Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 456

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Part 2 Episode 185


Eun Ho-jeong, the Lion of Gwangmyeong, cried out inwardly as he performed the Gyeongsinjutsu.

‘You damn jiangshi bastards! I’ve been looking for it since dawn, but it’s not there! No matter how hard I search, I can’t see it! ‘Where on earth is it?’

I have to leave when the sun rises tomorrow, but I can’t believe it’s happening for four months.

Should I keep looking even if I get reprimanded later?

A sigh came out of my mouth.

Even if they stayed for a few more days and thoroughly searched Lining, there was no guarantee that they would retrieve the demonic spirits.

What if I just go to the headquarters?

The city of Maryeong River was restored with the utmost effort of the religious leader and the demon brain.

How would they welcome me back if I lost two such precious things?

Just imagining what would happen made my whole body go cold.

‘It’s obvious that I will neither die nor live. Maybe I too can become a jiangshi.’

If that happens, I’d rather commit suicide.

‘no. No matter what happens, I don’t want to die! What did I do wrong?’

I shook off my weak thoughts and thought calmly again.

Since I had ordered the demon gangsters to go back to their lodgings and wait, there was no way they would have strayed.

‘Then it means that someone was the victim… … .’

This also makes no sense.

In Lining, the only one who can catch the demonic spirits is the Lin family, so there’s no reason for them to do that, right?

Even if the Lim family had taken a hand, it would have been difficult for Taesang family head Lim Cheol-hwan to handle it quietly like this without anyone knowing.

Eun Ho-jeong shook his head, recalling the appearance of Lim Cheol-hwan and his family members that he had seen in the early morning.

‘Not them. There wasn’t a single one who had any traces of a fierce battle. What other forces exist in Lining?’

There was no need to think deeply.

Except for the Lin family, all of them were just decent families.

‘It might have been done by a guy from out of town.’

A large number of believers had gathered in Lining to watch the final preliminary round of the battle for life and death.

However, there was no expert at all who could harm Demonyeonggangsi.

‘The Goirukdanga Sogaju guy’s secret reception escort is a breeze, but it’s not for the demonic gangsters. Whoa. ‘It happens again.’

I’ve been making the same reasoning dozens of times since dawn until now, but I got stuck here… … .


Suddenly, a person’s face appeared.

He was a crazy guy who was getting on his nerves at Cheolhwagak.

But even for a moment.

The burning flame in Eun Ho-jeong’s eyes faded.

‘When you’re cornered, you start thinking nonsense.’

Although he was a guy with a strong energy that belied his age, it was impossible to kill the two demonic gangsters.

‘no. ‘I feel strangely uncomfortable.’

Reason shouted that it couldn’t be like that, but instinct kept insisting that something was suspicious.

‘First, go back to Imga, have a quick bite to eat, and then go directly to the Hyangri Gaekjan to check… … hmm?’

Eun Ho-jeong’s eyes shone sharply.

There is no longer any need for that.

There was that suspicious guy at the front gate of Limga Daejanwon.

‘It got easier, though. ‘Why are you here at this hour?’

He was also puzzled.

“uh? Lion of Gwangmyeong, where are you going at this late hour?”

Eun Ho-jeong kicked off the ground and flew down to land in front of the maniac called Jinhon.

“What business have you come here for?”

“I asked first.”

If it were the usual Eun Ho-jeong, she would have lost her temper, but not now.

After carefully observing Jinhon’s movements, I relaxed my eyes.

‘It’s absolutely fine. ‘It wasn’t like that either.’

Instead of having any scars on his face or hands, he was soft.

Even the slightest hope disappeared, and a deep sense of despair filled my heart.

‘What should I do now?’

My head felt dizzy.

And when I heard Jinhon’s words, it hurt even more.

“Now that I think about it, I can’t see the demonic spirits. “I heard that you’re stalking Linyeong like a lice. Is that true?”

“noisy. Just answer my question.”

Jinhon shrugged his shoulders.

“Cheolmo (鐵母) told me to come to repay what I owed, so I came.”

Eun Ho-jeong’s eyes narrowed.

“What do I owe you?”

“Not long ago, a drunk man went on a rampage at Cheolhwagak and harassed a courtesan. I, who happened to be there at that moment, shook off my anger and stood up to block it… … .”

“conflict! What a riot! “How dare you try to humiliate me?”

When Eun Ho-jeong expressed his anger, Jin-hon made a puzzled expression.

“It’s a surprise. Why are you angry? “Are you even friends with that horrible drunkard?”

“… … .”


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Eun Ho-jeong had nothing to say.

To tell the truth, isn’t it like he was threatening Jinhon to keep a secret and then he’s just bragging about it?

I forced my anger out and opened my mouth.

“Are you the type of person who would play a trickster like that? “It means I don’t believe it.”

“Even demons have their allies.”

“Because it’s not you.”

“hmm. “Then I guess I was a drunk who was so irritated that I reflexively took action.”

“… … .”

A vein popped out on Eun Ho-jeong’s temple.

Jinhon was delighted and clapped his hands.

“oh. The color suddenly returned to my haggard face. “I don’t know why, but I’m glad.”

“… … .”

Eun Ho-jeong’s cheeks flushed.

Luckily it sucks.

It’s not that my complexion has improved, but my face has become red because the blood has flowed backwards.


Jinhon smiled happily and then tilted his head.

“Are the rumors true? “Are you no longer satisfied with the Demon Spirit Gangs so you replaced them with them?”

“… … ?”

Those people refer to the doldae lined up behind Eunhojeong.

This time I had no choice but to ask.

“Change it? “What does it mean?”

“ah. “I said it for no reason.”

“Hurry up and answer!”

Jinhon whispered softly with a sympathetic face.

“He enjoys performing great deeds while the Demon Lords watch, but now there is a rumor going around that that is not enough and that he is taking living people with him.”

“… … !”

Eun Ho-jeong’s eyes widened as if torn.

We tried so hard to put down ridiculous rumors, but something even more scandalous than that is coming out!

I’m not just angry, I feel like I’ve been injured internally!

Jinhon’s voice became lower.

“You’re not? I really need to do that. Gwangmyeongjwasaja has already been punished, but it would be difficult if the name of Dooldae, who was innocent, was damaged. “Isn’t that right?”

The last question is directed to Dooldae.

Their blunt faces were distorted like the ugly swords embroidered on the clothes they were wearing.

Of course, Eun Ho-jeong’s expression was even worse.

What would happen if you combined all the four evils in the legend?

With his face transformed into that of an evil spirit, he glared at Jinhon and roared.

“this guy! How dare you make such a foolish move!”

“I just told you a rumor about Lining.”

“Ugh. All those who talk nonsense like that will be killed! “I’ll kill you first!”

The moment when Eun Ho-jeong explodes with murderous spirit and tries to use his hands.

A woman’s cold voice was heard.

“Are you going to see blood at your home, Lord Gwangmyeong?”

Eun Ho-jeong only moved his eyes and glared at Mo Seo-hyung.

“Cheolmo, you must have heard this guy insulting me.”

“Didn’t Master Gwangmyeong threaten Jinhon first?”

“What a scare! “I just asked a few questions!”

“If you really did that, this wouldn’t have happened. He spoke as if interrogating a sinner. “From my home to a distinguished guest of my home.”

Frost appeared on Mo Seo-hyung’s face.

“No matter how much you are the Lion of Light, you can’t do this. “I will definitely report this to the religious leader.”

Eun Ho-jeong’s beard trembled.

“Then do you think the religious leader will punish me?”

Before Mo Seo-hyung could respond, Jin-hon came out.

“But won’t there be bad rumors before that?”

Eun Ho-jeong opened his eyes and screamed.

“Stop spreading those damn rumors!”

“It’s something else.”


Jinhon explained, spreading his arms slightly.

“All day today, people from the Lim family were diligently searching all over the place. “I heard that he even pushed his way into the Hyangri Guesthouse where I was staying and searched through it all.”

“What is that?”

“People are whispering that Gwangmyeong Left Lion has lost the Demon Spiritual Poetry and is helping to find it. “If you receive such help and make a fuss in the Lim family this late at night, the rumor will spread that you are an ungrateful person.”

“… … .”

Eun Ho-jeong bit his teeth gently and looked around.

Not only Mo Seo-hyung, but also the Lim family members who came in as soon as the commotion broke out were all looking at Eun Ho-jeong with displeased faces.

Jinhon smiled and recommended Eun Ho-jeong.

“But seeing as the head of the family and the head of the Taesang family haven’t shown up, it seems like they’re willing to end it at this point and pretend not to know. “It will be even harder tomorrow, so let’s stop here.”

“… … “What does that mean again?”

“If you think about it with common sense, Dooldae will leave tomorrow. Then, Master Gwangmyeong will be left alone, so wouldn’t the Lin family’s cooperation become more urgent? “Well, it doesn’t matter if you plan to go with Dooldae.”

“… … .”

Eun Ho-jeong slowly turned the new model.

And then I stared into the stark eyes of a sturdy middle-aged man standing in the center of the pagoda.

-Ri Jojang, are you really going to leave?

The middle-aged man answered without delay.

-You cannot break the schedule set by the leader.

-Didn’t you order me to help you?

-You have been ordered to do so within the schedule you have set. Please understand that this is something we cannot do anything about.

Eun Ho-jeong sighed inwardly.

I had expected that Dooldae would come out like this, but when I actually heard it, my whole body felt weak.

‘That evil bastard called Jinhon is not the problem.’

The future was dark.

I had to think about whether to leave immediately for the headquarters or stay longer and look for the demonic gangsi.

Eun Ho-jeong silently walked towards the dorm.

His gait was not the usual arrogant one, but rather shabby looking.

Dooldae followed behind.

Iljojang glanced around midway, but Jeonggwang pretended not to notice and looked away, and spoke to Mo Seo-hyung only after they had completely disappeared.

“Lord Gwangmyeong, you are truly amazing. “I thought you would at least apologize to Cheolmo.”

“Considering his temperament, he made some concessions.”

Mo Seo-hyung waved his hand to disperse the family members and spoke softly.

“Sir, I will guide you. “Please go.”


Jeong Gwang grinned and walked with her.

“I can’t see it from here. “What did you burn earlier?”

“This is the Taesang family’s office.”

“Just one?”

“That’s right.”

“You went short and thick. After all, it’s Iron Blood Flower.”

“That’s too much praise.”

Jeong Gwang didn’t think so.

“Thanks to you, he not only broke his stubbornness but also gained enlightenment. That’s it? I also raised my son quite well. The Lin family must bow to you.”

Mo Seo-hyung’s cold face shone brightly.

This was because he received great recognition from the Supreme Being, who was very stingy with praise.

However, as Jeong Gwang continued, frost appeared on his face again.

“I said it before, but if Seomrang becomes the leader of a small cult, I will kill him and his demon brain.”

“Yes, Most High.”

“It takes time for Seomrang to become the leader of the cult and for Namin to properly serve as a soldier. “It’s going to be quite noisy in the meantime.”

“I am prepared.”

“It’s also an opportunity, so help your son achieve his full potential.”

“I will do my best so that the head of the family can focus on external matters without worrying about internal matters.”

“Yes, if there is anything that requires force, leave it to your husband. “I’m sure you’re still itching to test your own strength, right?”

Mo Seo-hyung smiled, nodded, and then cautiously asked.

“Supremacy, may I ask you one favor?”


“He is locked in the armory now. He said that as he looks back on what he has created so far, he shakes off the unnecessary greed he harbored.”

“It looks like he went from being a field farmer to becoming a Taoist monk.”

“That’s not it.”

Mo Seo-hyung’s complexion darkened.

“He confirmed that he purely wanted to create the best sword in the world, but he could not give up his desire to have that sword in the hands of someone worthy of it.”

“What is that?”

“I think I have to shake off even that before I can reach my father’s level… … .”

Jeong Gwang made an absurd expression.

“Of course you have to have that level of greed.”

“… … yes?”

“It’s not greed for yourself, it’s for the sword. If you don’t have that kind of affection for your work, is that a joke? “That guy’s father was like that too.”


“Tell him to stop pretending to be a Taoist and start sweating. “If you say it, they’ll probably understand.”

“thank you. Thank you so much, Most High.”

Mo Seo-hyung’s voice trembled slightly.

Jeong Gwang frowned and waved his hand.

“Still, he takes care of me as my husband. “Let’s take it in moderation and talk about work quickly.”

They entered the office of Lim Jong-ho, head of the Lining Lim family.

Lim Jong-ho and Dan-young, who came first, greeted us warmly.

Jeong Gwang looked at the black book hiding at Danyeong’s feet with pity and led the discussion.

And after coming up with a plan that everyone was satisfied with, they stood up.

“Matriarch, I’m leaving.”

“Already? “Please go and have a drink.”

Lim Jong-ho treated Jeong Gwang in a much friendlier manner.

But the concentration was the same.

“I have to leave early tomorrow morning. “But Lord Soga, shall we meet in front of the Hyangrim Gaekjan and leave?”

“I see.”

“Hello, Cheolmo.”

Brother Mo Seo looked back at his son.

“Matriarch, is it okay for your mother to see Jinhon off?”

Mo Seo-hyung really cared about the people who worked at Limga’s workplace. But didn’t she save the courtesan who worked at Cheolhwagak?

And that too, against Eun Ho-jeong, the Lion of Gwangmyeong.

Lim Jong-ho agreed without any doubt.

“As you wish, mother.”

“Thank you. Requiem, let’s go.”

“wait a minute.”

Jeong Gwang asked Lim Jong-ho.

“Can I ask you one favor?”

“I was just about to do the same.”

“this. “What is it?”

“Please stop by the armory. “Your father wants to see you.”

When Jeong Gwang looked puzzled, Lim Jong-ho added.

“You said you wanted to give me something. “It won’t be a loss, so please go.”

“Then we should go.”

“Now tell me your request.”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“It’s okay because there’s no need for that anymore.”

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