Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 445

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Part 2 Episode 174

I could tell by the energy it gave off.

In the Heavenly Demon Church, the left and right messengers of light were the positions of one person, one person, and all people, supporting the religious leader from the closest position.

The authority was so powerful that the left envoy of Gwangmyeong was in charge of personnel, finances, and diplomacy, while the right envoy of Gwangmyeong was responsible for military affairs, judiciary, and industry.

Since it is a position that oversees everything in the Church of the Heavenly Demon, it is bound to be held by great people.

Excellent intelligence and deep learning were basic, and martial arts skills had to be strong as well.

Wouldn’t that be the only way to beat up those who don’t listen and make them do their jobs?

However, it was different when Jeong Gwang subjugated and ruled the Heavenly Demon Church.

A talented person with both civil and military skills?

How many kids are like that?

At best, they are just half-baked people.

‘Just get one thing straight, please. huh?’

Jeong Gwang decided to put two talented people in their place.

It didn’t matter if my martial arts skills weren’t perfect.

If the subordinates look down on the two and don’t listen to what they say, Jeong Gwang can step in and take care of them as a game, so what’s the problem?

‘wait. But you can’t do that on a fake day.’

You have to do that for a day or two before it becomes fun. How long can you do that?

What I decided to do, I did it right.

The organizational system was completely changed.

A new position called Left and Right Gwangmyeong Twin Brain was created and placed under direct subordinates, and the tasks previously performed by the left and right Gwangmyeong Messenger were entrusted to him.

‘If you’re a ghost and a demon brain, you’ll be able to do it just fine.’

The existing left and right messengers were retired and new ones were selected to supplement the two brains with force.

‘Among those who are not from the Seven Great Families of Demons, they fight quite well. ‘You must be neither stupid nor greedy.’

But this was difficult.

If your background is correct, you will not be able to become a martial artist, and if you become a martial artist, your background will be counted.

Somehow, when I found a believer who met these two conditions, I ended up with a person who was overflowing with ambition, and it was a very messed up situation.

‘driving me crazy. ‘Is there no one like this?’

Is it possible for a talent capable of encompassing such complex elements to be common?

Even after washing my eyes and looking, I couldn’t find it.

Jeong Gwang was also a human being, so he had to compromise in the end.

‘As long as the warrior is good at fighting, that’s all. ‘What’s so big about being a little stupid?’

It is said that everything depends on the mind.

When I changed my mind, talented people appeared.

Jeong Gwang appointed people who were not members of the Seven Great Families and who fought well and were not greedy, but who were a little less intelligent, as left and right messengers.

And when they died of old age, those who met the same conditions were selected again, and one of them was Eun Ho-jeong, the sitting lion of Gwangmyeong whom Min Hyeon-yu mentioned a little while ago.

Jeong Gwang was thinking about old times and couldn’t help but ask.


“Yes, great man.”

“I heard that the gentleman named Gwangmyeong-si-saja has a cloudy mind. Is that true?”

“It may be true by most people’s standards, but in the eyes of the world, I am not a fool.”

“You must be quite old, right?”

“you’re right. “I am the head of the Taesang family of the Seven Great Families.”

“What about Gwangmyeong Lion?”

“He died recently and a new person has been appointed.”

“Are you still stupid?”

“He may be like that by the standards of a great person, but… … .”

As I said before, people continued to say that in the eyes of the public, I am not a fool.

Jeong Gwang was inwardly amazed.

‘You idiot. ‘It’s only used by those who are easy to manipulate because they don’t want to share power.’

How can it be this consistent?

It was also in a bad way, so it was truly magical.

‘But as time has passed, things have probably changed to some extent.’

The same goes for Demon Noe and Eun Ho-jeong, the Lion of Gwangmyeong.

I was looking forward to the meeting with Eun Ho-jeong that would take place some time later.

“You wouldn’t have come alone. “Who are you with?”

Min Hyeon-yu’s forehead was wrinkled.

“Some of them came from Taooldae (檮杌隊) together.”

Jeong Gwang frowned and clicked his tongue.

“It’s all different. “Give me some strength.”

He said he would help.

Isn’t it one of the four evil forces, the most elite military unit of the Heavenly Demon Church?

As for the Lion of Gwangmyeong, they were too many people to send to celebrate the final preliminary round of the battle for life and death.

There must be a reason to send it down for people to see.

Min Hyeon-yu also agreed.

“I guess he has another plan.”

“See it and feel it, this is it.”

“Are you saying this to convey the message that those who are not the legitimate children of the Seven Great Families should give up the finals if they pass the preliminaries and be content with becoming members of the Four Evils?”

“It’s obvious. “It’s scary for kids, but it’s also cool.”


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They are bastards whose motto is the spirit of “fight, fight, never retreat.”

There is no one better than him to make the hearts of immature children race.

Min Hyun-yu also admitted it.

“Because they are the elite of the elite, their majesty is amazing. What the great man said definitely makes sense.”

“That won’t be the end.”

Jeong Gwang stroked his chin and continued speaking.

“When the final preliminary round is held, the sect leader and demon brain will try to show their dignity in front of many people. “I will set up the pole like a folding screen and have the envoy of Gwangmyeong stand in front of it and chatter.”

“What you’re saying is that we will let you publicize how well you have led the school and what results you have achieved.”

“I don’t want to go. “How can you listen to that when you’re so annoyed?”

Still, Jeong Gwang and Min Hyeon Yu knew that there was no choice but to go.

Jeong Gwang shook his head and lamented, but Min Hyeon Yu paid no heed and gave the final report.

“Sir, I am sorry to break it to you, but there are two people among the group led by the Left Lion of Gwangmyeong whose identities we have not been able to identify.”

“you? “It’s a big deal.”

As Jeong Gwang tilted his head, Min Hyeon Yu sighed.

“I think you think too highly of small people. Please lower your expectations.”

“I do it because it’s worth it. “What kind of people are they?”

“He was so deeply suppressed that his appearance was unrecognizable and no rumors were heard. “We are still investigating, so please be patient.”

“They must have something. “Then let’s just do it that way.”

Jeong Gwang added lightly.

“Spread just one rumor.”

* * *

The sun that had disappeared rose again and burned off the edge of the darkness.

Jeong Gwang slept soundly, woke up and went down to the first floor to eat.

Since the person returning to his senses had returned to his senses, he ate the food cleanly without getting it on his face or spilling it on the table.

It looked much better than usual.

It wasn’t for Seomrang.

He held a clean cloth tightly in his hand and glanced at Gugukja with a dissatisfied face.

On the other hand, Namin waited for the nobleman’s meal to finish with his black eyes shining with almost no whites.

It was because he wanted to quickly ask whether the conclusion he had come to after mulling it over all night was correct and to gain instruction.

And finally, Gwigokja puts down his chopsticks.

Jeong Gwang, who was drinking tea, clapped his hands.

“ruler. ruler. “Now let’s discuss the future.”

“… … .”

A moment of disappointment.

Namin couldn’t hide her nervous expression and watched Jeonggwang’s mouth.

So did others.

Tomorrow, the final preliminary round of the battle for life and death will begin.

If you pass this time, you will participate in the finals held at the headquarters.

What kind of mission should we give before we go there?

The words that came out of Jeong Gwang’s mouth exceeded expectations.

“If you have a suggestion, please do so without hesitation.”

“… … !”

Jeong Gwang asks other people’s opinions?

And at this important time?

Everyone blinked in surprise, but Jeong Gwang opened his mouth as if he knew that would happen.

“If you don’t have it, I’ll tell you. “Everyone will be busy this time too.”

Zhao asked, unable to suppress his curiosity.

“What can we do?”

“Actually, I haven’t decided yet.”

“… … yes?”

“I will decide gradually based on the situation. Well then, good luck today too.”

“… … yes.”

Thank you for your hard work.

Everyone dispersed to do their jobs.

“A lively morning! “Let’s go today too!”

Seomrang, along with Guan Yup and Zhao, went to Huwon and devoted themselves to training.

“Elder, please take care of me.”

Namin sat across the table from the deceased and spoke passionately.

Min Hyeon-yu went out to carry out Jeong Gwang’s orders, and Jeong Gwang sipped alcohol.

Drinking in the morning.

To others, it may have seemed like fun, but the reality was different.

‘There are a lot of variables this time.’

Jeong Gwang twirled the glass in his palm and organized his thoughts.

‘It’s the same with the Linyeongim family and the kids who came down from the military unit. ‘You have to see how it turns out and move on.’

Of course, there were things that could be done right away.

Min Hyun-yu analyzed the information about the participants in the battle for life and death that he knew and headed to sponsorship.

And while watching Seomrang practicing, he told me.

“You understand, right?”

Seomrang responded with a worried expression.

“How can a person understand that all at once?”

“okay? Then let me tell you one more time. “Listen carefully.”

“Now, wait a minute. “Can I write it down on paper?”

“You’re free to do that, but you’d better not do it.”


“I thought of a better idea.”

Seomrang noticed something strange and retreated hesitantly.

“I don’t know what it is, but isn’t there a better way?”

“There’s no way something like that exists. “I will engrave it not only on your head, but also on your body.”

“Now, wait… … “Ugh!”

Jeong Gwang recited the participants’ personal information, strengths and weaknesses, and attacked them like them.

And it was firmly engraved not only on Seomrang’s head and body, but also on his soul.

“As expected, this method was the right answer.”

When Jeong Gwang was satisfied, Seomrang, who was lying on the ground, vented his anger.

“Off. Tomorrow it might turn out to be the right answer, but right now it’s the wrong answer! “I’m dying from pain!”

“Pain is momentary. “I did this because your soil and the trees you have cultivated are acceptable.”

Jeong Gwang squatted down by Seomrang’s bedside and made eye contact.

“You’ve grown a lot. “It’s okay to be proud.”

Seomrang’s face, which had been very distorted, straightened out.


“huh. “Even though we still have a long way to go, we will somehow make it to the final preliminaries.”

Seomrang’s eyes shined with motivation.

“It’s not something you can do, it’s something you have to do.”

“I don’t have time to lie down like this.”

“Sure! Haap!”

Seomrang stood up with a cheer and lifted one finger towards Jeong Gwang.

“Great man! Come! “Ahh!”

Jeong Gwang fed honey chestnuts to Seomrang’s head and made a request to Gwan Yeop and Zhao.

“Did you see the tricks I used earlier? “You don’t need to do it with sincerity, just imitate his form and momentum when dealing with Seomrang.”

“… … .”

Guan Yip and Zhao looked at each other and then nodded.

If I had been told to reveal my true intentions, I would have raised my hands, but that’s about it.

They took turns dealing with Seomrang.

Seomrang gritted his teeth and fought back, then became irritated.

“Oh really. “I can’t concentrate because of the fucking hammering sound.”

Did he start exercising his strength after eating breakfast like Jeong Gwang and his group did?

Disturbing noises were heard from blacksmith shops all over the place.

“uh? Great man, why are you looking at me like that?”

“The excuse is so lame.”

“It’s an excuse. “Aren’t you noisy?”

Jeong Gwang gave a sharp warning.

“In the future, when you fight on the battlefield, are you going to say that you can’t fight because you’re worried about the loud sound of clashing weapons and people’s screams?”

“Well, that’s… … .”

Seomrang gave up trying to make an excuse and slumped his shoulders.

“sorry. “I’ll come to my senses.”

“Keep in mind. “It all depends on the mind.”


“Then good luck. “I’ll see you at lunch.”

Seomrang, who was burning with fighting spirit, looked puzzled.

“Where are you going?”

“no. “It’s so noisy that I’m trying to sleep.”

“How can it be this loud?”

“You said it all depends on how you decide. “You can just block out the noise with your inner energy and sleep.”

“… … ah.”

“I’m leaving.”

Jeong Gwang entered the guesthouse.

Gwigokja was beating Namin with words.

After watching the scene with pleasure, I went up to this floor.

Then I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes.

‘After all, children have to grow up while being beaten. There may be a limit, but it will grow until then.’

The face of an old man overlapped the faces of Seomrang and Namin.

It was Eun Ho-jeong, the Lion of Gwangmyeong.

‘This guy’s martial arts skills must have stagnated quite a bit because there was no one to beat him after I died… … .’

Is there such a thing as such a sad thing?

‘It’s not too late yet.’

The corners of Jeong Gwang’s mouth rose.

‘You can start again from now on.’

* * *

The world was immersed in darkness and then woke up brightly.

Jeong Gwang and his party set out on the road, pulling golden carriages.

The destination is Lininglin Family Manor, where the final preliminaries of the Battle for Life and Death are held.

Is it because it’s the last preliminaries?

There was a much larger crowd than any preliminaries that had been held so far.

The first to welcome Jeonggwang were Jeonju, including Dokdu.

He welcomed it too warmly and suggested it secretly.

“Darling, we only have a few days left to hang out together. How about having a drink with us?”

The battle for life and death was a very important event that determined the succession of the religious order, but it was also a fun feast where gambling on winning or losing was allowed.

But the finals were different.

To establish authority, the atmosphere must be solemn. I’m that guy, how much money does he have? Isn’t it a bit wrong for the general council to talk about it until the end?

Jeong Gwang knew that well, so he readily agreed.

“Okay, then.”

The faces of Jeonju people brightened.

“Thank you, great man.”

“What. “I’ll leave the carriage behind.”

“Please leave it to me. “I wish you good luck today as well.”

After registering to participate in the battle between death, soul, and death, Jeong Gwang and his group went to the assigned tent.

Those who knew Jeong Gwang and those who did not were closely watching his every move, but the person concerned did not care and did what he had to do.

‘There it is.’

A message was sent to Danyoung in another tent.

-Have you talked to the head of the Taesang family?

Danyoung answered calmly.

However, thick drops of sweat were flowing from his forehead.

-Yes, supreme. As you commanded, I spoke as positively as I could about the Supreme Being, but the response was… … .


-… … Perhaps the Taesang family is so old that they have lost their hearing. Today, I’m going to talk about it much louder and with a lot of rhetoric.

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded and looked at Dan Young blankly before laughing.

-You work really hard too.

-… … Thank you for your understanding.

-Do something.

-John name!

Danyoung looked like she would complete the mission no matter what, but Jeong Gwang didn’t expect much.

Of course, I wasn’t disappointed either.

Didn’t you give orders to Min Hyeon-yu in preparation for times like this?

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze to the man right next to him.

“Did you spread the rumor well?”

“Yes, great man. “It will reach the ears of the Taesang family sometime today.”

“great job.”

“no. “It cost a lot. Can I take it off the golden carriage?”

“That’s an interesting story.”

Jeong Gwang is wondering how much of Min Hyeon Yoo’s lifespan he will reduce.

The front door of Lininglin Family Daejanwon opened and people came out.

Jeong Gwang, who was checking the faces of those people, rounded his eyes.

‘Dooldae is still the same.’

It’s not like I’m going to the battlefield, but I’m just wasting my life away. As expected, they were crazy people.

‘Eun Ho-jeong, have you been eating well and living well? ‘Your face is shiny with dog oil.’

Seeing that the fleshy body had become thicker made me want to roll it even more.

‘huh? This?’

And let’s look at the men wearing banglips walking to the left and right of Gwangmyeong Lion Eun Ho-jeong… … .

Jeong Gwang’s eyes became as cold as ice.

Although I heard from Gwigokja that the new cult leader and the devil crossed a line that should not be crossed.

As the results appeared before my eyes, my anger boiled over.

I couldn’t see his face, but I could tell by the energy he was giving off.

The two men were not human.

It was discarded by Jeong Gwang in his previous life, but Gwigokja informed him that the new cult leader and the demon brain are trying to restore it.

It was a magic trick.

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