of the way.”

“… … .”

The young man looked at Namin with blank eyes and then lowered his gaze.

Another hand was seen holding Namin’s Seomseom Oksu (纖纖玉手).

He raised his gaze again and focused on the owner of the hand.

The young man’s black eyes became somewhat transparent.

“who are you?”

Jeong Gwang answered succinctly.

“A requiem.”

“… … It was a long time ago. “As expected, it was that mess.”

Jeong Gwang chuckled even though he was looked down upon.

Although he still used shortcuts, he naturally instilled a sense of self-control in Namin.

The more I do it, the better I get at it, so it feels good, and this level of provocation is enough.

Of course, I had no intention of letting things go without taking action.

“Well, they say you can only see something with your eyes. You’re rude at first sight. Who are you?”

A young American arrogantly revealed his identity and name.

“joy. “I am Yeon Gyu-jong of Sogaju of Ageuk Soyeon Family.”

Ageukso Yeonga is one of the Seven Great Families of Demonic Dao.

It was a great family that ruled Aksu, one of the leading granary areas in Xinjiang and a strategic point on the South Tianshan Road connecting the Central Plain and the West.

But to be the owner of such a prestigious family!

Besides, isn’t he the grandson of the current religious leader?

Jeong Gwang opened his eyes wide and was amazed.

“Wow! Your name is very long. Very small… … Haha. I don’t remember. “What did you say?”

It means not to show off your identity.

Yeon Gyu-jong’s eyes became more transparent.

“indeed. “It’s just as rumored.”

“Oh my. “I wonder what kind of nonsense you heard.”

“Is it really a rumor?”

“You have to experience everything firsthand, but if you blindly believe in rumors, you’ll write it down. Seomrang, right?”

Seomrang, who had been taught by Jeong Gwang while climbing Takmoki Peak, proudly joined in.

“Sure. What you hear from others is often not true. Even if you realize later that you were wrong, it is difficult to change the mindset that has already formed.”

Jeong Gwang ruffled Seomrang’s hair and praised him.

“Oh my, be smart. I know. It just grows like this… … No. That’s difficult. “Anyway, why don’t grown adults know what you know?”

Yeon Gyu-jong, the smaller adult, fired sharply.

“Green is the same color, so the same people hang out together.”

“You know that again. “Both Seomrang and I were good.”


“I, Soje, and Dan Sogaju are also in our group. “They are both great people, so shouldn’t we be too?”

Yeon Gyu-jong was speechless.

I said green is the same color, so I’m going to put it together like this and reduce the water.

I can’t say yes or no, so I just stare at it.

Danyoung came out.

“Yeon-woo, can’t you even see this Woo-hyung?”

Yeon Gyu-jong slowly turned his head and looked at Dan-young.

“I already wanted to say hello. How are you?”

“It’s kind of like that.”

Yeon Gyu-jong’s eyes sparkled.

“As far as I know, no.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m saying this out of anger, so don’t be upset. There are a lot of rumors that Brother Dan is being overly greedy. “You better be careful just in case.”

It was a threat that if I continued to engage in the battlefield business, I would be embezzled someday.


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Danyoung smiled softly without shaking.

“Thank you for the advice, but Woo-hyung is suddenly feeling angry.”

“To me?”

“Is there anyone else besides you? Proper adults don’t blindly believe in rumors. I will visit Yeonga soon to explain it, so you can listen and judge for yourself. “But what brought you to the headquarters?”

It’s like giving something in return and receiving it in words.

Yeon Gyu-jong bit his teeth gently, glared at Dan-young, and answered clearly.

“One of my brothers is participating in the finals of the Battle for Life and Death, so I came to encourage him.”

“You’re similar to Woohyung. Good luck.”

“Thank you.”

“Why are you still blocking our path?”

“… … .”

When Yeon Gyu-jong kissed his lips several times and eventually fell silent, Jeong Gwang clapped his hands to attract attention.

“ruler. ruler. Since you’re arguing with me, I guess you have some business for me. Let’s talk it out loud. Do you know anything? “Then you will feel relieved.”

A vein rose on Yeon Gyu-jong’s temple.

Instead of feeling relieved, my clothes changed.

– Answer honestly.

-With full sound?

-of course! I heard that you declared that you would not marry Soger. Am I mistaken?

-no. You are correct.

-But why… … Why am I holding Sojeo’s hand?

-ah. What else can I say?

Jeong Gwang’s eyes were round.

-Are you jealous because I love Soje?

-Just answer me!

-Somehow it ended up like this.

Anger welled up in Yeon Gyu-jong’s heart.


I’ve only had a few short conversations, but we ended up holding hands?

Why is this Mangjong so much better than me?

-Nonsense! Release your hands now!

-Whoa. You’re causing such a mess just because of that.

-It’s not winter!

-Even if something is the same, its value is different for each person. Please tell me earlier. I just wasted my time.

Jeong Gwang asked Namin.

“Sozer. Ah, So Yeon Ga So Joo Yeon and Kyu Jong are telling me to loosen her hands because she is jealous.”

Yeon Gyu-jong’s complexion turned white.

Namin took advantage of the time Jeonggwang and Danyeong were dealing with Yeon Gyu-jong to look around and memorize things, then frowned.

I can’t believe I wasted my time just because of something like that.

I’ve been uncomfortable dealing with it for a long time, but I had to take this opportunity to shake it off.

“Yeon Sogaju. It’s not possible. “Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me as this is a very precious moment for me?”

“… … !”

“Don’t try to get closer to me in the future either. I have no intention of marrying Sogaju. “My family will also respect my wishes.”

“… … !”

“Okay then.”

Yeon Gyu-jong was so shocked that he froze like a stone statue.

When Jeong Gwang and his party tried to leisurely pass by him, he barely came to his senses and cried out in a fit of rage.

“Why is this guy doing this to me?”

Namin explained calmly.

“Requiem is like my teacher.”

“Who would believe that? “If you keep doing this, scandal will spread!”

Namin sneered.

“Only lesser adults like Sogaju will believe it. “We don’t need people like that, so it doesn’t matter what they say.”

“… … .”

Yeon Gyu-jong’s shoulders slumped and then shook.

The eyes, which had become transparent, became even clearer, and a dark, murderous spirit crept out, threatening Namin.

The nature that he had been suppressing in order to gain even a little favor with her raised its head.

“haha. “Even though I gave in so much, you still come out like that?”

Namin’s face turned pale.

“I never asked you to make concessions.”

“Hahaha! You don’t give up on a single word. “I won’t forget what happened today and I will definitely pay you back.”

Yeon Gyu-jong giggled and disappeared.

Jeong Gwang comforted Namin by breathing natural energy into her hands.

“I will never forget and pay you back, so don’t worry.”

Is it because of the nature keeper or because of Jeong Gwang’s words?

The color returned to Namin’s face.

“thank you. “Then let’s start again.”

“Yes, cheer up.”

Jeong Gwang and his party headed back to their destination.

How far did it go like that?

Seomrang tilted his head as if he couldn’t understand.

“It’s really absurd. Why is this nagging lady so good that she makes such a fuss… … omg!”

Seomrang shrank his neck and covered his mouth with both hands.

And then I looked at Namin’s eyes.

Fortunately, she was busy scanning her surroundings and remembering.

Seomrang breathes a sigh of relief.

Jeong Gwang’s fist landed on his head.


“ouch! “Why are you hitting me?”

“Because it deserves to be beaten.”

Jeong Gwang gave another slap and gave a heavy warning.

“I, Soje, am doing my job. What are you doing?”

“Ugh. “Did I have something to do?”

“Say that.”

Jeong Gwang grabbed Seomrang’s upper head and spun him around.

My head and body turned together, and the surrounding scene came into view.

Strangers were watching here and there.

“Uh, when did all those people… … .”

“Maybe they were bored, so they got together one by one.”

“Damn it. “What should I do if you treat me so carelessly when there are so many eyes watching?”

“Because I need to come to my senses.”

Every single word Jeong Gwang said broke Seomrang’s heart.

“I would have told you not to look down on me. “Not only is it not enough to move your neck like a turtle, but you also notice it?”


“Keep your back straight and chest out.”


“You don’t have to make eye contact with people. “Walk while looking straight ahead.”

“Okay… … omg!”

Seomrang was looking straight ahead, but when he lost his footing, Jeong Gwang grabbed his back, straightened him up, and sighed.

“I’ve already seen all the balls, so do whatever you want.”

“Oh, not yet. “You just have to make up for it.”

Seomrang walked confidently.

“how is it? “Are you okay now?”

“okay. “Everyone is busy heaping praise.”

“… … “I can’t believe it, but I’ll force myself to believe it.”

“You’ve grown. “Good posture.”

“That’s me anyway. “I guess rumors are already spreading.”

“don’t mind. “It’s up to me, Sojeo, to take care of it.”

In fact, the onlookers were more excited about Jeong Gwang than about Seomrang or Namin.

“It sure looks amazing.”

“It’s not just martial arts, but you treat the sect leader’s grandson carelessly. “It’s a shame.”

“It was all once. “If you behave carelessly in the headquarters like you did outside, you will soon be punished.”

“Would that have been the case even if I had known Yeonga Sogaju’s identity from the beginning? “It must have just come out because it was full of energy.”

Jeong Gwang laughed to himself.

Although I was not acquainted with Yeon Gyu-jong, I knew as soon as I saw him that we were related through the Yeon family.

Aren’t the gorgeous green robes he wears and the long sword he wears at his waist a symbol of the Asiatic Little Love Family?

He looked just like the current leader, Yeon Hwi-jun, when he was young, so they realized he was the grandson and made fun of him.

‘If Yeon Hwi-jun is a tiger, his son is a wolf, and his grandson is a dirty puppy.’

I heard that my son gave birth to his eldest son at the end of his previous life, and it was none other than Yeon Gyu-jong.

‘I’ll train properly, and only the woman will reveal that I’m ugly.’

Yeon Hwi-jun’s feelings were guessed.

No matter how much I rub my eyes and look again, I won’t find a guy I like, so what kind of sequel should I prepare for?

Rather than waiting for a better descendant to be born and waiting for a better descendant to be born, and then complaining, he had no choice but to open a life-and-death struggle to give other families a fair chance and gain greater authority in his own generation.

Wasn’t he originally a guy who only knew himself?

Although they are sending their youngest grandson to the competition, it is only a formality, and they probably have no expectations.

But the concentrate was different.


“Yes, great man.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Was the sincerity conveyed?

Seomrang’s shoulders broadened and his chest puffed out.

“Please leave it to me.”

Jeong Gwang and his group soon arrived at their destination.

It was a huge pavilion, and at the top of it was a flag embroidered with the word ‘Yegi (禮旗)’ waving in the wind.

Seomrang looked up at it and nodded.

“They told me to go to the training camp and register to compete, so I did some research. As the name suggests, there is a flag.”

It wasn’t just here.

When I looked around the large pavilions in the distance, I saw that all of them had flags.

Jeong Gwang explained the reason.

“Once upon a time, the Heavenly God loved flags. “It’s because that tradition remains.”

“The flag? why?”

“I have a habit of holding my head high and talking to him.”

Seomrang did not understand.

If you’re a celestial being, you have to fly, so does it make sense to ride a horse?

Unable to suppress my curiosity, I was about to ask, when Jeong Gwang’s hand appeared in front of me.

“You know the wooden plaque you got at the main gate? “Give it to me.”

“A person named Samhyangju of Hogyodang said I should carry it with me… … .”

“It’s a principle, but what if you lose it? “I took care of it during the preliminaries as well.”

“That’s what I heard. Here you go.”

Jeong Gwang received the wooden plaque and pushed Seomrang’s back.

“Adults, let’s go in and register to participate. “Children have fun playing here with their peers.”

“Are you my peer?”

“Your competitors. “Don’t look down on me.”

Jeong Gwang and his party entered the palace, leaving only Seomrang behind.

Seomrang made a bewildered expression and then noticed the boys gathered to one side.

‘What are those?’

It looks like a bunch of well-dressed rich guys standing around and fighting with each other.

‘I said they were my competitors. ‘These are the guys participating in the finals.’

Most of them would be legitimate children of the Seven Great Families.

Daein said to play with them but not to look down on them.

The corners of Seomrang’s mouth rose.

‘Should I at least say hello?’

My confident mind disappeared when I stood in front of them.

‘What kind of life are these things that look like birds and birds so dark?’

But does that mean you can curl your tail like a scared dog?

He greeted me in a calm voice.

“You guys are going to participate in a life-and-death struggle, right? nice to meet. I am Seomrang. “I look forward to a great match.”

The children glanced at Seomrang up and down and sneered.

“I heard that you climbed all the way up using only dirty tricks. Are you talking about a great victory?”

“How shameless. “I wonder if she would say the same thing if she got stabbed in the face.”

“Would you like to give me a prophecy? That may have worked in the preliminaries, but if you do that in the finals, you’ll end up rolling around like a dog and getting caught on a butcher’s hook.”

Who would have thought that the guys who were staring at each other as if they were going to kill each other would become one and laugh at each other.

Still, Seomrang was not upset.

Isn’t arguing the most basic of fighting?

“I was confident that I would not be able to lose to anyone after being on the floor for a long time, but this is a bit surprising. “I guess these days, the Seven Great Families only teach how to argue instead of how to fight?”

They laughed as hard as they could, but the boys were no pushover.

“Why are you talking so much about bragging? “I was just saying things that suited the burrow, but did this sound like an argument?”

“But are you sure you are a descendant of the Mo Ying Quan family?”

“It can’t possibly be like that. “A bastard with no roots is coming forward.”

“It doesn’t matter if I get hit. This is a family that was exterminated for defying the religious leader. “Let us do the same.”

Seomrang’s eyes turned red as his family was ridiculed.

“Babbling away like a child. Come one by one. “If you’re scared, attack them all at once.”

The boys’ life became more intense.

“If you want to die, talk about it off stage.”

“You guys made more noise. “Stop peeing and come quickly.”

“Tsk tsk. “Then you really think you can’t do it?”

The moment the boys touch the weapons.

A child with a gentle expression approached me and gently scolded me.

“Guys, stop. “If we fight here now, we will all be severely punished.”

The boys looked shocked as if they knew the child and then grumbled.

“You’re out of luck.”

“A person with no roots comes, and then a person with whom you don’t want to deal with comes.”

“Are you avoiding poop because you’re afraid? Avoid it because it’s dirty. “Let’s go over there.”

The boys moved into their seats.

Seomrang watched with bewildered eyes and then looked back at the child with a gentle expression.

“Why are they acting like that because of your usual behavior?”

“I’m better than them.”

“It looks like that just by looking at it. Anyway, thank you. “Thanks to you, we don’t have to fight pointlessly.”

“haha. I’m glad.”

As the child smiled brightly, Seomrang also smiled.

“I didn’t know there was a good guy like you in the corps. Are you also participating in the life-or-death struggle?”

“huh. “Grandpa and Little Grandpa are registering.”

“You’re in good spirits. “Your father can do it.”

“You got hurt a lot while coming to the headquarters. “He returned to his hometown.”

“Oh my. “It’s too bad.”

“That’s right.”

“cheer up. “You can take revenge.”

The child was shaking.

“It’s not possible with my skills right now. “The adults will take care of it.”

Seomrang frowned and scolded.

“Why are you so spiritless? “Are you Mine?”

“haha. sorry. The enemy is too strong. So he tried to do what he could himself.”

“Okay. I don’t know what it is, but it’s better than nothing. I like you. “If we had met outside, we would have been friends.”

“Let’s just be friends. “I want to do that.”

“okay? ha ha ha.”

Seomrang laughed out loud and then folded his hands together.

“I am Seomrang. “Let’s get along well until we fight.”

The child also smiled brightly and hugged him.

“I am Son Kang. “I will kill you in the most cruel way in the world.”

“okay. Please… … what? Son Kang? Could it be the Toro family?”

Seomrang’s eyes widened.

The child’s expression and mood changed.

Son Kang smiled maniacally and radiated a creepy, murderous spirit.

“huh. The scum called Jinhon cut off the arms of my father and his relatives and dishonored my family. I’m still young, so I’ll at least kill you to make you feel better. “Please cooperate calmly.”

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