Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 451

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Part 2 Episode 180

that’s your opinion

The Lining Lin family (伊寧任家) was a military family belonging to the Seven Masters of Demonic Swords, but when a boy was born, he was given a hammer before a weapon.

Naturally, the child became familiar with the hammer and would hit the metal until his hair grew gray, and only when he died would he let go.

I can’t believe that famous warriors with strong martial arts skills live a fierce life devoted to such rough work.

Outsiders praised the men of the Lininglin family, saying they were the best night masters and outstanding warriors in the world.

But can it be seen that way in the eyes of the women who live with them inside?

I screamed as the day went on.

“Brother! What if you spend half the day pounding metal and the other half practicing martial arts?”

“father! The girl and her mother are very disappointed! “Please stop and show your face at least for a moment!”

“honey! Let’s break off the engagement right now! I just can’t live with you! Even if you are a beast covered in poison, you must have at least a conscience! Assuming that’s the case with me. “Aren’t you sorry to the mother who gave you birth?”

“This damn old man just needs to die. No, that bastard should die too. wait. Even the cub’s cub… … Haha. There is no end! This damn family! “You must completely fail!”

Wishing for extinction was a bit harsh, but most women didn’t ask for much.

If you are connected by the same blood or have formed a relationship as a couple, you should maintain a minimum of relationship. Does it make sense to live as a person who is more difficult to see each other than with other people?

But no matter how much I protested and argued, it was no use.

Usually, craftsmen are stubborn.

Even more so for the men of the Liningim family, who are called the masters of craftsmen.

I persevered with a stubbornness stronger than an iron tendon.

If the waves were too strong, I would just pretend to follow them for a while, but soon I was spending all my time hammering and swinging weapons.

Naturally, as the days passed, the house became a mess, and ugly rumors spread outside.

No wife or child would marry a man from the Lim family.

Would you call me crazy if I was going to die after working alone for most of my life?

On the other hand, Lim family wives were renowned as the best wives and daughters-in-law.

No matter which family I married into, it was better than being in a damned family. As I lived a happy life every day, I behaved well and received a lot of sympathy and warm praise.

Now that things have reached this point, the Lim family men have no choice but to change.

But can that happen anytime soon?

It has changed so little.

In the end, there was a woman who couldn’t bear it any longer and got up in a rage, and it was Mo Seo-hyeong, the wife of Lim Cheol-hwan, the current head of the Taesang family.

About thirty years ago now.

She brought in black oil from the Geukrae Salt House and sprinkled it on the armory.

And without any hesitation, he started the fire.

The fire swept through the armory in an instant.

She pointed her sword at the Lin family men who came running in great surprise and scolded them sternly.

“You guys are crazy about this weapon! Even if you had set my house on fire, would you have come running like this?”

“… … !”

“Of course not! “If that were the case, I wouldn’t have ended up like this!”

Lim Cheol-hwan, who came late and was the head of the family at the time, vented his anger.

“ma’am! What on earth is this doing? Aren’t all the weapons we worked so hard to build on board? “We need to put out the fire quickly, so get out of the way!”

Mo Seo-hyung sneered.

“I can’t get out of the way! “Cut my head off!”

Lim Cheol-hwan’s face distorted.

“Uh-huh! ma’am! Cool your head and stay calm… … .”

“cool? “Are you discussing coldness in front of me?”

A flame hotter than the fire that engulfed the armory erupted from Mo Seo-hyung’s eyes.

“Why have you been acting like that all this time? And what about your wife? “When did you treat me as her wife!”

“I know there is something disappointing about it, but I can’t say it too much… … .”

“It’s not just you! “What is a family’s menu?”

“… … ?”

“I’m talking about a relationship where you live in the same house and eat together! But this damn family isn’t like that! “This is how you are no worse than others!”

“… … !”

Mo Seo-hyung held his sword upright and defended the front.

“As long as I live! At least we should eat together! If I die, I have to go one step further! I will stop you from putting out the fire until I get confirmation that you will! “You’d better make a decision before it spreads further!”

The faces of Lim Cheol-hwan and the Lim family men hardened.

This was the same for the women of the Lim family… … .

There was something different.

Each person took out a weapon and lined up next to the mother-in-law.

It was a protest to risk his life and share her cause.

Mo Seo-hyung looked around at them with gentle eyes and gazed at Lim Cheol-hwan.

“I will take responsibility for the cooking. Now all that remains is your responsibility.”

In the end, Lim Cheol-hwan and the men had no choice but to raise their hands.

Also, it was only then that he realized the women’s anger and apologized politely.

And as a result, the people of the Lim family ended up eating together at least.

Because of this, Mo Seo-hyung came to be called Cheolmo (鐵母), and as she took charge of the kitchen, she relieved the anger that had built up.

“The guy called your son has been hammering since dawn and doesn’t even say hello? “Today, prepare grass porridge for three meals a day.”

“Yes, helmet.”

The servants faithfully followed orders, and the Lin family men suffered.

I ate grass porridge all day. How could I use my strength?

Lim Jong-ho, the culprit behind this incident, became a dutiful son who said hello to his mother every day.


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However, Mo Seo-hyung was not satisfied.

“What are you doing if you’re nice to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You should be nicer to your wife. “Listen to her and agree with her at least half a day.”

“… … “Yes, mother.”

“If your intention is to just pretend to listen, it would be better to give up right away. “You have to listen seriously and respond to even the smallest things.”

“… … “I will keep that in mind.”

Similar things continued to happen after that.

There was a lot of noise at first, but it got better over time.

Lim family men and women became more understanding and considerate of each other.

This brought about surprising changes.

The main business of the Lining Lin family is the production and sale of weapons.

Productivity has improved and quality has also improved.

Plus, the family is more harmonious than before, so what more could one want?

But Mo Seo-hyung was a woman with great ambition.

We used carrots and sticks alternately to steadily induce change.

Thanks to this, the Lim family developed day by day.

They hid the details of the situation out of respect for the head of the family, but they couldn’t stop all ears.

This surprising news reached the ears of the leader at the headquarters.

“It’s pretty fun.”

Su Jiao-ju, who had been lounging around because everything became bothersome, moved.

He did not come to the house directly, but only gave orders by moving his lips.

“Bring the boy named Mo Seo-hyung.”


A few days later.

Mo Seo-hyung rushed to the altar and bowed down before So Jyo-ju.

“Long live long live… … .”

“huh. “I heard you ate Linga?”

Even Mo Seo-hyung of the world was cautious in front of Su Jiao-ju.

“no. “I just changed it a little bit.”

“That’s it. Thanks to you, I laughed. “If you need anything, let me know.”

“… … !”

“doesn’t exist? Then just leave.”

“Oh, no!”

I held back my fear when I heard that Master So had called me, but I never thought something like this would happen!

‘What would be better? ah!’

Mo Seo-hyung quickly shook his head and opened his mouth.

“Even if the head of the ruined family commits a sin, please forgive him just once.”

Su Jiaozhu clapped his hands and shook his head.

“aha. “Is he planning a rebellion?”

“Well, is that possible? “I heard that the head of the family once expressed his ambition to create the best divine sword in the world to the Lord of Sogyo, and he received instruction from him.”

“What between us? “I just said I got beaten up comfortably.”

Mo Seo-hyung didn’t know what the relationship was between him and So Gyo-ju, but he hit his forehead on the floor.

“thank you. And right before she fainted, the matriarch declared that she would definitely do it.”


Mo Seo-hyung forced his trembling body to calm down and opened his mouth.

“But it seems difficult. “Please forgive the sinner who dared to lie to the leader.”

“Did he confess like that?”

“It’s a family opinion.”

“but. It was like that when I saw it too. however… … .”

Su Qiaoju tilted his head.

“Don’t you want to kill him? “I thought so.”

“It used to be that way, but not anymore. Gaju has improved a lot.”

“You’re more tender-hearted than I thought.”

“no. It’s for the sake of the abandoned house. At this time of growth, without him, my center is shaken. Please be gracious.”

“Hmm. “I hate you, but is this because you are also from the Lin family?”

“That’s true, but it’s because I don’t want to see a crack in the effort that Soin has put in so far.”

There was heat in Mo Seo-hyung’s eyes.

“I will do anything if you will do so. Please give me an order.”

Su Jiao looked down at Mo Seohyeong and grinned.

“You have strong pride. Then it’s worth regretting. good. “Let’s do that.”

“Long live long live… … .”

“Think with some common sense. “How can a person live forever?”

“sorry! And thank you, Xiao Jiaozhu!”

“With something like that.”

Su Jiaozhu’s eyes were round.

“If anything worth asking comes up, I’ll tell you. “Just do it right then.”

“I definitely will.”

“wait. You have to do the calculations properly. “It seems like we’re giving and receiving one thing at a time.”


Su Jiaoju turned his gaze to Gui Guzi next to him.

“Have you heard well so far?”

“Yes, Master Xiao.”

“Find out what he needs and help him appropriately.”

The guigokja bowed deeply.

“I will follow your orders.”

“Okay, then I’m leaving.”

Su Jiaoju got up from his seat and headed toward the bedroom before turning around.

“uh? “Are you crying?”

Mo Seo-hyung was so moved by So Gyo-ju’s kindness that he shed tears and then smiled.


“Nope. “It’s pouring out.”

Su Qiaoju quietly looked at her face and frowned.

“As expected, the nickname ‘helmet’ doesn’t suit me. Well, since it’s something you worked hard to get, that’s how you usually use it. hmm. “What good would it be?”

Su Jiao thought for a moment and then snapped his fingers.

“good. “I’ll call it Iron Blood Flower (鐵血花), so that’s how I know it.”

It was about twenty-five years ago.

* * *

Jeong Gwang smiled faintly, recalling the whims he had behaved in his past life.

Isn’t it a good memory?

That young guy grew up like this… … How old are you?

Anyway, the feeling was new.

However, Mo Seo-hyung, who met again after overcoming the barriers of time and life and death, urged Jeong Gwang.

“I heard that you have a lot of things to hide because your mouth is so sophisticated. “Is it true?”

It’s true, though.

Jeong Gwang glared at Dan Young.

‘What on earth did you say to him?’

I didn’t even have time to ask Danyoung, whose face was stiff, in full voice.

Mo Seo-hyung shot back in a bright voice.

“what? Absolute taste?”

“… … .”


Although it was the first time, Mo Seo-hyung’s gaze was focused on Jeong-gwang.

“There are exceptions for beans and vegetables, but I heard that they are perfect at distinguishing meat dishes. “Do you want to taste the cuisine of your hometown with that sense?”

“… … .”

It’s not.

I also believe that there is no such thing as ‘absolute’, so what?

But I couldn’t say that.

It was because Dan-yeong realized that he had hurt Mo Seo-hyung’s pride and made him prepare only meat dishes.

‘This is it.’

A sigh came naturally.

What do you do when you fulfill your command? You caused such a useless fuss.

Jeong Gwang looked at Mo Seohyeong and smiled softly.

“Cheolmo, it’s a misunderstanding.”


“I heard with great pleasure that the Lininglin family’s meat dishes are world-class.”

“Of course.”

When Mo Seo-hyung didn’t like the behavior of his relatives, he fed them poorly, but when he thought it was okay, he fed them with utmost enthusiasm.

He was able to express this confidence because he hired only the best assistants for him.


Jeong Gwang held up one finger and explained quietly.

“So I just muttered that I would have no wish if I had tried it just once, but I guess Lord Danga Soga was playing a prank on me.”

Jeong Gwang reprimanded Dan Young by poking her shoulder with his finger.

“Anyway, you are being mischievous. “You were surprised because of Lord Soga.”

The blood disappeared from Danyoung’s face and he turned black and died.

Mo Seo-hyung looked at Jeong-gwang and Dan-young alternately with sharp eyes and then snorted.

“Look at this? Now that I look at it, I see that your relationship is suspicious. Not empty guests and small householders… … .”

Mo Seo-hyung trailed off and looked toward the door.

A moment later, the door opened and Lim Jong-ho, the head of the Lim family, came in.

“Mother, thank you for working hard for our family today.”

Mo Seo-hyung calmly expressed his respect.

“Matriarch, are you here? “I’m just doing what needs to be done.”

“I feel like I gained a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses. “Are you here because you have some business for them?”

Mo Seo-hyung slightly shook his head.

Do I have to ruin an important event because of something I’m not sure about?

There’s plenty of time anyway, so I’ll just have to come back and ask.

“no. I’ll just leave now. “When the time comes, I’ll cook for you.”

“All right. See you later then.”

When Mo Seo-hyung left, Lim Jong-ho stared at Jeong Gwang.

“You are very interesting.


“Isn’t your mother interested in you?”

“I’m not.”

“I doubt you.”


“Do you think your father told you to be careful and didn’t give any explanation? “What was he going to ask your father for?”

At that time, the door opened and the head of the Taesang family, Lim Cheol-hwan, came in.

He warned, glaring straight at Jeong Gwang.

“No matter what you plan, it’s useless. “After eating and talking about work, leave immediately.”

Jeong Gwang smiled softly.

‘That’s your opinion. ‘I think differently.’

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