Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 459

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Part 2 Episode 188


The distance from Ining (伊寧) to Takmoki Peak (托木爾峰), where the headquarters of the Church of the Heavenly Demon is located, was only 700 ri, but it was not an easy journey because one had to climb a rugged mountain range on the way.

Still, I had plenty of time until the start of the finals of the Battle for Death and Extinction, so I could go slowly, but would Jeong Gwang be able to do that?

He urged the group onward and moved on at a fast pace.

Of course, I still did what I had to do.

Before going to bed, he treated the deceased and thought about how to use nature.

The condition of the returnee improved, and Jeong Gwang’s enlightenment deepened a little.

And the morning dawned.

As soon as Jeong Gwang woke up, he clasped his hands and stretched out loud.

I went out of the tent, sat down against a nearby rock, and stretched out my legs.

I even yawned and looked around to see that just as Jeong-gwang had done what he had to do, others were doing the same.

Jeong Gwang tried to look at each person in turn, but his eyes widened from the beginning.

‘Look at this guy?’

Seomrang had been practicing since early morning, and his appearance was unusual.

It’s like you’re struggling with your eyes closed.

It was clear that he had stayed up all night playing with the weapons he called the Three Gods.

‘It’s so varied.’

Jeong Gwang was about to say something, but then burst into laughter.

‘no. In a way, it’s a good thing.’

You can’t always fight in perfect physical condition.

I had to gain this experience to be able to survive even in adverse conditions.

Jeong Gwang watched quietly and nodded.

‘Did you wake up a little? It’s getting better.’

Seomrang continued to step on the ink-shaped weapon and roughly swung the double-crossed sword with both hands filled with fighting spirit.

Occasionally, he would take out a secret weapon hidden in his sleeve and throw it sharply, and if the opponent was caught off guard, it was a useful sneak attack that would almost certainly result in an attack.

‘I don’t like that you keep grinning, but you’ve definitely improved a lot.’

Although his power was still insignificant, he was using it much more skillfully than before.

Now that you can put your energy into not only your hands but also your weapons, you will not be defeated by most enemies.

‘But that’s not enough.’

Could things in this world be that easy?

Even if it wasn’t enough, it was still far from enough.

Shouldn’t we now be fighting in the finals, where there are a lot of legitimate enemies from the Seven Great Families of Demons, rather than the preliminaries where a bunch of idiots gather?

There was another problem.

‘It’s natural to win. ‘You have to go one step further.’

It was good to use the fact that Seomrang came from a lowly background to make the general believers feel a sense of kinship, but that alone had its limits.

The small religious leader is a noble being who will become the future religious leader.

He had to have a dignity befitting his status.

As Jeonju pointed out yesterday, if you use sneaky moves in moderation and win coolly, you will be recognized by all believers.

A fragment of the devil’s soul was planted in the Okdang before Jungjangjeon, so if it was in an emergency, it would turn on its own, but if Seomrang’s original skills did not support it, there was a high chance that it would devour the host and go on a rampage.

‘If you get lucky and rely on Mahon, it will be even more difficult. good. ‘Let’s get started right away after breakfast.’

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze and looked at the person in charge of cooking.

It was Gwan-yeop, a thin middle-aged man without a right arm.

After all, age cannot be ignored?

His eyes were clear, unlike Seomrang’s.

That’s all.

The sight of him silently preparing breakfast alone without forgetting his duty was truly dependable.

‘Getting old isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The butcher boy who squeezed his nose has grown up so proudly.’

Jeong Gwang praised with a happy smile and then wiggled his eyebrows.

Isn’t Gwanyeop roughly stirring the boiling meat porridge in the pot with a wooden spatula, then throwing it away, pulling out the Ki Hyeongdo that Jeong Gwang gave him, and punching it in the air?

And it looks like he’s glaring at Tao with his face distorted violently.

He was happy because he loved the Tao, but if someone else had seen him, he would have immediately started running away, asking how he was going to kill someone.

‘… … Yes, you become a child when you get old.’

This was especially true for the type that used their body like a crown leaf.

Of course, there are many people who can do that even if they only use their brains.

There was a suitable example, so I focused my attention on it.

Gwigokja was walking slowly with Namin with a solemn expression.

Even his voice was so stylish that it was extremely polite.

“Min-ah. You have given me a good answer to every topic I have raised so far. “I’m looking forward to what you’ll come up with today.”

“That’s too much praise.”

“That is for me to judge. Have you thought carefully about what is most necessary to run our school properly?”

“Yes, old man.”

“Tell me once.”

Namin answered with a slightly nervous expression.

“It is military power and financial power.”

“It’s funny that you chose those two things, Geodujeolmi.”

The earworm smiled faintly.

“From a practical point of view, that is correct. “What is the most effective way to obtain them?”


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“After all, it is force and money.”

“okay. It is about summoning strength and building it up. However, the case is different between you and Seomrang. In particular, Seomrang has no foundation. “Please explain what the next best option is.”

Namin immediately offered a counterargument.

“Although it is very lacking, it does not mean that Seomrang lacks anything. He is very well-liked by ordinary believers and has a personality that allows him to embrace them.”

“The premise is wrong.”

Gwigokja stopped walking and wiped the fluid flowing from his eyes.

“The haze is enough for my eyes. “First, we need to clearly discuss whether Seomrang has what it takes to stand at the top.”

“There is that.”

“Those are encouraging words.”

Gwigokja looked into Namin’s eyes with clean eyes.

“Did you make that judgment based on your special ability?”

Namin confessed honestly.

“My perspective is limited, and I have seen that Seomrang has great qualities, but I don’t know if he can rise to the position of leader, let alone a minor leader.”

“That’s why I asked. You can only objectively evaluate something by meeting many people and comparing them. “Then on what basis did you base your confidence?”

“It’s because they confirmed that a requiem is possible.”

“… … .”

Namin added strength to her voice as the earring fell silent.

“Besides, the elder also teaches Seomrang from time to time. “Aren’t you doing this because you think you deserve it?”

“… … .”

Gwigokja looked at Namin and then burst into laughter.

“haha. Even though it’s a requiem. “You are painting this old man’s face with gold.”

“I know that there are very few wise men like you in the world. Please understand that I have little experience right now and can only rely on my elders to make judgments.”

Gugukja readily accepted Namin’s apology.

“okay. Experience is something you just have to fill. Until then, you can use those who have the ability.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“But you also have to prove your worth to him. “Try to convince me first.”

Namin’s eyes sparkled brightly like pearls.

“We are trying to use divine power to gather military force and wealth.”

“… … “Spiritual power?”

Gugokja has been used by Jeong Gwang as an apostate monk with a ferocious appearance.

He must have been so excited that he pointed to one side with an expression that made him look like he was going to kill a few cows and start talking.

“It’s real from now on. “Let’s sit comfortably over there and talk.”

“Yes, old man.”

The two men, like friendly grandfathers, headed to a place where there was a flat rock.

Jeong Gwang gazed at Namin’s back and stroked her chin.

‘That’s surprising. I knew he wasn’t a hard-headed guy, but I thought it was quite an amazing thing.’

As I listened, I turned my attention to the guy related to divine power.

It was Min Hyeon-yu.

‘Cheongseung is shaking.’

With a confused face, the guy was looking at Handeunggyolli Peak, the second highest mountain of the Cheonsan Mountain Range, stretching out in the distance.

‘He’s smart, but it’s a shame he lacks discipline. It would be more usable if it were just Danyoung.’

Although Danyoung was worried about the safety of her father, who was fighting on Mt. Kunlun, and her grandfather, who was breaking the wall at home, she was doing her duty without showing any signs of it.

Aren’t you still holed up in your tent filling out documents related to battlefield projects?

‘Or rather, do whatever you want like that guy.’

Heukseo, who had escaped from his role as Danyeong’s secret reception escort, wandered around as if he had made a living, and then came back and taunted the Danga warriors who were on guard around the area.

“I’m bored. Let’s have a drink.”

“… … “I decline.”

“I’ll be gentle this time. It’s for you. Let’s do it without leaving it out. huh?”

“… … It’s not possible. “Didn’t you say that before and then take action?”

“How dare you refuse my help? “These are real!”

The moment when Heukseo frowned and was about to get angry.

Danyoung peeked out from the tent and calmly asked.

“Elder, I am more urgent. Please help.”

“… … Didn’t you sleep? “What’s wrong with your complexion?”

Danyoung answered with a pale face.

“There was so much to sort out that it happened. So we need the skills of the elderly. As he is good at killing, he must be good at making and reviewing plans… … .”

“Hmm. I’m also tired because I couldn’t sleep well. I’m going to sleep for a little while, so close your eyes too. “You have to take care of yourself.”

Jeong Gwang, who was watching quietly, sighed a little and canceled his earlier evaluation.

‘Hyeonyu is much better than the black book. How can you avoid talking nonsense?’

However, there was someone else who talked nonsense all day and night.

Zhao quietly approached me and sat next to me, chatting about how the weather had cleared up and how majestic the mountain scenery was.

There is a limit to shaking your head while listening with one ear and letting it out with the other.

“Zhao. What are you curious about? “Tell me.”

Even though Zhao smiled sheepishly, he did not decline.

“Among gamblers, there were those who lamented every time they lost money, saying, ‘The Heavenly God has abandoned me.’ “I knew that the Heavenly Demon believers worship their leader as a god, but I was so curious that I ended up rude like this.”

“It’s not that big of a deal. “You should have asked someone else.”

Zhao slumped his shoulders and looked depressed.

“If you try to talk to them, everyone is busy running away…” … .”

“… … cheer up.”

“haha. Thank you for your comfort. But it’s okay, so don’t worry.”

“… … .”

What’s the point of forcing yourself to puff out your chest and smile?

Your eyes are still full of sadness.

‘I can’t help it.’

Jeong Gwang explained as concisely as possible and decided to leave the place.

“It’s just a legend, so just listen to it. A long time ago, a heavenly spirit came down from the sky and landed on Handeungisolbong Peak, the second highest mountain in the Tianshan Mountains. That’s why Handeungisolbong means Heavenly God in the local language.”

Zhao’s eyes shined brighter than starlight.

“ah! “It’s already exciting.”

“It’s really nothing. The heavenly god met a woman there and decided to settle in the land of humans. However, the Handeung isolation bar was too low, so she moved to a place closer to her home, Haneul, and made her home.”

Jeong Gwang pointed to Handeung Isolation Peak in the distance and then moved his finger toward a mountain higher than that.

“That’s Takmoki Peak.”

“Oh oh! “Is that why those who worship the Heavenly God gathered there and established the Heavenly Demon Church?”

“According to legend.”

Jeong Gwang scratched his cheek and continued speaking.

“Cheonsin lived with the woman he loved and gave birth to a child. However, because he was a human being unlike myself, I taught him martial arts to protect his body. And since this child will be my substitute, I ordered people to help her with all their sincerity.”

Of course, I didn’t say that with my bare mouth.

He created several martial arts and gave them to those who pledged loyalty.

“Plus, it gave me another chance.”

“What is?”

“Strong self-respect.”

Jeong Gwang frowned without realizing it.

“Oh, this is a bit awkward to say.”

“Danju, please tell me.”

“Ugh. My representative must be strong. It’s not just my blood that can follow in my footsteps. compete with each other And get it. “Only the winner is qualified to represent me.”

Jeong Gwang scratched his arms and sighed.

“This is it. “It’s not even Seomrang.”

“yes? “Isn’t it cool?”

“Jiao is also finished with Mine.”

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

“Anyway, that’s how it happened, and when it was time to return to heaven, the Heavenly God told me what would happen in the future. “It was a kind of prophecy.”

Zhao swallowed his saliva and Zheng Guang spoke calmly.

“One day, when the world falls into ruin, it will come down to the world again and burn itself with holy fire, purifying the world as well. “If you believe in me, you will survive without being burned by the golden torch and enjoy peace and prosperity.”

Zhao was impressed and Zheng Guang recalled old memories.

‘When the reverse heaven magician held the sword he had forged with all his might and injected energy into it, it gave off a brilliant gold light, just like the cloud dragon does today.’

The guns were overturned.

They made such a fuss by saying that the Heavenly God had appeared through Xiao Jiaozhu.

It was so absurd that the sword gave off a gold mine. I screamed that it was shining gold like a Buddha statue, and it was only after I grabbed them all that I became quiet.

‘Anyway, you have to use your hands to understand.’

Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue, but Zhao exclaimed.

“iced coffee! What a majesty. So what happened?”

What happens?

You should not look down on the power of time.

“Now it’s just a legend. “Everyone treats me that way.”

“… … ah.”

“Of course, it’s not completely meaningless. It is the central point that unites those who belong to the Heavenly Demon Church. “You had high expectations, but it’s boring, right?”

Zhao scratched his head and smiled.

“no. “It was very interesting.”

“I can see you’re disappointed, huh?”

Jeong Gwang closed his mouth for a moment and then opened it.


“Yes, sobriety.”

“You wonder how I know these things, but you never ask.”

Zhao pursed his lips a few times and then shrugged his shoulders.

“As always, I will just trust and wait.”

“It’s okay to wait. “You might be really disappointed.”

Zhao’s face hardened.

“Are you talking about Danju?”


“haha. “How can I be more disappointed in Danju?”

Zhao laughed awkwardly, but when Zheng Guang remained silent, he shook his head and made a serious expression.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been sufficiently trained. The reason he picked me up and brought me in was probably because he trusted me so much. We will live up to that belief. and… … .”

Zhao’s eyes glowed softly.

“Thank you for even showing such concern, Danju. “I’m really happy.”

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