Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 462

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Part 2 Episode 191

A busy day in one way or another

As the sun set and the sunset completely faded, the mountains were quickly enveloped in darkness.

If it had been a plain, the white snow covering the ground would have reflected the moonlight, giving off a faint glow, but the countless large trees blocked the sky, making it difficult for the moonlight to fall.

Naturally, the mountain soon became completely dark, but Lord Ma Yang-o was in no hurry to come down the mountain.

For Seunghwangdae, darkness like this was not much of a hindrance, and he wanted to enjoy the relief he felt for the first time in a long time for a little longer.

‘Hehe. Yes, this is what it tastes like.’

The corners of his mouth rose higher and higher.

It’s a pity that we didn’t see blood, but what was it that caused such a terrible insult to the Handeungmin family, which has produced saints for generations?

A bitter look appeared at the corner of his mouth.

‘no. How did you get this opportunity? ‘You can’t be satisfied with just this much.’

He was born into a decent family and had outstanding abilities, so he dreamed of becoming successful, but the reality that came down to him was that he was moving around in various armed forces and making a fuss.

While he was wasting his time like that, Ma-noe created armed forces under his direct control and appointed him as one of the chief lords.

‘It’s important from now on. ‘You have to stay alert to keep climbing.’

The Demon Brain tolerated failure in a mission as long as there was a valid reason, but he extremely disliked any infringement on his authority, so he had to be careful not to cross the line.

‘You have to be a good subordinate. Just like that old man from the Lion of Gwangmyeong.’

Suddenly, the image of Dooldae (檮杌隊), who passed by when I came down from the headquarters, came to mind.

They were clearly the ones who left with Eun Ho-jeong, the left messenger of Gwangmyeong, but the fact that they were the only ones to return meant that something had happened to Eun Ho-jeong.

‘It’s a good thing whether the demonic gangsters went crazy and plotted a double attack with the slaves or if other problems arose.’

Wouldn’t it be your turn to get rid of the old people who waste their time on food?

‘If you keep accumulating balls like this and keep the line… … .’

Like Dooldae, which passed by without saying hello a while ago, I will be able to look down on the Four Haunts, which always have cold eyes.

Ma Yango smiled deeply and then frowned.

‘wait. ‘Why is it like this?’

I wasn’t in a hurry to come down the mountain, but I was still trying my best, and the mountain slope was this rough.

It was noticeably different from when I climbed the mountain.

‘We should have reached a gentle place a long time ago. ‘Did I take a wrong turn?’

Ma Yang-o raised one hand and stopped running.


Iljojang, who had been following closely behind, stood in front of Ma Yang-o.

“Yes, Lord.”

“The road is strange. “It looks like you came to the wrong place, so go back and take a look.”

“My name.”

Iljojang disappeared with his men.

Ma Yang-o ordered the remaining people to rest and looked around.

‘I don’t see anything very suspicious.’

No matter how deep the night was, to him it was no different from broad daylight.

No matter how many times I looked at it, it was an ordinary mountain.

‘Of course I can’t hear the sound of grasshoppers or mountain birds.’

Now was different from usual.

There is a group of these experts who are not ordinary people, so what kind of small creature would dare to cry so loudly?

‘Let’s look further.’

I developed my sense of energy and observed all directions.

I tried to concentrate for a while, but nothing really stuck.

‘I overreacted needlessly.’

Ma Yang-o sat on a nearby rock and clicked his tongue.

And I’m waiting for the sunrise to come back.

A problem arose here.

Even though the first and second angles had passed, there was still no news.

‘What on earth are you doing? Did you lose your way when you went looking for it?’

He told Commander Lee to lead his subordinates up.

But it was no use.

They didn’t come back either.

Only then did I come to my senses.

‘There’s something!’

Ma Yango made a quick decision.

It seemed like someone had hit me, but I couldn’t hear anything.

Is there any need to raise one’s head against an enemy with such abilities?

“Everyone, listen carefully. “We go down at full speed, regroup, and come back up when the sun rises.”


Ma Yang-o and his men ran down the slope like a gale.

Although there were still many subordinates, Ma Yango’s face became distorted as time passed.

‘The slope should gradually become gentler, but why does it keep getting steeper? ‘I don’t feel like I’m going down at all!’

Ma Yang-o’s eyes wavered.

‘Could it be that I’m trapped in the camp?’

Otherwise there was no explanation.

‘Who did it?’

It won’t be a decent private house.


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They didn’t have the ability to do this.

‘Why on earth?’

What is the reason for installing a camp that is not a photo, but causes confusion in the senses and causes the person to hover in a certain location?

‘I either stopped here because I don’t have the ability to take pictures, or I was just trying to delay time. or not… … .’

Ma Yang’o’s eyes widened.

‘… … To trap them in a camp and personally kill them one by one?’

This was not the time.

Isn’t it obvious that if you keep running, you will lose strength and fall behind?

He immediately slowed down and warned his subordinates.

“Everyone stop! Be alert to your surroundings and prepare for a sneak attack… … .”

One step too late.

When I looked back, I saw a fog darker than darkness descending over the heads of my subordinates.

At the same time, numerous blood flowers bloomed and the screams of death rang out.

“this guy! “Stop!”

Ma Yang-o flew the new weapon, pulled out the iron gun worn on his waist, and struck the fog.


“… … !”

Ma Yang’o’s eyebrows twitched.

The fog dispersed and an iron gun split the air.

“You can’t believe you use sorcery like this! “What a guy!”

Black Mist did not answer.

They came together again and swept away their subordinates.

Ma Yang-o’s anger rose to the top of his head and he went on a rampage.

While giving instructions to his subordinates, he also attacked the fog.

However, the fog moved one step ahead like a ghost and steadily reduced the number of Seunghwangdae.

Severed limbs danced strangely in the air, and spilled internal organs and blood painted an ugly picture on the snow-covered white ground.

Truly overwhelming inaction and cruel hands.

The Seunghwangdae members began to cry out in fear.

Some even put their heads on the ground and begged for their lives.

Ma Yang-o killed those guys and encouraged his subordinates who were still standing on their own two feet.

“What are you doing? If we keep going like this, we’ll all die anyway! Give me the flesh and take the bones!”

The Seunghwangdae members moved reflexively.

He used his body as a shield to create an opportunity for his colleagues.

When it sensed death, it exploded its body and tried to inflict even the slightest damage.

But it meant nothing.

The fog slowly passed away as if it had predicted everything and continued its slaughter.

Meanwhile, Ma Yang-o thought of a way to escape.

‘This damn camp only blocks the way down from the mountain, and the way up is open.’

Iljojang’s group and Lee Jojang’s group were killed while climbing the mountain.

Either they did it to lure them upstairs and kill them, or they did it because they didn’t have enough time or ability to set up a defense that blocked them all the way up there.

No matter how hard I tried, it was the only way that had the slightest chance of survival.

‘I can’t defeat this evil spirit. Even if it’s a trap, you have to climb up.’

Then, once you confirm that you are out of the camp, you can turn around and go down the mountain.

Ma Yang-o encouraged his subordinates once more.

“Don’t back down, fight! “I am with you too!”

It wasn’t just words.

I flew towards the black fog.

And when it got a little closer, it turned sharply and passed by.

‘done! If you keep running while your minions are holding on to the evil spirit… … omg!’

I had hope for a moment, but my heart sank.

Didn’t the fog that was surrounded by his minions disperse and appear a few pages in front and turn into a human shape?

In the pitch-black darkness, white teeth were revealed and mockery poured out.

“What if I abandon the kids below and run away? “You can’t get ahead because you’re always like that.”

“What? “What do you say you know about me?”

“That’s because I know enough to know. A commercial district that snoops around here and there trying to get something out of a dishonest subject. “Am I wrong?”

“… … !”

A dog from a mourning house!

How dare such a young brat make such a foolish move!

An insult I’ve never heard in my life… … ah!

Ma Yango opened his eyes wide.

It was obviously because there was someone who called it that.

“Yes, how did you do that?”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

“How dare you? “It’s a nickname I gave it, but I wonder if you won’t remember it.”

“Nonsense! He’s dead! “Who the hell are you?”

Jeong Gwang lightly struck down the ten thousand demons he had obtained from the head of the Liningim family, Taesang.

The blood contained in the sword was scattered on the floor.

Jeong Gwang smiled, holding the cleaned sword in front of his chest.

“Do you know why I told you the truth?”

“Keep your nonsense in moderation!”

“Because you insulted my mother.”

“no! Nonsense!”

Zheng Guang gazed at Ma Yang Wu and opened his demon soul.

As the lord of the Heavenly Demonic Path, the overwhelming magical energy of a true heavenly being flowed out and roughly crushed Ma Yang-wu and the members of the Seunghwangdae.

“Does it make sense now?”

As Jeong Gwang chuckled, Mayang Oh and his subordinates muttered as if they were possessed.

“Ji, supreme?”

“This is it. “It’s not like bowing down and bowing down.”

“… … !”

“I will give you the mission. “Do your best to pay for your sins.”

“sorry! “Please, please forgive me!”

“Don’t worry too much. “I will let you go with ease and only make you feel good.”

Jeong Gwang hit the heads of the Seunghwangdae members.

They did not offer any resistance and collapsed into pieces of meat.

Mayanggo cried out desperately.

“Supreme! Please have mercy on me too! I didn’t mean to insult the saint, I just… … .”

“You are the exception. “Why do you keep getting soggy?”


“Anyway, why are you trying to replace the current saint?”

“that… … .”

“for a moment. The order is wrong. “You have to use your hands first, not your words.”

Jeong Gwang was in no hurry.

Ma Yang-o’s body and soul were condemned step by step.

At the same time, I asked without leaving out the necessary information.

Ma Yang-o’s mouth moved frantically.

So much information was poured out that the listener became tired.

However, Jeong Gwang has already been trained too much by the rare chatterbox named Zhao.

I listened to it in detail and engraved it in my mind.

“hmm. I see. “There is some overlap with what I heard from Hyeonyu before.”

“Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Yes, that’s right, Most High.”

“Well then, what are you doing? Do you know what I was thinking?”

“No, I don’t know. However, I do know that the Most High’s thoughts are probably true.”

Zheng Guang looked down at Mayang Wu and clicked his tongue.

“You work really hard too. “It’s been a lot of hard work.”

“So, are you forgiving me?”

“hmm. I feel weak. Should we just hang it on a tree like this, let it dry in the sun, and then knit it?”

Mayanggo shed tears of joy.

“Thank you, Majesty. thank you.”

“It’s still too early to say that. “I’m not the only one in debt.”

Jeong Gwang turned back and gestured.

“What are you doing? “There’s no time, so come quickly.”

Min Hyeon-yu, who was hiding behind a large rock, appeared.

“What’s wrong with your complexion again? “Did I eat something wrong?”

Min Hyeon-yu came with a white face and bowed down at Jeong-gwang’s feet.

“Long live, long live, long live!” The great Heavenly Demon Church… … .”

“It hurts my ears. “If you say one more word, I’ll hang you upside down.”

“… … sorry.”

“stand up. “Speak the way you normally would.”

“… … .”

Stand up anyway.

Do you want me to speak the way I used to?

I found out the truth, but how?

As Min Hyeon-yu trembled, Jeong Gwang laughed.

“haha. Are you shivering because it’s cold? “Would you like me to relieve your fever?”

“Oh, no. “It’s warm enough, sir.”

Jeong Gwang patted Min Hyun Yoo’s shoulder as he carefully got up.

“you. Is there a lot accumulated from this guy? “I will give you a chance out of consideration for your family, so do it yourself.”

Min Hyeon-yu slowly glanced at Ma Yang-o, who was lying on the floor.

I had prided myself on having gained a lot of experience, but this was the first time I had ever seen such a terrible sight.

“… … “You’re no longer human.”

“I’m alive and well, but what kind of horrible noise is that?”

“… … sorry. “I didn’t realize that the standard for an adult is different from that of a criminal.”

“Answer quickly. What should I do? “If you don’t want to touch it, I’ll finish it.”

Min Hyeon-yu straightened his back and took a deep breath.

Soon, color returned to his pale face.

“Thank you for your consideration. “As you said, we are very busy, so we will handle it briefly.”

Ma Yang-o’s heart was ripped out and he died.

When Min Hyeon-yu burst out even that, Jeong Gwang yawned and muttered.

“This will make you feel a little more comfortable.”

“Are you talking about the saint’s feelings?”

“No, my heart. “My mother won’t like me doing this.”

“But why… … .”

Jeong Gwang pounded his chest.

“It’s self-satisfaction.”

“… … ah.”

“Did you see the corpses on the way there?”

“Yes, great man.”

“There’s a lot more here, so it’ll take a while to clean it up.”

Min Hyeon-yu guessed Jeong Gwang’s intentions.

‘You knew I would follow you, but you kept me quiet. then… … .’

I had a rough guess.

“I will immediately mobilize my associates and erase any traces.”

“okay. Woowon: Let’s tell that guy the truth. “If you don’t believe me, tell them I’ll come find you and beat your left buttocks until it’s on fire.”

“ah! “So your father’s buttocks were even?”

“It’s all my blessing. “Only you and Woo-won should know about me.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“When the demon brain sends someone to look for the group of dogs in the house, they tell them that they never came.”

“Would that work?”

“no. “But you can buy time.”


“Understanding is nonsense.”

Jeong Gwang frowned and argued.

“The better thing is to avoid somewhere else for a while.”

“But that…” … .”

“We have to protect the burial mounds?”

“That’s right. “This is the very meaning of the existence of the original family, so how could you abandon it?”

“That’s ridiculous. If you avoid it now, you will be away for a while, but if you stay there, you may not be able to take care of the burial mounds forever. “Stop talking nonsense and say so.”

Min Hyeon-yu was silent for a moment and then asked softly.

“Did you reveal the truth to make the abandoned family follow the Great Man’s orders?”

“You probably had some doubts anyway. “It’s not long until the end, so I need to treat it properly.”

Min Hyeon-yu’s cheek twitched.

“I can’t believe I’m treating you properly… … .”

“why? no?”

“… … Could that be possible? “I will follow your orders.”

“good. See you tomorrow then. “You have to come down early in the morning.”

“Yes, great man.”

Jeong Gwang stretched out loud and walked languidly.

‘I skipped dinner and I’m hungry. ‘I have to go down quickly and eat and sleep.’

But soon I had to stop.

‘Damn it. The group needs to be disbanded.’

It was a busy day one way or another.

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