Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 447

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Part 2 Episode 176


On the first day of the final preliminaries for the life-and-death struggle, all scheduled life-and-death struggles ended.

Naturally, Jeonggwang swept up the stake, and the number of golden carriages increased.

I think I’m done with today’s work, so I’m going to go back to Hyangri Gaekjan and take care of Min Hyeon-yu first.

Jeonju, including Dokdu, approached him and asked him to have dinner with them.

Jeong Gwang was puzzled by the unexpected suggestion.

“yes? When you asked me out for a drink earlier, did you mean today?”

Dokdu smiled and pretended to slit his throat with his finger.

“Isn’t the lives of small people like standing on sharp blades and throwing dice with resentment engraved on them? “As I don’t know when or what will happen, I thought it would be better to get a seat as soon as possible, so I made this request.”

“If you’re worried about that, you’ve earned a lot, so stop it.”

Dokdu blushed his bald head and smiled humbly.

“haha. Maybe it’s my natural disposition, so quitting is a bit… … .”

“but. “It seems like a calling.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“What. Anyone can see that it would be like that, well.”

Dokdu made an awkward expression and then carefully opened his mouth.

“Great person. Even though small people make a living through gambling, they have their own faith. Since you have received grace, you should at least show sincerity. “Please give the little people just one chance.”

Other Jeonju members also chimed in.

“I told you to remove the ox horn while it was hot, so while I’m at it, please leave.”

“I found a very good place. “I am confident that you will be satisfied.”

Jeong Gwang decided to put off what he originally wanted to do for a while.

It was not because the Jeonju people earnestly asked for it.

This was because I could feel the gaze of not only the Liningim family’s warriors, but also the head of the family.

‘It’s glaring at me to the point where it stings. If you do well at this, I will follow you.’

It would be easier for them to get to them if they were outside than if they were stuck straight into the incense burner.

If someone comes looking for you, just provoke them lightly.

Then again, the story would reach the ears of the Taesang family bastard, and I might be able to meet him sooner.

“Okay, then.”

“thank you!”

Dokdu and Jeonju were happy.

Jeong Gwang patted Min Hyun Yu, who was next to him, on the shoulder and praised him.

“Hyeonyu is so lucky.”

“… … “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I feel really fortunate.”

“That’s right. “I’ll go first with the others and get a good rest.”

“Yes, great man. Have a great time.”

Jeong Gwang set out on the road with Jeonju.

Their subordinates followed with an ironclad guard in all directions, and their prestige was quite remarkable.

Jeong Gwang walked around looking around and asked Dokdu.

“But where are you going?”

Dokdu’s bald head turned red.

“Hehe. Have you heard the saying that Lining’s night is more beautiful than the day?”


“Among them, the most beautiful place is Lining’s best drinking tower, the Iron Flower Pavilion.”

As Dokdu boasted, Cheolhwagak was beautiful.

A cold iron plate was added to the exterior wall, and flowers made of iron were attached. Each flower had a different shape and was exquisitely detailed, as if it were alive and breathing.

It was clear that the masters’ skill in handling iron was evident.

‘Even in my past life, I never came because I only heard rumors. ‘It’s better than I thought.’

Jeong Gwang admired the exterior for a moment and then went inside.

Inside was the complete opposite.

It was finished with neat wood and elegant decorations were placed here and there to create a warm atmosphere.

‘Do the opposite between the inside and the outside. ‘It’s a fun place.’

Jeong Gwang went up to the third floor and entered a large room.

Dokdu pointed to the head table and recommended.

“Sir, this way. Please sit comfortably.”

Jeong Gwang did not decline.

He took the head table and gestured to the Jeonju people.

“Why are you all standing there? “It’s awkward.”

Only then did the Jeonjus sit down.

Dokdu looked at Jeong Gwang’s eyes and opened his mouth.

“Sir, today is not a time to discuss business, so I think it would be okay to have more eyes and ears. “I’m thinking of calling some courtesans. What do you think?”

“Do whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“thank you.”

Dokdu’s bald head became full again and his voice became dignified.

“Are you outside? “Hurry and take it in!”

As soon as the words were out, the door was wide open.

The Jeomsoys carried food and alcohol in perfect order, and the courtesans found their seats and sat down naturally.

When all the Jeomsoyi had left and the door was closed, Jeong Gwang asked the beautiful courtesan sitting next to him.


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“nice to meet you. what’s your name?”

“It’s called Sanghwa, great man.”

“I am Jinhon. Please take care of me.”

“… … !”

Sang-hwa opened his mouth slightly, looked blankly at Jeong-gwang, and then lowered his head.

“I have heard of its reputation. “It is an honor to serve such a great person.”

Jeong Gwang tilted his head.

“For such an honor, your complexion has turned white. Are you okay?”

“It’s because my skin is naturally white, so don’t worry about it.”

“Then I’m glad.”

“Thank you for caring me. “We will do our best to serve you.”

It wasn’t just words.

Sanghwa’s eyes showed a desperate will to live.

‘Yesterday you were that old bastard, but today you are this monster. ‘My arms are really nice these days.’

Reviews of the person called Requiem were polarized.

Sanghwa had no choice but to assume the worst and be cautious.

How could Dokdu know what she was thinking?

He looked at Jeong-gwang and Sang-hwa alternately with dark eyes and then made a request.

“Great person. “It’s a good day. Please say something.”

“Is that so?”

Jeong Gwang raised his glass high and shouted.

“thank you for this food! “Enjoy your meal everyone!”

The Jeonju people widened their eyes and then laughed out loud.


“Yes, great man! Enjoy your meal!”

“We will eat well too!”

Jeonggwang and Jeonju enjoyed cooking and drinking, and gisaeng served as servants.

How long has it been like that?

Jeong Gwang’s chopsticks slowed down.

No matter how good Xinjiang’s cuisine is, is it as good as that of Central Plains?

Moreover, Jeong Gwang was a gourmet who shared the imperial palace meals, especially those of the Crown Prince.

‘Let’s eat roughly and give it to him.’

Jeong Gwang made two requests to Sang Hwa.

“Thank you for helping me cook. “Please leave out the beans.”


“You can also have some. “It’s all about making a living, but you have to work while filling your stomach.”

“Oh, I understand. Great person.”

Sanghwa was out of his mind.

It’s surprising that the protagonist of the scary rumor is a picky eater like a child, so why not just call him Sojeo and eat instead of serving him?

These were not empty words.

Whenever Sanghwa helped with the cooking, Jeong Gwang made her do the same.

“Please eat. “I didn’t know this before, but it tastes better when eaten together.”

“… … “Yes, great man.”

“You’re on duty, so don’t drink.”

“… … “I will keep that in mind.”

Sanghwa was dumbfounded, but did not let down his tension.

No matter how wide Xinjiang is, isn’t it possible for there to be such a moral gentleman?

‘You have to be more careful!’

But even as time passed, the concentration remained the same.

Since Jeong Gwang behaves like this, Jeonju also has no choice but to be careful about their words and actions.

Dokdu let out an awkward laugh and offered the courtesan to cook.

“Hey, try this… … No. Please eat.”

An old man with a hook on his severed wrist chopped meat with the hook and offered it to the courtesan.

“haha. Didn’t you hear what the great man said? No matter how important the work is, you have to fill your stomach.”

Since ancient times, people have to do things that suit them.

What can the evil demons do if they are kind to them? From the recipient’s perspective, it feels like nothing more than a threat and threat.

The courtesans forcefully swallowed their food while their whole bodies were shaking slightly.

This awkward and strange time continued.

Jeonju has long since lost its excitement.

At that time, everyone is thinking about how to finish this situation quickly.

It became noisy outside.

“Uh-huh! “Didn’t I tell you to bring in mourning?”

“S-sorry. Because he was in another room… … .”

“noisy! “If you tell me to do it, follow it!”

“I’ll bring a better child, so please cum just once…” … “Ugh!”

Jeong Gwang frowned while drinking.

It was because I was familiar with the voice of a person engaging in misbehavior.

‘What a hater. It looks like he still has the habit of turning into a dog whenever he drinks.’

In my past life, I came to my senses by grabbing the blade and beating it, but now I’m doing it because there’s no one to beat me.

‘good. Let’s seize the day even in this life.’

But not now.

Not only could I feel the energy of the demonic spirits, but there were too many people watching.

‘Anyway, the Lim family kids who asked to come didn’t come, and the drunk dog… … huh?’

Jeong Gwang’s eyes narrowed.

‘wait. The owner here is Lim. Moreover, it is close to the Lim family manor.’

If a commotion breaks out, someone who can stop the dog that caused the commotion will come running.

There was only one person in the Lin family who could do that.

‘I’m going to scratch the dog.’

At that moment, the dog burst open the door and shouted.

“Are you here?”

“… … !”

Is there such a thing as rude!

The Jeonjus were so angry that they tried to take out their weapons but froze.


“And, Gwangmyeong Lion?”

“Why are you here?”

The drunk dog was Eun Ho-jeong, the left lion of Gwangmyeong.

He looked around the room with a dull expression, and when he saw Sanghwa, he raised the corners of his mouth.

“Hehe. It’s been a while. How are you? “I got scolded for holding back what I wanted to see.”

Sanghwa stammered with a face filled with fear.

“Left, left lion. “Didn’t you come yesterday?”

“Hasn’t it been just a day? “I came to see you, so come out.”

Sanghwa looked at Eunhojeong with trembling eyes and bit his lip.

‘I can’t help it. ‘I have to go.’

But there was no need for that.

-Sozer. Stay still.

‘… … !’

-I will clean up after the dog.

‘… … !’

Sanghwa looked to the side without realizing it.

Jinhon stood up and was attacking Eun Ho-jeong.

“Hello, Lion of Gwangmyeong, how are you?”

Eun Ho-jeong frowned and asked back.

“What are you again?”

“It’s a requiem.”

“Requiem? ah! “That damn thing?”

“Not really.”

“… … ?”

“What the Left Lion is doing now is closer to that. “Am I wrong?”

“… … .”

Eun Ho-jeong’s eyes sparkled brightly.

It created internal energy and drove away the intoxication.

“Have you seen this noble guy? “Rumors are actually not enough.”

“I’m living a pretty good life.”

“Talking back constantly. “Do you think you can’t be killed just because you’re a descendant of the Mo Ying Quan family?”

“of course. He will be displeased because it undermines the dignity of the religious leader. It may be refreshing to work on things, but the problem is getting things done. “What are you going to say to the leader?”

Eun Ho-jeong gritted his teeth.

“I will report that you committed a crime and were killed.”

Jeong Gwang shook his head and muttered.

“Earlier during the day, you killed people you didn’t like by labeling them as disloyal to the religious leader.”


“You’re trying to push me like that right now. He’s like that during the day, but he’s like that at night too? “Will people believe it?”

“… … .”

“Moreover, I have seen and heard more than one person doing this because of a courtesan. You’re not trying to kill everyone, are you? “Then things would get too big.”

Eun Ho-jeong’s face distorted.

It was because there was nothing wrong with what Jeong Gwang said.

But can I just leave like this?

There should have been at least a warning.

Eun Ho-jeong coldly swept aside the courtesans and Jeonju before unleashing his murderous spirit.

The courtesans who did not know martial arts fainted immediately.

Although the Jeonju were trembling, they drew their weapons.

A cold smile appeared on Eun Ho-jeong’s lips.

“Hmm. “What are these guys going to do?”

At this point, it’s normal to get scared and back away.

The concentrate was different.

Eun Ho-jeong’s question was answered.

“Just leave it alone.”

“… … .”

“Sanghwa Sojeo also fainted, but didn’t you lose your spirits? “I think it would be better for you to go back and sleep well.”

“… … “I think I’ll have to kill you at least.”

“That new law is fast.”

“Okay, let’s see.”

“this. “It looks like you’ve made up your mind.”

Jeong Gwang sighed and continued speaking.

“Whoa. “Then let’s go out and check it out for ourselves.”

“What are you saying?”

“Let’s do it outside. “If you go to a quiet place and use your hands, you don’t have to worry about things like killer insects.”

Jeong Gwang pointed to the demonic spirits behind Eun Ho-jeong’s back.

“If you do that, you can join forces with them. how is it? “It appeals to you, doesn’t it?”

“… … !”

What an arrogant guy!

How dare someone make such a foolish move!

Eun Ho-jeong’s eyes burned and he became desperate.

The moment when that deadly force condenses and is about to be shot at Jeong Gwang.

The window was shattered and a person jumped in.

He was an old man with a stocky build and a face covered in burns.

“Stop it.”

A vein rose on Eun Ho-jeong’s temple.

“When I preached the leader’s words, we were beaten with metal, but what happened here?”

“I had some work to do, and when I heard that the envoy of Gwangmyeong was causing a commotion, I hurried over.”

“What a fuss. “Other than disciplining a misbehaving brat.”

“Look at my face and stop here.”

Eun Ho-jeong protested.

“Taesang family head. “What will happen to my face if I stop here?”

The eyes of the Taisang family of the Lininglin family sank deeply.

“Let’s be honest. It happened because of a courtesan, right? “Stopping is actually a way to save face.”

“… … “Okay.”

“I will take measures to prevent this from leaking out, so let’s get it over with.”

“… … .”

Eun Ho-jeong glared at Jeong Gwang without saying a word.

The head of the Taesang family also turned his gaze to Jeong Gwang.

“Are you a requiem?”


“I heard that you have kept all the promises you made so far.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Seal the mouths of you and your companions. “I’m not responsible for the courtesans’ mouths.”

“Are you really going to kill them all?”

“Who would run a base like this in Lining? “The courtesans are also from the original family, so we will stop them from joining the courtesan.”

Jeong Gwang readily agreed.

The guy you’ve been waiting for has arrived, so there’s no reason to fight any more with that bastard.

“Okay, then. “The Lord of the House of Lords must also keep his promise.”

“I also have never taken back what I said out loud.”

Jeong Gwang tilted his head as he recalled his past life.

“uh? It’s not.”

“What are you saying?”

“it’s nothing. “Let’s just move on.”

Taesang Gaju looked at Jeong Gwang blankly and then turned his gaze to Eun Ho Jeong.

“Light Lion, is it done now?”

“I can believe what the Taesang family says, but I can’t believe what that bastard says.”

“If Jinhon breaks his promise, I will also punish him. This is all I can compromise. “Please show sincerity to the Lion of Gwangmyeong.”

Eun Ho-jeong stared at the head of the Taesang family with a disapproving face, then slowly nodded.

The Taesang family was of the same distribution, and since he was a great adult of the Lininglin family, one of the seven great families of the Demonic Dao, it was good for both parties to agree at this point.

“I understand. “Let’s do that.”

Of course, he didn’t forget to threaten Jeong Gwang.

“I’m out of energy, so stop going. “If you don’t watch her mouth, something very interesting will happen, so do it yourself.”

Jeong Gwang was pleased.

“How fun is this? “When you say that, it makes me want to spread the word everywhere.”

Eun Ho-jeong clenched and unclenched his fists.

Is today the only day?

There was plenty of time to scold that brazen brat.

“Seven years old, twenty-three years old. let’s go.”

He disappeared like the wind along with the demonic spirits.

Jeong Gwang looked in the direction they left and looked surprised.

Taesang Gaju, who was quietly observing Jeong Gwang, asked.

“Why are you surprised?”

“I realized that Master Gwangmyeong is a really scary person.”

The head of the Taesang family also acknowledged it.

“It’s true that he is strong.”

“no. That’s not it, you came to meet her courtesan and brought her temptresses. You have a taste for performing major ceremonies while others watch. “How scared are you?”

“… … .”

“Do you still feel embarrassed seeing that you brought jiangshi instead of people? “It’s unexpected.”

“… … .”

Gaju Taesang looked at Jeong Gwang blankly and then opened his mouth.

“You secretly remind me of someone.”

“He must be a very great person.”

The head of the Taesang family spoke.

“Now let me tell you about my business. “Show me your way.”

Concentrate was also requested.

“Let’s start by answering what I say. “Are you thinking of a very great person?”

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