Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 460

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Part 2 Episode 189

Holy place

Although it was expected to some extent, the price at first glance was terrible.

Since ancient times, meat porridge has to be made with sincerity. Is it possible to get the right result if you just stir it roughly and swing the knife from time to time?

It was overcooked and boiled down, and it tasted burnt.

The others ate in silence, but is it even possible for Concentrate to do so?

I stared intently at the culprit who caused this disaster.

Gwan Yeop, the person involved, bowed his head and then stood up.

“I made a mistake. “I’ll come hunt a deer, so just wait a little longer.”

If I go now, when will I catch it and when will I bake it?

With a wink, Jeong Gwang pointed to the Ki Hyeongdo that was pinned to Gwan Yeop’s waist.

“Are you going to use that as an excuse to test how well the blade sharpens?”

It was just a remark.

Gwan-yeop’s stark eyes wavered as if he had no intention of doing so.

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded and then sighed.

“Bye. “I was planning on leaving a little late anyway, so let’s just go ahead and eat lunch.”

Gwanyeop was silent for a moment and then slightly nodded his head.

“Thank you for giving me a chance to make up for my mistakes. then.”

He left with a determined expression on his face.

Before we knew it, Seomrang, who had been feeling disappointed after emptying the porridge bowl, was happy.

“and. It’s nice to have some free time after having to force marches all the time. “It’s been a while since I grilled meat outside.”

Jeonggwang was eating the porridge and drinking it before putting it down.

“You have work to do.”

“haha. Do not worry. “I will train hard on my own.”

“Today, you won’t take care of it; I will guide you.”

Seomrang, who was showing off his motivation, hesitated and took a step back while sitting on the floor.

“Ahaha. Well, you’re busy, so you probably won’t do that… … .”

“No matter how busy you are, you have to do your job.”

“No, but… … evil!”

Jeong Gwang grabbed Seomrang by the back and performed a magic trick.

Seomrang gave up everything and closed his eyes, opening them only after Jeong Gwang stopped running.

I looked around and saw that it was a small basin surrounded by bare trees.

Seomrang let out a long sigh and prepared his mind.

“The great man is trying to guide you. Is it static or dynamic?”

“First of all, let’s start with the static things.”

“The same painful way as always, isn’t it?”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

“What is pain? “It stings slightly.”

“That’s a good thing. “It means there is little chance of dying.”

Seomrang put his hand into his bosom, took out a small bundle of leather, folded it carefully, and put it in his mouth.

Then he sat cross-legged and muttered.

“How can you become strong even when it hurts? Please… … Wow!”

Seomrang gritted his teeth to stop screaming.

The enormous true energy of Jeonggwang entered through the Myeongmunhyeol, melted the medicinal properties of the Mercury Manggeukdan (受恩罔極丹) remaining in the entire body, and pushed it into the Danjeon.

‘Gwae, it’s okay. You’ve endured it well before.’

I tried my best to comfort myself, but it was no help.

It was a taste at that time.

I repeated countless times, ‘It’s almost time for it to end, I just have to hold on a little longer,’ but there was no sign of it ending at all.

The veins popped out on Seomrang’s face.

That’s how urgent my heart became.

‘You’re going to get stronger and you’re going to die like this!’

When he sensed a threat to his life, the demon sleeping in the Okdang moved.

He infiltrated Seomrang’s weakened mind and made him angry.

With that momentum, it rushed towards the head.

He sweetly whispered to me to leave everything to my anger and that I would take care of everything.

A sweet temptation that cannot be resisted.

Seomrang was about to agree without even realizing it.

He contorted his face and spat out the bundle of leather he was holding in his mouth.

When I bit my tongue, blood flowed out and filled my mouth, and the fishy scent of blood stung my nose.

Thanks to this, Seomrang came to his senses and cursed under his breath.

‘This bastard is real! Are you taking this opportunity to crawl out? Am I easy? yes?’

The demon shook and Seomrang stood upright.

‘Don’t climb on this old man, play by yourself, man.’

Was Seomrang’s response surprising?

The fragment of Mahon remained still for a moment and then vibrated as if laughing.

Then he returned to Okdang and disappeared.

Seomrang sighed in relief and composed himself.

‘If I were to be picky, I would have missed it. I’ll always have to keep that in mind.’


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Once I got over my mental crisis, the physical pain became bearable.

Yes, this is nothing compared to enduring the temptation of the devil.

I didn’t like the fact that he smiled and disappeared, but what made me overcome it?

While Seomrang was proud, Jeong Gwang’s voice was heard.

“good job. “I was wondering if I should use her hands, but she did it herself.”

‘… … .’

Now, beyond feeling proud, my heart is full.

The corners of the mouth rose and bloodshot eyes showed determination.

Death of a son-in-law and a wise man.

Scholars sacrifice their lives for those who recognize them.

It was the same for unmanned people.

Seomrang shouted to himself because he was a proper warrior.

‘With something like that! It’s just a little bit of pain, so keep going!’

Although he was showing off curiously.

There was no need to do that.

Jeong Gwang was planning on doing that from the beginning.

‘uh? uh? ‘Aaaah!’

Seomrang rolled his eyes and foamed at the mouth as his whole body felt like it was burning.

But that’s the situation.

The concentration did not stop.

Since you’ve grown so much, shouldn’t you have the skills to match it?

The medicinal properties of the mercury mangeukdan continued to be dissolved and led to Seomrang’s Danjeon.

And when I felt that this was enough, I forcibly pulled out the energy I had built up in my Danjeon and moved along several paths.

It is firmly engraved in the body and mind so that one can use it unconsciously in the future.

“You memorized everything, right? Try it yourself.”

Seomrang just drooled with a dazed look on his face.

“this. “I guess I’ll have to do it one more time.”

Seomrang opened his eyes, swallowed back the saliva, and used his internal energy.

Jeong Gwang observed the inside of Seomrang, then shook his head and took his hand away.

“not bad. Now it’s time for luck. “Just say ‘Sojucheon (小周天)’ and get up.”

Seomrang gritted his teeth inwardly, but had no choice but to obey meekly.

If I have to criticize, I have to criticize, what can I do?

However, as time passed, my mouth became more and more obsessed with my ears.

My energy, which had increased significantly compared to before, flowed freely through my energy system.

Although it may be an insignificant amount in the eyes of a master, it seemed like an achievement that would not be far behind even the legitimate children of the Seven Great Families of Demons, who would have grown up with one or two elixirs.

Jeong Gwang confirmed it as if he had read her mind.

“Among the competitors, there may be some who have accumulated a lot of money, but you are not at a bad level.”

“… … !”

“But you know everything else is lacking, right? “I’m busy, so finish quickly and stand up.”

“… … .”

Seomrang’s eyes were colored with motivation.

After concentrating on my fortune-telling breakfast, I finished Sojucheon and woke up with energy.

“Thank you, great man. Is it now time to do something dynamic?”

“of course. I’ll tell you some useful herbivores, so take a look. “Keep in mind that you will be using the internal attack management method I engraved earlier.”

“ah! “I’m trying to teach you the best way to save life.”

“He sounds like a janitor.”

“yes? “Who is that?”

“A guy who cooks well and doesn’t get dirty.”

Seomrang looked puzzled and was about to ask again.

Zheng Guang took a look at the direction where Kunlun Mountain was located and continued speaking.

“Now you have to show people that you are worthy of becoming a leader.”

“i know. “I will definitely win.”

“That’s natural. Just don’t do it. “It means you have to win well.”

Jeong Gwang’s voice sank low.

“Don’t expect anything like life-saving candles. Instead of trying to save your life, you should kill your opponent.”

“… … !”

“What I’m going to tell you is how to get rid of Myeongjeolcho (奪命絶招).”

* * *

Jeong Gwang smiled happily.

When I returned to the old place, I saw that Gwanyeop had caught a large deer and pheasant, sprinkled salt and spices on it, and grilled them until golden brown.


When you smell the fragrant scent, you are bound to feel better.

Gwanyeop was also twitching his wrinkled cheeks as if he was in a good mood.

The reason could be seen just by looking at the deer’s cut surface.

I was happy to see how sharp the blade was, but what was the point when I was hunting properly and cooking hard?

Jeong Gwang praised Gwan Yeop and enjoyed the meal.

The others also ate with satisfied expressions, but they were not satisfied.

After eating a little, he frowned and stood up.

“I really enjoyed the meal.”

“I ate well. “Is it because your tongue hurts?”

Seomrang scratched the back of his head and spoke honestly.

“By the way, are you leaving soon? “This is the method of destruction that you taught me. I’m going to try it out a few more times in case I forget it.”

Jeong Gwang made a puzzled expression, as if he had heard something unexpected.

“You might forget? “Why is it so easy?”

“Haaa. You’re discouraged again. I’m not a big person. See you later.”

Seomrang rushed to a suitable place for training.

Zhao smiled, looked at Seomrang’s back, and asked Jeonggwang.

“It’s good to see so much motivation. The name of the method of annihilation is very brutal. Is it also a martial art of the Mu Ying Quan family?”

“no. “I made something suitable for him.”

“ah! For some reason, Mu Gongmyeong thought it was a bit strange.”

“What does it mean?”

Zhao’s eyes wavered.

“It means that it is extreme and does not match Danju’s good nature. By the way, Seomrang got wings. haha.”

Zhao smiled awkwardly and ate the meat.

Heukseo, Gwanyeop, and Danyeong also continued chewing the meat with calm faces.

But not the other two.

Min Hyeon-yu and Namin didn’t show it on the outside, but they were shocked on the inside.

‘You created a martial art suitable for Seomrang and taught it to him?’

‘I knew he was strong enough to be hard to guess, but I never thought he had that kind of ability!’

No matter how expert you are, it’s the same.

Even if you were a third-rate martial artist, creating something decent was not an ordinary task.

Beyond being strong, it is a supreme field that can only be dabbled in if you have a broad insight and deep understanding of martial arts, as well as outstanding creativity.

To put it simply, this is something that even a great general can do.

Min Hyeon-yu’s eyes narrowed.

‘Considering his arrogant nature, there is no way he would have made something of low quality and then let it be known.’

Namin’s eyes shined brightly.

‘You’ll have to see Seomrang perform his martial arts skills to be sure, but he’s truly amazing.’

The two saw Jeong Gwang again, but Jeong Gwang was interested in someone else.

“Guan Shusu.”

Gwanyeop put down the piece of meat he was holding in his hand and answered.

“You tell me.”

“Would you like to help Seomrang? “The thorns are quite sharp, so if you deal with it without much effort, you might get slightly stung.”

Gwan-yeop stood up, stroking the sword pinned to his waist.

“I’m looking forward to it. “I’ll be back.”

“It’s so sharp you have to use the old one.”

“… … of course.”

A moment later, Seomrang’s scream rang out.

This screaming continued even when I took a break from riding the horse and even after dinner, and when it was time to sleep, Gwanyeop, not Seomrang, let out a small moan.

“Uhm. It’s pretty good. “It’s getting better.”

Seomrang boasted, pointing to the area he had taken with the tip of the double pole a little while ago.

“I think you broke your wrist. Would you like me to splint it and tie it with a cloth?”

Gwan-yeop stared at Seomrang and saw the area marked on the double-pointed pole.

The empty sleeve of his right arm was blowing dizzyingly in the strong wind.

Seomrang added with an embarrassed expression.

“Please acknowledge that I attacked Guan Suksu, imagining that he was not a poisoner.”

Gwanyeop accepted it obediently.

“It’s not difficult. From now on, I will attack quickly as if I had two arms.”

“Oh, no! You must be tired, but why bother… … Ahh!”

After passing through the plains and entering the Tianshan Mountain Range, which was completely covered with pure white snow, Seomrang’s killing techniques became more proficient.

Gwan-yeop was deeply impressed, but when Jeong-gwang called him aside and asked how he felt, he spoke without hesitation.


“Is that the end?”

“Sometimes poor fundamentals hold you back, but since you are a talent chosen by the Most High, I expect you will overcome them in no time. But why are you asking that? … .”

The Most High would know better how far Seomrang has reached.

As I wondered why I was asking questions to myself when I was so inadequate, I received an unexpected explanation.

“I felt sorry for you when you lost one of your arms when you were young, so I made you a left-handed sword and taught you to make a living, right?”

“Yes, Most High.”

“You’ve mastered just that one thing so far.”

“That’s right.”

“For you, it’s the basics and season. Contrary to Seomrang, you are too basic. “The foundation has been laid to overflowing, so try to think about ways to fight flexibly beyond the basics.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but I’ll do my best.”

Jeong Gwang frowned.

“You have to know to do your best. What I’m saying is, don’t think that’s the only truth, but try incorporating the method of annihilation. Did I tell you to deal with Seomrang for no reason? “Feel the power of the method of destruction and think about it whenever you have time.”

“I understand, Majesty.”

Although Gwan Yeop did not completely understand what he meant, he began to deal with Seomrang more seriously.

I knew that I wouldn’t see any great results if I trained at this age.

Still, shouldn’t we be of some help to the Supreme Being?

Jeong Gwang occasionally gave advice to the official and urged the group.

So, I continue to climb the narrow road in the Tianshan Mountains… … .

Gugokja, who had been glancing at the sheer cliff and saying ‘I’m scared’ over and over again, came back to his senses.

“ah! “Supreme.”

“It’s coming quickly. “Take this first.”

Gwigokja quickly grabbed the reins and drove the carriage.

“sorry. Handeung Isolation Peak, the home of the Min clan, is just around the corner. Are you just going to pass by?”

“I’m thinking.”

Gwigokja carefully advised.

“I don’t know when you’ll come again, but I think it would be a good idea to stop by. “Isn’t this the hometown where the Most High Mother was born and the place where her remains are kept?”

Jeong Gwang muttered as he gazed at the unusually tall snow mountain.

“That’s true too. “Maybe I should have brought some incense sticks.”

“So-in spoke to Min Hyeon-yu the other day and prepared it. Even if that didn’t happen, the saint would be happy that her Supreme Being had come.”

“You can’t even see it from the sky.”

Jeong Gwang glanced up at the sky and then nodded.

“okay. While we’re talking, let’s take a look at the Holy Land.”

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