Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 46

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Episode 46

White rice and seed period

Dokbong Dang Ye-ji looked at the young man in front of him.

I wasn’t sure because he was wearing a straight face, but it seemed like he was smiling for some reason.

‘Let’s fight? To me, a Tang family member?’

Mixing usually stops when one side sees blood.

But it was not Sacheondanga.

They stopped fighting only after killing or seriously injuring their opponent.

This is inevitable because poison and darkness are the season. Their notoriety grew, and almost no one dared to ask for their help.

‘I said it seemed like a lot had accumulated. ‘You managed to find out.’

Who would fight with the daughter of the Sicheondang family, who is called Dokbong for her outstanding beauty and martial arts skills?

I was already dissatisfied all the time, but someone appeared who could resolve it.

‘but… … .’

Her hot eyes slowly cooled.

‘I don’t feel any special energy. ‘You’re a useless fool.’

She eventually shook her head.

“In the main family, there is only life and death, and there is no such thing as sorrow. “Please step away.”

“I know yeah. To fight properly, you have to risk your life. “You know something.”

“… … !”

Everyone in the hall was shocked.

This was especially true for Dang Ye-ji, because she felt that she was different from others.

‘It’s not a lie.’

The other person’s posture, voice, and attitude were all saying this.

‘I’m not a frivolous person who approached me because of my appearance.’

He was the one who looked at her like a warrior and tried to compete with her by giving everything he had.

‘Am I confident?’

Or perhaps he is a true warrior who is not afraid of death.

Tang Ye-ji’s cold eyes burned hot again.

She was not someone who was afraid of death either.

“Life or death. I accept… … .”

“for a moment!”

At that moment, Yu Jeong-pung intervened.

Because he was a quiet person who usually only said hello politely and then turned away, he was compared to others and felt more liked.

I never thought he would show such urgency.

I was so surprised that I even stuttered for words.

“Ah, ow! “W-what are you doing!”

“I want to fight.”

“no! no way!”

“why? “Just because Yu Sohyeop doesn’t want to fight with Tang Sojeo, should I do the same?”

“of course!”

Dang Ye-ji’s voice sounded like a jade ball rolling on ice to Yu Jeong-pung’s very excited ears.

“Yoo Sohyeop. I don’t understand. “Why are you stopping us from fighting?”

It was great to hear, but the content was harsh.

It hurts my heart that you don’t know how many years I have secretly admired you.

But Yoo Jeong-pung soon regretted it.

‘Jeongpung, Jeongpung. ‘Who are you blaming now?’

The heart cannot be shown.

At least you have to say it out loud so that the other person can understand it, but what kind of ugly thought is this when you’ve been mute all this time?

‘Even wearing the clothes of the aftereffects of openness. ‘Even though I live with the undeserved title of ‘Ui Dragon’ in my heart, I still do such ugly things!’

My face became hot because I was embarrassed.

At the same time, the emotions I had kept in my heart also boiled up. It finally climbed up his throat and burst out of his mouth.

“That’s because I don’t want to see Tang Xiaoje get hurt!”

Dagwan froze at these short words.

It was as if time had stopped and no one moved or said a word.

Except Jeong Gwang.

-I finally said it. good job.

-… … Did I really do well?

-Anyway, you said it yourself. Please be more honest like that in the future. The contract is now over.

Yoo Jeong-pung, who was embarrassed by what he said, felt a little comforted when he heard Jeong Gwang’s words.

‘okay. I did it. At least I expressed my feelings, so I have no regrets!’

When I turned my head, I saw Dang Ye-ji looking at him intently. Her red lips opened and her beautiful voice flowed out.

But the contents… … .

“Are you saying I’m going to lose?”

“… … Well, that’s not it… … .”

“How can you be sure? Do I look that weak?”

“… … Me, I… … .”

Tang Ye-ji’s face, which had been cold to begin with, hardened. It was the face of a warrior who had been insulted.

A voice colder than the cold snow of the North Wind came out of her mouth.


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“I guess I’ll have to compete with Yu Sohyeop someday. “I look forward to being able to say that again then.”


Yu Jeong-pung’s love froze to death before it could even bloom.

Jeong Gwang walked past the frozen man, clutching his chest, and stood in front of Tang Ye-ji.

Tang Ye-ji stood up, waved his arms, and introduced himself.

“This is Dangyeji of Sacheondangga.”

“It’s the essence of the Kunlun Sect.”

Her eyes widened.

“… … “You were that person.”

“Do you know me?”

“I heard it from younger brother Jin.”

“Who is that?”

“… … Kwon Bong and Eon Eui-jin.”

“ah. “A person with pretty calluses.”

Tang Yeji shook her head.

“… … “It’s exactly as I heard.”

“Did he say something bad? “I got a lot of compliments.”

“… … .”

At this point, I started to have doubts.

‘… … ‘I think I’m a little out of my mind.’

The reason Yujeongpung dried up might have been because there wasn’t enough concentrate.

‘But then there would have been no reason to provoke me into thinking I would get hurt.’

My thoughts were organized.

Let’s take a test.

“There are many ways poisons act on people. It can come in through breathing and damage the lungs, or it can be harmful just by coming into contact with the skin. “It invades wounds and hardens the blood, and mixes with cooking or alcohol to destroy internal organs.”

“It’s efficient and cool.”

“… … “The most difficult and dangerous thing to notice is eating.”

Damage can be reduced if you stop breathing midway. If it gets on your body or touches a wound, you will feel slightly better if you cut or suck the area right away.

But there is no way to eat it. Even if you vomit right away, there is no way to do anything about the poison that has already spread into your body.

She told Dr. Cha to bring a teacup.

When the empty teacup was placed, I poured the tea, then took out a small pill from my waist pocket and put it into it.

And then he pushed it forward.

“If you drink that and still feel fine, then I will accept the fight.”

“… … !”

Everyone who was watching was surprised.

“It’s not a fatal poison. We guarantee it in the name of our company. Just wondering if you’re a person worth fighting… … ah!”

Jeong Gwang drank the tea quickly.

Not a single drop is left behind.

“iced coffee. “It’s warm.”

“… … .”

“Can you give me a stronger one?”

“… … “You ignore the poison.”

“no. “Why are you doing that good thing?”

“… … “So are you ignoring your family?”

“No way. “It’s a family with the greatest venom in the political faction.”

Tang Ye-ji, who was glaring at Jeong Gwang, poured tea into a tea cup and took out various things from her waist pocket.

And then he pushed it back to Jeonggwang.

“Here it is.”

“I will eat well.”

This time, Jeonggwang poured it into his mouth without any hesitation.

“Ugh… … .”

As he let out a strange groan and trembled, a look of regret appeared in Tang Yeji’s eyes.

“It’s dangerous to be late, so tell them you lost quickly. “I will give you an antidote.”

“… … .”

“Come on!”

A sudden moment. Jeong Gwang suddenly opened his lips.


“… … .”

“Oh, I’m sorry. “Stop without even realizing it.”

Dang Ye-ji, who had been shocked by Jeong Gwang’s mouth, made a blank expression.

‘… … Unbelievable! No poison? Could it be that he absorbed it all in his stomach?’

It was ridiculous.

“Is there anything else?”

“… … .”

“Don’t be sorry, just give me some.”

“… … “Aren’t your hands and feet numb and short of breath?”

“I’m not old enough for that yet.”

“… … “Do you feel nauseous?”

“ah. Now that I think about it, I see you haven’t eaten. “I’m hungry.”

Tang Yeji looked at Zheng Guang with a blank face.

Depending on the object from which it is extracted, poisons are divided into mineral poisons, plant poisons, and animal poisons, and there are numerous branches within them.

No matter how skilled one is in poisons, it is impossible to know and decipher all the countless poisons, and this is the same for the people of the Four Heavenly Dang Schools.

No, because I knew about poison, I knew its fear and difficulty better.

‘What a monster!’

It wasn’t a bluff.

Jeong Gwang was waiting with a fussy expression.

Tang Yeji’s eyes opened.

‘okay. ‘Is that so?’

My heart also felt hot.

‘If this person… … .’

She muttered as she took out a small box from her pocket.

“You seem to know poison well. Or is it something you’re familiar with?”

“hmm. A little of both?”

“Poison is not good just because it is strong.”

“sure. The caster must be able to control it.”

“yes. So that you can use it without risk to yourself. So that you can decipher it after unfolding it. “There are a lot of poisons that are discarded at home because they do not meet these conditions.”

Bitterness was evident in her voice.

“It adds one more thing to it. It’s a cost issue. “If the cost is too high compared to the effectiveness, it will be discarded.”

“The party family has a lot of money.”

“The funds allocated to me are limited.”

“She’s the daughter of the family head?”

“The most important things in the family are age and experience. “They don’t invest in low allocations like I do.”

Tang Yeji was ambitious.

I thought she was the only one who could take over the long-lost nickname of Dokhu.

But it’s a long way off right now.

“This is my best for now.”

When I opened the cover of the box, there was a small bottle the size of a finger.

Tang Ye-ji’s hand movements became more cautious. She carefully removed the stopper and poured what was inside into a teacup.

A poisonous liquid that shines brightly yellow. The daughter of the Sacheondang family and renowned as a poison peak in the martial arts world, she poured everything she had into creating this extreme poison!

“I named it Jinhapdahyang (塵合多響). “It’s a little different from existing poisons.”

“Are we far from finishing speaking?”

“… … no. “I did everything”

“ah. “It was hard to endure.”

Jeong Gwang holds a teacup,

“I will eat well.”

I drank it straight.

* * *

It was beyond expectations.

So much so that a smile naturally comes to Jeonggwang’s lips.

But his face was turning blue.

‘It’s a very good synthetic poison.’

Commonly speaking of poisons, those specialized for one purpose are famous, such as Shinseonpye (神仙廢), which disperses internal energy, or Hakjeonghong (鶴頂紅), which instantly causes death.

But Jinhap Dahyang was different.

All animals and plants have poison, but only in varying amounts. So depending on how and to what extent it is used, it can be either poison or medicine.

‘They say you collect dust and make different sounds. ‘It’s just like the name.’

Not each one was a poison that shocked the world. There was a mixture of insignificant things and strong things, but they complemented each other and lifted each other up, creating a great impact.


Although he was chanting the Sangcheong Immortal Divine Technique, black blood was flowing from his mouth.

‘Gosam(苦蔘), Seoksan(石蒜), Uachil(芋兒七), Chilbosa(七步蛇), Heukseolseomnyeo(黑舌蟾蜍), Pyrite(黃鐵石)… … There are quite a few things I don’t know.’

Since there were so many miscellaneous things gathered together, it was fun to count each ingredient.

On the contrary, those watching were becoming restless.

“Small cooperative! “If you can’t bear it, tell me!”

“stop! Party Sojeo! Is winning a problem now? cadet! “I’ll give you strength, so don’t be nervous!”

Tang Ye-ji, who gave him the poison, and Yu Jeong-pung, who came to his senses and tried to save him, also made a fuss.

Jeong Gwang said with a grin.

“Shh. “It’s noisy and I can’t concentrate, so please be quiet.”

“That’s important now… … yes?”

“Do not panic! My skills… … what?”

Everyone around them, including Tang Ye-ji and Yu Jeong-pung, looked like they had been hit.

‘… … “Do you talk while having breakfast?”

‘… … And then you don’t get hit by coin poison?’

Concentration was possible.

That wasn’t all.

The interior was protected with Sangcheong Musang Shin Gong and at the same time, the Jujik Si Gong (酒卽是空) was raised.

For him, who had suffered from numerous ambushes since childhood, the greatest danger was poison.

Jujeoksigong was originally a martial art created to drive out poison, not alcohol.

“Dang sojeo. “Can I ask you something?”

Dang Ye-ji responded blankly to Jeong Gwang’s words.


“This is a poison created to prevent the opponent from living or dying, right?”

“… … yes.”

She spoke honestly and bit her lip.

This is because, from the perspective of political factions, it was an extremely vicious poison.

But she also had something to say.

“The reason I did it that way… … .”

“Hey. “This is efficient.”

“… … yes?”

“If you kill it, that’s the end and only resentment builds up, but if you use this, you can make things difficult for the other person’s family. My back will be bent from caring for and compensating. ah. “There will be room for negotiation, so there may be less bloodshed.”

“… … Yes, that’s right! Rather, it will prevent a big fight… … .”

“Costs could also be reduced a lot. It’s not about adding expensive ingredients, it’s about making a complex mixture with countless cheap ingredients. It replaces people, not money. Right?”

“… … “How can you do that?”

Tang Yeji’s eyes trembled violently.

When had she ever met someone she could relate to like this?

Jeong Gwang pointed to the empty bottle containing poison with his chin.

“That bottle. “Can I have it?”

She nodded as if fascinated.


Jeong Gwang picked up the empty bottle and placed his finger on the spout.

After a while, a drop of pale yellow liquid fell from the tip of my finger. When the bottle was full, Jeonggwang put the stopper on his head and smiled in satisfaction.

“… … Could it be that he produced Jinhap Dahyang?”

“It’s a little different.”

Jeong Gwang, who was tilting his head, explained.

“I also mixed in the things you gave me earlier.”

“… … How is that possible… … no. So how has the effect changed?”

“well. I guess I’ll have to use it to find out. “Dang Sojeo is a very well-salted poison, so it would have been a little worse.”

It was a rare compliment for Jeong Gwang.

Even though Dang Ye-ji didn’t know him well, she could immediately tell that it was a great compliment compared to what she said to Eon Ui-jin, ‘You have very pretty calluses on your fists.’

“When I think about it, it’s a shame. “I should just pull this out separately.”

“… … .”

Tang Yeji’s face slowly changed.

The change started in the eyes and moved down the face to form a beautiful beacon around the mouth.

It was a smile so beautiful that it dazzled the eyes.

“… … “Do you have any time?”

“yes? why?”

Unlike Jeong-gwang’s puzzled face, Yoo Jeong-pung’s face turned black and dead.

Doesn’t this mean that everyone feels good about him and wants to have a meal with him?

But Tang Yeji was no ordinary woman.

“There are other poisons, and I’d like you to try them and give your opinion. Oh, I guess I’ll have to inhale and sting the scent… … .”

Doesn’t this mean that they will pour poison on the male child until he dies?

Everyone was shocked, but Jeong Gwang was not an ordinary person like her.

“Oh oh. It’s good for me. “Please give me a lot.”

At that time, other people’s voices were heard.

“sister! I am so sorry that I am late.”

“Dang sojeo. “It’s been a while.”

People’s eyes, including Jeong Gwang, turned to the stairs.

Several men and women were coming up there.

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