Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 461

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Part 2 Episode 190

It didn’t smell that good

When Jeong Gwang arrived near Handeung Isolibong Peak, he ordered his party to prepare to sleep in the open air.

Seomrang looked up at the sky with a somewhat tired face and then made a puzzled expression.

“It’s still a long way until the sun sets, but already?”

“If we go one more day, we will arrive at the headquarters. Do you want to show your competitors a haggard appearance?”

“I’m very lively.”

Seomrang sighed as Jeong Gwang looked away.

“I understood. “You can’t look down on them from the beginning.”

“okay. Today, I will relax my body with gymnastics and focus on the fortune-telling breakfast. And sleep soundly.”

“Yes, great man.”

“Then I’ll come back.”

“yes? “Where?”

Jeong Gwang pointed to Min Hyeon-yu.

“Hyeonyu wanted to stop by her parents’ house for a while, so I’m going to go with her.”

People’s eyes focused on Min Hyeon-yu.

Min Hyeon-yu sighed inwardly.

It was his first time hearing this, but what could he do?

Jeong Gwang said so, so I should follow suit.

“I haven’t been there for a long time, but since I’m nearby, I thought I’d stop by.”

Seomrang tilted his head.

“Where is Mr. Hyeonyu’s hometown?”

“Handeung Isolation Peak.”

“yes? “That mountain where the sacred place is?”


“and! You were a master from a prestigious family that has produced saints for generations. “Be jealous.”

What envy?

If someone else had said such nonsense, I would have said something like that, but isn’t Seomrang a child?

Min Hyeon-yu glanced at the returnee, then took out the bundle from the carriage and put it on his shoulder.

Jeong Gwang also got off the carriage and designated a place to sleep.

“Please rest quietly over there. “I’ll be back soon.”

It was quite far from the road, so it was hard to see from people passing by.

Besides, stay quiet.

This means that you want to hide your trip to Handeung Isolation Peak from people other than your group.

Those who knew Jeong Gwang’s true identity quietly agreed because they guessed why Jeong Gwang was going there, while those who did not know quietly followed despite feeling suspicious.

“Hyeonyu, let’s go.”

“Yes, great man.”

Jeong Gwang practiced divine law with Min Hyeon-yu.

Handeung Isolabong Peak was a high and rugged mountain, so even an expert in mountaineering could not climb it in a short time.

While Jeong Gwang was looking around and thinking about old times, Min Hyeon-yu, who was running silently, asked as he passed by.

“Are you trying to visit the sacred site under the pretext of being a child?”

“huh. “It’s a famous place.”

“If you go there, you will be disappointed.”

“No matter what people do, they are bound to be more disappointed than satisfied, so there is nothing we can do about it.”

Min Hyeon-yu ran for a while longer and then changed the topic.

“The old man told me to buy some incense sticks. “She was very fond of the saint several generations ago.”

“It smelled like something. “Is that what you’re carrying on your shoulder?”

“That’s right.”

“Good. “I don’t really think about it, so when I go up, I’ll put it on his grave.”

“It was harvested and stored a long time ago, so it won’t taste right.”

“It’s better than nothing. “Where can I find something like that?”

“That’s what I heard. “You will be happy in heaven.”

“What can you do with something like that? “Isn’t your family going to raise it every year?”

“It’s different from what your family does for you.”

Min Hyeon-yu explained in detail.

“Once you become a saint, you have to stay in a temple for the rest of your life and serve the gods of heaven, but she was different. She said she had received a revelation from the heavenly gods to become one with the religious leader, so she handed over her position as a saint to her younger brother and married the religious leader of the time.”

“You’re hot.”

Min Hyeon-yu shook his head.

“It wasn’t just hot, it was reckless behavior.”


“That’s because the head of the cult was the former head of the cult.”

“ah. “That weak guy?”

“I would say that the position was very unstable. Marrying someone like that was like going into death. “It actually happened that way.”

Jeong Gwang’s eyes sank and Min Hyeon Yu’s voice lowered.

“It has been well over a hundred years since the saint passed away. However, her son, whom she risked his life to protect, became the strongest leader in the history of this church, and Gwigokja, that son’s confidant, will not forget and pay tribute to him.”

Min Hyeon-yu strongly declared.

“The saint will definitely be pleased.”



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“Yes, great man.”

Jeong Gwang was silent for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“Isn’t it hard to talk while running?”

“I was already planning to stop here.”

“Yes, use your head appropriately and pay attention to your martial arts skills. “It’s the perfect skill to get hit on.”

“I don’t think it’s that messed up.”

When Jeong Gwang raised his hand, Min Hyeon-yu immediately added.

“If you say so, then so be it. “When this is all over, I will stay in the mountains for a few years and focus on training.”

“It’s not just farmers, it’s the same for your family members.”


Jeong Gwang looked up at the summit getting closer and closer and tapped his ears with his fingers.

“I hear a bad sound from above. “Uninvited guests are persecuting your family.”

“… … !”

* * *

Handeungisolbong Peak is an alpine mountain about 2,300 feet high, and the upper part of the mountain was covered with pure white ice.

Is it possible that there are many people climbing this dangerous place?

There was a time when countless pilgrims lined up to visit the shrine, but as time has passed, it has almost disappeared.

But today was different.

The Min family, who had been protecting this place for a long time, were left with nothing but dazzling snow and bitter winds, and were embarrassed by visitors who had not come for a long time.

In particular, Min Woo-won, the head of the Handeungmin family, added.

I suppressed my anxiety as I watched the old man open the luxurious scroll and read it brightly.

‘The Seunghwangdae (乘黃隊), a military unit created directly under the Demon Brain?’

The red robes worn by the group of elderly people had horns on their heads and backs and a fox-like divine horse embroidered on them.

This is my first time hearing about this organization, but I checked the religious leader’s seal on the scroll, so it must be true.

There was a separate problem.

It is said that the good will not be good and the inner self will not be good.

It wouldn’t have come as a good thing.

What brought the newly formed armed forces to this virtually forgotten place?

The introduction, filled with flashy rhetoric, continued and then came the main topic.

“In times like these, when many believers are being martyred fighting holy wars, temples must look around the campus and carefully care for those in need.”

“… … .”

“However, the current saint who is leading the temple is unable to handle this important responsibility due to health issues, so I recommend that the Handeungmin family select a new saint who is a faithful woman to fulfill her duties.”

“… … !”

The old man carefully rolled up the scroll and placed it in his arms, raising the tip of his chin arrogantly.

“Matriarch, did you hear well?”

“… … “I heard it, but I don’t understand it.”

Min Woo-won’s face was slightly distorted.

“When the religious leader gives an order, it is right to follow it, but to change the saint. She said, “Is this something that could happen?”

“Uh huh. “What a name.”

The old man corrected himself with a grin.

“You clearly said you recommended it, but if you misinterpret it like that, it’s useless.”

“Great Lord Seunghwang, isn’t that what it is? There has never been anything like this in the history of our school. “I cannot follow you.”

“I’m opposed to it because there is no precedent. but. “It’s worth it.”

Prince Seunghwang’s expression became gloomy.

“But think broadly. If there is no precedent, just create one. “Didn’t that happen in private homes in the past?”

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it enough for her to step down from her position as a saint? There was someone who fell in love with the religious leader of the time and even married him. Everyone is opposing it and they are going crazy. Since it was done once in a private home, the religious leader wants to do it as well.”

“… … !”

Min Woo-won was so angry that his head was pounding.

I was well aware of the greedy nature of cult leaders and demon brains, but I never thought they would try to control divine power with such absurd force.

Although the position of a saint did not have much real power and could be seen as a punishment that required the sacrifice of one woman at a time, it was also the significance of the existence of Handeungminga.

Moreover, the family has grown in size by running a local restaurant, and they are trying to replace the saint as they please.

The first time is difficult, the next time is easy, and the next time is even easier.

If we took a step back from here, we might be pushed back endlessly and eventually reach extinction.

‘But you shouldn’t react emotionally.’

Min Woo-won was a very cautious person.

As the family gained power, there was a high possibility of conflict with a large power, so his father passed on the position of head of the family to him, and didn’t he protect the family well until now?

Great Lord Seunghwang and his subordinates were such great masters that you could feel them even without mixing their hands.

If it hits while there are no witnesses, the family name itself will disappear without a trace.

It was logically considered.

“That case and this case are different. He did so after receiving a revelation from the heavenly gods.”

“I know. But then the religious leader also received a revelation.”

“… … “Are you telling me to believe that now?”

“Why should I believe it? “While we’re at it, let’s ask a question.”

The corners of the Great Lord Seunghwang’s mouth rose.

“Was there any saints in history who had mysterious powers? Sorry for not having it. Aren’t you continuing to be a saint simply because of your lineage?”

“… … .”

Because it was true, Min Woo-won had nothing to say.

Great Lord Seunghwang continued speaking with a bitter sneer.

“Nevertheless, one of them claimed to have received revelation from the Heavenly God. What does the religious leader lack more than him? “He could have received revelation not once, but many times.”

“… … .”

Min Woo-won sighed deeply inwardly.

‘I can’t believe you’re insulting me like this. I have no intention of ever leaving. Is this the end of the family home?’

Whether it was the cult leader, the devil’s brain, or both, only two paths were being forced through the mouth of the Great Lord Seunghwang.

Are you going to reject it and be destroyed right away?

Are you going to agree and slowly wither away to death?

An ordinary demon would have immediately drawn his weapon and made a life-or-death decision, but Min Woo-won chose to take the chance that there was even the slightest possibility.

“… … “Bring a suitable child to the headquarters as soon as possible.”

Prince Seunghwang quenched his appetite.

“this. “As rumored, you are careful and patient.”

“Do you want me to refuse?”

“haha. “You’re so sick.”

Great Lord Seunghwang was disappointed but satisfied.

Although I wanted to see a lot of blood, the person who gave the order wanted to handle it as quietly as possible, so the best result was achieved.

“You must come at least before the finals of the Battle for Extinction and Life and Death open. “I will wait and believe that you will choose a child who is not greedy and gentle.”

After giving a warning that Daeju Seunghwang must be that kind of child, he walked away with his subordinates with an arrogant gait.

Min Woo-won gritted his teeth, glared at their backs, and gave an order to his family members.

“Everyone gather in the conference room. “The fate of my family depends on it.”

* * *

Jeong Gwang released his hiding skills only after Min Woo-won and the people of Min’s house entered the palace.

‘Woowon, that guy. My once black hair has become gray. ‘I’m almost an old man.’

He was a cautious guy to begin with, but as he got older, he was able to handle things well.

What’s the harm if you lose your temper and die just because you’ve been insulted when you’re obviously outnumbered? I have to endure it somehow and take advantage of the opportunity.

‘But why is your son like this?’

I looked to the side and saw Min Hyun-yu staring down the mountain with his strangely shiny eyes.

“What are you doing when you can’t even see it anymore? “Then my eyes will fall out.”

“… … .”

“What? Look at this guy? Now, are you going to target your benefactor who worked so hard to even kill you?”

Min Hyun-yu apologized politely.

“sorry. It’s not because I’m dissatisfied with the person in question. “It’s because I haven’t let go of my anger yet.”

“Well, it’s worth it.”

Jeong Gwang lightly patted Min Hyun Yu on the back.

“I’ll go see the holy place and then go down first. “You play with your family and then come down early tomorrow morning.”

“… … .”

“It’s glaring at me again. “Just definitely.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Then you’re saying it’s fake? Give me some perfume. “I’ll upload it for you.”

When Min Hyeon-yu just stared at Jeong-gwang, he snatched the cloth and kicked his butt.


“Anyway, I earn a beating. “Go and stop talking nonsense.”

While Min Hyeon-yu fell to the ground, Jeong Gwang ran up the mountain and thought.

‘The name of the military unit directly under my command is Seunghwangdae. ‘It’s too blatant.’

There was a legend that if you rode the Emperor Seunghwang (乘黃), you would instantly gain wealth and power and live to be 2,000 years old.

‘Wealth and power were already gained quickly in the past. Now, I guess I wanted a long life and named it with that wish in mind.’

It was truly magical.

On the other hand, the current leader, Yeonga, wanted to stand higher than anyone else even for a short period of time rather than a long life.

‘So, I guess we’ll just take turns and play because the porridge matches well.’

First of all, Yeonga will stand on top, and after he dies, the devil’s brain will probably want to play with Gyo.

To do that, there was one thing needed.

‘A guy who can’t even learn martial arts should live a long time. He must have taken a lot of elixirs, but he’s not good at most things.

I had a rough guess.

In the past, when I went to Tapgeukrabmagan to create a spiritual altar to heal Unhu, the body of the two-horned snake, now Mugakgong, was full of wounds that had not been there for a long time.

‘The devil’s brain aimed for that guy’s horns and failed.’

Aside from Jeong Gwang, only the Life and Death Demon Doctor and the Fourteenth Life knew of Mugakgong’s location, but Mugakgong said with tears in his eyes that it was not those guys who did it.

‘The devil must have tortured those two. Those who didn’t have much life left would have rushed to reveal the lizard’s location and begged for it to be killed comfortably.’

But in the end, since they couldn’t catch Mugakgong, they must have tried another method, what would it be?

Neither a life-and-death quack or a lifelong undertaker has the talent to extend the life appointed by heaven, so absolutely not.

‘wait. no way… … .’

Jeong Gwang frowned, then his eyes lit up.

Before we knew it, we had reached our destination.

The top of Handeung Isolabong Peak was hollow, the lower part was filled with pure white snow, and the upper part was lined with small burial mounds without a single snowflake forming a circle.

‘It must be quite a hassle, but you take care of it well without neglecting it.’

Jeong Gwang walked hurriedly and stood in front of a burial mound.

I gently stroked the writing on the tombstone in front of the burial mound and unpacked the bundle I had brought with me.

Then he put his nose into it and sniffed.

Of course, it didn’t smell that good.

‘Well, it’s a hometown anyway. There’s nothing I can do if I don’t like it.’

Jeong Gwang placed the incense sticks neatly on the burial mound and stared at them quietly, then looked up at the sky.

A thick darkness appeared, slowly engulfing the blood-red sunset that hung on one side of the sky.

‘Let’s go soon.’

The owner of the burial mound was insulted.

And that too for a truly miserable person.

Just like his mother, her son, who inherited her blood, was not one to tolerate insults.

The concentrated light turned into a black fog and flew in the direction where Seunghwangdae had left.

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