Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 42

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Episode 42

Dragonfeng (龍鳳)

Eon Ui-jin’s eyes widened slightly.

“… … “Tree bark?”

“yes. why?”

She looked at Jeong Gwang quietly.

Jeong Gwang also looked at her.

People looked at them like that.

It was a picturesque scene with a handsome man and woman standing face to face.

Time passed like that.

‘It’s pretty.’

Jeong Gwang nodded inwardly.

She was the prettiest woman I had ever seen in reincarnation. No, by his standards, she is ‘pretty’, so she must be a rare beauty in Jungwon.


‘This kid is out of his mind.’

After asking about this and that without stopping, he suddenly becomes silent. Just stare without blinking.

This is evidence of severe emotional ups and downs.

‘There were quite a few kids like this in the Heavenly Demon Church.’

They were the kind of guys who suddenly started dancing when they were in a bad mood.

Thanks to this, Jeong Gwang has long since become an expert in dealing with such guys.

‘The easiest thing is to beat it up.’

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible in this life. He didn’t even have a seizure, but it was obvious that the Kunlun monks who touched him would nag him all day long.

‘I guess I’ll have to go with the second option.’

When you get them in the right mood, they turn over and pant.

At that time, Jeong Gwang had just learned how to treat women from his nanny.

‘good. let’s do it.’

Jeong Gwang was about to open his mouth, but Eon Ui-jin spoke first.

“You are such an interesting person. fun.”

I’m not having much fun.

Let’s praise it and send it quickly.

It’s just pretty… … what?

There was something prettier than my face.

“Hey. You are pretty.”

Eon Ui-jin’s eyes wavered slightly. It was something she had heard boringly, but hearing it from Jeong Gwang felt something different.

‘He’s definitely different from other men.’

But Jeong Gwang was a much different man than she thought.

“I have very pretty calluses on my fists.”

“… … !”

For a moment, a vein appeared on her forehead.

“… … “Thank you for the compliment.”

“What. The blades are also very thick. “If you hit it with a hammer, it will cut the rock cleanly.”

Blood also appeared on her clenched fists.

“go! mind! woah! yo. this! “Okay then!”

Jeong Gwang looked blankly at her as she unfolded the divine law and disappeared.

‘Why is it like that all of a sudden? ‘Was the praise too much?’

Feeling an unpleasant stare, I turned around and saw Baek Seung-moo looking at him with a puzzled look on his face.

“Why you again?”

“… … execution. “You are truly amazing.”


“How can you verbally abuse Sojeo Eon Ui-jin, a member of Guryongsabong, Kwon Bong (拳鳳)?”

ah. Was that woman Kwon Bong?

Well, that’s it.

“I just praised it like the nanny taught me. “That woman said thank you too.”

“… … “Was that a compliment?”

“of course. Do you know about people called deacons? “That funny pride of fighting with the enemy’s empty fist.”

“There is a tendency for him to show a bit of excessive pride.”

“But among those guys, there aren’t many who actually fight with their bare fists. He would wear gauntlets (拳甲) or wield a mandarin duck wol (鴛鴦鉞). ah. “If you don’t suit up, take out your dagger.”

The last one was referring to the Ok Kirin that I had dealt with not long ago.

“That woman purely trained her fists. If you look at the blades of your hands like that, it’s obvious that the same goes for your palms. “Isn’t it pretty amazing?”

Everyone shook their heads.

When I listened carefully, I realized it was a compliment.

Still, it was a stupid thing to do.

Baek Seungmu sighed inwardly.

‘This face has incredible martial arts, so it would make sense for it to be empty in some place.’

In his previous life, there were only women around him who either worshiped him or feared him.

In his current life, the only people around him were women who had seen him since he was a baby and supported him in everything.

The women who met him for the first time after leaving Kunlun could not understand him.

The same was true for Jeonggwang.


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He needed time.

‘I have to help.’

Baek Seung-moo, feeling sorry for the female idiot Jeong-gwang, began to explain in detail.

“As my brother-in-law said, her hands are evidence of her training in cutting bones. “She is so beautiful that she deserves praise.”

“I know yeah.”

“But the order was a little bit wrong.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You should have praised the face first and then the hands. That’s how beautiful it is, but it’s also a great warrior who sacrificed a part of himself for martial arts. “Isn’t this what a picture is coming out of?”

Jeong Gwang stroked his chin and muttered.

“Hmm. “Does it seem somewhat plausible?”

“She would be very happy if you said that.”

“Does the priest know anything about women?”

Baek Seung-moo scratched his head and made an embarrassed expression.

“haha. I’m embarrassed.

“Have you met a lot? “How many people?”

For a moment, Baek Seung-moo’s face hardened.

He was avoiding Jeong Gwang’s gaze and eventually lowered his head.

“Priests. Why aren’t you answering? “There are so many you can’t count them?”

“… … .”

“It’s not like it’s not there at all so I can’t count it, right?”

“… … “Huh.”

Jeong Ja-bae’s disciples, who were watching, muttered ‘Immense Buddha’ with solemn faces.

Here and now, there was someone who was already a great Taoist even though he had not received Taoism.

* * *

The next morning, the ship Unja and the ship Heo headed to Murimmaeng.

It’s natural that my stomach is excited. While discussing how to spend this precious time, I saw Jeomsoi rushing towards me.

“I’m sorry, but I think you should go out.”

“What’s going on?”

“Customers have arrived.”

“customer? “Who are you?”

“There are too many to tell who it is… … .”

“I understand. “Let’s go out first.”

Jeongwoo led the priests out of the guest house. There were many young warriors waiting for them.

“I call him Jeongwoo of Kunlun. “Are you here because you have business to do with the text?”

In response to Jeongwoo’s question, a young man came forward.

Seeing that he was wearing expensive blue long clothing and an antique sword, he looked like a son of a fairly wealthy family.

It turned out that it was an excess of self-control at home.

“I’m sorry for being rude so early in the morning. “I call myself Namgung Jinyoung.”

“I guess it was Namgung Sohyeop. “What brings you here?”

“Yesterday, I heard that one of the disciples of the Gwi Sect, named Jeong Gwang, was rude to Sojeo Kwon Bong. “I came here to ask why.”

Jeong Gwang, who was watching while wondering what to do, came out in bewilderment.

“I praised you.”

The eyes of young people, including Namgung Jinyoung, focused on Jeong Gwang. Immediately they all opened their mouths.

‘oh my god! ‘What a face like that!’

‘shit! ‘You lost before you even fought!’

Namgung Jinyoung barely opened his mouth.

“… … Someone said it was you. There are countless people who witnessed it. “Why on earth did you do that?”

“I said it was a compliment.”

“Don’t lie!”

Jeong Gwang suddenly had a question.

“But. “What does that have to do with you?”

“Of course… … .”

The end of the words became blurred and a heavy silence fell.

Jeong Gwang nodded as if he understood.

“There’s no relationship whatsoever?”

“… … “Please apologize to Unsoger.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Are you sure you won’t do it?”


“Then there is only one answer.”

Namgung Jinyoung said while holding his gun.

“The Nangong camp of the Nangong family asks for a favor from Kunlun’s Jeonggwang Xiaohyeop.”

“It’s a hassle, so just attack them all at once.”

I thought everyone heard it wrong.

But Jeong Gwang confirmed it.

“what are you doing? welcome.”

The young people exploded and screamed.

“What on earth are you making of us?”

“I will compete with you first!”

“Get out of the way! “I will go first!”

As the young people flocked to Zheng Guang, Zheng Yu and Kunlun disciples were frightened and stopped them.

“Calm down your excitement! “Nothing good comes from this!”

“You must value yourself!”

It was something I had thought about, but instead of calming my excitement, it ended up being like pouring water into boiling oil.

“What does that mean?”

“You mean we’re going to lose!”

“Let’s give it a try! “I have to wait in line for my turn, so you too, come forward!”

The young people asked Kunlun disciples for a dance. It wasn’t just a request, it was a sign of wanting to fight right away.

Jeongwoo and the priests, who had declined several times, had no choice but to accept the mission.

This is because they decided that it would be better to deal with them moderately than to be beaten by Jeong Gwang and become a half-turned person.

Namgung Jinyoung, who was already standing in front of Jeong Gwang, could not help it.

– Jeong Gwang-ah. You must not kill or maim anything.

-Metabolic type. What on earth do you think of me that you say like that?

From what I can see.

That’s what I see from you.

-Don’t believe it!

Jeong Woo and Jeong Ja-bae’s disciples put their hands together and politely hugged him.

“I would appreciate it if you could keep the circumstances in your hands.”

“It’s just a simple dance, so let’s not do it to the point of getting discouraged.”

Young people rebelled.

“joy! “Let’s get started!”

“Rubbing is done with a sword, not with words!”

The dance has begun.

Contrary to their gentle words earlier, Kunlun’s disciples began to beat up the young men harshly.

The rigorous training they received from Jeong Gwang made their bodies move like that.


“S-stop! “Wow!”

Jeong Gwang shook his head.

“Why do you do that when you can hit harder?”

Namgung Jinyoung was shocked.

“Unbelievable! Was Kunlun this strong?”

The fight wasn’t long.

The Kunlun disciples looked at the young people and put their hands together.

“Infinite Buddha. “But I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt.”

Young men wriggled on the floor.

“The Primeval Heavenly Father helped me. “Please go back and get some rest.”

The young people could only wriggle and not even dare to get up.

“ah! The youngest! “Why are you lying there?”

Baek Seung-moo, who collapsed after being beaten by young men due to his weak martial arts skills, shed tears of sadness.

Jeong Gwang said to Namgung Jinyoung, who looked at him with his mouth wide open.

“We should do it too.”

“Now, wait! Haap!”

Namgung’s camp was not weak.

He made a majestic strike with his long sword and defended his body without any water leaks.

The Namgung family, the loser of Anhui Province, who has been competing for the throne of the Seven Great Families of Wulin for a long time! Their great swordsmanship flowed out from Nangong Jinyeong’s sword.

The problem is that his level is low.

Jeong Gwang thrust his fist through the sword screen created by Namgung Jinyoung.



Namgung Jinyoung, whose jaw was turned, flew over a distance and fell down.

Jeong-woo, who thinks the game is decided, is about to call Jeong-gwang.

“mum! weight! city! oh!”

A man came down in front of Jeonggwang with a menacing shout.

Tall with broad shoulders.

A manly, angular face with large facial features.

Jang Han seems to be shouting with his whole body that this is what a powerful thief is like!


Jeong Gwang looked at him and tilted his head.

‘What is this beggar again?’

It was like that.

He was a beggar.

That’s also very cool.

“who are you?”

Before Jang Han could respond, voices filled with astonishment erupted from everywhere.

“Yu, Yujeongpung!”

“The rear of the opening (丐幇)!”

“Isn’t it the righteous dragon among the nine dragon peaks?”

Although he was indeed of great status, Yu Jeongpung’s eyes were not tinged with even the slightest hint of arrogance.

“As they say, I am Yu Jeong-pung.”

Jeong Gwang understood right away.

‘It’s going well.’

Openness, one of the old, one-party, one-party, was a huge bunch of beggars. There were so many people that they didn’t even know how many people there were, and among them, Hugae, who was selected as the next great ark, must have been quite capable.

“Are you Jeonggwang Sohyeop?”

“Except for Sohyeop, that’s true.”

“It’s just as I heard. “You came to the right place.”

“… … ?”

He raised his hand and pointed to the fallen young men.

“Since the nobles have been identified, why not stop sending them? “It would be better to avoid unnecessary escalation.”

“And what are you going to do?”

A cool smile appeared on Yoo Jeong-pung’s lips.

It was a smile so beautiful that it was a shame to call him a beggar.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“aha. Wait.”

“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang took out a slip from his wallet. Baek Seung-moo, who had collapsed sobbing, was startled and screamed.


“Ah mistake. “It’s a bit much.”

Jeong Gwang put the slip back and took out another one. Originally, it was Baek Seung-moo’s job to do, but the situation wasn’t right.

“Is this okay?”

“… … .”

Isn’t the amount the problem?

‘Are you saying you’re doing a favor to the later years of openness?’

Baek Seung-mu looked at him blankly, dumbfounded.

Yoo Jeong-pung was also dumbfounded and stood there in a daze.

Jeong Gwang gave a slip to Yoo Jeong Poong’s hand and asked.

“It won’t last long, so use it sparingly.”

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