Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 463

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Part 2 Episode 192

I can’t last long

Some people say that they feel refreshed in the morning after a busy day.

However, that is only a small minority, and Jeong-gwang was naturally not included in that group.

I’m bound to be more tired than when I was just lounging around, but I feel refreshed.

Even after I woke up, I continued to roll around, and only when it became bothersome did I open my eyes.

‘Shall I sleep better?’

Is that possible? I have to get up soon.

Jeong Gwang is a man who does what he has to do.

I practiced gymnastics techniques to warm up my body and took care of my inner self with fortune-telling techniques.

When I went out of the tent, breakfast was ready just in time.

Jeong Gwang went among the people gathered first, exchanged greetings, and then grabbed the chopsticks.

“We’ll leave right after eating, so eat your fill.”

Seomrang tilted his head.

“Mister Min Hyeon-yu hasn’t come yet.”

“It will come soon. “Don’t worry, just eat.”

“Yes, great man.”

Seomrang ate diligently, as if his injured tongue had healed significantly.

So did others.

Since I had to force a march to Takmoki Peak sometime today, I was fuller than usual.

Min Hyeon-yu returned only when Jeong-gwang and his group finished eating and were ready to leave.

“Daein, I’m sorry I’m late.”

“It’s okay because I came before departure.”

Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue as he looked at Min Hyeon-yu’s wide eyes.

“You look very tired. It’s worth it. “I guess you stayed up all night talking with your family.”

Min Hyeon-yu swallowed his saliva quietly.

“no. “I only talked to my father and said hello to everyone else.”

It meant that he only revealed to his father that the Supreme Lord had returned wearing the guise of a requiem, as Jeong Gwang had commanded.

Jeong Gwang smiled vaguely.

“Didn’t your father feel it because you came back after such a long time? “I think he might have been angry, calling me a heartless bastard.”

When I asked whether he believed that I had come back and why he was blaming me for coming only now, Min Hyeon-yu gave a straight face.

“Is that possible? How happy you are. “He even shed tears.”

“no way. Even if it’s your son. no way.”

“Really. “He may not show it on the outside, but he is that kind of person.”

Jeong Gwang’s smile deepened, and Min Hyeon Yu’s face became more stern.

“Then I’m glad. But it’s also sad. “I must be so heartbroken that my precious son has to leave again.”

“Not at all. “He said he was jealous of me going out and that he would be going on a cruise for a while.”

It means to leave the home and hide somewhere else until the work is completed.

Jeong Gwang comforted Min Hyeon-yu, who completed his mission.

“You’re going through a lot of trouble because of your immature father. “Have you finished organizing everything?”

“It was quite difficult, but I cleaned it up enough that no one would criticize me.”

“Oh my. Hyunyu, you are different than you seem. “I wonder how dirty the room was.”

“… … “That’s right.”

“Well, it’s okay if it’s clean now.”

I heard that the corpses of the Seunghwangdae (乘黃隊) guys and the traces of their fight were all cleaned up, so is there a need for more?

Jeong Gwang climbed onto the carriage.

“good. let’s go.”

“I… … Great person.”


Min Hyeon-yu took out a letter from his sleeve and held it out politely.

“It was written by my father. “It’s not a long story, so I’d appreciate it if you could read it.”

“I’ll see you when I’m bored.”

Jeong Gwang shouted to the group who were ready to leave.

“ruler! “Let’s go!”

The race has begun.

Jeong Gwang sat leisurely in the coach seat and talked about what happened yesterday.

Gugukja, who had been listening while driving the carriage next to him, shook his head.

“Min Yu-Won was originally cautious and patient, but he tolerated Ma Yang-O’s provocation well. He is worthy of being the head of the Handeung folk family.”

“Now, my age has grown as much as an eyelid.”

“Then you don’t have to worry any more. “I will avoid it until the work is over.”

“okay. “I guess that’s about it.”

“Aren’t you going to read the letter?”

Jeong Gwang frowned.

“Thank you for saving me. I wish you all the best in the future. It’s obvious that it’s going to be something like this. “I can’t move my hands.”

“You said you were quite old. It may be different from what you expected. Would you like Soin to read it for you?”

“If that’s the case, I’ll just look at it.”

Jeong Gwang took out the book and opened it.

There was only one line of text written on a white piece of paper.


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Thank you for remembering us.

Jeong Gwang looked down at the writings for a while and muttered.

“It’s not sincere. “Why is it so short?”

Gugokja glanced at him and smiled.

“haha. The handwriting is extremely meticulous. “It must have been written after being written and discarded countless times.”

“That’s absurd. “It’s not even a love letter.”

Jeong Gwang roughly folded the letter and stuffed it into his chest.

“I didn’t know that guy Woo-won was this lazy. “I guess time has passed.”

“People tend to change. Either in a good way or in a bad way. Fortunately, Min Woo-won seems to be the former.”

Gwigokja smiled happily, then his face hardened.

“But the mind and brain are the latter. I understand that you dream of a long life, but I had no idea that you would even try to control your divine power. “I guess my greed got stronger as I got older.”

Namin tried to receive help from divine power, but the demon brain was trying to control divine power.

Isn’t this impossible even in a world where belief in heavenly gods has almost disappeared?

Black embers rose from Jeong Gwang’s eyes.

“I know. As for the case of Maryeong Gangsi, it keeps crossing the line. You should love it that much. hey. hey. The carriage is shaking. Are you out of your mind again?”

“S-sorry. “I’m shaking so stop.”

Gwigokja suppressed his fear and held the reins properly.

The horses ran straight and the voice of the harlot was full of power.



“The timing of Seunghwangdae’s visit to the Min clan is very coincidental.”

“That happened when we reached the Handeung Isolation Peak?”

“yes. “It seems that the devil’s brain doubted the identity of the Supreme Being and threw Seunghwangdae with a stone.”

“Things like that happen, too.”

After the appearance of a young man named Jinhon, Xinjiang was greatly shaken.

Goirukdanga, who had him as a guest, contacted several families, declaring that they would conduct battlefield business.

The Toro clan family, which had a conflict with him, had several of its members, including Sogaju, become one-armed people, and their reputation also fell to the ground.

That’s all.

As soon as he left Karamai, didn’t the demonic castle that he was imprisoning in the Geukrab Salt Lake disappear and the devil’s castle burn down?

Moreover, two demonic rivers disappeared.

There are so many big things, so how could the cunning mind do such a thing?

“But you don’t think I’m back. “There’s no way a guy who felt reality painfully while rolling on the floor would have delusions of reincarnation.”

“you’re right. Moreover, even if the Supreme Being was reincarnated, what would He come back for? He wasn’t the kind of person who would do it because it was annoying, but he was always bored with this place… … .”

Guegokja trailed off and continued.

“But you came. The Most High has also changed a lot.”

“It’s nothing compared to how your face looks like that.”

“The Most High used this power… … .”

“I think that’s your only blessing.”

“… … “It really seems that way.”

The guigokja sighed inwardly and opened his mouth again.

“After hearing about Jinhon’s inaction and the way things were handled, the demon brain must have suspected that it was the Jinjin of the Supreme and not the Silkyungwon family.”

“You would think that he would have an ambition to go further than that and swallow up the religion. Hyangrigaekjan and Goirukdanga are helping. “Then everything roughly fits together.”

Jinhon gained enormous fame in a short period of time and was gathering followers.

It was too much to see it as an attempt to protect themselves by gaining fame.

Moreover, don’t you always stay at Hyangri Gaekjan?

There weren’t many forces that could find out that Gugokja was trapped in Geukrab Salt House, and one of them was Hyangri Gaekjan.

He obtains information through Hyangrigakjan, seeks out a returnee, and makes him his head.

It is a situation where Namin, who is famous for being intelligent, is useless because he has a chronic disease.

It was clear that if he invested the huge amount of money he earned through gambling into the Goirukdanga battlefield business and gained financial power, he would gain great power.

What if Seomrang becomes a minor governor there?

I didn’t even know if I would be able to take over the Heavenly Demon Church after the death of the current religious leader.

Jeong Gwang thought of the devil’s brain and laughed.

“You’re quite old, but do you know how to cover up your pee?”

“I’m very concerned about saving face, so I’ll do it somehow.”

“We’ll be able to check it out soon.”

It was obvious what would happen if Seunghwangdae did not return and even the Min clan disappeared.

Ma-noe will be almost certain that Jin-hon is Jincheon-ma’s successor.

However, he is not a great person who does things based on guesswork, so I will try to confirm by meeting him in person.

“ah. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Jeong Gwang raised the corners of his mouth and closed his eyes.

“A returnee.”

“Yes, Most High.”

“Listen carefully.”

Jeong Gwang’s voice sank lower than before.

“Today, drive the carriage with all your might. “Otherwise, I’ll get scolded.”

Gwigokja was nervous and swallowed his saliva, but when he heard Jeonggwang’s words, he lifted his mouth and squeaked.

* * *

Did the gods of heaven and earth protect me, or did the treatment go well?

Or maybe it was the spirit that won.

Gwigokja remained sane throughout the day.

Jeong Gwang and his party continued to ride with minimal rest, and as a result, they were able to reach their destination before the sun set.

This is Takmokibong, where the headquarters of the Church of the Heavenly Demon is located.

It was Onsuk, a city located at the foot of the mountain.

Seomrang looked around, his skin glowing soft and smooth thanks to not exercising too much since yesterday.

‘It’s a bigger city than I thought. The atmosphere is also unique.’

There was everything there, including a restaurant, a guest house, a house, a dry goods store, etc., and there were a lot of people.

A place of this size should be noisy, but unlike other places, the atmosphere was calm and orderly.

‘Are you taking it easy because the headquarters is so close by?’

If you’re curious, you should ask.

Curiosity is the cornerstone of development.

Isn’t the mindset to resolve it a pillar?

I drove my horse towards the carriage to ask the wise man who had given me those teachings.

“Hyeonro. “It’s a little strange here, why is that?”

Gwigokja replied, twisting his ugly face.

“Hmm. hungry. “I’m so hungry I feel like crying.”

“… … .”

Seomrang looked at Jeong Gwang next to Gwigokja.

Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders and took the reins from Gwigokja’s hands.

“It was fine until a little while ago. “I guess that’s it.”

“Still, I’ve been in a sane state for a long time.”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“Yeah, that’s a good thing.”

“I don’t really like it.”

Seomrang frowned and then scratched his head.

“Well, this would be good for Hyunro.”

“What’s going on? “You consider other people’s circumstances.”

When Jeong Gwang was surprised, Seomrang made a dumbfounded expression.

“If it were someone else, you shouldn’t say something like that.”

“Is that the end of your will?”

“No way.”

Seomrang’s speech became faster.

“It’s so quiet here, why is that? Should we do that too?”

“It’s free to talk, but there’s no need to attract attention.”

Jeong Gwang explained carefully.

“There are a lot of people working at the headquarters. “There are quite a few people coming and going from all over Xinjiang.”

However, Takmokibong Peak was so steep that many people could not stay there.

So, anyone who came to the headquarters on business, whether they were members of the Seven Great Families or ordinary Christians, had to stay in lodgings and climb up and down the mountain. Who would want to make a fuss in this place where there were quite a few people from the headquarters?

Seomrang listened to Jeong Gwang’s explanation and nodded.

“hmm. “It’s almost similar to what I think.”

“Hyunro would have taught you to speak your mind first and ask questions.”

“ah! I forgot. sorry.”

“You should apologize to Hyunro, not me.”

Seomrang straightened his clothes and bowed his head to Gwigokja.

“I was wrong. “I will be careful in the future.”

“Ugh. I want to go to Cheukgan. It’s too urgent. “I feel like I’m going to cum right away, what should I do?”

What should I do?

Of course I have to endure it.

Jeong Gwang lifted the ear looper, pressed the acupuncture points around the perineum, and looked back at Min Hyeon-yu.

“Hyunyu. “I can’t last long.”

“Don’t worry, great man. “We’re almost there.”

Just as Min Hyun-yu had said, soon a familiar-looking building appeared.

It was Hyangri Gaekjan, a place where I stayed so often that even the interior structure was worn down.

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze to Dan Young.

“Lord Soga, are you going to stay somewhere else?”

“I guess so. “If we stay at Hyangri Gaekjan, there will be a lot of talk here and there.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

When Jeonggwang and his party entered the guesthouse, the Jeomsoys greeted them warmly.

“Welcome to you and the great people. “I’ve prepared a bath for you, so you can just go up and enjoy it.”

After saying thank you, Jeong Gwang unwrapped Gugokja’s blood sword and threw it to Seomrang.

“You handle it.”

“Ahh! Hyeonro! “I’ll take you to the side, so just be patient!”

“Well, it’s late… … Haaaaa.”

“… … Damn it.”

Seomrang and Gwigokja had tears in their eyes, and the others went to their respective rooms and soaked in warm bath water.

After washing away our fatigue, we gathered on the first floor and the Jeomsoys brought us food and drinks without asking.

Jeong Gwang held up chopsticks and offered them to the people.

“Let’s eat.”

Everyone enjoyed cooking and drinking without hesitation.

Jeong Gwang filled up his stomach and fed honey chestnuts to Seomrang, who was drinking alcohol in succession.

“what are you doing? it’s crazy?”

“Ugh! Yes, it’s crazy. No, I want to go crazy.”

“Even if his face is covered in blood and brains, he always stays calm and pretends to be neat.”

“That’s nothing. “Why are you doing this when you see what happened to me?”

“Stop drinking before you get into even more trouble. “When the sun rises tomorrow, I will go to the headquarters.”

Seomrang’s empty eyes began to glow.

“yes. We have to show our competitors the right image. Then, just one more drink… … evil!”

“It would be better to sleep early. “Everyone else, please sleep well.”

Jeong Gwang sent all his companions up, drank his drink, and then turned his head.

Min Hyeon-yu remained silent, wondering if he had anything to say.


“Supreme. If the abandoned house disappears, I don’t think the devil’s brain will leave Hyangri Gaekjan alone. “I don’t know what to do, so I want to be taught.”

“Just stay.”

“… … yes?”

Jeong Gwang took a sip of his drink and muttered.

“The brain is smarter than you think.”

The next morning.

Jeong Gwang went out of the guesthouse with some of his companions.

Then he joined Danyeong’s group and headed to Takmokibong Peak.

It was a return home after twenty years.

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