Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 455

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Part 2 Episode 184



Hwagwang was full of energy in the middle of the main garden of the Lininglin family.

Taesang family head Lim Cheol-hwan could not understand this situation at all.

You burned down the armory thirty years ago, and now you’re tampering with your own office!

I’ve persevered and done everything I’ve been told, but is this the price I pay for it?

Naturally, the words that come out of your mouth are bound to be harsh.

For the first time since getting married, I expressed my anger using informal language.

But the answer that came back was shocking.

If you are offended, hit your head.

You’ve done it before and again!

At that time, I barely managed to count the number of people I could endure, but now?

Lim Cheol-hwan took up swordsmanship without even realizing it.


The beloved sword seemed to know its owner’s feelings and growled coldly as it ran out of the house.

Lim Cheol-hwan stretched it out and aimed it at his wife.

“What on earth is the problem?”

Brother Mo Seo also drew his sword and raised it upright in response.

“The problem is that you don’t know what the problem is.”

“Say it properly and don’t play with words.”

“I would have said it was because I would have been better off not having an office like this. “I don’t know what foolish ideas the stubborn old man will come up with who will never stop the head of the family from doing what he wants, so I need to get rid of him.”

Lim Cheol-hwan glared at Mo Seo-hyung and muttered like a groan.

“You set fire to me for objecting to pushing a kid named Seomrang? Just for that reason… … .”

“At best!”

After shooting sharply, Mo Seo-hyung turned his gaze to his son, who was as frozen as a stone statue.

“house owner. I’m sorry for making you waste your energy trying to prevent your parents from hearing their arguments. “Can I ask one question?”

Lim Jong-ho relaxed his stiff face and sighed softly.

When my parents clashed, I tried to stop them by throwing my whole body at them, but I took a breather.

After ordering the family members surrounding him to disperse with a wave of his hand, he looked at his mother.

“Please speak.”

Brother Mo Seo asked without delay.

“Maiju, why do you want to push Seomrang?”

“This is because if he becomes the head of a small sect and safely rises to the position of head of the sect, it will be helpful to the main family.”

“But why did you break your will?”

Lim Jong-ho glanced at his father.

“It’s because my father is against it. “If it was an unreasonable objection, I wouldn’t have followed it, but isn’t there a valid reason?”

“You might end up shedding a lot of blood needlessly, so you have to remain neutral.”

“It’s unfortunate, but considering the safety of my family, I decided that was better.”

Mo Seo-hyung smiled coldly.

“I would rather settle down than take an adventure. This mother is different from the matriarch she knew. “Have you made up your mind like that?”

“Not entirely. I tried to decide after watching that kid fight one more time. But… … .”

Im Jong-ho stared at the burning pavilion.

Mo Seo-hyung spoke with a humble expression.

“Anyway, although the family head was shaken by the Taesang family’s claims, he was planning to reconsider and decide on his own. “Can I understand it this way?”

“you’re right.”

“Matriarch, please think again.”

Lim Cheol-hwan raised his voice and intervened.

“Until now, hasn’t the main family stayed away from power struggles within the school and upheld the duties of the field leader? But if you do that now… … .”

“Sounds like a duty!”

Brother Mo Seo interrupted the conversation and gave instructions to his son.

“Matriarch, please cover your ears from now on.”


“This is not a request from the mother!”

“Oh, I understand.”

Brother Mo Seo took a deep breath when his son agreed.

And he fired it at Lim Cheol-hwan.

“If it’s your duty to do mischief, you’ll keep swinging the hammer. Why are you meddling in the family head’s affairs? “I have to die when I grow old, so why are you blocking my son’s path?”

A vein rose on Lim Cheol-hwan’s temple.

“Malbonsaehago! “Aren’t you old?”

“You’re younger than that!”

“I’m proud! Yes, there is a difference of several years! If you decided to just work in the kitchen, you’d be stuck there, so why get involved in the family’s affairs? “What do you know!”

Mo Seo-hyung laughed as if it was funny.

“Ahaha. “If it weren’t for me, would it have prospered like it does now?”

“It is thanks to you that the conflict has decreased and the productivity and quality of weapons have improved, but my role has also played a big role!”

“You discovered a mine with high-quality iron ore, purchased it at a low price, and signed a new contract with the headquarters for a generous amount?”

“Those are the representative ones!”

The corner of Mo Seo-hyung’s mouth rose.


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“Both of them were ordered by the leader of the Jeondae Church and were helped by Gwigokja, but you still don’t know.”

“… … what?”

“Does it make sense to find such a good mine by chance? What about the general contract? Is the general council giving you extra money just because you’re crazy? When the previous religious leader passed away and the current religious leader came in, they cut it down right away! If you have a brain, think about it!”

Of course, Lim Cheol-hwan had a brain and realized something suspicious.

Still, I couldn’t believe it and shook my head violently.

“no. “It can’t be.”

“there is. “This happened because I asked the head of the former school to do it.”

“… … “Why you?”

“Young Taeng, who cannot die of old age, told me to beat metal endlessly and die in a better environment! Make the dream you’ve always wanted come true! “Forge a new sword!”

“lie! “You didn’t like me focusing on making a new sword!”

“I forgot about erosion and that’s why I put on the brakes! Because that’s not going to work!”

“Do you want me to believe that you did it for me like that?”

Mo Seo-hyung made a bewildered expression and then looked down.

“joy. Is it for the family? I am also from Lim family. “Didn’t you insist that you would make a new sword for the former leader?”

“But he…” … .”

“He was humbled first and didn’t get angry, but if he said something out loud, he should be held accountable. And the status of your family will rise only if you surpass the sword your father made. Look at the situation going on now. When are you doing this?”

“What does that mean?”

“The current religious leader and Demon Brain restored the Magic River. The family of the sect leader, the Ageuk Soyeon Family, must have helped out. Their status will rise. Do you think that will be the end? Goirukdanga is pursuing the battlefield business, and Geukwaejeomga is pumping black oil endlessly. The Toro Benson family was originally the limb of the sect… … .”

“stop! “I can do it too!”

“also. also. You’re saying something I can’t take responsibility for. You can’t think like that. Do you know what the former leader said about you?”

Lim Cheol-hwan’s face distorted.

I wanted to erase everything I had heard so far from my mind, but I really wanted to know these words.

“Did you hear it yourself?”

“No, the earring heard it and told me.”

Moseo-hyung spoke clearly.

“Your father tried to make the best sword, but you said you wanted to be recognized by making the best sword. So it won’t work… … .”

“What difference does it make!”

“It’s the difference between the sword itself being an end and being merely a means. Think of it this way. Is it the same as marrying because we love each other and having an arranged marriage to have children? If it were the former, would they be fighting with their swords pointed at each other like they are now? “Don’t you think we could be living a slightly better life together?”

“… … !”

Lim Cheol-hwan was shocked as if he had been hit in the back of the head with a hammer.

The difference in results depending on whether it is a purpose or a means was clearly felt when I explained it by comparing it to married life.

Mo Seo-hyung spoke with a slightly sad expression.

“Gwigokja said it would be useless to tell you this. “He’s so stubborn and proud that he just gets angry.”

“… … .”

Yes, I guess so.

“I thought so too. But now that I’ve tried it, it’s not true. “Is it because I’m that old?”

“… … .”

Yeah, maybe.

There was warmth in Mo Seo-hyung’s voice, and his tone also changed.

“If you really want to make a new sword, before you die of old age, before it burns down like your office, make the new sword itself your goal. Leave it to the head of the household to decide what to do with it. “Even if you don’t like it, shouldn’t you do it anyway to be worth all the effort I’ve put in?”

“… … .”

Lim Cheol-hwan looked devastated when he saw the pavilion reduced to ashes.

‘Still, I’m glad the fire didn’t spread to the surroundings without any effort.’

As I let go of my regrets, Mo Seo-hyung’s words lingered in my head.

It’s a reward for all the hard work I’ve put in.

What have I done so far?

Do you really want to make a new sword?

Can I burn my soul for that?

Lim Cheol-hwan closed his eyes and was lost in thought.

Then, without realizing it, I sat cross-legged.

Brother Mo Seo, who was watching quietly, twitched both cheeks and sent a message to his son.

-house owner. What are you doing? Quickly give instructions to your subordinates!

Lim Jong-ho looked blankly at his father, who was in a trance, glowing with a faint ink color, and then came to his senses.

-Oh, I understand.

-for a moment! I obviously asked you to cover your ears, but how could you hear the sound? … .

-Isn’t that what’s important now?

After a while.

The Lim family warriors formed a circle around Taesang family head Lim Cheol-hwan and stood a tight guard.

Lim Jong-ho and Mo Seo-hyung used internal energy to prevent external sounds from entering Lim Cheol-hwan’s ears.

And the ink color given off by Lim Cheol-hwan grew darker as time passed.

* * *

The Lim family warriors outside Daejangwon calmed the crowd and engaged in a life-and-death struggle, as instructed by the head of the family.

After a fierce struggle, Seomrang defeated his opponent and cheered with his heart full.

“Yaaaa! Did it! “I made it to the finals!”

Aside from fighting for my life, the days of training passed by like a flash.

Weren’t these days more painful and intense than a life-and-death struggle?

Although it was a result that was barely achieved through such hardships.

No one showed any interest.

Everyone looked intently at the black smoke rising from Daejangwon and shouted and screamed at almost the same time.

“Wow! “The lights are out!”

“I got it! “I finally got it!”

“Damn it! What if it’s already turned off? “I thought there would be at least a little more riding!”

“Whoa. I couldn’t even fight for life and death, but I lost here too. “I became penniless.”

“wait. “Haven’t you lost your soul as well?”

“what? no way… … “No, is that right?”

People’s eyes focused on Jeong Gwang.

Jeong Gwang narrowed his brows and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s absurd. They suggested we make a bet on when the lights would go out and I lost. “That too a lot.”

People stared blankly at the light with their mouths open and then fell to their knees.

“Hahaha! “They say even monkeys fall from trees!”

“No! It’s as if Daoshin has suddenly become a hero!”

“Cluck. “Now I can smell a little more human.”

“Thank you so much. “Your loss is strangely comforting.”

Jeong Gwang smiled bitterly.

No matter how fierce Mo Seo-hyung’s temperament was, he thought it would take more time to cook the stubborn Lim Cheol-hwan, but didn’t he end up being treated well?

‘What happened?’

It was surprising that the work was completed sooner than expected, but no sound came from the main hall.

‘Let me see.’

I only found out about Jeonggwang after I expanded my energy and looked into it.

‘Are you drawing a circle? Spreading out the inner energy so that no sound enters? At the center… … ‘Look at this?’

Someone was gaining enlightenment.

The nature of the energy was softer than before, but judging by its size, it was clear that it was Lim Cheol-hwan.

‘I got lucky after finding an excessive amount of sex.’

Jeong Gwang chuckled and looked down.

Seomrang came right in front of me and was looking up with a sullen face.

“Big man.”


“I won.”


“I passed the final preliminary round, but no one congratulated me.”

Jeong Gwang patted Seomrang’s head.

“good job.”

“Whoa. “I want you to bow down and receive me.”

“It just means don’t be this happy. “Your goals are much higher.”

Seomrang’s eyes sparkled.

“lol. Yes.”

“okay. Anyway, good job, sit down and rest.”

“yes? I passed, but can I just keep going? “There’s no need to watch other kids fight.”

“There’s still work left to do.”

Jeong Gwang saw the children called by the Lim family and walked towards Jeonju.

“We need to recover the money we lost.”

Jeong Gwang won and won again.

In the end, it went far beyond restoration and resulted in enormous profits. The main door of Daejanggwon opened slightly, and Mo Seo-hyung peeked out his face.

And he sent a message straight to the point.

-Supremacy, you are planning to leave tomorrow morning, right?


-Can you come visit us around hash today?

If you do it, it’s about two o’clock.

It was clear that by that time, Lim Cheol-hwan would have gathered what he had learned.


-thank you.

-It wasn’t as warm as I thought. Did you end your love fight well?

-… … See you then.


Mo Seo-hyung’s face disappeared and the door closed roughly.

The people who were watching the life-and-death struggle looked at the captain in surprise and cheered for the boy who had bet money.

As the rain stage became red with the blood shed by the boys, the sky also turned into a crimson sunset, as if soaking in the blood.

* * *

Jeong Gwang had dinner at Hyangri Gaekjan, rolled around in bed, and then went out.

Perhaps because the big event called the final preliminaries of the battle for life and death had ended, there were many horsemen who came out to enjoy the night, and they all recognized Jeong Gwang and greeted him in a friendly way.

“Look, Requiem. “It hurts to lose the money, but you made it fun.”

“I’m so sad that today is the last day. “When can I play like this with you again?”

Jeong Gwang asked with a grin.

“Aren’t you going to watch the finals held at the headquarters?”

A demon grumbled as he licked his lips.

“You can’t gamble in the finals, right?”

“Why are you like this? “You can just enjoy it purely while supporting Seomrang.”



Jeong Gwang looked around the audience and continued speaking.

“It would be thrilling to witness a person who was at rock bottom, not the heir of the Seven Great Families, become the head of a small religion. “If you don’t like it, there’s nothing we can do.”

“… … !”

The demons looked at each other with surprised faces and asked all at once.

“Do you really think Seomrang will win?”


Jeong Gwang added as he left.

“My insight is accurate. Oh, except for the fire today. “I’ll see you at the general meeting.”

The demons gaped, then gathered together and muttered.

Jeong Gwang admired the sounds and headed to Limga Daejanwon.

And I try to go inside with the guidance of the unmanned person guarding the main gate.

I felt a presence behind me.

When I turned around, I saw familiar faces running towards me.

The corners of Jeong Gwang’s mouth rose.

‘You’re trying hard.’

It was Eun Ho-jeong and Dooldae, the two lions of Gwangmyeong, who had recently become very haggard.

‘Shall I play with you for a while?’

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