Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 43

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Episode 43

Instinct and Theory

When martial people think of ‘openness,’ they usually think of righteous blood and information power.

Opening was a group of righteous people who gave up all greed by becoming beggars and sacrificed their lives for justice.

Scattered across the world, they were able to gather a great deal of information, and did not hesitate to use it for justice rather than for wrongful purposes.

Yu Jeong-pung, the Ui Dragon, was of the highest status and had been designated as the next great ark among hundreds of thousands of ways, so he did not quite understand the current situation.

“Why don’t you take it? “Is it too little?”

“… … .”

“ah. Should I give it in kind? Come this way. Let’s eat together. uh? I’m not going? “Don’t be shy and go.”

Yu Jeong-pung was suddenly led by Jeong-gwang and disappeared into the guesthouse.

People just stared at it blankly.

After entering the guesthouse, Jeong Gwang sat down in front of the table and called out to Jeom Soi.

“Here you go. Please give me something to eat. “A lot because you are a beggar.”

“… … yes. All right.”

Since the Yeonhwa guest cup was a high-class guest cup, this would not have been possible under normal circumstances.

But isn’t it Jaeshin Jeonggwang’s order?

Since Yu Jeongpung’s momentum was unusual, Jeomsoi retreated without a word.

“Why are you still silent?”

“… … “I was a little surprised because this was the first time someone treated me like a beggar.”

“Treat a beggar like a beggar, then what else can you treat?”

“Hmm. That’s true. “Then can I treat you like a Taoist?”

“I am a pattern-only expert. Just do whatever you want.”

Yoo Jeong-pung, who was silent for a moment, smiled his usual refreshing smile.

“good! Thanks to you, I’ll fill my stomach. I eat a lot. “Be prepared.”

“As much as you want.”

Even in his previous life, Jeong Gwang generously provided food to his subordinates. He knew very well that eating gave him strength and that eating was one of life’s pleasures.


‘Why are you eating so much? ‘Is this a person?’

They say it was the aftereffects of opening up, but it was truly unique. He ate a lot as if he wanted to prove that he was second to none among the many beggars.

“hey. “Chew and swallow.”

“Crumple. Don’t worry. “It’s like my stomach has learned an external-door qigong like Cheolpo-sam.”

Jeong Ja-bae’s disciples came in from outside work and sat down at the table around them. Their eyes were sparkling with curiosity.

Yoo Jeong-pung, who had already swallowed all the food on the table, looked disappointed.

“Should we stop here? “Actually, I didn’t come to you to beg.”

“I ate too much for that to be true.”

“Well, whatever.” Is there a quiet place? “It would be nice to have a drink and talk.”

Jeong Ja, who was watching, laughed.

Jeong Gwang also chuckled.

He was a beggar who was so good-hearted that it was pleasant.

“Of course.”

Jeong Gwang and Yoo Jeong-pung moved to sponsorship. It was a pavilion in front of a pond with numerous lotus flowers in bloom.

Jeomsoi put down the tea and alcohol and disappeared.

Jeong Gwang drank the tea in the tea cup. And I poured alcohol into the empty teacup.

I drank it all again.

“Tell me. What happen?”

Yoo Jeong-pung opened his eyes slightly and asked.

“What did you do now?”

“I’ve been drinking.”


“You said earlier that it was just a pattern.”

“Haha! It did. “I forgot.”

Yoo Jeong-pung picked up the bottle and poured it into his mouth.

“ah. dirty. “What are you doing so rudely?”

“Can’t you just order one more bottle?”

“ah. yes.”

Jeong Gwang ordered several bottles of alcohol. Of course, he didn’t forget to put everything in front of Yoo Jeong-poong.

“Ugh. Is it Songha Liang Liquid? That’s awesome. “I got it and drank it five years ago at the 70th birthday party for both of us.”

“It’s okay.”

“yes? I’m glad you have a lot of money. Hahaha.”

He chuckled and asked vaguely.

“Can you please do me a favor?”

“Let’s listen.”

“Hmm. It’s chilly. good. Take my word for it. No, I need to drink more before I can ask you.”

Yoo Jeong-pung drank all the remaining alcohol. Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded and just looked at the scene.

“Whoa. good. “It’s enough now.”

Yoo Jeong-pung, who exhaled hot breath with a dull face, glared at Jeong Gwang and said.

“You… … “How can that be?”



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“… … “How can you talk like that?”

“ah. My way of speaking? “I get scolded a lot for being rude, but that’s just the way it is, so there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“no! “That’s not it!”

Yu Jeongpung closed his eyes tightly and shouted.

“How can you talk to a beauty like Unsoger as if nothing is wrong!”


Yoo Jeong-pung’s story was quite long.

Jeonggwang became more absurd as time passed.

“So you find it difficult to talk to women?”

“… … “I see.”

“You can’t even say a word, especially in front of a beautiful woman?”

“… … “Why are you killing me twice?”

Jeong Gwang chopped him up with a knife called his tongue.

“I’ve never been in a relationship.”

“… … .”

“Did you try the mouth?”

“… … .”

“At least a hand… … ?”

“… … .”

“Hey. Are you a virgin at that age? “I achieved an achievement that was more difficult than that of the Uhwadeungseon.”


Yu Jeongpung held his head in his hands and cried.

“I just don’t understand. “What are you afraid of when you act like a beggar?”

“It’s different. It’s a completely different problem. “I have been a beggar since I was born.”

“uh? “Me too?”

The bond between the two became stronger.

“No way. “I would have rather jumped into Dosan Geomrim (刀山劍林), but what can I do if I can’t open my mouth?”

Jeong Gwang thought about his past life.

Even in the Church of the Heavenly Demon, where all sorts of people gathered, there were no idiots like this.

“I heard that I was interested in you ever since you were writing Bangrip. I wasn’t interested in him because he was handsome. And I heard we talked for quite some time?”

“I researched everything.”

“What can I do about my job? Anyway, you have some charm. My conclusion is that the charm may also be related to the speaking style. “I want to learn that.”

“I think you got it wrong. “I’m just saying.”

“In the first place, you don’t know yourself. Actually, I’ve heard a lot about you. So I believe it more.”

“What did you hear from whom?”

Yoo Jeong-pung grinned.

“You know Peng Kang-hwi? He praised you a lot. “Please help me just like you helped my brother.”

“uh? “Are you two close?”

“then! “They’re very friendly!”

“Just live like that.”

“Kangho’s duty has fallen to the ground! cadet! “Please save this guy!”

“You’ve lived well so far.”

Yoo Jeong-pung’s face became serious.

“It didn’t matter at all until recently. She wasn’t interested in women. But I found someone I admire.”

“Un soger?”

“no no. “It’s someone else.”

His face became hazy.

“iced coffee. Just imagining it makes me happy. Anyway, please spare me. huh?”

Jeong Gwang looked at him blankly.

‘It looks exciting and agreeable, but what is it used for?’

Once this type of person establishes a relationship, they will never betray it. If you know him, he was at least a harmless person.

‘What should I use? Yes, it looks like a beggar… … ah!’

It was useful because it was open.

“I’ll tell you as much as I know, so you should help me too.”

“Really! good! Don’t do that. step! “It cannot be done if it goes against the agreement.”

“I am also somewhat of a political faction. But you look like you’re drunk. Are you okay? “Would you like me to teach you how to get drunk?”

Yu Jeong-pung answered curiously.

“That’s it. What happens if you drink a lot of alcohol and get drunk? Hurry up and say it instead. “What can I do?”

* * *

Yoo Jeong-pung completely sobered up.

“… … “You want me to do that?”

“yes. “It’s not something that goes against the agreement.”

“… … That’s true. “It doesn’t even fit.”

“Anyway, it’s not a bad thing. “Unless you don’t like it.”

What Jeong Gwang said was right. Besides, there was no other way for Yu Jeong-pung.

“good! Don’t do that. “In return, my brother must also keep his promise.”


Jeong Gwang called the old Jeom Soi who greeted him when he first came to the guest house.

“Forgive me for being late. Even if you feel uncomfortable… … omg!”

He trembled as he looked at the gold treasure that Jeong Gwang had given him.

“Please gather the best brokers in Namyang. “Right now.”

Yu Jeong-pung named several people.

“Oh, I understand! “We will take action immediately!”

The hucksters gathered.

Jeong Gwang took out the gold circle paper again.

“I’m trying to buy an undervalued piece of land in Namyang. Please close the deal.”

Yu Jeong-pung named several places.

Jeong Gwang threatened the surprised brokers.

“You know if the price is ridiculously high, right?”

The gold circles in Jeong Gwang’s hands turned red-hot and then melted. Jeong Gwang kneaded it and combined it into one.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. “You just have to take it back a few times.”

“… … !”

After the stick, it was carrots.

“What can I do with buying a piece of land? As the Murim League grows and the commercial area becomes active, they will sell it or buy more land and merge it, right? “I will entrust the work to you even then, so think carefully.”

Jeong Gwang placed gold wonbos in the hands of the brokers.

They bowed their heads and shouted.

“Just leave it to me! Great man!”

The hucksters disappeared immediately.

Yu Jeongpung also sighed and stood up.

“I’ll come back.”

“take care.”

Jeong Gwang was not naive enough to trust the brokers. So Yoo Jeong-pung went to check.

If he was well-versed in information not only throughout Henan Province but also in Namyang, he could easily lead the troops and accomplish the task.

It didn’t end here. Jeong Gwang called Baek Seung-moo, told him the name of the place, and asked him to search around to find out the market price.

“… … Hehehe. “It hurts so much that it’s hard to walk.”

“The executioners treated you.”

“That’s why we finally made it this far.”

Jeong Gwang pierced several of Baek Seung-moo’s acupuncture points and applied Geumchang herbal medicine.

“That’s enough now, right?”

It didn’t work out at all, but it got a little better.

“… … When is the attribute practice of Socheong Qigong… … .”

“ah. Didn’t you tell me yet? “Let’s get started right away once this is over.”

Pain could not overcome the desire for martial arts.

The work proceeded smoothly.

The brokers received the appropriate amount after quick negotiations and testified that Yu Jeong-pung was true. Finally, when Baek Seung-mu said that there was no major problem, Jeong Gwang gave away the slip.

In the end, Jeong Gwang was able to purchase a significant amount of land in just half a day.

And that too while sitting comfortably in the guest room.

* * *

“cadet. “Now it’s your turn.”

“ah. Let me start with an introduction. Priests. Greetings. “It is Yoo Jeong-pung Sohyeop, the successor to openness.”

Greetings were suddenly exchanged.

“hmm. How should I explain this? ah. You have martial arts. “There are masters who develop instinctively, and there are masters who establish theories and then systematically create them, right?”

Yoo Jeong-pung and Baek Seung-mu nodded.

“If I am a person who is naturally liked by women, then the priest is a person who knows how to be liked by women. Right, priest?”

“Well, me?”

“then. It was like that with Unsoger. “The calluses.”

Jeong Gwang told Yoo Jeong-pung what Baek Seung-mu said after Eon Ui-jin left.

Yoo Jeong-pung, who was listening with a doubtful expression, let out a soft exclamation.

“ah! After complimenting the face, compliment the hands! Although she is beautiful, she sacrifices part of herself for martial arts! yes. Only then will it be a proper compliment. Did you say Baek Seung-mu? “You are amazing.”

“haha. “I’m embarrassed.”

“No. How many women have you met? “You can’t even count them, right?”

Baek Seung-moo was about to cry without even realizing it, when his eyes met Jeong-gwang’s.

-Priests. It’s true that it’s impossible to count. Answer confidently.

… … It was like that.

Baek Seung-moo smiled with a stiff face.

“ha ha ha. “Of course.”

Yoo Jeong-pung was not a fool.

No, he was a very intelligent person who became the successor to openness.

‘This is suspicious. It’s very suspicious. Just in case you don’t know, why don’t you listen?’

He patted Baek Seung-moo’s shoulder in a friendly way.

“I didn’t ask because I was suspicious, so feel free. Who else would I trust if not you? ha ha ha. ah. I have a question. “Tell me what my biggest problem is.”

Baek Seung-moo gave up everything.

‘I do not know. ‘As it happens, it happens.’

When I cleared my mind, I was able to look straight at Yujeongpung.

“The biggest problem with Yu Small Cooperative is that you are a beggar.”

Are you saying that being a beggar and being a beggar is the problem?

Just when Yoo Jeong-pung was dumbfounded and was about to say something, Woon-hak appeared, leading the Un-ja boat and Heo-ja boat.

“Jeong-gwang, yes this guy. “What on earth have you done?”

Was he caught buying land?

‘No way.’

There is no way Unhak, who has finally returned from the Murim Alliance, knows.

‘I can guess.’

I had just started to feel the signs of people gathering.

Unlike Baek Seung-moo, whose face turned white, Jeong Gwang asked calmly.

“Are there any guests?”

Unhak sighed and pointed outside the wall.

“Go out and see for yourself. “How many people have come to you to have s*x with you?”

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