Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 39

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Episode 39

Jade Kirin (玉麒麟)

“Come to Sima Lian. “This suits you better than your political faction.”

Zheng Guang frowned at Hu Wei Jin’s words.

“Hmm. “It feels a little like that.”

“Think again. you… … what? “Are you serious?”

“It’s true.”

Hu Weijin was dumbfounded.

‘Unbelievable! ‘So easy?’

But Jeong Gwang was not an easy man.

“I don’t like that one though.”

“… … why?”

Jeong Gwang did not understand.

‘Why do you ask the obvious?’

It was annoying, but I felt like I had to tell them to get rid of it.

“Because it’s half-baked.”

The political faction trains its mind and body for the sake of the cooperative.

Safa does not choose any means or methods for profit.

The Demonic Cult believes in power and uses that power to act as it pleases.

In his previous life, he was at the peak of the Demonic Cult, and in his current life, he was a member of a political sect. Two was enough, but I had no desire to go to Sapa, which was neither good nor bad.

Hu Wei-jin, who had no way of knowing his feelings, smiled bitterly.

“Awkward? You may say that we are small people who only pursue profits without consultation, but in the end, aren’t you the same people? “What’s wrong with these hypocrites who pretend to be decent on the outside but greedy for wealth and power behind the scenes?”

“I know yeah. “I really don’t know why.”

“Shut up! You are the same hypocrite… … for a moment. “What did you say just now?”

“Didn’t you hear? She said she was right. ah. Except our Kunlun. “I’m really poor.”

“… … “I also heard that Kunlun is like that.”

“Haaah. I don’t have a clan, and I’m not in business. He said it would be nice to at least play for money, but he doesn’t like that either. No, I don’t even have the means to do that.”

Suddenly, the ridicule in Hu Weijin’s eyes disappeared and a passionate warmth bloomed.

‘I came to the right place. This guy, what I saw during the day was real.’

An image of Jeong Gwang blowing up the Xian Temple appeared in his mind.

‘They were the children of such big figures as the Left Commander, Anchalsa, and Provincial Commander, so even if I didn’t like them, I had no choice but to watch them.’

But Jeong Gwang did it without hesitation. They may not be dead, but they will have to spend at least a year or two lying in bed.

‘Even though I committed this without knowing their true identity, I was confident even after I found out.’

Moreover, he even decorated his hair with Hwasan and Jong-nam’s actions!

It was a refreshing shock to him.

They say the river is wide and there are many people, but there were talented people in the political faction as well.

‘I need someone who is completely mine, not someone given to me by Master. If I bring in someone who is a disciple of a prestigious political sect, my reputation will also increase.’

When there is agreement, there is also loyalty. You can use it with confidence.

It has the boldness of putting your hands before words, making it perfect for Sapa.

He has a lot of guts and is even cunning, so how good will he be at his job!

A smile appeared on Hu Yujin’s face.

“After all, you are on our side.”

“I don’t like it.”


“Because it’s half-baked. Do you want to keep bothering me?”

A murderous feeling arose throughout Hu Wei-jin’s whole body.

“I asked you twice, how dare you refuse?”

He was a person who ruined things if he didn’t have them.

“I guess I need to give you some education.”

“I’ll cure your illness too.”

“… … party? “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know if it will work out. Anyway, let’s go somewhere quiet. When the elderly wake up… … Ugh. “I’m going to stir-fry them again.”

“Heh. “As you wish.”

They arrived at a small hill and stood facing each other.

“Unsheath your sword.”

“What about that one?”

Hu Weijin raised both fists and smiled.

“Men are fists.”

“hmm. “The symptoms are more serious than I thought.”

“What are you saying?”

“Even if I tell you, they won’t admit it. That’s what happens to people with that disease. “I do it with my bare hands too.”

“Don’t overdo it. You’ll regret it… … “Inhale!”

Jeong Gwang unfolded the Flying Dragon Blade and approached and launched a Seonun Flying Spear. Hu Wei-jin, caught in vain, held out his palm instead of avoiding it.



Zheng Guang praised Hu Wei Jin for taking a step back.

“It’s pretty good?”

“shit! No matter how careless I was, I was pushed back! “Did you, this guy, return home to the elderly?”


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no. She was reincarnated.

That cannot be said, Jeong Gwang continued to fling his hands and feet.

“omg! “You are quite the person!”

Hu Weijin’s eyes lit up and he blocked Zheng Guang’s attack. He would fight back tenaciously even when pushed, which was a very good response.

Jeong Gwang whistled internally.

‘This guy is good for his age. ‘He’s much better than Pang Kang-hwi, who was said to be one of the Nine Dragon Temple peaks?’

Peng Kang-hwi’s martial arts skills improved dramatically thanks to Jeong Gwang. And although they may have improved over the past few years, it was clear that they would not be as good as the rearguard.

Above all, the fighting spirit to not back down even an inch! It was never common for someone to fight like this.

Although Jeonggwang was stingy with praise, he praised her again without realizing it.

“Sapa doesn’t suit me. “I wish I had been born in a demonic religion.”

“That’s ridiculous! “How can we live among such vicious people?”


A vein appeared on Jeong Gwang’s forehead.

It’s less vicious than you think!

Of course, there are many who are beyond imagination, but there are also a few who are not!

Jeong Gwang’s hands and feet gained strength.

Hu Yujin’s hands and feet became dizzy.

“Yes you bastard! “You were hiding your power!”

“Can you take out more?”

“under! The bluff is great! omg!”

Now, I couldn’t even see Jeong Gwang’s attack properly.

Hu Weijin, who was frantically retreating, put his hands in his sleeves and took them out. With a flash of light, two daggers came out and dazzled the air.

“huh? “I heard men are fists?”

“A man is also a dagger!”

Hu Weijin bravely advanced as if to prove that he was a real man.

But Jeong Gwang was already behind him.



Hu Wei-jin, who was hit in the back of the head by Jeong-gwang’s fist, lost consciousness.

‘Wake! ‘If you keep doing this, you’ll die!’

He barely managed to come to his senses, but Jeong Gwang’s fist was expanding in his eyes.

Without hesitation, Hu Weijin rolled around on the ground using the method of carrying out a strike.

If there had been a member of the political faction here, they would have criticized this as a shameless act. However, Hu Wei-jin was a great Safa man who did not know shame, and Jeong Gwang said, ‘What kind of rice cake is this!’ He was kicking his feet excitedly.

puck! Sigh! Pow!

“100 million! evil! “Ugh!”

Hu Wei-jin was kicked by Jeong-gwang and was rolling around, looking for a moment of opportunity.

‘Loop! There must be a loophole!’

There is no martial artist or martial artist without loopholes.

However, with his level of skill, he could not find even a needle-sized gap in Jeong-gwang.

‘Damn it! Is this the end?’

At that moment, a loophole in Jeonggwang appeared in his mind.

‘ah! ‘I hated beans!’

That was my last thought.


* * *

When Hu Wei-jin came to his senses, Zheng Guang was shaking his body.

“… … “What are you doing?”

“ah. Are you awake? “How are you feeling?”

“… … “I’m more worried about what you stole than about my body.”

“It wasn’t anything special. “I thought he was in a high position in Wuji due to Sima Lian, but I guess he’s a low-level warrior?”

“Hahaha! Cough. Cough.”

He was coughing and grinned.

“People in high positions don’t carry anything around.”

“ah. It did.”

Jeong Gwang understood right away because he was like that in his previous life.

“Are you a disciple of Sima Lianju?”

“ha. I can’t believe I know that now. Have you never heard of the nickname “Jade Qilin (玉麒麟)?”

Jeong Gwang’s eyes widened.

‘wow. He calls himself Ok Kirin. It was the last stage of the last stage.’

It was natural that he was a true jade dragon, but he thought it was ridiculous that Hu Weijin was a jade dragon.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Hehe. Even though I let my guard down, I lost by only a piece of paper. Winning or losing is a matter of illness. “I’m not ashamed at all.”

His face glowed with pride.

Jeong Gwang could not help but be amazed.

‘That’s amazing! If the priest had a face half as thick as this guy, Sasukjo wouldn’t have even questioned him.’

Well, that’s it.

‘How do I deal with this?’

Hu Wei-jin, who saw Zheng Guang’s changed eyes, suddenly got goosebumps all over his body.

“Hey, this guy! “Are you trying to kill me now?”

“First, ask what you are curious about. “Xian is the homeland of Hwasan and Jongnam. Why did you come?”

“It’s a passing road.”

“I guess I should just sell it somewhere.”

“… … Sell? me? where?”

“well. hmm. “How many people are sentenced to death?”

“… … There are four of us. why?”

“Sama Lian is a branch, so the succession fight is a bit blatant, right? “Kill and kill.”

“… … !”

Zheng Guang looked at Hu Wei Jin, whose face was white, and muttered.

“How much can I get if I sell it to one of them?”

“What nonsense! “You won’t get much!”

“ah! “It would be better to gather up the executioners and auction them off.”

“Hey, this guy!”

“I will ask you one last question. “Why did you come to Xi’an?”

“… … .”

Hu Yujin, who had been silent for a moment, slowly opened his mouth.

“Don’t tell me. Instead, please answer my question.”

“I don’t like it.”

“… … good. Let’s do it this way. “After listening, if you want to answer, you can do it. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”

“Okay then.”

Hu Weijin forced his upper body up and sat down. As I wiped away the blood from my face, including the nosebleed, my swollen face was revealed.

“shit. “Your teeth are shaking.”

When I spit, one of my molars popped out. Hu Wei-jin, who cherished it, glared at Zheng Guang.

“You will go down in martial arts history as the only warrior who broke my teeth.”

“Would you like me to give you more?”

“I’ll tell you because you’ll find out tomorrow anyway. “I have come to Shaanxi Province by order of my master to open a division.”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

“You’re going to set foot in this place where Hwasan and Jongnam are holding out?”

“Isn’t it better than Sichuan Province, where three of the nine factions are gathered together?”

“Yes, but… … .”

Jeong Gwang recalled the sphere of influence of Sapa that he knew in his previous life. It was not that there were no Sapas or Mainers in the northern part where political factions were dominant.

However, most of them were concentrated in southern provinces such as Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Guangdong, and Fujian.

However, as soon as Sima Lian was formed, they created a branch in Shaanxi Province.

“I’m saying hello to the martial arts faction.”

“Hehe. “You understand right away.”

The Murim League was located in Henan Province, right next to Shaanxi Province. Sima-ryeon is throwing a dagger in front of the Murim Alliance and starting a fight.

‘You sent a disciple to a place like this?’

Hu Wei-jin was an outstanding talent, even in Jeong Gwang’s eyes.

The reason they pushed him to the forefront against the Murim Alliance was either because they believed in his abilities or because they wanted to use him as a scapegoat.

‘If it’s according to Sapa’s habits… … .’

Jeong Gwang patted Hu Wei Jin’s shoulder and comforted him.

“It was a rubble stone. cheer up.”

“He used me as a trick.”

“It feels like a private meeting?”

“It’s a trick!”

Seeing that he looked away while yelling, it seemed like he was thinking the same thing as Jeong Gwang.

‘It looks like the Sima Lian Master has a disciple pushing him or there is some other complicated problem.’

Whatever it was, it was none of Jeong Gwang’s business.

“so. “What are you going to do?”

“Now it’s my turn to ask. Who the hell are you?”

“Jeong Gwangyo.”

“That’s not what you said! You can’t have martial arts skills that are better than mine at your age. “Are you really an anti-Roh expert?”

Because it’s reincarnation.

Well anyway.


“… … what?”

“You’re not answering.”

Jeong Gwang asked the question from before, paying no heed to the trembling rearguard.

“What are you going to do next?”

“… … Whoa. “I will endure.”

“Until Ryeonju changes his mind? “It would be a problem if it held up too well.”

“He’s like a ghost. Still, there is no other way.”

“Hmm. “It was something I couldn’t sell anyway.”

“Not necessarily. The executioners like things that are quick and certain. Regardless of whether the mission was given by the master, they did it with their own hands… … for a moment.”

Hu Yujin, who was shrugging his shoulders and muttering, narrowed his eyes.

“Now that I see it, you have a knack for asking questions while pretending it’s not a question.”

“After he answered it himself.”

“This time it’s my turn. uh? uh? “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go and sleep.”

“for a moment! Just go? why?”

“I lost interest.”

“interest? hey! “I am about to die!”

“Infinite Buddha. “Have a safe journey and I hope you find peace there.”

“This guy! “I thought it was a waste of talent, so I tried to give it to you, but you made such a foolish move?”

“If you can’t even take care of yourself, who are you going to take care of?”

The rear guard, who had been hit to the bone, had nothing to say.

Jeong Gwang tried to throw his body away, but stopped abruptly.

“Oh, there.”

“… … ?”

“I’m a fan of the Seoan branch. “You said you testified that it was Hwasan and Jong-nam’s actions?”

“… … “That’s right.”

“That family of bastards. So, the high-ranking people in Shaanxi will make a fuss regardless of whether Hwasan and Jongnam beat their children or not.”

Jeong Gwang knew well the characteristics of those in power. It’s not that they don’t have negativity, but negativity is negativity, and opportunity is opportunity.

“Now that they have a problem, it’s obvious that they will try to take away what they always wanted. Even if a government official is not involved in martial arts, he is not an official if he does not drool over the interests that Hwasan and Jongnam have.”

“… … Would it be that easy?”

“Yes, of course. There is no clear evidence that cannot be denied, so there is no way the two sects would hand it over like a brat. “It’s probably going to be a push and pull for quite some time.”

“… … “What on earth do you want to say?”

“Samalian can do a lot of work in Xi’an in the meantime, right? To do that, he would first have to visit the high-ranking officials in the coffin.”

“… … !”

It was definitely as Jeong Gwang said.

I felt ashamed of myself for trying to take advantage of a confusing situation to waste time.

Hu Yujin’s eyes changed, and his mind spun furiously.

‘okay. No matter how greedy Gwan is, he cannot blatantly take what belongs to Hwa-san and Jong-nam. I can eat it for you while you lift them out of the coffin. We will give a part of it to the official and solidify the situation.’

It is not about two of the old clans, but rather about a business run by members of the two clans.

There is no need for cutting. In Sapa, there were many experts who could legally do such work without causing inconvenience to the high-ranking officials.

‘This is an opportunity to solidify the foundation of Bunta without shedding blood. Master will also be interested and will watch further.’

Little by little, the vague road becomes clearer.

Jeong Gwang’s palm appeared before his eyes.

“I’ll pay you for your hard work because it’s my fault.”

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