Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 458

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Part 2 Episode 187

Please come

As soon as Jeong Gwang came out of Linga Daejanwon, he unfolded the divine law.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at Hyangni Gaekjan, and when we opened the door and went in, we saw Min Hyeon-yu giving instructions to Jeomsoi.

“It’s late at night, but you look busy.”

“Dain, are you here?”

Min Hyeon-yu greeted calmly.

“I was making various requests before leaving, but it’s all over.”

Jeong Gwang put the luggage on his shoulder under the table and sat down in the chair.

“Good. I have something to talk about, so gather people together. “Give me some alcohol, too.”

“I will also prepare some simple snacks.”

“Then it’s better.”

After a while.

A group of people who were doing their own thing in various places gathered on the first floor and sat around a table.

Jeong Gwang looked around at them and briefly explained.

“The Lininglin family has decided to actively participate in the battlefield project and support Seonrang. Of course, me too.”

Seomrang, who had been dozing off after intense training in the back garden, forced his eyes open and showed off.

“haha. I think the Lin family knows how to stand in line. “You have to treat me well from now on.”

“Shrug your shoulders and say you won the battle for life and death.”

Seomrang swore seriously.

“That’s the basics. “I will definitely do it.”

“Okay, keep that in mind. “That’s when it really started.”

Jeong Gwang moved his gaze to the side and made eye contact with Namin.

“Following the Goirukdanga and Oronaga, we decided to help the Inyeongim family. But you know that support is support, and Sojeo has to do well, right?”

Namin looked somewhat gaunt than before, but her eyes shined brighter.

“of course. “I will do my best to assist Seomrang without relying on external forces.”

“great. “I will believe it.”

Next was Gugukja, who was in a sane state.

There was no need to say it.

Jeong Gwang took a quick look and nodded slightly.

It meant that they would prepare for the future keeping in mind that the Lining Lin family had joined.

Min Hyeon-yu was also quick to notice, so there was no need to bother talking.

When he saw Jeong Gwang grinning, he lifted one finger and pretended to sew his mouth with a needle.

“I’ll keep quiet, sir.”

“okay. “It would be better for both of us.”

Jeong Gwang patted Min Hyeon-yu’s shoulder and looked at Zhao.

Zhao opened his mouth with a nervous face.

“It’s finally my turn. “What should I do?”

Jeong Gwang picked up the bottle and poured a drink.

“Please eat.”

Zhao swallowed his drink cheerfully and puffed out his chest.

“Seeing as how he even offered me alcohol, I guess it’s not normal. I am okay. Even if you tell me to jump into the Dosan Geomrim (刀山劍林), I will gladly do so, so please feel free to say so.”

“I told you.”

“… … yes?”

“You can enjoy drinks and snacks.”

“… … ah.”

Jeong Gwang poured another drink and filled the others’ and his own glasses with alcohol.

And then he raised his glass high.

“We talked about work. Congratulations on advancing to the finals of Battle for Life and Death. “It’s a result that not only Seomrang but everyone worked hard to achieve, so I’m enjoying it even if it’s simple.”

People looked blankly at the concentrate and then smiled.

I raised my glass high, consoled myself for the hardships I had endured, and took a sip.

A drinking party followed, with laughter and chatter.

Originally, I had planned to finish it simply, but the atmosphere did not allow it.

When the bottle was empty, a new bottle came, and when the snack disappeared, another snack filled the empty space.

Zhao was quick to notice and delivered consolation money to the Jeomsoys and servants who toiled late into the night.

Naturally, better food and alcohol would be lined up on the table.

The fun time continued like this, but Seomrang sipped his drink with a sad expression and tilted his head.

“Sir, can I ask you one question?”


“What is that on the floor?”

“Weapons obtained from Lord Linga Taesangga.”

“ah. That was it… … omg! Really?”

“Then it must be fake? Hyeonyu, can you please clean up the dishes?”

“Yes, great man.”

As the jellyfish stuck to each other, the tabletop quickly became clean.

Jeong Gwang picked up his luggage from the floor and placed it on the empty table.

When the cloth was unraveled, the weapons inside it were revealed.

Seomrang exclaimed, watched with envious eyes, and then screamed.


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“100 million! “No way!”

Double pole, dagger, gauntlet.

Isn’t it yours no matter who sees it?

If they were obtained from the Lininglin family, or even from the Magical Taoist First Yazang, the quality would be certain even without checking!

Seomrang jumped up, ran to Jeong Gwang, and hugged him tightly.

“As expected of a great person! You know how to invest! “I’ll use it well!”

“I work hard to ensure that it is not a wasted investment… … .”

Jeong Gwang gave a solemn request, but trailed off.

Before he knew it, Seomrang had unwrapped his arm around the gun and was busy looking at the weapons.

“wow. It’s really awesome. “What is it made of that makes it so cool?”

“… … “All metals are naturally cold.”

“What is this tough leather? “It doesn’t look like snake skin, but it’s strangely shiny.”

“So, I guess it’s leather.”

Even though Jeong Gwang shot him bluntly, Seomrang, who was keeping his mouth shut, looked puzzled.

“uh? “What is this again?”

It was a malformed sword with a narrow sword body.

“The armor is also clunky. “It looks strange too.”

Seomrang muttered in a disappointed voice and pulled out the sword.

Then, the blue sword revealed itself and shot out an eerie energy that was so eerie that it made my skin tingle.

“Oh oh! “He was a killer!”

“But unfortunately it’s not yours.”

Jeong Gwang raised the corners of his mouth and grabbed the sword.

And then he handed it out to one of the party members.

“Guan Suksu, please take it.”

“… … !”

“Why are your eyes wide open? “It’s Gwansuksu’s.”

Gwan-yeop looked at Jeong-gwang and Tao in turn with surprised eyes and then asked.

“Why do I do this… … .”

“Not only did you teach and protect Seomrang, but you even cooked for him when he was sleeping on the street. “Everyone else has decent weapons, so why not just use something ugly?”

People looked envious and then nodded.

All of Zhao’s weapons were luxury goods made at the Iron Blood Factory.

Namin possessed an excellent spear as expected from Oronaga’s forbidden jade leaf, and Min Hyeon-yu used a weapon unique to the Min clan, so other types of weapons, no matter how good they were, were of little use.

Jeong Gwang pointed out that point and held out the sword he was holding once again.

“Get it quickly. “My arm hurts.”

Gwanyeop felt an indescribable emotion.

The Most High gave a reward in recognition of their achievements so far!

I tried to keep a calm expression, conscious of the eyes around me, but the voice that came out of my mouth was full of moisture.

“Thank you.”

“With something like that.”

Jeong Gwang handed over the sword and clapped his hands lightly.

“ruler. ruler. Let’s end the drinking party and get a good night’s sleep. “See you tomorrow morning.”

But Jeong Gwang’s wish did not come true.

The next morning.

After packing my bags and going down to the first floor, I saw Seomrang looking at the newly acquired weapons with wide eyes.

“Are you sure you didn’t sleep?”

Seomrang grinned and responded.

“of course.”


“You have no empathy. How do you sleep?”

Seomrang continued speaking, pointing in that order: double peak, bisu, and gwon-gap.

“The morning dawned while I was talking with Ssanggyo, Biseom, and Fighting Spirit.”

“… … Can’t you see the mouths of all three? “Why are all the names like that?”

Seomrang pointed to Jeong Gwang’s waist without even looking away.

“What’s the name of the new sword you got?”

“Manma (萬魔).”

“When it comes to naming skills, I’m a step above Daein. “Isn’t that right?”

The gathered group smiled slightly and agreed.

Jeong Gwang looked around at them with a puzzled look on his face and twitched his eyebrows.

“Didn’t you sleep too?”

Gwan-yeop, whose bloodshot eyes were shining as he continued stroking the sword attached to his waist, stiffened his face.

“hmm. It’s not that I didn’t sleep at all, but a little… … .”

“ha. It’s the same for both children and adults. “Let’s eat something.”

Everyone filled their stomachs and prepared to leave.

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang opened the door of the guesthouse and gestured to those outside.

“Please come in for a moment.”

The men who were walking around with tired faces were shocked.

They were Jeonju, including Dokdu, and their subordinates.

Jeong Gwang asked them again.

“Only the Jeonju people. “I have something urgent to discuss.”

Dokdu and Jeonju hesitated for a moment, then came in and hesitated.

“It’s just a guesthouse. Please sit comfortably.”

Jeong Gwang gently encouraged and sat down himself.

And I made eye contact with each and every one of them.

“Yesterday, I told you not to be too anxious because something good might happen. “You remember, right?”

Jeonju’s bloodshot eyes flashed because he had trouble sleeping.

Dokdu responded as a representative.

“Of course, sir. “Did something good happen?”

“I think so, but listen and judge for yourself.”

Jeong Gwang explained carefully.

“No matter how much you are the envoy of Gwangmyeong, you cannot treat a guest of the Seven Great Families carelessly, even if you have committed a crime.”

Dokdu made an absurd expression.

“Are you saying we should entrust ourselves to one of the Seven Great Families? “There’s no way they would accept people like us, right?”

“How are you Jeonju people? And don’t feel too pressured because I’m just an empty guest and working as a partner.”

“Are you a business partner?”

“Lining is a place that is more beautiful at night than during the day. The Lin family that ruled Lining decided to join the Goirukdanga’s battlefield project and open a large gambling house. “I recommended Jeonju people as gambling hall operators.”

“… … !”

The Jeonju people gaped.

The mouth opened wider as Jeong Gwang continued to speak.

“Jeonju owners will make a big deal out of what they like. Lining will become famous not only as a city of weapons but also as a city of gambling. The names of Jeonju players will not only be engraved in the hearts of gamblers, but will also remain in the history of gambling. “It’s worth a try, right?”

That’s it!

What Jeonju wouldn’t be thrilled to hear such a grand plan?

Jeong Gwang lightly poured cold water on them as they let their imaginations run wild.

“Jeonjus, who are experts, will oversee the operation of the gambling hall, but since the government invests a lot, there will be interference. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “It needs to be checked to some extent to prevent corruption.”

“… … .”

The Jeonjus looked uncomfortable but shook their heads.

This was because he knew better than anyone else that a person’s greed is endless, so an appropriate brake is needed.

When they agreed, Jeong Gwang finished explaining in detail and smiled.

“Do you like it?”

Dokdu smiled brightly and tried to answer, but his bald head turned red.

“Hmm. That’s true, but small people have less money and can’t afford to invest that much.”

“You can invest as much as you don’t have enough. “Wouldn’t three golden chariots be enough?”

“… … !”

“If it’s not enough, just tell me.”

Is that possible?

When Jeong Kwang even mentioned interest and profit sharing ratios, Jeonju owners went crazy.

“As expected, you are a great person! “It’s at a very appropriate level!”

“No, what would small people hide from big people? It seems a little low. “You can raise it further.”

Jeong Gwang flatly refused.

“It’s not a project that will be completed in one or two years, so take a long look. “The more money you make, the more you feel like it’s a waste, right?”

The Jeonjus are old gamblers and warriors who have gone through many hardships.

The atmosphere became cold.

Dokdu swallowed his saliva and swore in a trembling voice.

“Little people will never betray. Please believe me.”

“I hope so. “If you make a profit, please send my shares to me.”

“I will do so, sir.”

Jeong Gwang spread his arms wide.

“Then go straight to Imga and discuss with the practitioners. “There will be a lion left in Gwangmyeong, but he won’t have the spirit to mess with the Jeonju masters, so don’t worry about it.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The problem I was worried about has been resolved.

Dokdu made a solemn expression.

“It will take a few days to reach a detailed agreement. “As soon as it’s over, I’ll go straight to the headquarters.”

“yes? why?”

“haha. “We have built up a lot of affection over time, so shouldn’t we support Seomrang?”

The other Jeonjus also laughed uproariously and added.

“Not only small people, but other people are busy talking about it.”

“The child who was at the bottom, not the heir of the Seven Great Families, becomes the head of the Little Church! “How thrilling would it be to see that scene in person?”

Seomrang, who was listening while preparing to leave, raised both fists.

“You guys! Be sure to come! “I’ll show you my cool side!”

What’s wrong?

Jeonju residents booed.

“It’s not the preliminaries, it’s the finals! “Use sneaky moves in moderation and try to win with style!”

“We must win! Only then will climbing the rugged Takmoki Peak be worthwhile!”

“You can’t pretend like you don’t know us just because you became a small sect leader later!”

“Yekki! What kind of nonsense is this for the person who will become the leader of the small church in the future? “You have to respect it from now on!”

The Jeonjus laughed and roughly ruffled Seomrang’s hair.

And he politely bowed to Jeong Gwang.

“Great person. “Then I’ll see you at the general meeting.”

“yes. “Take care.”

Not long after the Jeonjus left, Danyoung and his party arrived.

Jeong Gwang jumped onto the driver’s seat of the carriage and looked to the side.

A sigh came out of my mouth.

Gwigokja was trembling while holding the reins.

“Well, I don’t know how to drive a carriage. “I’m scared.”

“I heard you’re scarier.”

Jeong Gwang took the reins, lifted them up, and then brought them down.

Hee hee hee-

The horse gave a long neigh and kicked the ground.

“ruler! “Let’s go!”

The race has begun.

The destination was the Cheonma Shinyo Church headquarters in Takmokibong.

Jeong Gwang ran for a while and then tilted his head.

‘wait. It’s there on the way. Should I stop by?’

I turned my head and looked at Min Hyeon-yu, and his face was stiff as if he was thinking of the same place.

That place was Handeung Isolabong Peak, the home of the Min clan.

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