Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 454

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Part 2 Episode 183

no way

As soon as Jeong Gwang arrived at Hyang-ri Gaekjan, he looked for Min Hyeon-yu.


“Yes, great man. “You’re late.”

“I came back before two o’clock.”

“What accident did you get into again?”

“What about an accident?”

Jeong Gwang opened his chest and spoke confidently.

“I got lost on the way and wandered around. “It’s embarrassing, so let’s just pretend we came here a long time ago.”

Min Hyeon-yu sighed softly.

Even though it was night, it was obvious that it was the way from Daejaewon to Limga, so why did you get confused about it and wandered around for two hours?

Isn’t that something a person who didn’t just open the door of the guest room but sneaked in through the wall with some strange magic skills would say with confidence?

In the past, I would have accepted it at least once.

Memories of the intense training I had recently received from Jeong Gwang quickly raised a red flag.

“you’re right. “You came a long time ago.”

“Be special. “You’ve grown to the next level.”

Min Hyeon-yu swallowed his saliva.

“That’s too much praise. “Go up and get a good night’s sleep.”

“huh. effort.”

The next morning.

Jeong Gwang woke up, had breakfast, and went down to the first floor.

As always, the group that had gathered first said hello.

Jeong Gwang responded one by one, but when it was Min Hyeon-yu’s turn, he tilted his head.

“The shadows fell on my face. Did you lose her sleep?”

Min Hyeon-yu explained quietly.

“There was chaos all morning. Lining has completely turned upside down.”


“We lit torches in the forest and searched various places. “I ended up like this because I was trying to find out the reason.”

“Interesting. “Tell me the superficial reason first.”

“It is said that suspicious people have invaded Limga. “They said they were looking for them.”

“What is your true intention?”

Min Hyeon-yu glanced at Jeong-gwang and then answered.

“Malyeonggangsi suddenly disappeared. “And both districts.”

“oh. really?”

The others didn’t react much as if they had heard it in advance, but Jeong Gwang looked surprised and whistled.

“It’s worth the fuss. What happened? “What should we do now, Master Gwangmyeong?”

“Even if you find the demonic spirits, you will be severely punished, but if you cannot find them, the cult leader will not remain silent. “You may be confiscated before you return to the headquarters yourself.”

“You can’t just trust and wait for the Lin family’s cooperation, so your eyes will widen and you’ll be looking all over the place.”

“I’ve been leading the team since dawn.”

“To Dooldae?”

“That’s right. But it won’t last long. The evil and evil forces only obey the orders of their religious leader. “As scheduled, we will leave for the headquarters the day after tomorrow morning.”

“Then what about Lion of Gwangmyeong?”

“It’s truly a dilemma. “You can’t do this or that.”

“Well. Feel sorry for me. “You won’t even be able to eat.”

Jeong Gwang spoke with a sad expression.

“There’s no problem cooking this morning, right?”

“I tried my best because it was the last day of the final preliminaries.”

“Yes, we should eat hard and gain strength. Seomrang, you especially need to do that.”

Seomrang spoke proudly while holding his chopsticks.

“Please leave it to me, great man.”

Jeonggwang and his party filled their stomachs and prepared to leave for Limga Daejanwon.

Meanwhile, Jeong Gwang called Gwi Gokja to his room and told him what happened last night.

Guegokja, who had come to his senses even before breakfast, listened with a stern expression and smiled faintly.

“You’re still the same.”


“You care about your subordinates in some way. Ho-gyeong and Gwan-tae must have left happy.”

“I gave him a lot of old money, so of course I should.”

“How are you feeling after meeting with you for the first time in a while?”

“It’s definitely more difficult than before. Still, I have a clue that you are a natural keeper, so if I continue to treat you and think about it, you will get better.”

“I’m glad that Soin is useful. Feel free to use it.”

“Don’t regret those words.”

The earworm’s eyes shook violently and then calmed down.

“of course. “The Most High cares for his followers more than anything else in the world, so what regrets would he have?”

“Why does that guy’s voice tremble?”

Jeong Gwang laughed and talked about other things.

This was what was written in the letter from the headquarters and the conversation I had with Mr. Mo.

Gugukja’s ugly face became more unsightly.


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“Mo Seo-hyung is a hot woman, so she will take care of it, but the problem is the commander-in-chief. “I think she’s going to be quite annoyed.”

“It depends on how you use it.”

“I know what you mean. It might be unexpectedly good news… … .”

Gwigokja trailed off his words and bowed his head deeply.

“I will refer to this and teach Namin. “We need to redefine the concept of seomrang.”

“Are they following along well?”

A smile formed on the lips of the earworm.

“They are not achieving great results right now, but they are showing promise so I am not too worried.”

“Yes, that would be it if you were. “Do your best.”

Jeong Gwang went down to the first floor with Gwigokja.

I clapped my hands as I looked around at the group who were ready to leave.

“ruler. Let’s go quickly. Hyeonyu, you have to stay, right?”

“I guess it has to be that way.”

“okay. “Don’t be too harsh.”

Jeong Gwang went out with people and a golden carriage.

The Dokdu gang, who were waiting with faces that looked more tired than yesterday, welcomed us with bright eyes.

They headed to Linga Daejanwon together.

Seomrang walked away while tilting his head and looked up at Gwigokja walking next to him.

“Hyeonro. “Can I ask you one question?”

“Curiosity is the cornerstone of development. “The mindset to resolve it becomes a pillar.”

“ha. A senile old man or a wise man. Why are you so extreme? “It would be great if you just said ‘yes’.”

Gugokja calmly reprimanded.

“You can’t live only with people you like, right? To achieve your dream, you have to reach out to and reap the benefits of many people. “If you plan to only accept those who suit your tastes then, it would be better to give up now.”

“yes yes. “I’ll admit that my thoughts were short-lived, so stop beating me up.”

Seomrang raised both hands and pretended to surrender and got to the point.

“Mr. Min Hyeon-yu is the one left in the guesthouse. “I’ve never done this before. Why?”

“You’re scared.”

Seomrang looked with a straight face.

“Are you afraid? “I don’t know about that.”

“When fighting, but not when using your head.”

Gwigokja scolded him severely.

“Isn’t there a conclusion you came to while tilting your head? “Didn’t you ask for the answer because you were worried that you might be wrong?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“There is a world of difference between being honest about what you think and asking questions and hiding it. “You must clearly reveal your shortcomings so that the teacher can properly help you.”

Seomrang frowned, walked in silence, and apologized.

“After hearing it, it’s definitely true. “I’m sorry, Hyeonro.”

The earworm grinned.

“The way you look now is one of your strengths. “It’s praiseworthy.”

“You are very good at giving bottles and medicine.”

Seomrang sighed and looked around.

The Lim family warriors were divided into several groups and were walking around busily.

“Mr. Min Hyeon-yu is the one left. “Are you afraid that those people will come to the guest house and search it?”


“But there’s something puzzling. Since there’s nothing to hold on to, you can just leave it to the other Jeomsoy guys, so why bother staying? “It’s just going to be annoying one way or another.”



“Did you know that even the Seven Great Families are reluctant to drink incense sticks?”


“But that’s it. “It cannot be compared to the Seven Great Families.”

Gwigokja explained in detail.

“If the Lin family comes into the guesthouse, we have no choice but to allow a search. However, doing it from the beginning and doing it after holding on are completely different. “Who do you think will be able to extract more concessions from the Lin family, the person in charge of Hyangri Gaekjan, Linyeong, or Min Hyeonyu?”

“That must be Min Hyeon-yu. But there is a different person in charge here. “Aren’t you appointed to respond on your own when something like this happens?”

“It is not a light matter. It is an important task to set a precedent. If something similar happens in the future, it will be applied like this. If Min Hyun-yu were not in Linyeong, of course he would have to step forward. That is a proper relationship. Now that I think about it, you’ve changed a lot too.”

Seomrang listened, shaking his head, and then made a puzzled expression.


“Remember when you led the children in Kucha. “Who was the first to hit someone and who was the last to run away?”

“Of course I… … Damn it.”

Seomrang’s face turned redder than blood.

The voice became so quiet that you could barely hear it if you listened.

“My liver got swollen because I was living in such a big place. No. “Is it completely rotten?”

Seomrang was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a mouse hole.

When I was rolling around in Kucha with nothing, I used to curse at the people above me who were lounging around and showing off, but didn’t you think that it was natural that you had gotten a little stronger in the meantime?

“ah. “It’s really disgusting.”

When Seomrang blamed himself, Gwigokja comforted him.

“As I said before, realizing your mistakes quickly and regretting them is a big advantage. Besides, don’t you try to fix it yourself every time that happens?”

Gwigokja patted Seomrang’s small, limp shoulder.

“Yes, seeing you like this makes me feel safe. “Min, who will help you in the future, will do the same.”

Seomrang looked at Namin out of the corner of his eye.

Namin nodded lightly and fell back into the topic raised by Gwigokja.

Seomrang’s face brightened.

I was recognized by a nag even scarier than a yaksha!

Confidence soon led to action.

Seomrang straightened his back and began to walk at a brisk pace.

“Hyeonro, thank you. “You must live a long time.”

“haha. “I want to hear why.”

“I want to show you that I have become a perfect supreme like the previous leader.”

“… … very… … what?”

Gwigokja opened his mouth and then quickly hesitated.

“Yeah, yeah. He was a perfect person. It may be impossible, but I will support you. “I won’t live long, so in the Nine Heavens.”

“Oh really. You say the same thing as Daein. Why do you say no? “I will definitely do it.”

Seomrang turned his gaze to Jeong Gwang.

“Sir, you used your inner energy to prevent sound from escaping, right? thank you “You can stop now.”

Jeong Gwang grinned and achieved his victory.

“You clever guy. “How dare you exploit me?”

“Please take a look. “Thanks to you, I have grown to the next level.”

“okay. “This is a lot of business left over.”

As we talked, I suddenly saw Captain Lim family.

There was still a large crowd gathered, and they were noisy talking about the commotion that had been going on since dawn.

“The people of the Lin family were completely crushed by Lining. “What happened?”

“Didn’t you hear that suspicious people invaded last night? “I heard they’re looking for them.”

“Who really believes that? How do you explain the fact that the Lion of Gwangmyeong is walking around with Dooldae with lights in his eyes?”

“but. There’s no way they’d go out of their way to do this. “I don’t understand.”

At that time, the front door of Linga Daewon opened and a person came out.

Unlike before, there was only one head of the family, Lim Jong-ho.

People looked at each other and whispered.

“There is no Gwangmyeong Lion who always shows off.”

“Even if you help me. “I guess they’re still searching.”

“I’m going crazy with curiosity. Should I act crazy and ask the matriarch?”

Lim Jong-ho, who was heading to the tent, twitched his eyebrows.

Jeong Gwang shouted with all his energy.

“ruler! ruler! Today is the last edition! “Let’s decorate it all together!”

People’s attention is focused on Jeong Gwang.

A huge roar erupted.


“okay! “I’ll think about any questions I have later and let’s go!”

“Today is the day this old man becomes a Taoist priest!”

Jeong Gwang raised both palms upward several times to elicit a response and looked back at the poles.

“It’s finally the last day.”

The Jeonju residents looked confused.

“That’s right.”

“Dokdu, why do you look like that?”

“haha. “It’s a shame.”

“Honestly, it’s because I’m worried, right? “The Lion of Gwangmyeong.”

The complexion of the Dokdu gang turned dark and dead.

Jeong Gwang made eye contact with each of them and reassured them.

“Something pretty good might happen, so don’t be too anxious.”

“… … !”

The faces of the Jeonju people lit up.

Jinhon, who never speaks empty words, says that good things will happen!

No, I said it might happen, but that’s somewhere!

I felt like I had fallen into hell and saw a thick rope come down from the sky.

Dokdu flashed his bald head and shouted.

“I will trust in Daein and run! What do they do? “Hurry up and get ready!”

Jeonju moved diligently with their subordinates.

Naturally, the temperature in the hall became hotter.

Lim Jong-ho nodded and looked at Jeong Gwang.

‘As expected, you’re not an average person. It changed the mood in an instant.’

It was like that yesterday too.

I had an in-depth conversation with Danga Sogaju Danyeong about the plan proposed by Jeong Gwang. And didn’t you eventually decide to get involved in the battlefield business?

‘But… … .’

It wasn’t a request to push Seomrang.

He is intrigued, but his father, Lim Cheol-hwan, is vehemently opposed to it, so what can he do?

The decision was made to refuse.

‘It would be worth doing as long as there was a guarantee that the child would truly become the head of the small sect and repay the family as much as he received… … .’

As I thought about this and that, it finally became Seomrang’s turn to fight.

Im Jong-ho touched his chin as he looked at Seomrang, who stood proudly on the off-stage.

‘Let’s see one last time.’

Seomrang and his opponent stood facing each other and drew their weapons.

And the moment of clash.


Huge amounts of smoke rose from Linga Daejanwon, along with red-hot flames.

People who saw it shouted in surprise.

“Fire! “There’s a fire in Lin’s house!”

“What happened? “Is this really what the guys who broke in at dawn did?”

Is that possible?

Im Jong-ho slowly got up and gave orders to his servants.

“I will check, so don’t panic and reassure people.”

“Yes, matriarch!”

“If there is someone who takes advantage of the commotion to do something evil, they will be dealt with summarily. “Keep fighting for life and death.”


Lim Jong-ho took a step towards Daejangwon.

The more I walked, the more my expressionless face hardened.

‘no way… … .’

Then, finally, open the door and go in to check inside.

‘… … !’

The burns on Lim Jong-ho’s face were greatly distorted.

Aren’t the mother and father confronting each other in front of a palace engulfed in fire?

About thirty years ago now.

The sight I saw back then vaguely came to mind and overlapped.

‘It can’t be this similar… … .’

But it wasn’t an audible sound.

Has the heart that has been fiercely trained by pounding iron all its life cracked?

Im Cheol-hwan, the head of the Taesang family, trembled all over and screamed.

That too in informal language!

“Is this woman crazy! Start a fire again? And my office in these times? “What are you doing?”

A cold frost covered Mo Seo-hyung’s face.

However, her eyes were burning hotter than the flames that had engulfed the palace.

“I did it because I was better off without it. “If you’re dissatisfied, you can cut my head off.”

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