Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 450

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Part 2 Episode 179


-Try to exclude all dishes containing beans and focus on meat. You understand, right?

-… … .

Danyoung’s face was strangely distorted by Jeonggwang’s electric sound.

It wasn’t because I didn’t understand, it was because the content was the problem.

Since the Supreme Being has given an order, it is right to risk your life to complete it, but you are asking for such a thing.

If you become a guest, you have to eat whatever the master gives you. Does that even make sense?

However, Danyoung did not refute because he was a talented person that Jeong Gwang recognized.

If that’s the case, it’s obvious that he would have beaten me up and said, ‘I did it because it made sense,’ so why bring trouble on myself?

-Yes, supreme. Please leave it to us.

-huh. effort.

Danyoung turned her head to look straight ahead and closed her eyes.

A lot of things came to mind and were organized clearly.

It was a list of dishes I had eaten at Lininglin House so far.

‘There were almost no beans and it was mostly meat… … .’

Is there any guarantee that it will be the same this evening?

I had to try my hand somehow.

Deep wrinkles appeared on Danyoung’s smooth forehead.

‘It’s not something worth asking the head of the Seven Great Families, and it’s not something you can ask for when asking them to participate in a business.’


I had no choice but to coax the person in charge of the Lininglin family’s cooking.

‘You’ll find out who it is when you go to the kitchen.’

It was not the time to leisurely watch life-and-death struggles.

While I was making up my mind, the first life-or-death struggle was over and the shouts and screams of the gamblers assaulted my ears.

“Hey! Got it! “I got it!”

“Damn it! Hey, you stupid bastard! Who would die so helplessly! “How much did this old man risk?”

Those who won money giggled and laughed, while those who lost expressed their anger.

Naturally, a collision occurred and the venue became more noisy.

It was a situation that made me frown, but like yesterday, the sound of hammering was heard from Daejangwon.

It was the sound made by the Taesang family.

“This is it.”

Eun Ho-jeong, the left lion of Gwangmyeong, who had been sitting with an unpleasant expression on his face the entire time, stood up.

“It’s so loud that the goal rings. “I’m going to stop going in.”

Lim Jong-ho, head of the Lining Lin family, calmly accepted.

“I understand.”

Eun Ho-jeong left without delay, taking the demonic rivers with him.

Danyoung also approached Lim Jongho and asked for his understanding.

“Maiju, I’m going to leave too.”

“Do you have a headache too?”

“no. “I want to take another look at the issues we will discuss this evening.”

Lim Jong-ho glanced at Dan-young and nodded.

“I guess your father and grandfather have nothing to worry about.”

“That’s too much praise.”

“See you later then. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes, matriarch. “Then please excuse me.”

Danyoung led his family to the main gate of the manor.

Before I had even taken a few steps, I saw a sturdy middle-aged man standing up from a nearby tent.

He was the person in charge of Dooldae (檮杌隊), who came down from the headquarters along with Eun Ho-jeong.

‘Why him?’

The middle-aged man walked briskly and stood tall in front of Jeong Gwang.

And then I looked down at the light with desolate eyes.

“Please do me a favor.”

His voice was as dry as snow.

On the other hand, Jeong Gwang responded with clear eyes and voice.

“What is it?”

“I heard you are this child’s guardian.”

“What about Seomrang? “It is true.”

“If you pass the final preliminaries, leave it to me.”

“That’s troublesome.”

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and introduced himself.

“I am serving as a leader at Dooldae. “It’s not a bad thing for Seomrang, so think again.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“What does it mean?”

Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders and fell back.

“Let’s talk directly with the person concerned.”

“That would be convenient.”

Iljojang made eye contact with Seomrang.


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“I saw you fighting yesterday. It was better than rumored. If you survive to the end, join the main unit. “I will raise you to become a man you will not be ashamed of in the future.”

Seomrang looked at Iljojang with an absurd expression on his face and then frowned.

“Does this mean that you are a shameful man now?”

“What a shameful kid.”

“Because I won using petty tactics?”


“But why are you trying to collect it?”

Commander Il Jo raised one finger.

“Because that pettiness comes from the will to win at all costs.”

Seomrang made an interesting expression.


Iljojang folded his stiffly erect fingers.

“That’s it.”


“That one is enough. “I will fill in the rest.”

Dooldae, one of the four evil forces, is an organization whose motto is the spirit of fighting and not retreating.

In order not to retreat from a battlefield stained with blood and screams, one needed the desire to defeat the enemy.

Iljojang saw this quality in Seomrang and personally came forward to recommend him.

But Seomrang flatly refused.

“I don’t like it.”

Iljojang was silent for a moment and then asked.

“The reason is?”

“My goal is not to pass the final preliminary round. “I will participate in the finals and win for sure.”

“That’s impossible.”

Iljojang’s dry voice cracked further.

“Confidence is good, but arrogance is poison. Enter the main university and move up step by step. Depending on your qualifications and efforts, you may not be able to reach the peak in the future, but you will be able to gain a foothold to aim for the position of one person, one person, and many people.”

“For me, if it’s not the peak, it means nothing. “Don’t waste your time stabbing other kids.”

Iljojang kept his eyes on Seomrang and then turned his gaze to Jeonggwang.

“This child will die soon.”

“If it’s for sale, there’s nothing we can do.”

“I don’t think you think so.”

“That’s true, but you have to push yourself in the direction you want. That way you won’t have any regrets.”

“… … .”

Iljojang thought about something for a moment and then nodded.

“You are right. “You can’t regret it when you die.”

He turned the new model around without any hesitation.

“If you change your mind, come visit me anytime.”

“yes. “It won’t happen, but please take a look.”

“Don’t make reckless predictions. “The world is not that easy.”

Iljojang walked briskly as he had when he arrived.

Seomrang looked at Jeong Gwang and straightened his shoulders.

“That gentleman, I hate to sound rude, but he has eyes to see. Nangjungjichu (囊中之錐). “I guess no matter how hard I try to hide my talent, I can’t help it.”

“I’ve only caught the eye of one person, but isn’t that amazing?”

Seomrang boasted.

“He is a leader right below the head of Dooldae, which is not an ordinary military unit. “Iljojang wants to take me too, so I can’t brag about that, right?”

It wasn’t a wrong claim.

That’s how great the status of the Four Haunts was.

Jeong Gwang glanced at Iljojang and remembered his past life.

‘but. He was so happy when that guy got selected to the university.

I didn’t understand why he joined an organization that would fight and die without retreating no matter how unfavorable the situation was, so when I asked him about it, he started talking nonsense.

‘Now that I think about it, the conversation we had a little while ago is similar.’

And later when I met the guy.

I said the same thing to Seomrang as I said last time.

“You must not regret it right before you die and come to me as a ghost with a grudge.”

Seomrang was furious.

“joy! I will live for a very, very long time and make fun of people by watching them poop on the walls. “Ahh!”

Jeong Gwang lightly hit Seomrang on the head and pushed him on the back.

“It’s your turn to fight. “For now, try to survive just for today.”

* * *


Seomrang bravely survived using extremely petty tactics and then protested to Jeong Gwang.

“Great man! “You saw it, right?”


Jeong Gwang congratulated Seomrang by roughly stroking his head.

“Good work.”

“Are you serious?”

“of course.”

Seomrang pouted his lips.

“I will keep winning.”

“Of course you should. “Just like me.”

As always, Jeong-gwang wins every life-or-death struggle and wins a large sum of money.

I glanced at the darkening sky and looked around at my group.

“I was invited to dinner by the Lining Lin family.”

“… … !”

“I’ll eat and then go, so go first.”

“… … .”

A bit of a surprise.

The group followed Jeong Gwang’s orders and headed to the guesthouse.

This was possible because of absolute trust.

Jeong Gwang also believed in himself.

He approached Lim Jong-ho, head of the Lining Lin family, and pointed to the main gate of the manor.

“Matriarch, let’s go. “I will take you there.”

“That’s fun.”

The two walked side by side.

As we passed through the main gate, the inside of the manor was revealed.

In a strange landscape entirely covered with metal, numerous field leaders were burning fires and swinging hammers.

Land- Taang-

Hot heat rose ceaselessly from the furnace along with the loud sound of a hammer.


The heat went up to the sky and formed a red sunset.

It was a beautiful sight that did not match the ear-piercing noise and acrid smell.

‘It’s still the same.’

Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue inwardly, but Lim Jong-ho, who leads this strange family, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Is your sword really a divine sword?”

“It’s not bad, but I’m not sure.”

“I guess that’s true.”

Lim Jong-ho shook his head lightly.

“I was curious after hearing the rumor, and my father told me about you last night.”

“Did you praise me?”

“You could say it’s a compliment since you told me to be careful.”

Lim Jong-ho pointed to a large pavilion.

“We will eat there. “Go and wait.”

“Okay, see you later.”

Jeong Gwang entered the hall pointed out by Im Jong-ho.

Danyoung, who came first, greeted me with a stern face.

“Supremacy, are you here?”

“huh. “Did you tell the head of the house?”

Danyoung bowed down.

“It didn’t happen, but the mission was accomplished.”

“You roasted and boiled the kitchen manager, right?”

“As expected, you sit and look out a thousand miles away.”

“With something like that.”

“I was very surprised. “I thought she was Sooksu, but she was Taesanggaju’s wife.”

“It’s because it’s only known, that’s how it is.”

“ah! Did you arrange for me to meet her?”


“Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“So you’ll act naturally. What do you think when we meet? “Do you look temperamental?”

Danyoung shrugged her shoulders.

“It was more than I heard.”

“I was worried that it would become harmful as I got older, but it’s perfect.”

“Are you trying to confirm that?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“It seems like you’re trying to take advantage of her.”

Jeong Gwang chuckled.

“I have to lend a helping hand to the cat, so I have to do that. “I wouldn’t have easily granted your request. How did you convince me?”

Danyoung’s complexion darkened.

“actually… … .”

“for a moment.”

“… … yes?”

“Someone is coming.”

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze toward the door.

A moment later, the door opened and a woman with white hair came in.

The sharp eyes and hard-looking face were impressive.

She glanced at Danyoung and then fixed her gaze on Jeonggwang.

“Are you a requiem?”

Jeong Gwang contrasted the face in his memory with the woman’s face and smiled.


“Why are you laughing?”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re a steel mother, right? “I wanted to see you.”

The woman’s eyebrows rose to the sky.

“Nonsense. “They say you have a sophisticated mouth, and your tongue is very clever.”


“I heard that you have a lot of things to hide because your mouth is so sophisticated. “Is it true?”

It’s true, though.

Jeong Gwang glared at Dan Young.

‘What on earth did you say to him?’

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